Want to know if your energy is clear? Ask your pets.

Want to know if your energy is clear? Ask your pets. - Angel Chatter

For those of you with fur babies, you know how sensitive they can be. They see 'imaginary' things, hear things you don't, play with things that go bump in the night and more. They are a true gauge of what is going on energetically.

Have you ever noticed how they mimic your energy? Not feeling well? Don't they cuddle more as if to give you some of their good juju? Feeling high energized? Don't they seem to pounce and play with you?

Mine do too.

Since my fur babies are well mine, they are highly sensitive and intuitive. I explained this recently to our vet and she was quite intrigued as the cats didn't do well with the 'calming' injection prior to their teeth cleaning. In fact, our most docile and cuddly lion got extremely agitated and exhibited it by hissing and lashing out. When I told her I was not surprised since they were mine; she listened and did not give this 'medicine' to the other who then sailed through his teeth cleaning quite easily.

This began the puzzle piecing exercise. I listened to what I said, having just assumed that they were quirky, like me, and sensitive like me. However, as I thought back to how they have acted over their life, the puzzle got put together rather quickly.

As an example:

We've moved often in recent years; Boston to Baltimore. Baltimore to Chincoteague. Chincoteague to a DC suburb. Our 'lions' have been with us for all three moves and therefore have now lived in four homes. Some would say this is more than most humans and they would be correct. They started out with us in Boston and then came to Baltimore with us. The Baltimore house was physically gorgeous, but as we learned over time it was very negative energetically. (for those of you that know me, know I don't use that word, 'negative' freely or easily.) The cats hid for over one week after the big move in. They would only go to the basement to use their bathroom (aka litterbox) and would race upstairs to their safe zone; our daughter's bedroom. This went on our entire time there; three years. Looking back they pretty much existed and certainly didn't thrive. It wasn't until we deeply cleared the energy of the place and scampered out of there ourselves did we all realize how insidious of a place it was energetically. Gabi joined us during our time in Baltimore and she was a big part of keeping things 'sane' while there. Her energy, joy and love knows no boundaries and helped us all.

Then we move to our beach home. It's high energy, vortexes abound and yes even UFOs have been seen by some of the most upstanding citizens, including yours truly. We regrouped and all began to embrace life once more; lions and dogs masquerading as small ponies included. We all woke up to life again; although it took a good year to do so.

We have just finished our most recent move and are still in the throws of unpacking, painting, organizing and everything else that moving entails. During the first stage of the move we discovered we had ghost cats in the house. Yes ghost cats. Gabi was a bit uncertain as to what was going on now (I do believe since there were many cats they were antagonizing her). We cleared the energy; sent the cats over the Rainbow Bridge and the 'Crazy Cat Lady' ghost with them. The lions then moved in and it's honestly been like they have lived in this house for years as opposed to less than two weeks. No hiding. Instead they are playing, engaging and are the ever demanding lions we have come to know and love.

Gabi? Since the most recent clearing, she doesn't look off as if conversing with another. She's calm, relaxed and is taking charge; well as much as the Alpha Lion will let her. It's incredible; the house, now our home, is peaceful, relaxing, joy-filled even amongst the chaos of settling in. We humans are interacting more daily as we re-discover what was in storage, we've gone on long walks and are enjoying our newest digs to the fullest.

Not sure how your digs are faring? Ask your fur babies. Notice how they act within your home; relaxed, thriving, loving, attentive and focused. Not sure how to interpret their actions? Chat with Archangel Thuriel; The Angel of Animals, for clarity. Do your furbabies act in ways that reflect being unsettled? You just may have unwanted and unknown guests! 






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