Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons
My heart is heavy now. The world seems like it has turned upside and not much makes sense. 
How are you faring through it all? 
Have you noticed that others and perhaps you are relatively quick to judge lately?
I have and plead guilty. 
How do you feel after judging another? I typically think, ahem, superior. But you know what? That is only fleeting, and then? My stomach turns upside down, my heart starts racing, and I feel simply crappy. 
It’s not in my nature to be quick to judge. I have worked on this for years. Helping to better understand the human psyche through observation better and certainly with the help of The Gang, The Magdalene, Poppa, and beyond. 
I’m not here to share my political views of the current state of the world. If you know me, you know where I stand on such matters. This post is about perhaps getting you to slow down a bit in the Judgement Lane. It’s a lane worth slowing down because life does become much more enjoyable. 
You’ve seen the memes, I’m sure, that share lofty inspirational ideas such as:  
Don’t judge another for you don’t know their life’s history or perhaps what is going on at that moment in their life. 
If you haven’t noticed them, it’s most likely because it appears as another bunch of words running together. 
But the sentiment is lovely and can touch on all areas of one’s life; health, romance, social awkwardness, etc.
For example,
One may appear obese, but are you aware of their medical condition(s)? Do you know how much they perhaps are starving themselves to BE accepted? Or maybe they have been abused, and the fat became a form of protection so they could hide in plain sight. Because you know ‘fat’ people can’t be taken seriously. 
Perhaps one is desperate for their soulmate to be in their life and arms. They may appear too eager and overzealous, thus pushing folks away. Are you aware of their romantic past that may have programmed to act in this manner of overpleasing? 
Just because one looks normal (that is a completely different kettle of fish; for what is normal?) but may be battling a disease of some sort, mental and physical. Their social awkwardness is on display as soon as they utter some words. 
In the smattering of examples shared above, you may find yourself uttering words or thoughts such as:
  • How could they be so vulnerable?
  • Seriously?
  • Idiots
  • And well, I’m sure you know the drill
How often have you judged another based on their skin color, sex, weight, attire, or ethnicity? Be honest. The world is rife with such judgment. It’s called prejudice. This is where the lines begin to waver; a LOT. This is where the word but comes into play during many conversations as one attempts to be non-judgmental. 
Ahh, but the judgment is glaring you in the face. It’s a deep-seated human nature to desire to feel superior over another. 
You know I’m right. 
You and I have both uttered phrases such as:
  • I would never do that! (Exclamation point strongly enforced)
  • How can they think that looks good on them?
  • People of that age ought not to….
  • I’d never let my child do that! 
First, never say never. One has no clue what the future will bring. Even I don’t, and I am pretty tuned in!
Have these points gotten your attention?
I hope so.
For many years, our daughters had a favorite book, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech. I highly recommend you read it.
The moral of this book has stayed with me for many years, and here’s why:
Do not judge another until you have walked two moons in their shoes.
Until you have had a bunch of rotten romances, dyed your skin a different tone, put on a fat suit, and more, do not judge, for you have no idea how far they have come. 
For all you know, that ‘fat’ person is now on proper medical help and has lost over 50 pounds, thanks to the entire Gang filled with love, healing, motivation, and great joy. 
That romance-besotted person remembers that they are worthy of love, thanks to Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. 
That bully may be covering up immense pain. 
That shy wall flower had been programmed to know they don’t have a worthwhile thought to share. 
The list goes on. 
Walk Two Moons, my Dear Chatterer. Walk Two Moons. 
I’d love to hear how this post hit you. Triggered? Resonated? Both?
As always, I send you great waves of love,

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