What coronavirus is teaching me - Part Eighteen

Metatron Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

It's been yet another interesting week. Full of celebrations, upheavals and evolving. 

I'm witnessing shifts, are you? Let's get Woo-Woo this week and discuss 3D and 5D!

3D ~ What is it?

If you aren't aware of what 3D is let alone 5D, allow me to offer a brief overview.

3D is where we have been for centuries. As society, in general, full of fear, greed, anger, jealousy, conditions, judgment and so on. Phrases abound such as:

  • 'Keeping up with the Jonses',
  • 'Lucky B....',
  • 'Who they'd sleep with to get there?',
  • 'I love him/her so much, BUT...'
  • 'If only I was ...., I'd be happier, successful, sexy, liked, etc'
  • 'I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop'
  • 'I'm so tired of looking over my shoulder and getting stabbed in the back by wannabes, imposters, etc.'
  • 'My way or the Highway'
  • 'I just want to be happy' (notice it wasn't BE happy for the energy is quite low in this statement)
  • I'm better than 'them'... 'they're lower, inferior'

Do any of these sound familiar? Ever uttered one of them? BE honest, you know you have or something akin to those and there are lots more where those came from. 

3D is a reality where one finds themselves racing around making good time, but ultimately not going far in the best scenario. It's much like a GroundHog Day reality. It can and often does offer moments of true connection; those moments when one is living in the moment of NOW without a care in the world, relaxed, empowered and simply loving all that there is. Those moments once recognized are yearned for from the soul. For it is our center, our true way we were/ARE meant to live. 

We are not meant to live by struggling with fear and anger. We are not designed to LOVE with conditions. We aren't programmed to BE somebody else. 

5D ~ What is It?

As you may guess, 5D is a higher resonating energy. While it is a rather yummy place to resonate, the journey doesn't end here, so don't get too complacent or cocky that you reached 5D, once you do.

As mentioned, 5D is higher resonating. Therefore, one operates much less from egoic tendencies of fear, greed, anger, conditions as so on. 

One operates more fully in the energies of powerful LOVE. Remember, LOVE has no conditions, never had, never will. 

While one BEgins to emerge more and more into a 5D reality, they can, and most likely will, dance in 3D for that is what is familiar. Familiar is comforting, but not always powerful or right. After all, a bowl of ice cream is comforting, but not very powerful/empowering or a proper dietary contribution to one's diet. 

As one dances in 5D more, one can more easily rise above the fray and see the drama others create with much less judgment. Remember, it's their karma, not yours, so why bother getting involved?

How Does the Ol' 'Switcheroo' Happen?

The shift from 3D to 5D is typically quite slow. So slow in fact often times one doesn't realize they are indeed shifting until they have shifted. 

Many will call the shift 'Ascension Symptoms' These symptoms can and will vary, but here are the most common ones:

  • Dietary Changes
  • Weight gain - this helps keep one more anchored until the shift is more or less complete. Don't worry the weight comes off as slowly as it appeared.
  • Relationship shifts - ending, strengthening and/or new
  • Clarity
  • Vivid dreams, more in line of prophetic dreams
  • Mood swings that are unexplainable
  • Sleep pattern changes
  • An awareness of not BEing from 'here' - here defined as Earth
  • Some experience a death or contemplate suicidal thoughts
  • Clarity of the underlying truth (not conspiracy 'truth') of situations
  • Less Judgment of another for you know they are on their own path. You stick to yours
  • Tolerance for 'bullshit' is much, much lower. One desires to have more in depth conversations, gossiping is no longer an active or passive pastime.

Now you may say, as I did and still do to a certain degree, that these symptoms can happen to anyone, not just those ascending. You're right, they can. 

However, it is the combination of the symptoms that will hint of one who is spiritually ascending or evolving karmically. 

There are many more symptoms like a true lack of time; meaning you lose track and have no idea what happened. What happened is your physical body carried on while you energetically traveled to another 'locale'. Yes, we are indeed getting very woo-woo here Chatterers!

How Can I Ascend Spiritually?

One cannot and ought not force these symptoms upon themselves. Each has their own journey. However, if this is what you truly desire, BEgin to live life more consciously. Here's another list of suggestions that can assist:

  • Eat more high vibrating foods; vegetables, ethically treated animal protein
  • Meditate
  • Non participation of gossip
  • Communicate with nature; forest bathing as example
  • Listen
  • Deepen the connection to your heart space leaving the egoic mind behind
  • Focusing on the energy of LOVE not necessarily just the romantic version
  • Allowing yourself to BE in the moment; no more multi-tasking

If you look over the above partial list, these are things I personally have been suggesting for years. YEARS. This is one of my missions; helping more to naturally ascend along their path. 

How Does This Tie Into Covid?

As previously mentioned, we collectively have been sent to our respective corners. We've, as a whole, have been naughty in action. Not honoring the very planet we walk and depend upon for life. Not honoring ALL humans as equal. 

These are but two examples that have happened and are happening world-wide at this moment. Ask yourself the hard questions; How did I contribute to this? Have I actively tossed out trash in non trash designated areas? Have I not stepped up to defend another when I could have?

These are mild, but thought provoking questions that ALL have had the opportunity to reflect upon during the world quarantine. 

What answers did you come to? Did you come to an answer? Did you even contemplate these or these types of questions? How you answer these will illuminate where you are along your personal karmic/dharmic path. 

What Angel Can Assist in Ascension?

Honestly ALL of them, for each one can assist in clarity, LOVE, soul's mission, healing, environment and so on. 

For now, Metatron comes forward. For this is a personal journey. He is your go to angel for many things, but for this scenario he is greatly active in helping one stay in alignment with their soul's mission. 

Metatron Mandala


BEgin by focusing on his channeled Mandala above. What sensations come forward? What inspirations come forward? What Calls to Action come forward? In this sense we ARE in this together. I'm here to help via private sessions, mentoring and more.

Until next week I wish you GREAT LOVE and Peace. 



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