What is Aparigraha?

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

We will BE going deeper periodically from now on. Afterall, life isn't just lollipops and roses as you well know and it's time we took our essence deeper with a knowing. 

This week we BEgin to explore one of three sanskrit words that build upon each other. When will the others come out to play? That is not entirely up to me, but rather you. How quickly does the energy of aparigraha infiltrate, absorb and alter others?

That I cannot answer, so let us start.

WHY now?

I first introduced the essence of aparigraha to my students at their Annual Retreat just weeks ago. I witnessed their faces light up. I saw their souls ignite. I saw them see the truth and hunger for more. 

While they are more advanced with their natural understanding of universal laws, and stronger angelic connection, for I witness this first hand with each and every one of them. This also signified that more were also ready universally. I was then prompted to share and embrace the knowledge that those who also are ready will receive it with eyes and hearts open. 

What is Aparigraha?

Aparigraha is a sanskrit word. It stems from Hinduism and Jainism. It is the Act of Non-Possessiveness. The Act of Non-Grasping/Non-Greediness.

All humans desire things, correct? You're lying if you say otherwise. There is always something that is desired:

  • Love
  • New Car
  • New Job
  • New Home
  • Better Health
  • 'That' outfit
  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Crystal
  • and so on 

What makes aparigraha powerful it puts into direct action the Act of Clutter Clearing. I have droned on this topic for years and will be unleashing a class in early 2020, so stay tuned. It really is a LARGE key to open the many doors as you pave your way forward in your life.

Aparigraha reminds one to Love, Use or Lose a possession. This obviously only comes into play if that article/item is already in your grasp. 

It also brings into play a knowing that any possession, at some point, will no longer BE in your possession. It could break. It could be destroyed by water, fire, etc. It could be stolen. Therefore once an item is in your possession, it is best to honor its existence by loving it and using it while it remains with you. For who knows how long it shall stay?

This is not to say in the full spectrum that aparigraha is promoting living in a Tiny House or downsizing. Some, like me, require expansive space. It allows us to not feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. However, I also love smaller vignettes; those spaces allow me to cuddle in that chair to watch the snow gently fall, read a book, take a nap, etc. At the other end of the spectrum, others LOVE tiny places and cringe in a large house for it feels cavernous to them and overwhelming in the upkeep. You? 

Apargraha is promoting an awareness of your surroundings and an appreciation of all that is in your environment. 

All the while, not allowing yourself to BE defined by any object(s). You LOVE on those objects. As I sit here in my office writing, I allow my eyes to wander around the room and every single article in here brings a smile to my face; the painting my daughter surprised me on Christmas, a print my other daughter gave me for a birthday, a unique crystal, an original painting by Andy Lakey, printer, the chair that my husband adores when he 'visits', books - lots of books and my desk... well you get the idea. Each item in this room is either used and/or LOVED. No excuses. My energy, as is yours, is too precious to get caught up with unwanted. 

Obviously this is a deeper topic than one may realize that stems from just one word. 

How to practice aparigrapha:

This will not be accomplished in a day, a week, a month or perhaps a year. It will BE an ongoing journey that will show itself in a variety of ways.  Each time you think you have mastered this level (for yes there are two more after this) another kind of possession may show itself to you; how attached or unattached are you?

In essence, it is about letting go. Again, this is not living in a yurt somewhere, but truly immersing yourself in your life. LIVING your life vs. surviving. 

BEing. Another favorite word of mine. BE Conscious. BE Love. BE mindful. BE present. BEing.

Letting Go. Possessions take up space and energy—in your head as well as in your home. ...

Other attributes of Aparigraha include:

  1. Breathing. PROPER breathing. When we get stressed out, we tend to hold our breath. Inhale for four slow counts. Hold for four slow counts. Exhale for four slow counts.
  2. Practice Self-Care. Massage, naps, detox bath, saying YES (only when you mean it) saying NO (and sticking to it)
  3. Be Positive. This is all mindset. What is your internal dialogue saying to you about you?
  4. Forgive. Always a tough one for so many, but also letting go; apargraha. It is a form of releasement.
  5. Be generous. to Self and others.

These above attributes are not the only attributes of aparigraha, but some of the key players. Each attribute is at minimum a blog post in itself and quite possibly an entire course. Stay tuned. 

What Angel to Chat with Regarding Aparigraha

I pondered this question myself as Aparigraha hits so many aspects of one's life. However, what is the common factor here? Love. Not only of self, but towards the Universe, others and earthly possessions.


It is the LOVE towards self that when magnified that possessions BEgin to take a back seat in the fulfillment arena. When LOVE of self takes the wheel that guides you, you own the fact that stuff is well, STUFF and while enhancing to your life, many are replaceable. The memories of that painting my daughter did out of LOVE will always stay with me. Am I prepared to give it up and hand over to another? NOPE. Will I be sad if ruined or lost? Yes, but my world will not end. This is not a suggestion to the Universe that they can now take it to test me, but an awareness. 

Chamuel can help you do just this. Allow yourself to look around your sacred space. Each item hopefully holds a special place your heart. If it doesn't, perhaps it is time to let it go.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

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