What is this thing called Ascension Process?

Archangel Sandalphon Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

What Exactly is this Ascension 'Stuff'?

As a very spiritual soul, you can look back over your life, no matter how short or long and pat yourself on the back for the growth you have undergone. You have learned to speak your truth more often. You have learned to listened more openly for you understand that bickering doesn't solve a blasted thing and in fact creates more disharmony than you really desire. You have learned to listen more to what your body needs and doesn't need and as a result your diet has changed and continues to change on a regular basis. 

And so on. 

Will the Ascension every end? Most likely not in our human lifetime. There is simply too many confused souls who carry heavy energy and love repeating the same comforting story of some sort of 'whoa' that keeps them immobile. 

Undergoing Ascension Now

At this juncture, MANY of you are undergoing Ascension. Some of you may be experiencing flu-like symptoms. This is simply a reaction to the very human body attempting to correct what it perceives as an invasion of illness. It's best to treat it as a flu; rest, plenty of liquids, etc. This is not a time to push forward fearlessly and using a vast amount of energy to do so. For you will quickly become weary and experience deeper symptoms. Certainly if it lingers or you are pulled, go to your doctor to make sure it is nothing more detrimental.

Some of you may have experienced crying jags for no apparent reason.

On the other end of the spectrum, some of you may have experienced incredible bouts of laughter, again, for no apparent reason. 

Feelings of not Being valued, respected and perhaps going a bit crazy are all part of this game. So NO you are not going crazy or cra-cra, you are simply shifting in VERY big ways. 

Ascension Combined with Mercury Retrograde

Here's the kicker. As you know, we are in the midst of Mercury in Retrograde. The good news is that it does go direct on March 10; not much longer Chatterer. However, if you combine Mercury's tantrums; conversations go awry, misunderstandings out the ying yang, lethargy, etc. are all quite common. BUT then add it with Ascension Symptoms... whooooaaa.

Enter Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Mood swings anyone? One hour you may feel like nothing can go wrong. Then BAM not only is there a wrench thrown, you then fixate on it for hours, perhaps days and get all worked up on all levels and ultimately want to chuck it all out the window.

Insecurities abound. Feelings of being overwhelmed, picked on, not listened to are unfortunately very common. It really isn't you or them, it is Ascension and Mercury doing a number on you. 

Past Life Connections. Do any of the patterns, experiences you are currently undergoing feel somewhat familiar, but can't place a finger on it? Odds are it is a past life connection. Sit with Michael and Zadkiel and ask quick yes or no questions. You'll quickly garner insights. If more assistance is needed, track down a qualified practitioner. 

Exhaustion. Rest and rest some more. Sure the treadmill calls you, so does the exercise class or taking that hike or run. While getting outside has primo restorative powers, only you can decide if you have the energy to do so. Another episode of your favorite show does not count. 

What TO DO?

Bottom line, you keep DOING and BEING YOU. Glorious, amazing you. There are really very few truly mean people in the world. Very few. If you don't have the energy to handle something, say so. 

Many of you know the Ishtar and Isis necklaces have recently been released. The timing honestly could not be more perfect. Why? They only resonate with LOVE. It is everything I preach, teach and use as my driving force. Put it this way, we're human at this moment. This means that ALL who walk the earth are perfectly imperfect. ALL are trying their best. ALL. Does it always come out the best? Hardly. I'm at fault for recently I thought I voice texted something very clearly in my group, so clearly I didn't check. It got posted. I called a lovely goddess something VERY mean. She reached out privately; I was horrified! I quickly edited and went off to sulk at my imperfection. While trying my best, I screwed up, luckily she knows me well enough to reach out and call me on it. It was relayed with LOVE and quickly corrected. It could have gone 'south' so to speak if she blasted me on social media in public. Most likely I'd still be scared of my own shadow. 

So if someone writes (for we are now in such a written based world thanks to social media) something you don't understand, ask! Explain why it may have hit a nerve with you. I can guarantee that if they are in my world, it wasn't intentional. 

In the midst of each growth spurt, we are challenged. Challenged may not seem like a good choice of words, but it is. We are challenged to stand strong in our voice. We are challenged to stand strong in our gifts. We are challenged to stand strong in our LOVE. It ain't easy, I know it and you know it. But stand strong, together, we shall!

Words to Live By

Think of every dawn as the new BEginning that it is. Think of ever dawn as a chance to reinvent yourself. Think of every dawn as a rebirth of your personal evolution. 

Today IS a present for we don't know what can happen from moment to moment. Look at the larger picture of ALL; is it worth the fight? Honestly most aren't. Some are, but not all. 

I've been thrown much; many of you know of the brou-ha-ha that happened on the island over a decade ago where I was the focus of a town meeting. The majority of the town was dead set against me doing what I do for only God can talk to angels and anyone else is working with the devil. That is almost a direct quote from that very town meeting. I could have stopped there and curled up and not moved forward. 

I would have been ultimately miserable. 

Instead, I chose to witness it all as fear based. Fear of the unknown and fear of using personal power. For many had given their power over to another that they deemed worthy. Were they right or wrong? I won't judge, but I do know they were not using their words for some of the speakers don't have internet/computers that could read from. I know this for one of them was an aunt of one of my students. Instead I chose to reflect, ponder, chuckle, learn how to use my words better, how to use my actions/inactions better and move forward. I learned that the island was a respite for rejuvenation, but not one for collaborative work long term. 

It's all good for each 'no' prompted me to do better every single time and with every step I feel more confident than ever and more clear of what I am to do as my Act of Service. 

What Angel to Chat with During These Times

The first to step forward is Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding.

When one is 'hit' the immediately the Flight or Fight Response kicks in. Neither serve you well. You escape either through fighting or fleeing. 

When you perform either end of this spectrum, you are not present to give witness to the underlying possibilities that could be present. With each inhale that you allow to enter your sacred space, your heart, you learn. You learn how another may be feeling; insecure, unworthy and more. The more you may glean that, the more loving is your response. This in turn empowers that person and they will move forward and pass it on. 

Everything we do creates a ripple effect. Everything. How do you wish your words, actions, inactions to ultimately affect someone you don't even know? For that is how ripples work; reaching out via wide circles to touch another. This is reminiscent of the vesica piscis: 

Vesica Piscis

This is connected to Haniel, but a visual that truly no person is afloat by themselves. 

This is how we shall end this week; In Love for self first and allowing that reservoir to fill and that then allows you to extend it outwardly to others. 

Know you ARE LOVED. Always and In All Ways.


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