The Week of Allowing

Initially I wasn’t going to write a blog post this week.

Why I hear you ask.

Simply because my computer hiccuped all day on Monday and then crashed. Crashed as in it didn’t acknowledge the password, although acknowledge the password had changed. Crashed as in we are on Day Three of this adventure and the light at the end is BEginning to glimmer. Apple is addressing it. My contact says I don’t need a new one (wings crossed), but until further notice I am working on the IPad. YES it is wonderful, but I whined because the keyboard is smaller, much smaller than I am use to and I admit, I didn’t wish to accommodate to this change.

Ahhh, herein lies this week’s musing.

Enter the Art of Allowing

You most likely have heard me prattle on about this for a while and know that the word for the year is indeed Allowing

How is it an art?

Use me as an example. I could get completely rattled, overwhelmed, annoyed, rub my face a whole lot and ultimately cry concerning the computer.

However, it is what it is. 

Can I change the situation? Not really. I’ve done all I can do for the moment. I await the magicians at Apple to fix this behind the scenes. I’ve been told a new one is not necessary they can fix this. 

Wings crossed. Meanwhile I work on the IPad and readjust to using a much smaller keyboard.

Do I regret not backing up my computer last week? Of course. Can I alter time to go back and do it now? Ummmmm. Ummmm. Ummm. Don’t know how to do that. If YOU do, let me know please. 

For now I allow the shifts to happen.

I allow the downtime. 

I allow the lesson that from now on, my computers will BE backed up weekly. That’s my promise to me.

These are things I can control; mindset and future practices. For now it is living in the moment of BEing. 

Allowing the BE Time

As Tuesday was the 100% No Computer Day, what could I do?

I could rewrite the documents I perceived lost. Then that is not very trusting that this will end positively now is it?

I could be concerned for the potential of lost documents. Again, not very trusting, is it?

I could moan, bitch, and whine a lot, but then again....

Let’s keep things in perspective. It’s just documents.Yes, hard worked for documents, but ones that could ultimately be recreated. Unlike the amazing goddess who created a Style Guide for me earlier this year. She has lost SEVEN YEARS of her work both on the backup and hard drive. Sooooo, if you need a Style Guide for your business, I recommend Did of Small Bottle Designs on Etsy.

Walked in the woods is what I did. A lengthy, very sweaty five mile walk about helped to diffuse the icky ‘What Ifs’. I allowed nature to do its thing and release the lower energies from my BEing as I looked for turtles, unicorns (they do camp out in these woods) and more. Ultimately a black snake crossed my path.

Ah, allow the kundalini to rise. Allow the Divine Feminine to BE seen. Allow the shedding of the old so the new may emerge. 

Okay then.

Walking wasn’t quite enough so I then came home to slay cartoon monsters while exercising. It’s the newest toy; Ring Fit Adventure and am in LOVE it. With time still on my hands, sewing beckoned. A project for a very special little girl in my life BEgan to unfold and come together. 

The entire day resulted in a complete disengagement from technology. While I obviously have an IPad and ‘magic’ phone, they didn’t call to BE overly used. If you haven’t had a techno free day, HIGHLY recommend it as does Chamuel, Angel of Self Love.

Lessons Learning

Obviously this week did not start out ‘according to plan’ But that’s A-OK.

Why? Looking past the kerfuffle and embracing the lesson BEing offered. Lesson?

Allow The Flow of Life. Shit happens, and while rarely ideal, there is often a Silver Lining if one gives themselves permission to find it. 

Disengage from tech. Many of you have suggested this very thing to me and often. I have listened, believe it or not, but tasks can have a way of sneaking up on you whether you are a goddess-preneur or employee or everything and anything else. 

Allowing boundaries to BE redefined. As Covid (and you thought we had moved away from this topic completely) came at us full steam, many of us implemented new activities to help. To help in some way; making copious amounts of masks. I know some have made well over 1,000 themselves and my cap is off lovingly to you. Others dove in personal projects that have been ignored. Others address their yards and sacred spaces that had been ignored for too long due to busy-ness. Why so much? I have time now! IF I’m home, I can do this and this and this and don’t forget ‘that’.

While all addressed with the best of intentions, many BEcame exhausted at this found time offered as nothing slowed in this earnestness to make good use of the time. ‘I must BE productive!’ Take a nod from Chamuel, and take the time now to BE. 

And go back up your computers!


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