Why am I feeling this way?

Why am I feeling this way?

Let's just put it out there; the energy is over the top wonky for many at this moment.

Yes, we can put blame onto the eclipses, hurricanes, moon cycles and more.

These are certainly contributing to feelings of anxiety, depression, uneasiness and yet...

Instead of fighting the unease. Why not dig a little deep and see what is gurgling up for recognition and a bit love?

We are at a precipice of sorts at this moment. The precipice is saying YES to our own life and moving forward with great love. We will always have stuff gurgling, remember BEing human is part of the game of loving self more. This will be a frequent quest for the remainder of your life. 

I must admit I've been feeling the gurglings as well. Feelings of unsettledness beckon to me and flirt with me and are doing their darndest to make me weepy or truly lethargic, and yet I know all is indeed moving forward. I'm heeding The Gang's advice today and breaking my normal routine and doing something that I've wanted to do for over a year.

I'm painting our bathroom. While this may not sound extremely exciting or enticing for some of you, for me it heralds in new beginnings. I LOVE seeing a room come back together after it's been torn apart and given a new life. I find the placement of art rarely goes back to original spot. As I paint, I get contemplative. I set the intention of the space (for this exercise it is pampering and honoring self), ask a question (Is ______ the best next move for me?) and let it all go. 

I paint, they respond.

I paint, they cajole.

I paint, they intercede. 

I paint and find myself smiling and chuckling at their comments. 

Find your painting exercise. An exercise that helps you break your routine. Set your intention and question. Let it go. BE.

You may be very surprised and pleased at what comes to you. It's time to spread your wings.






  • Ruth Ann

    I had many things coming to me this week. Even the name of the store. So now for some reason dealing with pain on the left side of my hip and leg. I am sure it’s because I am going something I don’t want to do! But as always will keep on trucking!
    Love the post

  • Charlene

    Love this – thank you

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