What Coronavirus is Teaching Me - Part Thirteen

Archangel Chamuel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

As I was pondering the topic at hand for this week's installment, I suddenly realized that pretty much every where I looked I was BEing bombarded with Self Care.

  • Memes
  • Advertisements to cover graying hairs (btw I'm LOVING the silver emerging on my head)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Exercise programs
  • Emails from unrelated sources

Well you get the idea.

The last brick to hit me upside the head was when one of my Facebook Group members went so far as to call herself a 'little ripe around the edges' for lack of self care she was practicing since being in quarantine.

Well there ya go. 

Why is an Act of Self Care so Important?

I actually touched upon this, okay SORRY, they touched upon this for today's channeled angel message via Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love. More on her in a moment, but for now...

When we tend to our personal needs, and I'm not talking about sleeping, eat properly, etc. although those do play into Self Love, we are paying attention to US. We are paying attention to us at a very primal level. It's kinda - repeat kind of - like the apes picking off bugs from each other. We are still and allowing attention to BE paid to well US. 

When we pay attention to our physical bodies, not, repeat NOT, in the judgmental way:

  • Uggg... my pants are too tight!
  • When DID that wrinkle show up?
  • Luster? my skin has none
  • Don't even get me started on those scaly feet of mine!
  • and so on...

When we pay attention to our physical bodies in the loving sense, we soften our BEings. We BEgin to allow ourselves to receive. We expand and are living life in the present. 

When those events BEgin to take place; expansion, awareness, LOVE, the world around us and the universe take notice. Why?

We are putting out juicy vibes that we do indeed matter and y'all best take notice too!

You’ve got to make your priorities faithful to your inner as well as outer self. Making YOU Time is Sacred Time. YOU Darling, ARE a priority. Isn't it time you started acting like it was the truth it is?

Self Love leads into Receiving

Don't you desire some things to BE different in your life? I'm not talking about going back to normal, for now I fervently you realize that our old 'normal' really wasn't normal at all. It was rampant with fear, judgment, competition, keeping up and overall bleh. The difference I'm talking about is living a life more full. Living a life filled with LOVE, awareness, expansion and a whole lot of less judgement. This difference has you manifesting the things that you really desire to thrive, not to keep up. This difference has you living a life of purpose, not just a personal version of Ground Hog Day; wake up, rush to work, work, commiserate with co-workers, rush home, dinner of some sort of inhaling experiment and crash into bed. 

That really doesn't sound appealing, does it?

I'm hoping it doesn't. 

We aren't all meant to BE movers and shakers on an international platform and many do not even desire that. We aren't all meant to BE in loving relationships, some really do prefer going solo. We aren't all meant to BE a size 4, 6, or 8 or even a 14; if we were, there would be only one size available on any shopping site or store. We aren't all meant to BE veggiesaurs or carnivores completely; we are meant to thrive and eat as best for us. However, I will note that students and clients of mine are changing their diets by force (allergies) and/or choice; eliminating animal products, more fresh produce and as a result are vibrating at a higher level. 

As we conduct each Act of Self Love, for at times, it can be accomplished in a few moments, our vibration rises. With each rise, we expand. With each expansion we BEcome more aware of the world and universe surrounding us. With each awareness we realize, or at least BEgin to unveil what really matters to us. With each awareness, we shift yet again. 

See where this is going? There is no perfect answer, so stop trying to emulate, be like somebody else. Do what is right for you, but do it with LOVE. 

Okay, I'll bite, what can I do while stuck at home to perform an Act of Self Love?

True, this was/is a very long subject title, but I had to get your attention.

First, there is a plethora of videos on YouTube. Pick a topic; facials, ayurvedic, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, exercise regimes, etc.

My ballet mistress of decades gone by, popped in to remind me of her all time favorite home remedy. Keep in mind she was a starlet, took classes with Fred Astaire, made movies with MGM and so, but times being what they were and her personal life, used this very easy homemade face cleanser nightly for decades once learned in Hollywood and let's just say, her skin was flawless up to her death. It sounds gross, won't deny it, but right now, where are the most of you going if it doesn't work?


  • Crisco - yes as in the shortening - I told you it would be 'gross'
  • Salt - fine vs. coarse
  • Water

YES, that is truly it. 


  1. Tissue on thin layer of Crisco, or rub on. Your preference.
  2. Make paste of salt and water.
  3. Scrub face with salty paste
  4. Rinse
  5. Towel dry with patting vs. rubbing
  6. Finie

You may thank La Nada for that. 

Meanwhile go explore for yourself.

What Angel to Chat with and Why

Chamuel, as you have already gathered, is alllll over this week's post. She IS the Angel of Self Love.

Chamuel oversees the heart chakra and if that doesn't scream LOVE, not sure what will. The mantra she gave me years ago has never wavered or changed is this:

Loving Yourself FIRST

Is NOT Selfish



This reiterates what was shared above. When YOU pay attention to your needs, desires, and more first, the universe responds accordingly. Does this mean all others stand by as you undergo an ego trip?

Absolutely not. 

It means that you are honoring you. You are replenishing your physical and soul vessel. You are rejuvenating. When you adhere to this mindset, you have ample more to give to others and don't mind if they give you nothing in return (this is one of the higher forms of charity by the way). A simple 'Thank You' is all required if they are even aware of the gift. 

You mind less, much less, what others do, for your vibration is rising and you own the fact that all have their own journey to unfold. Of course your boundaries are then also tightened; you do greatly mind when one encroaches into your territory and will call them on it. 

You realize you do not know, nor will most likely never know, all that there is to, well, know. Your life becomes a place of curiosity, learning, expansion, allowing. Each day presents new experiences and you are more open to experience each one. 

You are more willing to try new things for you also realize that doing the same ol' same ol' isn't providing the results you desire. 

Thank YOU Chamuel for the reminders of the important of Self Love. 

 Archangel Chamuel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter 

Meditate with her this week. Allow her to speak volumes to you and  BEgin to treat yourself like the Goddess you are.


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