The Web of Deceit

The Web of Deceit


A few weeks back, you were reminded to check your ego at the door and listen to your heart. Did you listen?


It’s happening now. You are being offered an opportunity to release from a web that has held you and emerge radiant.


Those in power, and no, I am NOT speaking politics. THAT is something I rarely address publicly. Those in power are slipping. Those in power that are not heart-based are getting called out. Those in power are scrambling to stay in control by wielding fear tactics over you.


Stand strong.


It is an insidious web of deceit they weave.


They claim victimhood

They claim righteousness

They claim they ALONE know the answers


THEY are wrong on all three counts.


There was a woman in my world that I highly respected. I will not go into our history to protect us both. However, let us say she is known throughout the world by many.


She did not speak the truth. She wove a great tale. Cast a web of superiority over many and garnered followers. These followers became minion-like. They followed their leader. Drank the kool-aid. Took up arms.


They were all misled.


The Web of Deceit is slow in its work. It is methodical. It is devious. It becomes embedded before you know what hit you.


This Web of Deceit has tendrils. It quietly does its work. You feel wobbly. You feel as though you’re not good enough. You feel like you did something wrong.


Are any of those above comments true? Of course not.


If any of the above hits a nerve, call on Big Mike first for protection. Then ask where it may be anchored. Ask again. Ask again. Often it originates from an unexpected source.


If need be, place your hands over your heart and allow your soul to speak the truth profoundly.


Remember, Michael is by your side, as are his legions to protect you on this sacred of journeys.


A person emerges and stands before you as you come to the root of all.


Give thanks for the reason they entered your life.


Raphael then comes forward to heal all affected by this gaslighting.


Zadkiel then comes forward to not only transmute the present but the past as well as the future.


Feel the blue, the green, and the amethyst energies swirl around you.


Collectively they protect, heal, and uplift your soul.


Keep your hands over your heart. Breathe in the Newness. Breathe in the freshness. Breathe in the LOVE.


Now let us tell a new story:



💖 YOU ARE strong


💖 YOU have done nothing wrong

💖 YOU Are Magnificent



Repeat those phrases out loud. Repeat them as often as necessary. Repeat this entire ritual as it calls to you.


Now we give thanks for the lessons learned. We give thanks for the good memories. We give thanks for LOVE.


Remember that is the most potent energy and always conquers.


As always, if you desire to work deeper and on and one-on-one basis with me, please reach out.

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