This Week’s Energy

This week’s energy update may surprise you.
It’s shifting. Solutions are becoming clearer regarding what you could do next to right your path as you continue to blossom. 
This shift heralds in endings, as mentioned in last week’s blog. 
Before you scamper away, these endings are ultimately great because it takes unwarranted burdens off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy life more. 
Isn’t that what you desire?
To enjoy life more?
As I started our morning walk today, I asked what angel was the focus for today. They quickly filed in, and I was a bit surprised when Shamael separated from the lineup.
It’s my day. A day to focus more on what invites the energy of harmony into your life. It’s true in order to not only invite harmony but to embrace it, some things will have to melt away from your life. Something that you find stressful. Things that contribute to you feeling off-balanced energetically. Items that are ultimately unharmonious for you. 
That was quite the mouthful at 7:45 in the morning! But I will say it got me thinking. 
How could I streamline my days to allow more freedom? It can be the little things. Things like:
  • Starting laundry earlier. The bath rugs are already out air drying, and the third load is going. 
  • Meditating consistently. While my life is often one big meditation, taking the time out daily to BE is often overlooked as wasting time. It’s not. It’s right up there in the imperative arena. It’s an act of Self Love not to be forgotten. This is a beautiful moment for you to catch your breath, take stock of what is happening now in your life, and ask for and receive guidance from The Gang and your personal guides. 
  • Eating meals, not grazing. Smaller meals throughout the day help keep your blood sugar balanced, thus lifting your energy. 
  • Exercise. Zeke and I walk three to six miles daily, depending on the weather and our energy levels. I also stretch the fascia within the body; gentle stretches do more for you than push through the exertion.
Here’s the thing, darling, if you don’t evaluate your life and begin to clear the clutter, you are in danger of burnout. 
What is burnout? Burnout is simply exhaustion. You are exhausted and un-excited by the things that typically bring you great joy. You are floating through life, and one day rolls into the next with little change. You want to sleep, veg and eat crappy food because it dulls your senses. 
There is much more to burnout than this brief definition, but you hopefully get the gist. 
Burnout happens because of the push. The push to BE better, succeed, and thanks to social media, it has become difficult to escape and BE. Note I didn’t say impossible. I said difficult.
Or is it difficult?
This is another moment where you have a choice.
Embrace harmony and consistently search for it, or continue in the chaotic life as it unfolds. 
Remember, choosing to shift is the first step but not the only one. 
This is why meditating is vital if you desire to change your life. Meditating helps you to disengage and view life differently. You get glimpses of shifts and how you could live more to your liking vs. the world. 
This is why working with The Gang is integral to my life. Yes, yes, I can still be somewhat of a control freak, but The Gang has never led me astray. When the ego steps aside, and they speak to and through me, it’s simply magical. 
Simple things like what’s for dinner are decided. Tonight is fish tacos, if you must know. 
More complex things, such as finding the perfect doctor, are illuminated. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways. We’ve been navigating a series of health issues for a family member, and finding the right doctor to put the pieces together was paramount. We found one, thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend. We were most definitely led, thanks to The Gang. 
It’s letting go, trusting in the higher source, and knowing you deserve to live in harmony daily. 
Why is harmony so important now?
It always has been, but since Lockdown during COVID, the world turned upside down, and while many shifted, many more embraced angst and the energy of pushing forward became a priority. If you think back to when you felt unease, you will most likely see some roots settled in during this period. 
For that, I’m sorry. 
The good news is that you can now shift if bringing in and embracing a more harmonious life is that important to you. 
As always, it starts with you and getting rid of the clutter in your life
So many tools are at your disposal. It’s up to you to decide. 
For now, I send Shamael, Angel of Harmony, to your side so you can make the best decisions for you from now on. 

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