Wisdom Wednesday: Burnout

Wisdom Wednesday: Burnout
This month we’ve been focusing a LOT on what you could or not do.
Now let’s address when you do too much.
In other words, burnout.
This may BE a new buzzword, unfortunately. After we pushed through The Lockdown and attempted to pick up the pieces where we left off, many were left scrambling to create a sense of normalcy in their life.
You can’t go back.
You can’t pretend you were quarantined for months.
You can’t pretend people died.
You can’t pretend the world tilted on its axis and life isn’t the same as it used to BE.
It will never go back.
But pushing through, you did. If I keep moving, things will settle in.
If you are tired and find yourself grabbing that coffee because you need it vs. desiring it, let’s keep chatting.
Here are some of the most common symptoms of life burnout.
💜You feel like a failure and find yourself second-guessing any major decision.
💜You feel like a gerbil on its wheel, stuck in a never-ending path with no different results.
💜You feel a lack of support. If this is you, stop - join us right this second in sacred space on Facebook in our close Angel Chatter Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/AngelChatter
💜You’d rather keep scrolling and watch mindless TV than attempt anything new.
💜You are planned, just not happy.
The world is entering a phase of burnout.
All is not lost. It is with strong reasoning we are chatting about it this week. You have been given tools this month; how to better pamper yourself and when to say YES or NO.
Making good time and going nowhere is just plain busy work.
BEing and listening to your soul takes quiet prodding by a trusted mentor or friend to help you get to the core or at least an inkling of what is going on within.
There is no set remedy for burnout. All reading this will respond to different tactics.
However, here are some ideas to get you to think and take care of yourself more consciously:
❤️ Journal. I’ve got just the journal for you too! The Being You Journal. It is filled with gentle prompts from The Gang that can help you dig deeper and remember your essence.
❤️ Meditate. There are copious YouTube channels that can calm your soul and help you to relax and rejuvenate.
❤️ Yoga or Tai Chi. Any exercise is excellent, but let’s go with something calming and soothing for your mind, body, and soul.
❤️ Gentle walks in the woods. The Japanese call it Forest Bathing. As you walk and ruminate, nature will take your worries off your shoulders. I’ve witnessed this with myself and others too many times to count.
❤️ Breathing. Remember, your emotions only last about 90 seconds. Anything more than that, you are reliving it with slightly different words. The magic is in the pause. Inhale. Exhale. Pause. Repeat.
It is a time to BE gentle with yourself. If you can swing an actual vacation, permit yourself to BE whisked away to a magical locale. Keep in mind rejuvenation and gentleness—no mountain treks at this time.
This is a matter for the tortoise; slow and steady will win this race of rejuvenation.
Need more ideas? Chat with Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love. She will BE lovingly present with you and offer to hold you close as you continue to process and come to terms with your next step and beyond.
Want a human to assist? Reach out.
Seriously, reach out.
Burnout is a heady and possibly triggering topic for you. It’s okay. Relax into the flow. It’s okay if you cry. It’s okay if you want to scream; scream away. It’s okay to ask for help.
You can never go back, but you can certainly go forward with better awareness of what you need and what excites your soul.
Sending you great love,
Interested at The Be You Journal? Link here: https://www.angelchatter.com/products/the-be-you-journal

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