What are you birthing?

We are in the midst of a major weather pattern here in the States right now. 

Rain and lots of it for the next four days. 

As Gabi and I went on our magical walk today. I asked the angels to provide the message today since there was nothing pressing on my mind. I've noticed many of our walks have a theme and that theme is most definitely a message, an angel message not only for me, but for those that wish to read and/or listen.

Our first encounter was a beautiful Canada Goose with her brood of five goslings. She stood tall and kept a very watchful eye on us. I snagged a few photos without much alarm on her part and kept going.

Wait, Five goslings? Of course this is an important number! It's the number of change, transformation and more.

Of course I was then compelled to chat with Goose and find out what they mean. I've adored their honking since a child living at the beach and hearing them migrate by the thousands. Did you know that Canada Goose mates for life? Once they've chosen their mate, it's for life. They are also very community oriented and believe and work as a team within their chosen community. The next time you see a gaggle of them, I can pretty much guarantee there is at least one sentry standing guard as the others feed. This one is in charge of guarding at the moment.

All of this happened minutes from home. Now I couldn't wait until we got in the woods!

The Walk and Angel Chatting Continues

Scampered off to the woods we did to decompress before the next front of rain came through and to see what else was in store... 

Gabi loves to stop at her favorite watering hole to wade and sip. Today was no different. The water was running fast and she quickly went up to her chest where normally it was perhaps knee height.

Her little stream was quite full and was running fast. 

Once replenished, we continued forth...


The Babies

There's a rather large mud puddle that runs parallel to the main trail to the Potomac River. 

We were drawn to take a peek...  

Pollywogs! aka Tadpoles. Babies by the dozen! We, ok, ME, had a blast to sit and watch them swim all over the place.

A theme was starting to take shape...


The River

We made a direct line for the Potomac River. It was swollen. There is typically a 10-12 foot drop at the bank. Today? I could lay down and touch the water, the water was indeed that high. She was quite swollen and running fast. 

Gabi and I sat and pondered for quite a while. I must admit I was rather mesmerized by the river, the power and the pace she flowed. 

I did what I normally do, chatted it up with The Gang, the angels. 

The Angel's Message

As we sat, the angels came in fast and furious. 

Have you noticed today's theme Christine? Babies, fast motion, swollen. 

Yes and I've come a conclusion. You are asking me/us to pay attention to our thoughts and actions, correct?

Yes. What you DO and THINK is what is birthed in your life. What kind of seeds are you planting and nurturing? Are they ones that you really desire to focus on or are they fear based? 

A little bit of both if I am being humanly honest.

We know this, which is why we wished to point out the obvious and give you a good dose of reminding you that thoughts indeed have an energy. Your actions carry an even greater charge of affecting other areas of your life. 

When you are tired, you are to rest. Yes, the mind is an active one, but if one must continue to be active when tired, pick an activity that does not require concentration such as cleaning, gardening, meditating, etc. Attempting to work on something that requires more gray cells will only lead to errors and more frustration.

Many of you have complained of late of weight being added to your physical body for no known reason. The reason is energetic; you are birthing into a higher level of magnificence and this birth requires more energy than you typically exert. Allow the weight to come on, eat wisely, rest well, exercise as needed to keep you body flexible. The weight will come off quite quickly with no illness involved.  

Anything else?

One more thing, pay attention to those ideas of inspiration you get. You do not have to act on each one immediately by any means. However, jot down notes. Allow your mind to wander in expansion mode on the various ways to accomplish this inspiration. Just allow. Just BE. 

Remind all who read this that they too are birthing and jumping into higher levels of energy on their personal spiritual path. To be gentle on themselves and do not settle for anything less than 100% participation. 

We love you all so.

WOW! I so didn't expect such a dissertation, but I'll take it! 

Will you?


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