What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?

What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?
Dearest ~
What have you done for yourself lately?
We’ve chatted a lot over the years about the importance of Self Love.
Now that The Year of Healing is upon us, you may be starting to glean that healing begins within.
It starts by loving yourself more. Each day you are given opportunities to love yourself. Sometimes it is by saying ‘no’ or ‘yes’ to an invite. Sometimes it is those blessed boundary adventures. Sometimes it is…
Please keep in mind that you will never BE able to Love yourself completely, fully, or, as modern society says, unconditionally. You may thank the ego for BEing ever-present and spoon-feeding you all sorts of nefarious and demeaning truths.
That’s ok. As long as you know the ego is always messing with you, it becomes easier to work around and sometimes with it.
This week we’re, Chamuel and I, will set before you a loving challenge.
First, let’s backtrack just a bit, just in case you are unfamiliar with Chamuel.
Archangel Chamuel
Chamuel is known as The Angel of Self Love.
He/She/They oversee your heart chakra.
She/He/They LOVE pink - as in Pepto Bismol pink. Pink is the color of self-love, just in case you were unaware of the color symbology.
They/She/He LOVE pink crystals; rose quartz, rhodonite, morganite, pink tourmaline, and so on.
Chamuel’s angelic mission is to help you love yourself more and more and more every day for your entire life.
It’s a relatively simple mission, but what a journey you will embark upon once you say YES to this powerful mission of Love.
There is much more to Chamuel than shared above, but I save that for another time and students of The BE You Program.
Do you recall Raphael’s suggestion earlier this month on how to start your day with the statement:
"I commit to myself today."
We’re adding to that starting now.
Your challenge is to commit to doing something for yourself every morning before the craziness of schedules, family, work, and beyond commences.
Here are some ideas that can get you thinking outside the box:
💖Place your hands over your heart and repeat: Thank you for this glorious day
💖Journal. Designate a journal just for daily intentions. What do you wish to experience today?
💖Ten minutes of exercise. I recommend The Five Tibetan Rituals.
💖Walk outdoors. The closer you can get to nature, the better.
💖SMILE and permit that energy to infiltrate all areas of your BEing.
See? It doesn’t require a lot of time. Most of what was offered can be accomplished before you leave the bed.
It doesn’t get any easier.
Why is it essential for self-care at the beginning of the day?
It is vital for self-care to start your day because you send out waves of energy that scream,
Hey! I’m important, and taking care of me!
Here’s a quick story:
Decades ago, when we lived in the Dallas, Texas area, our eldest was up at sunrise. It was her natural rhythm. It’s most definitely not mine.
A friend suggested we go to an aerobic class at 6 am. I thought she was drinking heavily.
Honey Guy supported this idea.
So I said yes with great trepidation. But I committed, and since I now had an accountability partner, off I stumbled.
It was difficult initially; I won’t lie. To get out of bed in the dark of night, throw on clothes that hopefully matched and move my body around like it was six hours later.
Honey Guy kept me going. He even made us hot chocolate on those sometimes frigid Dallas winter mornings to enjoy on our ten-minute drive to the gym.
Then a shift happened.
I noticed I was much calmer and happier throughout the day of class. I was more even-keeled. I was present.
I had done something for myself before I gave it my all to our daughter and the world.
I have never lost that lesson, and our daughter? She’s in her mid-30s.
Take heed and begin a new ritual for you starting now. Share your commitments to you below or in a private message. I LOVE to read new ideas and, of course, cheer you on.
Remember, Loving yourself is not self. It is imperative.
I look forward to cheering you on now and throughout The Year of Healing and beyond. Please reach out if you wish for more one-on-one assistance.
For now, I send you waves of Love,

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