What Schroeder taught me

What Schroeder taught me - Angel Chatter

Our Schroeder, alias Pasha, left us last weekend after infusing our lives with his energy for 16 years. 

In case you were unaware, Schroeder was named after the Charlie Brown character of the same name. 


Simply because he was black and white, just like piano keys. 

No mystery here folks.


Schroeder's lesson compared to 'Schroeder'

If you think back to Schroder in the Peanuts comic strip, he is quite comfortable with himself and makes no excuses on who he is. 

He loves playing the piano.

He is enamored with Beethoven.

Doesn't care if it's weird compared to his contemporary childhood friends.

He is who he is. 

No excuses. 

Our Schroeder was no different. 

He didn't care, really what you thought of him. He LOVED to be cuddled; on his terms of course. 

He LOVED pork products; yes an unusual attribute for a cat, but he was Schroeder!

He LOVED energy. It was not unusual for him to show up during a Client session or zoom call or LIVE with students. He was super sensitive to energy and had been since he entered our lives. 

Because of his sensitivity he would also hide and not come out if he felt the energy too big. 

He had not a problem calling it a day when he needed to pull back and take care of himself. 

So Schroeder was a magical cat, how does that pertain to YOU?

Take every single attribute I shared above, okay you don't have to like pork at all or certainly to the level he did, but can you transfer his lessons to a personal level?

Don't you love to BE cuddled on? Again, you are not a cat, but don't you LOVE to BE LOVED on? Recognized for your brilliance and individuality?

Me too.

Don't you wish you could give yourself permission to pull back anytime you wished to recharge? 

Me too. However, thanks to his tutelage I am scaling back my work days and integrating more ME Time. Me time is including:

  • Wandering the yard and noticing the nuances of what is happening, and what also needs to be recognized; perhaps the fae...
  • Scheduling and getting massages - like today
  • Naps! I took over an hour nap yesterday; something I rarely give myself permission to do. You know what? I didn't feel guilty, although it did feel decadent. 
  • Detox baths. This is something Schroeder & I actually shared. He was always intrigued with the bubbles and would often come to visit, even in his last week we spent magic bath time together. 
  • Sitting in that glorious sunbeam and soaking up the magic the world is offering at the moment. 

I've also pulled back to think/HEART on what I truly desire in this world. 

Guess what? I'm on target. I really LOVE inspiring and empowering women to BE their true goddess self. I get to do my soul's mission with the help of The Gang, The Magdalene, and your beautiful soul and spiritual guides.

Because of Schroeder and the lessons he taught just by BEing true to himself we can all come out of the closet that we've been hiding in for fear of retribution, judgment, and everything else ego throws at us that says we aren't good enough.

Meh to the ego

Remember, each and every one of us, me included, are perfectly imperfect. 

Every one of us.

I've said for years that if anyone says they know ALL and exude superiority, then maybe, just maybe, they are hiding something and are too afraid to share too. 

Just maybe, mind you. 

This is a judgment free zone dear Chatterer. Since we are all perfectly imperfect, it's OK to cut yourself some slack.

It's OK to not BE there, yet. Remember, life is a beautiful journey. One meant to BE savored, relished, and experienced. 

If you race to the finish line and are first, so what? You get to connect with Azrael, Angel of Transition that much sooner. 

I'd rather explore my imperfections more openly, embrace them, love on them, and integrate them as much as I humanly can to empower others to do the same. 

I'd rather dance with the angels, The Magdalene, and Clyde and the other magical BEings that are in my life to inspire you. 

I'd rather BE me than anyone else. 

What about you?

Your Call to Action

I offer you countless ways to empower yourself:

All is there for the asking, you simply must take the first step. 

Please do, it's your time and the clock is ticking.

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