What Coronavirus is teaching me - Part Five, Little Miracles

What Coronavirus is teaching me - Part Five, Little Miracles - Angel Chatter

Yes, you read that correctly, little miracles are ever present in this hot mess humankind is currently in. This week the messages I find are still profound albeit delivered in a less traditional way. This week, we take a break from the head on advice from The Angelics and listen to a little guy named Dug.

Story Time!

Allow me to share a story:

As you may have gathered by now, I work in the soil not only as a way for creative juices to be explored, but to ground, escape and think. I often do my best thinking while outside for I don't have many, if any, distractions such as laundry, writing, cleaning, projects, etc. Now, mind you, I LOVE all those ohter things, but one requires stepping away from that periodically to BE.

Enter Chamuel, Angel of Self Love for that ongoing message of doing tasks, Acts of Self Love to allow one's self to BE rejuvenated, replenished and allow LOVE to enter. 

As I was saying...

I was in our front garden, a place I've dug countless times in our three plus years of living here. I've pulled weeds, planted, moved things around and while finding the periodic grub and gobs of worms, I had never found a gift such as this. Meet Dug:

Dug, Christine Alexandria's gnome gift (Angel Chatter)

I shared on social media and one of my new students quickly gave him the name of Dug as I 'dug' him out of his earthly prison. The funny thing about Dug is that he was at least 5" below the surface! Think about that, he was't just under the mulch, he was literally buried!

Out he came and upon examination I realized that he is quite sturdy and does have a stake to allow him to BE perched in the garden when the time is right. His weight is rather hefty, so not a super 'cheap' trinket. Does he have monetary value? Hardly. I simply find it curious he was so buried so deeply in clay 'soil' - we don't have much rich soil in this area; hence the plethora of bricks used in buildings; a natural resource. All this means, again, he was buried, it is not easy for an item to sink into the clay that deep. 

I digress. I immediately felt drawn to this little guy and paraded him around the house and yard like a world renowned award had been bestowed upon us. My husband chuckled and said he was happy I am so easily amused. 

As I finished gardening, Dug stayed on the front stoop watching. Yes, I felt this little guy watching me and honestly approving of the work being accomplished. 

Dug's Story Continues

As any self respecting gnome, Dug required a bath and pronto. How could the poor little guy see with clay covering his eyes. What a metaphor for us all that have lived with blinders on to see only what we desire to see? Or plugs in our ears to hear only what we choose to hear? Dug BEgins teaching immediately.

A bath was given and while a miraculous transformation was accomplished, he has asked for another bath, which may happen tonight. Here is Stage Two of Dug's Emergence:

After Dug's first bath; Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Much improved, right? It's amazing what a bit of soap and water can do not only for the surface, but the soul. Isn't it time we all could use a bit of earthly cleansing? Couldn't we all allow ourselves to BE cleansed energetically?

Dug is teaching us all in small, bite size metaphors. 

Feeding Dug

After having been buried for at least three years, Dug was indeed hungry! We all need food, not just in what goes in our mouth, but in our soul. 

Dug is no different. While finishing up his bath, a friend rang and I filled her in. Apples! Apples? Yes, she says he wants an apple. Okay, an apple it is!


Dug Likes Apples. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Of course an apple is an apple; offering juiciness, nourishment and very natural, this one is organic even. Perfect for the hungry little gnome! This apple can and will sustain Dug for many moons to come. For when Dug is 'planted' never buried again, the apple will go with him. 

Me, BEing me I asked The Angelics, why an apple? What is the meaning of the apple not only for Dug but humanity at large. Here is what they said:

The blessed apple is an ancient symbol that has various meanings and interpretations.

The apple itself BEgins its journey in the spring, so it no surprise that Dug wishes to have an apple now. However, the harvesting of apples does not occur until the autumn and if taken care of properly, apples will remain fresh for many months; feeding you for many months. 

It is one of the symbols of the Divine Feminine; although, as you would say, 'given a bad rap' since the Garden of Eden'.

As such it is known to hold truth of spiritual knowledge and more, when one takes the time to see, hear and act. Remember the story of Adam and Eve when she ate into the apple; the forbidden fruit.

Some lore have the blessed apple to represent the five wounds of Christ (seen when you cut an apple in half)

An apple is also said to hold within it spiritual wisdom. All seekers, whether they own it or not at this juncture, are seeking the truth of universe. Your pandemic is forcing humans to go within and search. 

