What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Fifteen

Archangel Haniel Mandala, Christine Alexandria

The world seems to BE waking up, doesn't it?

Nobody ever said that awakening was to be a walk in the park mind you. Haven't you ever gotten up 'on the wrong side of the bed'? Sure you have. Just goes to show that the deepest of slumbers can offer groggy mentalities and ways of BEing until fully awake. Same holds true for the spiritual awakening.

As the world exhibits civil unrest, and justifiably so for in my opinion and certainly hope you agree, ALL are created equal. It's the fear that puts forth low self esteem and has one pick on another in order to make them feel better. More on this topic perhaps another time, but it does play into what is happening now.

Like many of you, I spiraled down a bit last week and the week prior. I was antsy, but wasn't sure what to do and how whatever I did would be received. We ultimately went to Black Lives Matter Plaza in downtown Washington DC to BE present and are very glad we did. But before the decision was made; however, stories ran amuck in my head; would we be OK? Come home healthy? etc etc etc. blah blah blah...

Oh the stories that go on my my head!

You too?

The World is Waking Up

One may say the world is awakening for stores are slowly re-opening the apparently much missed hair and nail salons, restaurants with outdoor seating and so on. 

While these are lovely and I do hope many businesses do not go out of business, this is not the awakening I'm chatting about. What I am referencing is our souls hopefully rested while in quarantine. We had golden opportunities to reflect, ponder and put forth feelers of HOW we wished to live once 'this' was over. 

Unfortunately, I don't think it shall ever be over. Before you pull up the bed covers over your head, allow me to elaborate. 

Many are awakening in the sense of how their actions/inactions affect another. This results in one BEing. BEing more conscientious, aware of not only those around them, but those far and wide. There is that saying Rome wasn't built in a day, one simply can't change overnight. One cannot flip a switch and have the world miraculously BE healed of hatred, anger, illness, low self esteem and more. 

It takes time. 

The World is Collectively Birthing

Hopefully during your quarantine time, whether you are an essential employee (THANK YOU) or not, your world, our world, was collectively sent to the corner to think about things.

Each step forward is just that, forward. 

However, think of this as a birth. I remember taking lamaze classes many years ago and the instructor shared that giving birth was often two steps forward and one back. This is now humanity at large. 

The majority is moving forward; giving birth to the NEW.

Then things may stall and covid may slow stop the momentum. People will panic once again. Before you step into that mode, take a breath. Ponder how far you have come emotionally and spiritually. We ARE moving forward, but it shall take time. 

During those 'backward' times, others are given the chance to catch up and awaken too. It allows those already moving forward to catch a breath and rest momentarily. As an example, I've several clients who have been crashing and burning over the past week for they have been stalwart in helping others during the pandemic and most recently the civil unrest and let us not forget that each soul does have a personal life. Their constant forward momentum wore them down to the point they were taking 2-3 hour naps DAILY! 

What To Do?

As you continue to move forward, the charlatans will rear their heads as the next best thing in the world since sliced bread. BE wary. Any good/GREAT mentor, product, program, etc. will never rush, push or force you to make a decision right now. That's just plain rude.

Take a breath. If it is meant to BE, the relationship will flourish all the more.

Rest. Giving birth is very hard work! It can be draining. It can be exhausting. It can BE glorious. However, resting when possible is paramount to enjoy the process as much as possible.

Know that things will end. This sadly may include relationships. Some folks you held in high esteem will totter and fall off their pedestal. Some relationships may have a blow up that is long overdue. How you treat and respond to food will change. The relationship you have with your body will change. Consider this a 'heads up' and start quietly listening to your soul as it speaks. 

Please take it from me that listening to The Gang vs. arguing with them doesn't get you very far. I've done the arguing and it got me nowhere.

"You'll make an oracle deck" HA! what are you all smoking angels? - ummm have one.

'You'll design jewelry.' NO... have bracelets and necklaces.

"You'll teach"... okay maaaayybee - but now teaching. and so on.

When it is in alignment with your soul and your mission, you really can't hide and why would you want to?

Second Guessing

Many of us are doing the Second Guessing Tap Dance. We are hopefully logically going forward and creeping out from under our proverbial rock since the pandemic seems somewhat under control and quarantine constraints are lifting. This puts a new strain on how we all operate in the world at large:

  • Do we go out to Eat? Is it safe?
  • When will it be ok to get my hair cut?
  • Will I be able to get a massage?
  • Can I go the gym?
  • Can I go to Church? 
  • When can I see family and hug them tight?

Well you've your own dialogue going on, but you get the idea and are certainly not alone. 

In fact this year is our second annual Student Retreat. I'm in a dilemma. While we are NOT hosting a complete in person, could we host a few and have the rest via online? Do we only go online? Certainly I pine to see these goddesses in person, but is that selfish, wise/unwise? See? Dilemma. You have your own dilemmas certainly and I will be doing some serious hearting on this topic over the next few days and make a decision once and for all. 

Bottom line? We won't know until we know. It is one step at a time. I'm going at this as logically and consciously as possible. BEing in the moment to make wiser decisions. 

What can YOU Do Day to Day?

Hopefully by now you have slipped into a 'Me First' Routine. If not, it's not too late to start. It's a daily routine that includes self care. Remember, self care isn't just the hair salon or nails, but true self care will include the following, and I do look forward to reading about your Acts of Self Care. For now, here is my list:

  • Meditating/Praying
  • Forest Baths. I cannot stress how helpful forest bathing is. The air is juicier in a forest. The energy is calmer. The trees will gently rock you as you walk the trails absorbing what is weighing heavy on your mind and soul so you walk out with more clarity. 
  • Detox Baths. Equally important and decadent. If you are not a fan of baths, allow the water during your showers to transmute the lower energies that have attached themselves. 
  • Read. My latest book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance is filled with angelic information and tools that can help lighten your load.
  • Clear not only clutter, but energy of your Home. I've recommended to my students as well as clients that a weekly clearing is highly beneficial right now as we all are collectively moving forward. It's time for the lower kaka to leave and leave permanently. How do I clear? I use only the Zadkiel Candle as it invokes the energies of the Violet Flame; pure transmutation.
  • Gardening. This is akin to forest bathing, but just yesterday I was in our gardens and found a 'crystal ball' It is roughly the size of a half dollar and have no idea where it came from. It has been added to our Gnome, Dig's home. My husband has expanded his deck garden and he just said, "This gives me so much pleasure; I just LOVE looking at it."

What Angel to Chat with and Why

Think about it. You are birthing. You are learning better ways to BE. Your desires are BEcoming more clear. What angel do you think will be this week's focus?

If you guessed Haniel, you're right and here's why:

Haniel has been given the moniker of The Manifestor. He helps your align your earthly desires with your soul desires. Therefore, he helps you to create your version of Heaven on Earth.

He oversees the Etheric Heart Chakra, a term he/she offered years ago and I've since stuck with it. Haniel greatly assists with breath work, manifesting BEing.

Archangel Haniel Mandala. Christine Alexandria

Allow your gaze to soften while meditating with Haniel's channeled mandala. You just may be surprised at the insights offered. 

Until next week, continue washing those blessed hands, hugs those you can and smile every day knowing you are loved. 

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