Winter Solstice 2020

It's here. The last winter solstice of the year AND decade is upon us ...

Time to me to share some stories and provide you with a ritual, or two, to propel you forward into the NEW.

Magical Lights

If you are part of our sacred community on Facebook, Angel Chatter you will most likely have see the daily postings of the goings on in our backyard. 

If you are not part of our community, consider this your invitation to join in. 

We have many trees in our backyard. Our yard abuts the woods. Our yard is somewhat secluded by massive, beautiful and wise trees even though our neighbors are but steps away. 

In other words, we have trees as far as the eye can see. 

In the past week, our Martha, the sacred oak just off our deck, has become a home of sorts to something. Nightly a variety of lights emerge on her branches. Most of them glow a turquoise, bluish color. However there is a stray red one or two. 

In fact last night, for this is happening nightly at the moment, I checked their arrival time. For now I am beyond curious.

6:10pm - nothing even though it was pitch dark.

Approximately one hour later I checked again. They were appearing! Many of them flickering as if they were coming in for a landing. 

magical tree

Look at the photo above. There is no lint on the lens. I made sure and wiped it multiple times for this very reason. There is no nest. These are not animal eyes (one light vs. two). It is not animal poo. It is not lightning bugs nesting. 

IF you can provide a logical reason, I'm all ears. So far, all have been debunked. 

I have theories who these lights are, maybe I'll share later in this post and maybe I won't.

Magical Lights and How They Connect to the Solstice

What I can share now is this...

Isn't it ironic that the lights show up one week prior to the Winter Solstice? The Darkest Night of the entire year. 

Or is it ironic at all?

Don't we all crave a bit more light in our personal world right now?

Admit it, you do.

The lights may have been clamoring for my attention for weeks, but I noticed them finally on our last full moon, The Oak Moon. I did my regular routine full moon; lit a piece of paper on fire filled with things (mindsets, etc.) that I deemed worthy to not be in my life any more. As the paper burned, I howled. Yes howled at the moon. It was then I looked up and Martha was aglow with over one dozen glowing lights throughout her. 

These lights, just as the Solstice, are welcomed. They bring with them a sense of peace, excitement, rejuvenation and renewal. As we BEgin to venture forth into the unknown of the next decade we welcome the new and unknown.

Where is your inner glow? What have you hidden for fear of rejection, persecution and/or ridicule? We ALL have aspects that are shall we say different from the norm. However, if everyone just allowed themselves to shine a bit brighter, went a bit deeper into their juiciness, allowed themselves to love more fearlessly, the world would be a much, MUCH better place. 

ALLOW (you'll be hearing this beautiful, amazing, powerful word A LOT from me in the coming months so get used to it) yourself to SHINE. 

What Ritual to Perform on The Solstice Itself?

Honestly there are many beautiful and powerful rituals out there. However, this is what they are suggesting for this solstice keeping Martha's lights in mind. 

Write a list. Lists, I find, are extremely helpful especially when we allow ourselves ample time to ponder on the topic at hand. In other words, take your time.

The topic of this list is as follows: Write down everything that comes to mind that you have been hiding. I have found for me these that these are gifts that lay dormant. As example, who knew I would be channeling? Who knew I would be channeling angel sigils? Who knew I would be channeling goddess sigils? 

I certainly didn't. Here's a story. While in California a few months back, I was introducing two powerhouse women; one is my jeweler/soul sister and the other a dear friend whom I highly respect. I shared the sigil turned necklace for  Aphrodite. The non-jeweler friend jumped on me and asked where I has gotten it.... timidly I said, 'she gave it to me'... Only then did I find out that the sigil is on a statue of Aphrodite. On the oldest known statue of Aphrodite. On the oldest known statue of Aphrodite in Turkey. So most definitely a dormant gift that is past creeping out and one that I now embrace.


The key here is to allow. Allow your soul to speak. Allow your mind to quiet. Allow your heart to expand. Chat with Metatron as he oversees your soul star chakra and helps you with your soul's mission. Not only to understand it, but walk it, talk it and most importantly LIVE IT.

It's Time for YOU to BE...

It is indeed time for you to BE... YOU. 

Isn't it exhausting attempting to please others? I know so. Will you allow the true you out?

Isn't it tiring taking on another's identity for you think that they have the 'It Factor'? Trust me, they have it no more than you, but they have unleashed theirs earlier. That's all. Will you allow your It Factor to come out and play?

Isn't it monotonous checking in on what others write, share, etc and emulating their essence? Will you allow YOU to BE? 

2020 is all about allowing. It starts with you. Remember, you are the cog that holds your world together. You. Not me. Not another. YOU. I LOVE helping women, fellow goddesses, BE themselves and soar. More of you are understanding that this is one of my many truths for in a world that is dog eat dog so to speak, I often stand alone for one of my passions is inspiring and empowering others. 


I can help you. Hope over to my Personalized Offerings Page and there are a bevy of ways we can work together. Try the 2020 Roadmap (this offer closes on January 27, 2020), or the The Four Week Angel Card Program (only three left as we go to press) and so on. Play, explore, dream and now it's time to take action. 




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  • Vicki Simpson

    I’m so wondering if those lights are star beings that are visiting you. At first I thought they might be fairies, but given the timing…. I’m thinking wisdom keepers that are visiting you…

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