We are the same, you and I

Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa. It’s  heart sharing time.

I’m no different than you. 

It’s true. 

I grew up in a small town in Delaware. I was then and still am an empath. This means I know shit about others because I pick up on their energy. Of course over the years I’ve learned better to know when it’s not my energy, but I digress momentarily. 

I always felt God, Poppa as I call Him, close by. I cried on Good Friday as a child, and we were NOT overly Catholic. I just felt the pain and confusion. I was there and was wounded. That wound to this day is bothersome; left shoulder if you must know. 

Humans befuddle me. We speak of ‘Love & Light’ and do the exact opposite; cutting another off in traffic, screaming in our car at the ‘idiots’. Thinking another is responsible for our happiness. Another took away your promotion, money, home, and more. Scrambling to get ahead and appease another in the thoughts we are pleasing them. 

You’re ultimately not pleasing them. 

I felt like the oddball out. I realized early on that everybody, while having access to this energy, had already shut it down or ignored it at best. They were quick to complain about their woes, but wouldn’t do much to better themselves. 

I was always looking for those proverbial lollipops and rainbows. Always looking for the better and knew it existed. 

Maybe I  was  odd though! Nobody else seemed to have this kind of awareness. 

I did what countless others already had done. I shut down the gift. 

Decades later, the angels came back knocking at Poppa’s insistence. I called myself psycho to continue to belittle this gift and not own a morsel of it.

They were relentless. They pushed me, I saw visions, I knew more shit. 

People began to lean in and listen. 

People would listen to the angels’ suggestions and guidance and life got better for them. 

More energies came in. As you may be aware, Mary Magdalene became infused with mine. I always felt a kinship to her. I found myself apologizing to her for years at how she was misrepresented. She says it was a natural course of events for us to join forces in the here and now; it’s part of our destiny.

Cyclops entered. They aren’t scary as fairly tales share. Certainly Clyde, my cyclops, is on the quieter side, but his humor is quite lovely as is his perspective of world and personal events. 

More energies entered. One is a native American that appears when I walk the woods near our home. She, for I feel it is a she, is yet another loving force. She continues to help heal this land; and therefore me. Both are eternally grateful. 

The trees are talking. Grandfather Tree was near out last home. The trees here knew of our move and welcomed us with open branches. Yes, Dearest, trees talk via their fascia; it’s documented.

More energies are entering. My knowing shit is ever expanding for each beautiful client, my family, and the world. 

All it took was to open the pathway an infinitesimal pinhole and say welcome. 

That’s all it took. 

Why does it take one so long to say yes?

Is it the fear of the unknown? Most certainly. 

Is it the fear of failure? Without a doubt.

Is it the fear of success? Absolutely. For once you succeed, you realize ALL is indeed possible. 

THAT is scary, but oh so liberating! It does make you a bit more responsible. Why? You can no longer blame another for your woes or misgivings. You begin to own the knowledge you are the driver of your energetic vehicle. All others are merely bystanders of your journey. 

It’s your time. Time like never before. You are worth every penny, ha’ penny you spend on yourself when it’s done with intention.

Will you open that an infinitesimal pinhole and say yes? 

We’re waiting for you. The universe needs your Loving Power now more than ever. 

Drop me a note and let’s get started.

So much Love 




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