Today - The Feast of the Magdalena and a Testament to LOVE

Today - The Feast of the Magdalena and a Testament to LOVE

This is a very out of the closet post for me. For those are not aware, I have a very close connection to Mary and Easa/Yeshua/Jesus. I shall leave it at that for now. I do apologize for the lateness of this post if you need to get supplies. This is a completely unplanned post, but one she wishes me to share and share today. Next year there will be a bit more planning involved...

It appears she wants to channel a message to you..


Dear One ~ 

Today is a Day of Love. Allow Love to return for self and all of God/Goddess' creatures that walk the Earth. Each being has a place, a role that is assisting you in recognizing and embracing the Power of Love. Today, if called, for we never push any agenda on you, spend the day honoring self. Loving Self, as Christine often says, is not selfish, it is imperative. When you love yourself more, you will allow LOVE to enter from ALL.

Gather near you a bouquet of flowers. Roses and Lillies are indeed favorites of mine, but surround yourself with those that you adore. This one act will remind you of Love. Chose a vase of special importance to you. Saving the vase for a special occasion is unnecessary; every day you walk the Earth is special. As you arrange the flowers in the vase, thank each flower for its beauty and ask that it remind you of yours. Put the vase in a place of honor in your home. 

Light a candle of purest ingredients. Infuse it with the energy of LOVE. you can easily do this by surrounding your hands around its vessel and feel LOVE pouring down upon you and through you into the candle. Envision the Light Energy of the candle radiating to all the corners of the universe. Sending out waves of LOVE to all and for all to receive. Place this candle near the vase of flowers. By doing so, you create and amplify the power of Love.

If you are called to use essential oils to anoint yourself, look for pure spikenard. Spikenard is a scent of the divine and is to be used in sacred ceremonies such as this or in products that you wish to be sacred. Follow your heart for the correct one for you. Rub a bit of spikenard on the soles of your feet and do so lovingly. Do this with the intention of walking in the Light of the Divine and with the remembrance you are of the Divine. Allow its energies to filter up through your physical body and gently open what you have been protecting. It is time for ALL of you to shine. 

If you wish to connect with the one that completes you, may I suggest you spend time today and every day going forward in quiet contemplation with them at a soul level. You will connect soul to soul whether it be with your future mate or child. Listen softly to their whisperings. Listen softly to their suggestions so you may meet and join in love now. Their suggestions will differ from person to person so I shan't say more on this subject now. 

Go forth today and every day in LOVE. That is all we ask of you.

Photo of Mary Magdalena by Jo Jayson.



Mary has left... for now. Hope this intimate chat with her helps you along your way. As always, feel free to share and please post your comments below as it helps others to find us. 


  • Teresa Sieve Collins Selvig

    Thank you.

  • Peg Garner
    Mother Mary and I have a close connection. This is good timing I did exactly that yesterday. This weekend the same. Have friends coming. Having a lovely weekend enjoying there company. Being outside tonight walking around enjoying mother nature and being with my honey. Definitely loving myself more. A client brought me a beautiful vase full of flowers. So I am and will continue to enjoy them.

    I got goose bumps reading your original post. My heart felt expanded will keep that awareness of the expansion going.
    Thank you for this lovely message. Angel Goddess

  • Anna

    I wish to clear that question mark by posting this. Grrrr…computers. Anyway. Love is all around. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna

    I knew there was a reason I made no plans for today. This IS the plan for today. Connecting to the Oneness of LOVE, source, universe, my heart, my beloved, the children that will come into this world through me. I feel it all coming. I’m ready.

    Thank you Christine! You are a blessing. Sending buckets of love! ❤️?❤️

  • Vicki Simpson

    Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are two of my most favorite and the 2 I feel most close to, Mary Magdalene especially. I love this msg from them! It’s such a difficult lesson to learn, that in order to really love others, you have to love yourself first. Thanks for the msg!!

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