Living in Fear

Living in Fear
I am so grateful these days to share more of the real me!
It wasn’t always this way. I did a brilliant job of camouflaging, being the perfect wallflower, and saying what an executive’s wife should (oh, that evil word, 'should') say and do. Of course, this tactic got me nowhere. The corporate wives didn’t care for me. My outside corporate friends were few and far between, and as I’ve shared before, I felt somewhat like a ship out to sea without a rudder. 
I was just drifting away and making good time going nowhere.
The Gang entered. 
Metatron was one of the first to do so by name. He has a brilliant way about him, just like the rest of The Gang, but he was gently and not so gently at times waking me up to my soul’s mission. He reminded me of my intuitive gifts that continue to grow to this day. He reminded me of my empathic skills. He reminded me I was here to serve my family and the world. 
Okkkaaayyy, sure was my initial reaction to this lofty news.
Big Mike then entered. He reminded me of the various times he had already entered my life to console me in times of upheaval. At times of excellent protection when danger was very near, a rapist cased the place where I babysat as an example. He reminded me that he’s always been with me and to get used to feeling hot as this was his signature sign. 
I started leaning in a bit more.
Uriel then entered. Uriel was different than Metatron and Michael. There was a gentleness woven in this powerhouse of an angel's energy. Uriel oversees your root chakra, the place of safety. As he reminds us, safety under his jurisdiction isn’t about protection. It is about feeling secure in your world. 
Feeling SAFE to BE you. 
This one was harder to wrap my brain and heart around. Under his tutelage, he reminded me of my true friends and supporters. The ones that always stood by me even when they weren’t sure about where this journey was going. With these folks, I could be goofy, sassy, curious, and relaxed in the unknown energies and BE me.
Here’s the cool thing about working with Uriel and all of The Gang. One session doesn’t complete or heal the hurt. We are multi-layered. Think of the 1,000 petal lotus; The Flower of Enlightenment. If the lotus opened entirely in one day, you and I would spontaneously combust.
Can you feel that? 
You and I get to evolve and blossom new petals every single day. Every day you get to remember a cool factoid about yourself. Every day you shine a bit brighter. Even on those days, you don’t feel like it. You are now strong enough to pull back to rejuvenate. 
Once you firmly say YES to yourself, the fear starts to dissipate. You begin to BE comfortable with being uncomfortable. The anger that may have been inside? Dissolving into a puddle of goo. You begin to see the magic in others and, through your living examples, help them shift too. 
I am so jazzed to be able to help you and many others like you to shine brighter and share their magic, no matter what their magic is
Life is that way, magical. 
Want to unleash your magic and shine brighter? Reach out. Seriously, reach out. I’ve so many ideas that could assist you.
You deserve to BE true to yourself, and besides, it’s time to sparkle!
Much Love,

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