The Magic of The Crone

The Magic of The Crone
What is the first image that comes to mind when the word Crone is shared?
So often, it is that wicked witch deep in the woods ready to eat Hansel and Gretel.
Or the witch tempting Snow White with the ruby apple.
Or who can forget the witch from The Wizard of Oz?
I’m pretty sure The Crone has gotten a bad rap for centuries.
These fairy tales conjured up and reinforced that old women can’t be trusted.
Maybe they are right.
Unless, of course, you wish to partake of a life of adventure, wisdom, and lessons yearning to be shared with another to make their life easier. You see, a crone is a wise woman. She represents a life well lived, loved, and comfortable in her skin.
And yet, since the late fourteenth century, she has been labeled as crotchety, haggard, and waiting to spin curses upon you.
Here’s the thing.
The Crone is magnificent!
She has lived through the beauty and innocence of The Maid.
She has given effortlessly and freely as The Mother.
She has the war wounds to prove it but does not. The Crone has learned to lean away from the masculine traits of the world; anger, belittling, logic, and domineering. Instead, The Crone embraces the flow of life. She knows as life ebbs and flows, so does her energy and magic.
She had learned to honor how she feels but not become those feelings. She uses energy to create magic within her world and for those around her.
The Crone maintains Love as the platform upon which she stands.
The Crone taps into ancient wisdom. The wisdom of the cosmos and her personal life story wisdom.
She willingly shares but only does so when asked. She has learned to be quiet and that people do not desire answers until they ask, and maybe not even then. She is comfortable meeting them where they are in life and lovingly offers ways for them to step into their brilliance when they are ready.
The Maid is curious about life and remembers her powers but has not yet learned how to wield them. Her boundaries are unclear, yet she is filled with innocence and wonder. She morphs her identity often to accommodate another as she finds her footing and place within the world.
The Crone does not morph, transform, and shift identities as The Maid.
The Crone knows her place and can easily step into the magic of The Maid while retaining her power. She maintains her boundaries, and walks with grace, yet is often mesmerized by the magic of the universe.
The Crone has been The Mother. Perhaps not in physical form, but has mothered many; friends, colleagues, animals, and children. The Mother lets down her barriers and becomes the lighthouse for many in their life’s storms. The Mother gives and gives freely, often to her demise and exhaustion. She nurtures and shuffles her life around to accommodate the needs of others. She rushes to catch others before they stumble to prevent them from the pain she experienced.
The Crone loves to nurture others and hold them in sacred spaces while they blossom. She knows another’s journey is just that; their journey. She allows others to stumble while holding their hand and lifts them up.
The Crone is one of the planet's most powerful and magical beings. She can be called a high priestess, an oracle, or a mystical woman.
She simply is herself.
This is the power of The Crone. She knows she is mystical. She knows she is an oracle. She knows she is a high priestess. She does not need to announce this. She is BEing in the truest sense of the form.
The Crone dances with angels, goddesses, and other mystical energies. She draws, paints, writes, cooks, and, most of all?
She Loves with abandon.
Embrace The Crone. She has it all within her and desires to share.
This message came to me many times over the past weekend while we were at the expo in Massachusetts.
We may thank The Magdalene once again for her wisdom.
For now, I hold you in sacred space, and when you are ready to blossom, I am here to lift you up.
©️ image from The Crone Woman

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