To interfere or let go?

To interfere or let go?

Hurricane Matthew has hit Haiti, Cuba and preparing to make landfall on the United States. While Haiti has suffered catastrophic damage of life and property, it doesn't stop me from still 'blowing' Hurricane Matthew East simply through using the power of intention.

I've seen folks thinking this kinda of ceremony or action is silly because we are attempting to alter nature, an Act of God, etc. Some compare it to the government (any government) interfering with nature. While I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I'm also a firm believer in IF I can do something to prevent even one loss of life, I'll do what I can in my power.

After all, wouldn't you try to save a drowning puppy or kitten? Wouldn't you report child abuse? Don't you try to help another in need through a monetary donation or some other kind of gift? 

Does this make you also guilting of altering history? Perhaps. Saving a life? Perhaps. Who's to say that one life isn't worth saving or protecting no matter if a furry critter or human.
I know I've put Big Mike (Archangel Michael) around not only our house, but our island simply to protect. We are under a BIG Shift energetically across the globe. Many of you have felt it, incurred its shift by getting sick, feeling lethargic and more. As mass society shifts higher, the kaka has to pop somewhere... sometimes it's in the form of a 'natural event'.
I'm letting you in on a little pet peeve of mine; I am NOT a big fan of the term Lightworker. It's too woo-woo to me and so many go under the false pretense of being one and are simply a charlatan to get others to come to their line of thinking or to soak them for their money. However for the sake of brevity, I'll use that term. Therefore, IF you are a lightworker, wouldn't you do light work and help another, no matter what?
Me too. 
I'm still going to try to save one life.
I think that's kinda worth it, do you?


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