To Remember


Okay then. There you have it from The Angelics on why Dug, this cute little gnome needed an apple. 

Dug Continues to Give

Of course me BEing me, I decided that Dug's mate also had been hidden deep within the clay.

Out I went this morning to dig and unveil Dug's partner. My husband already gave him/her a name; Bury. Pronounced Berry. If HE offered a name, there must be a partner in there!

I dug and dug and dug. I turned over the clay moved around a bit, but alas, no partner. Stay tuned, this mission is not over... yet!

However, Dug did offer up two gifts:

Dug's Gifts. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter 

Again, nothing of monetary value, but what a JOY to find them! When the pink jewel surfaced, Chamuel, once again came forth with this message; See what happens when you take time out to play? Message received. 

The blush of the soft feather; how can one not think of anyone else besides The Angelics? As this feather is quite small, perhaps from the underlying of a wing or breast of the bird/angel? But the message received was ALL are birthing at this moment. It is up to each soul to take charge of their life through LOVE. 

They quickly offered up quite the list of Acts of Love we all can do now:

  • Staying home as much as possible in order to keep self and those they LOVE safe.
  • Daily Acts of Self Love. Mandatory especially if considered 'essential' and must work outside the home.
  • Taking time out to connect with nature; DAILY.
  • Eating healthily, not just the comfort food one gravitates towards in moments of upheaval.
  • Daily movement.
  • An Act to help another in need; but ONLY if you ample energy to do so. Don't BE such a giver you forget to receive.
  • Remember

After a bit of research I discovered that female gnomes are even more obscure and harder to find/spy. Perhaps with a bit of coaxing Bury will emerge one day. 

 So WHAT is a Gnome?

The very word 'Gnome' means Earth Dweller. Well we can't deny that Dug has been dwelling in the Earth for far too long!

Their history can be dotted line traced to Roman times are very much associated with magic and protection. They protect 'all things worth protecting' as well as the bullied, submissive and overall folks who are often taken advantage of.

They are attributed as pagan in their origins and some resources say their literal size was diminished to lesson their powers. Don't think that really worked, but makes for a good story. They have been quite popular as garden protectors since the 1600s and as typical, they have become more cartoonish in their demeanor over the centuries; initially they were more serious in their energy; after all they are guardians! Not Sleepy, Bashful or Doc from Snow White.

Their red hats even have an origin! Lore shares that it comes the fisherman in the Mediterranean region. If they wished to be seen, they wore white hats. Red hats made them more invisible. This rings true, for gnomes have been given the bad rap for so long, they prefer to remain hidden in plain sight!

Gnomes have also been associated with secret underground treasures! I better go out and dig a bit more! smirk. They are known throughout the world and as normal, have morphed their appearance as well as their names accordingly. For example, in Japan they are called bakemono. In Switzerland they are known as barbegazi, and so on.

Wrap Up Week Five of Covid-19

While it may seem a bit of a 'Ohhh Shiny Moment' this week with Dug, there are still lessons to glean and action to take from this brave warrior of the earth. 

For that I turn to Sandalphon, Angel of Grounding and Presence. Throughout this week he has come forward to remind not only me, but all who read this to stay vigilant in your practice of self care, health and more. BE present and rise above the day to day fear factor and witness the magic from within for it does exude outwardly in your very physical life in ways we can certainly not imagine.

Think about it, did I go looking for a magical gnome this week in the garden? Of course not! While I know they are here, along with the fae, dragons and unicorns (I live in a magical world), to come across a physical representation is magical indeed. 

Thank you Dug and Sandalphon. 

Archangel Sandalphon Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Meditate with Sandalphon this week. 

For those that are curious, Dug is still snuggled in the warm of our home munching on his apple. He has directed me where he would like to BE placed once he goes outside. Stay tuned for the Adventures of Dug.



  • Wendy


    Wonderful story…As always Thank you,,,To You & Your Family Stay Healthy & Safe.

  • Vicki Simpson

    I love Dug and his story!! We have a few Gnome homes on our property, but haven’t caught a glimpse of one yet! I love the Gnome book by Wil Hugyen!

  • Sharon Finston


  • Whitney Rau-Kitts

    I love Dug and your story about him♥️ Thanks for all you do for ALL of us😘

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