What Coronavirus is Teaching me Part Nine

Archangel Gabriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Who hasn't felt their waistline, ahem slightly expanding since in quarantine?

I'm no different. 

BEing a very Type A person I was 'determined' to emerge BEtter, healthier, lighter and exhibiting firmer muscles.


Foolish dreams.

Stage One

I researched. What companies, apps etc were worth the expense offering highly value and one I could at least envision myself participating in.

Beach Body emerged and NO this is not an endorsement of their product. There are many great companies out there, but I do like to explore and experiment prior to purchasing and this company allowed it. Although I've yet to purchase many weeks later. 

I found free videos on YouTube! 

I COULD do this! I even scratched out a schedule of various class days to participate in. Now? Where IS that list? 

I bought books detailing various eating protocols that could trim the waistline and eradicate the medical numbers that aren't desirable.

Those books? Gathering a wee bit of dust. 

My honey and I scratched out tentative menus. This served multiple purposes;

  • We knew what to purchase when we did the big stock up.
  • We had a plan - we are planners to various degrees.
  • Those books were in mind when purchasing which now means I have a few bags of frozen fruit in the freezer waiting to be made into a healthy smoothie. I'll get to those eventually. 
  • We COULD eat healthier! 
  • And so on

Stage Two

Enter copious amounts of chocolate. 

AND... a wee bit of wine. Okay I lied, more wine than typical for us. 

My honey instituted a nightly cocktail hour.

We toasted LOVE.

We toasted FAMILY.

We toasted LIFE.

We toasted each other.

We toasted. 

And snuck ate chocolate.

Enter feelings of sluggishness, restless sleep and total general ick. 


BeachBody? Nice memory. Quickly went from four sessions per week to maaaybe one.

Enter Stage Three

Self loathing. 

WHY was I allowing myself to do this? I mean, our personal lives hadn't changed that much. Sure we couldn't go out. We couldn't hug others. We couldn't do a bunch of things. However we are very blessed. We worked from home anyway. Our home is beautiful. I could still go for walks in the magical woods. 

Why wasn't I doing those courses I promised myself I would complete for new students as well as my own growth?

However it was more in Stage Three I BEgan to dig a bit deeper and uncover a bevy of things. 

Sure I couldn't travel. Sure I couldn't pop over and do a bit of mindless shopping. Sure I couldn't.... insert whatever here. 

BUT I could do a BUNCH of things. 

However, BEing an empath I also realized that each day presented new dynamics, but it all came down to me and my daily Acts of Self Love. 

Was I allowing myself to sleep a bit later or nap? Ummm no. 

Was I giving myself permission to BE? Ummm no.

Was I allowing myself to eat that chocolate and revel in its chocolateness? Ummm no... remember sneak eating we both were doing. 

Was I allowing? NO. Unequivocally No.

Light dawns.

Enter Stage Four

Humbleness and awareness. 

I was reminded, none too nicely by The Gang, that I AM in control of my actions or in this case, inactions. 

I could absolutely control what I consumed. As long as I ate consciously, that was a HUGE shift and a good start. 

I could absolutely control if I walked on the treadmill watching one of my binge shows vs sitting and 'allowing' my derriere to expand. 

I could. 

With new found awareness of how my actions/inactions were indeed affecting my energy, sleep, conscious levels and certainly levels of worthiness. 

How fortunate was I to BE able to........ insert a BEVY of acts I am ever grateful for, even 'stuck inside these four walls'.

  • Make masks
  • Eat healthy food
  • Sew
  • Write Courses
  • Play in the gardens and thus the fae
  • BE
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • and so much more

Enter Stage Five

I strive daily to make each day better than yesterday. It's been my practice for as long as I can remember. I strive to leave each place I visit a bit better. Some days I succeed, some days I struggle. Some days are naturally harder to top for they were 'perfect' But ah, were they or was it my mindset that made them so?

I could spend hours, moments, day focusing on those that are copying me (thank you for the flattery) or not. I actively choose to rise above and BE me and know karma is well karma. However, I will say that those copycats reading this, I AM aware and well let's leave it at that for now.

I could and do revel in the magic of the rains that are here once again in our neighborhood while we are safe, snuggled with a fire roaring and candles lit (Zadkiel and Raphael if you are wondering). There is a miracle in those lights for they caste no shadow. Try the experiment at home - there IS magic. 

I give great thanks for gifts. The literal and figurative. Just today another gift arrived from a mentee. This one? For my husband. As many of you know, he LOVES to explore and play in the kitchen. My client sent him a gift to thank him for supporting me and giving me ample time to help y'all. Yes, there are happy tears. I give thanks for the figurative gifts like the ability to walk with my sister to 'hunt' for owl and eagle nests - social distancing of course. We are twins at heart we two and it powers us both to have that time. I revel in the magic of toys; Facetime to see the beauty of my parents, children and grandchild pretty much when I desire is rather magical. It makes the doldrums of BEing 'stuck inside these four walls' that much more tolerable. 

Each blessed act is indeed a miracle. Just now, one of our cats, Linus if you must know, is determined to get me to stop working and is head butting me for snuggles and attention. Excuse me for a moment.... :)

Snuggles, for now, are over...

When I step more into each day with the mindset that it presents a New Adventure, I can choose to eat a light healthy breakfast of an over easy egg, fresh squeezed orange juice and a half slice of toast. I can choose to walk on the treadmill after completing this blog and sweat it out a bit. I can choose to focus on me and my dreams, goals, mission, soul's purpose which is serving. 

I can choose, as can you. 

What will my physical body look like when this 'is over'? Yet to BE determined, but I do know I will make each day a bit better consciously and leave it a bit nicer for those who follow. 

What Angel is 'On Call' This Week?

Gabriel is most certainly on call. At first Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, came forward to remind me of those Acts of Self Love. However, in their comical format, Gabriel winged her out of the way and stepped forward. 


Each day is a miracle. It is what we choose to do with said miracle that makes us, well us. As he oversees the Sacral Chakra, it is truly the place of creativity. Not only in the artistic pursuits, but life itself. Each life, as it comes forward, is a miracle. Each day is a gift. Is every day a miracle? In many ways yes, while many are indeed struggling, our miracle is a gift we can offer them; a smile, a hug, donations to food pantries, sharing (or more appropriately giving) away that coveted toilet paper. Sharing food with neighbors. Listening openly heartedly as they share (meaning NOT multi tasking).

Bottom line? BEing. The more we BE, the less we worry. The less we worry, the higher we can vibrate. The higher we vibrate the more we know and allow. 

What do you choose?


Archangel Gabriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Unsure? Focus on Archangel Gabriel's Manadala above. Allow your heart, mind and eyes to soften. Allow him to infuse you with gentle reminders of miracles that already do exist and what else is in store for you going forward. Then you choose accordingly.  


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