What coronavirus is teaching me - Part Ninteen

Archangel Raphael Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria
Tired of this yet?
Tired of wearing a mask?
Tired of being told where to go and not go?
Tired of being remind to wash your hands?
Who isn't.

The Newness of IT All

Let's just face it. IF more played nice and followed a few simple rules; wear a mask, wash your hands more often (like all the time) and stayed home, we ALL could get to go out and play more quickly. 

However, Americans don't like it so much. We were built on rebellion. True! Think about it, does the Revolutionary War ring a bell? This entire country is founded on rebellion. 

However, there is a time for rebellion; like Black Lives DO Matter. Yes of course all lives matter, but hear me out. Until Black Lives Matter, all lives do not and will not matter. 

If you are non black, ask yourself this question and I am quoting Jane Elliot, a revolutionary woman highlighting this very topic decades ago.

Would you be willing to be treated, as society has in general has treated the black citizens?
Would you be willing?

If you answer 'well no' then you also agree that there is a disparity of how they are treated and it's time we begin to heal that divide and DO treat all as a human no matter their color. Why? For are all part of the Human Race. 

Thank for Covid and the literal quarantining while standing in our proverbial corners to finally highlight this for more to see, understand and BEgin to change.

Yes, I just thanked Covid.

This Topic

This topic is touchy. This topic is fueled by so many ancient memories, mindsets and more. This topic is fueled by fear which leads to hatred and bigotry. 

This topic is real and VERY 3D. Not sure what I'm talking about? Read last week's blog post on 3D vs. 5D. 

IF you wish to ascend and evolve and live more in 5D, then you must, I'm sorry to say, understand this disparity and begin to do something about it. 

If by ignoring it, and so many of us have for decades for it did not directly effect us personally, we contributed to it. Yes, sadly we contributed to it. 

It's time. It's time we collectively and individually stop allowing ourselves to be ignorant and in denial and speak up. This is paraphrased from Nathan Rutstein a brilliant lawyer raised in NYC who died in 2006. Look him up if intrigued. 

Speak up doesn't mean one has to:

  • Participate in demonstrations
  • Always BE in fighting mode to stand up for what is right
  • Constantly share the injustices

Or it can. As each incident is witnessed, are you allowing yourself to witness and walk away or do you say something? No judgment here, but it starts with observation of actions/inactions. 

Just as I've trained you to BE aware of your shoulds before you switch to 'Coulds'.

You start with change by BEing aware.

How do YOU Get Triggered?

If you find the many videos circulating uneasy, then you are triggered. 

If you find them appalling, then you are triggered. 

Notice where you find the imbalance within you. You can BEgin the healing that stems from you. Remember the premise of Ho'oponopono. By healing self, one can heal the world. 

Notice this imbalance. Really focus on the bile, the ick, the eww, the heaviness. Focus. Allow yourself to experience it and own it. For I'm sure in some life past, you were also the victim. 

NOW you may BEgin the healing by still focusing and repeating:

I'm Sorry

Please forgive me

I Love You

Thank You


Continue with that phrase until you feel the imbalance depleted and removed. If needed, give the imbalance a number 1-10. Ten being the most intense. One being non-existent. Keep healing until you are a '2' or lower. It may take a while, but this is certainly something you can do in the privacy of your home that can have a global impact. 

How will Healing Impact the World BEyond?

Remember my dog, Gabi? Her name was an acronym for 

Grace Always Begins Inside.

One must start with the internal before the external can change. 

As you allow and embrace the healing from within you.

Isn't it time we stop blaming another for things wrong in our personal world? Sure it can be easier to do so, but remember YOU are the cog that holds your personal world together. YOU and only YOU. Yes, you have many spokes emanating from you, but you are in control of how you act and react to everything.


It's time each of us take ownership of our personal life. It's time we focused on the healing from within so we can do what we do so well; lift another up. 

Is this work? You better believe it is. 

Archangel Raphael Mandala, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria


But we've an angel just for this job; Raphael, Angel of Healing. He will and does work in tandem with Zadkiel, Angel of Sacredness (Violet Flame time) to not only heal but transmute. 

So as you are repeating the beautiful and powerful Ho'oponopono phrasing:

I'm Sorry

Please Forgive Me

I Love You

Thank You

Feel the emerald green rays melding with the energies of the Violet Rays to heal and transmute the imbalances within. As you begin to heal and fill with the energies of LOVE, give permission that the excess flows outwardly to all who may benefit and are open to receiving, even a morsel of receiving is better than none. Therefore, no judging of who is willing to receive or not. It is offered at a soul level and their soul is more than likely ready.

THIS is how you can begin to transform your personal world and help the world at large.

From within. 


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