Times? They ARE achangin'

Times? They ARE achangin' - Angel Chatter

Just scroll through any social media site; Facebook specifically and so many folks are sick! I mean bed ridden sick.

While this is fairly common during the winter months, this time it is also a strong indicator of how much the energy has shifted. We are undergoing a BIG shift that is slowly anchoring into our being.

Believe it or not we have entered the Fifth Dimension.

Wait, what?!

Yes, we have officially entered a new way of being. Our thoughts are playing an even bigger role in what manifests in our personal, social and business lives. Living in fear? you will most definitely become sick and life stagnant.

Living with a bit more optimism? Life will continue its grand march in Utopia as you desire and envision it.

However, let's not kid ourselves, it is crazy scary out there! It is truly the wild unknown. The Wild West seems like a walk in the park compared to what all of us are undergoing now.

This is not the time to go home and pull the covers over your head in hopes that it will sort itself out and all will be fine. All WILL be fine, but you are needed. 


You are needed to be present.

You are needed to be conscious

You are needed to fly your personal Freak Flag HIGH

You are needed to love yourself so you may love others

You are needed


Don't run and hide. Stand tall. If you are not a member of our sacred space on Facebook, please join us at Angel Chatter. It is filled with amazing, really amazing people who are loving, joy-filled, intelligent and off the charts supportive of all the other Chatterers. 


You may even use this Askfirmation™

Why is it safe for me to be me?

Remember, do not go searching for the answer to any Askfirmation™, allow the angels to surprise you with one!



  • Joanne

    Chris, Amazing, amazing, amazing. I saw
    this very thing earlier. I was ironing thinking
    of what I was grateful for and felt great. I
    have felt so tired the last two days. I was
    feeling the strain of four very busy work
    days. I was seeing how heavy the work
    was which resulted in exhaustion. I began
    feeling so stressed with the demands given
    the time constraints. I tried to explain this
    but was met with solutions I had already
    tried that weren’t really helping. And thus
    overwhelmed. In the end I did get more help
    but the long term issue is much bigger than
    me. It was there long before me. I went
    there trusting my guidance so was not
    exactly sure of the exact undertaking.

  • Delia

    Thank you Chris, all of it makes sense. I do feel the changes in me. I also feel I need to be more loving of my body, eat healthy and go back to my workout. All of this also combine with more meditation.
    Love and light.

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