Do You Suffer From Overthinkitis?

Do You Suffer From Overthinkitis? - Angel Chatter

I won't lie, I got this brilliant topic post from one of my students.

That's the way inspiration works. 

How often will you own up to the fact that you step into Overthinkitis?

'Fess up.

What is Overthinkitis?

An inflammation of thinking too much and forgetting to BE.

Common Overthinkingitis Comments

Society has become so adept in this illness that the excuses sound logical. Here are some of the most common Overthinkingitis Comments:

  • I don't have the time
  • It's too expensive
  • Others can do it better
  • I'm not good enough
  • My entire family has had... 
  • My family has never....

Do any of these sound familiar? 

Let's address them, one by one. 

I don't Have the Time Excuse

Don't say you don't have the time, while you watch two to three hours, or more, of TV nightly. 

You have the time. You are choosing to spend it differently. That's OK, just know the difference.

I enjoy TV watching. It's part of our dinner conversation; what we are choosing to watch. Of course now that Zeke has entered, that has all changed. Zeke becomes a crazed race car driver running on fumes to the finish line nightly. The finish line? collapsing into a very deep sleep until dawn breaks.

We LOVE it. We are spending more quality time together, laughing and chasing Zeke around. 

We've learned to adjust our daily schedules. As I write this the little love bug is recharging on his bed in the kitchen. 

You have the time. Change your mindset.

It's Too Expensive Excuse

Once again, it is a choice. There is no need to go into debt by spending foolishly. However, there are many places to spend your money more wisely so you can afford that course, trip, session, luxury. 

It's shifting priorities around. 

I was shocked when I realized that nobody cared if I went to Starbucks or the next best restaurant. It didn't raise my social status one iota. I didn't become one of the cool kids. Nobody noticed when I didn't show up in those places either.

I learned to make fabulous coffee at home and we treat ourselves perhaps once a week. 

We've chosen to spend our money more consciously.

Right now we have a team of tree trimmers, who just showed up, taking care of a few things for us.

I'm Not Good Enough Excuse

This of course can easily be combined with Others do it better Excuse.

Tomato/Tomatoe. Same thing different way to say it.

Are you good enough at this moment to BE the best brain surgeon? Most likely not, but if you spend your money wisely and adjust your schedule and it's in alignment with soul, you will be more than good enough.

You'll BE fabulous.

The thing is, you ARE good enough now. It's a mindset. The mind is a brilliant place; after all you can Become a brilliant brain surgeon if you desire. However, the mind also feeds you those protection slogans in a lame effort to protect you from getting hurt. 

This is where Askfirmations certainly enter. Asking positive present-tense questions and then stepping aside so the Universe and beyond can inspire and redirect you.

Nobody In My Family Ever Has/Always Has Had Excuse

My dad was the first in a very long line of intelligent people to go to college. He is not the only one ever to break that mold.

Where would the world BE if this was a truth?

  • NO electricity
  • NO cures for illnesses
  • NO automobiles
  • NO telephones
  • NO Starbucks - just making sure you are still reading

If you have a fire in your soul to BE something outside the familial box guidelines, DO IT. 

While I come from a long line of sensitives, empaths and intuitives, I AM the first to step out of the shadows and openly share this gift.

You can break that mold too. Spiritual Goddesses CAN be wealthy and generous and loving and....

The Always Has Had Excuse varies a bit. Oftentimes it is connected to health and while there are certainly genetic tendencies, there is NO guarantee you will get it. There are, however, a plethora of preemptive strikes from which to chose from that may easily eradicate it ever happening for you. That is between you, your medical practitioner, and your soul.

What is the Cure for Overthinkitis?

Quite simply the cure for Overthinkitis is shifting the mind.

Permitting yourself to think outside the box of rules you have been handed. 

Is it that easy? 

Yes AND No.

It is that easy, but can take a lifetime to completely overcome. Before you go scampering back to I Don't Have The Time Excuse, hold on. It is a rare gift that is completed in a day; remember, a diamond takes millions of years to form naturally.

Are you saying a diamond isn't beautiful? 

This is why it is never recommended by me or other trusted coaches to address it all at once. 

See what emerges to BE loved on first. See where your pains are (note I did not say blocks). Recognize the areas that need a bit of empowering coddling from a trusted coach, like me. 

I stand before you, The Mystical Coach, channeling divine energies just for you so you may cure your Overthinkitis and simply BE.



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