When you THINK your world is coming to an end.

When you THINK your world is coming to an end.

If you have ever had one of those days let alone weeks where you think the world is coming to an end.


And it is... figuratively of course coming to an end.

So much is gurgling, blowing, streaming up right now that is karmically related to each of you individually. We can thank Mercury going retrograde along with three other planets during this adventure to churn up so much that is ready to be loved and loved well.

Think about the triggers you may have experienced in very recent times. Do they feel familiar? How do they feel familiar? Not standing in your power perhaps? Holding your tongue so to speak? Feeling taken advantage of?

All of these, and much more, can harken to a past life that is more than desiring to be illuminated and loved fully. 

Each karmic 'adventure' has presented itself for a very real reason. That reason? To illuminate it to YOU thus allowing you to recognize it, see 'it' for what it is worth and incorporate it into your being. When it is incorporated, it is no longer ignored, sloughed off, counted as inconsequential or demeaned. It is then recognized as part of you. A puzzle piece that helps to complete the entire beautiful being known as you. 

If you have ever made a puzzle, isn't it somewhat infuriating when there is a piece or two or three missing? The OCD in me wants to turn the house upside down to find those pieces. Turn that abstract example towards you; think of the puzzle as you... a new piece is always presenting itself in order to 'click in' and help to complete the finished product... Your complete well being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Healing takes place on all of those levels and may appear in those levels independent of another. Typically one pays more attention to the physical; migraine, flu, bad knee/hip, etc. What about the distrust of authority? (mental). What about pulling away from a church or organized religion or other spiritual practices? (spiritual). What about thoughts or knowings or depression or the flip side - euphoria? (emotional). All of these can easily tap into the past life and present themselves now for healing. Triggers are just that, triggers. They offer the opening of a door to recognize another piece to complete you.

Ignoring aspects of self are no longer a true option. Keep in mind when something is ignored, it can have the potential to grow quietly stronger without your knowledge until you are then forced to look at it because you are now backed into the corner. 

It IS time to embrace all aspects of you. It is time to allow the puzzle pieces to present themselves in softer ways allowing you to love yourself more completely.

It is time for YOU.

Chat with Big Mike. Ask that he use his sword to cut through the kaka gently, lovingly to allow more pieces to joyfully integrate within you.


Remember, you are worthy of it ALL.



  • Christine

    Karen ~

    It CAN be quite difficult while in the midst of any crisis; especially if that crisis is ongoing. May I suggest you read this book:

    Retha’s Song

    Here’s the link:


    It is well written and takes you as the reader on a magical journey through Retha’s ‘mental illness’ while being diagnosed as manic depressive. Her insights and ability to rise above the illness that wanted desperately to label her is admirably.

  • Vicki

    This is so perfect right now! I know that I have to learn to embrace all aspects of myself, even if it means embracing some of the regrets and icky stuff. They’re all part of what makes me, me and I can only accept who I am if I accept ALL of me. Will be asking the angels for help in integrating all the pieces for sure. Love and light!!

  • Karen

    What if what we learn-slapping me in the face is all the mental/psychological issues that I have. It is all encompassing I go to therapy 3x a week plus meds.
    So I realized the only help I can count on to pull me through is Jesus and the angels.
    I can no longer control myself. So it’s hard to look at these challenges as a positive or karmic thing.

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