Yeah But...

Yeah But...
Yeah But
Let’s get real, in a loving way, of course.
You want change in your world, right?
Me too.
I see you. 
Isn’t it somewhat ironic, however, that when the very thing that could bring us out of the slump, break the endless gerbil wheel of naysaying, you find yourself thinking or saying:
Yeah, but…
Come on; you know you have uttered those two little words at the beginning of a thought or phrase at least once in your life. 
Here are some examples:
  • Yeah, but who has that kind of time?
  • Yeah, but, everyone in my family has had _____You Fill In The Blank Here____
  • Yeah, but I could never BE that - could I?
  • Yeah, but Ummm, hello, empty wallet!
Here’s the beautiful truth for you, darling.
When you desire something, and this desire is born in your soul, you make it happen. It is essential to clarify that it is soul-inspired, not ego-inspired. Who hasn’t thought of revenge of some kind or another? I know I have, but you know, karma. Besides, let’s face it, we aren’t revenge-seeking people, are we?
Of course, we aren’t. 
You are loving, filled with innate joy, and deserve to live a charmed life. 
However, magic happens when your desires stir you into action and pull you out of complacency. Your soul is shouting with glee, and this is a neon sign that your desire is soul-born. 
When you begin grinning like the Chesire Cat in anticipation, the mere possibility of this happening in your life is another glorious clue that this is soul-inspired
When you feel your heart soften and expand, and those blessed angel tears start forming, you know you are on the right track.
Back to Yeah But
Have you felt the recent pull of the cosmos? Thank the Eclipse Season. We just finished not one but two eclipses, and energetically it has turned you upside down in myriad ways.
But here’s the cool thing, NOW the doors are wide open for rebirthing.
Or as The Magdalene shared in Respite -
just this morning, Transition. I will not dilute the power of her words but say, once again, you are being given a golden opportunity to rebirth. To honor your past, incorporate it into the present while it forms your future and beyond.
Yeah, I’m comfortable, BUT I want to change. 
Here’s the thing, this is prime transition time. 
Change can be uncomfortable, but staying put is ultimately miserable. Think about your past.
Can you imagine doing precisely what you did say five years ago? 
  • Same Clothes
  • Same meals
  • Same conversations - internally and externally
It’d be your version, but worse, of Groundhog Day. 
Go back now for one year. Indeed, not as much has changed, yet there has been a tremendous change. 
This is You Soul Calling You -, and beckoning you. You are constantly being propelled forward to step into your radiance and beyond.
Why aren’t you listening more openly?
You desire the change, yeah but
Change is not always the easiest of things to undergo. It takes courage, a hand-holding, and ultimately saying YES to you and taking the Leap. 
Imagine, taking that leap. Rest. Revel in your new-found courage and brilliance. Imagine how energized you will feel and BE. Imagine waking up each morning rather excited about life.
That is worth all the yeah buts in the universe, wouldn’t you agree?
It’s safe to rest after your shift. This gives the energy time to assimilate and be comfortably owned by you in this new skin. 
Don’t rest now, as you are ready to leap. Say YES, leap, BE giddy, then relax in the great comfort of knowing you can do all you desire from your soul. 

It's your time.

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