The Full Moon on Sunday and Your Perfectionist Monster...

The Full Moon on Sunday and Your Perfectionist Monster... - Angel Chatter

We've another Full Moon approaching in a few days... this one is in Virgo.

As many of you are aware, astrology makes my hair hurt. I know I'm an Aries, but please don't ask what the sun or moon were doing at the time of my arrival let alone what was conjuncting ....

Having said that, The Gang told me to look up Virgo traits (very helpful since I have LOADS of Virgo folks in my life) and to no surprise perfectionism is one of the key terms. 

Your hidden, or not so hidden, perfectionist monster may be rearing its head in the coming days, if it hasn't already. This is prime time to sit back and observe. Luckily for all, the full moon is on Sunday when most of us are off from the work force. This will allow plenty of time to process, dwell and explore our inner Mary Poppins Syndrome.

You see, Mary Poppins is one of my heroes. Has been since a child with my father threatening to break the record since I played it morning, noon and well into the night. In fact Angel Chatter is sponsoring a viewing of this movie in a couple of weeks at our local island theatre. THAT'S how much I love this movie.

I digress.

But yet not. You see Mary Poppins, my hero, is only PRACTICALLY perfect. She is not even perfect!

Wait what?!

Nope, not even the goddess of all things


is perfect. Neither are you. Make it easy on yourself by not trying to be. Observe when that side of you emerges and how it makes you feel. Typically it is far from empowering. It's often feels quite belittling with phrases creeping in that convey the message of what you just created well sucks. Remember, pobody is nerfect... YOU are gloriously perfectly imperfect.

Therefore, everything that every human creates is imperfect. Everything we create can be improved upon. However, it's knowing when it is time to pull back and knowing the time to release it to the world at large for it is as perfect as it can be... for now. It's empowering to realize this, more than you may understand.

I chatted with The Gang about this and asked who wanted to step forward to remind us of this fact. Shamael came barreling forward in a matter of seconds. Shamael, the Angel of Harmony. Taking it easy. Going with the flow. The Art of Allowing Self to Receive.

Chat with Shamael to garner ideas of how you may, ahem, perfect the Art of Allowing. I know I'll be lighting his candle in just a few moments with this energy in mind.


Please leave your comments below, it helps others to find us! Thank you from my heart to yours.





  • dorothy

    Have been struggling with perfection issues for years. It’s only since my amazing boys have entered my life that I’ve been able to let it go (somewhat) . While I still tend to expect perfection from myself, it’s when I remind my boys that no one is perfect, I give myself a kick to remember that this applies to me too. Practically Perfect is a very good place to be

  • ali holland

    Just what I needed to hear and this resonates with how i’m feeling this week <3

  • Anthony penzarella

    I LOVE this movie. I played it for my son for the first time recently and he ALSO loved it!
    I don’t think I’ve ever really been a perfectionist, because it takes too much energy. I AM a firm believer in Good Enouhg for Now, and improve it LATER! And just getting things OUT There.

    beautiful post as always. thanks Goddess!

  • Peg Garner

    I giggled with you my dear. I think I must be part Aries some how. the perfectionist in me. I looked him up on google. what I found that I like is this poem.
    May I be serene
    May I trust my beginnings
    may I love my curiosity
    May I live in peace.

  • Kathy Huslage

    So….I’ve had Mary Poppins "DVR"ed and saved since apparently Dec, waiting for the right moment to see it (see My pic I just shared on My wall)! Hmm….may be today is the day to watch it! : ) Thanks for the nudge Kindred Spirit! : )

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