What coronavirus is teaching me - Part Seventeen

Archangel Chamuel Mandala, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

The chaos continues and shall continue for several more months from the looks of it.

I've been compiling the monthly Angel Card offering readings for clients and from the way the readings are going, July is going to get dicier for many. You're being forewarned and highly encouraged to stay centered.

Great news, right?

Why The Chaos?

I often ask this very question and; therefore, asked this very question. 

The Gang, aka the angels, just offered this perspective via their answer:

Think of when you deep clean

Your home goes through a great upheaval

Your home looks worse than before you started

Clutter, chaos is seemingly everywhere


BUT then Magic Happens

Things get tossed in the bin

Things get recycled

Things can now go in their proper place.

Peace, Calm and Love 

once again prevail

The fluffing up of the unwanted needs to happen so it does not gain a stronghold in your sacred space. The outside world is no different. There has been much imbalanced energy. These energies obviously still exist. Through their 'fluffing' up the collective can recognize them and now have the golden opportunity to see it is what it is and chose to toss it, recycle it or put it in its proper place. 

This upheaval, this quarantine, this influx of natural disasters, this retrograde of six planets needed to happen and happen collectively. 


For if each one happened months or years apart, nobody would have paid attention. Since each event is standing on the shoulders of the preceding event, ALL are being offered a chance to dig deeper, much deeper than ever before, to reflect, ponder and remember. 

Remember themselves

Remember their passions

Remember the dreams worth keeping

With the ultimate goal of remembering


For when LOVE is better understood that it never had or will have conditions, one can truly BEgin anew.

That is the gift we are offering you now.

To BEgin anew with LOVE as your conductor.



My Thoughts

Honestly after that long message from them, what else could I add?

Honestly? Nothing. 

I'm here to cheer you on. I'm here to support you. I'm here to mentor you back to your BEginning and BEyond. If you are not already part of our sacred group on Facebook, please come join us. 

Until next week, allow LOVE to guide.

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