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Angel Chatter Blog

Mercury's Retrograde Dance for July, 2019 July 10 2019

Fasten those seatbelts Chatterers, this promises to BE biggun' on all fronts; physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually.

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Physically?


One often gets tired during Retrograde. It is part of the detoxing process. Be extra diligent in eating habits (as enticing as they are, stay away from comfort foods). Set strong bedtime hours and adhere to them. Same with wake up hours. The more regimented you are during retrograde, the more you empower yourself. 

Listen to your body's energy level. As much as you desire to go on that 2+ mile walk, can your body handle it at this moment? Perhaps scale it back a bit? Only you can answer that.

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Mentally?

Seemingly Scattered Thinking

When Mercury does the backward dance, our thoughts seem to go all willy nilly and can't get a blessed thing 'done'.

Or do we?

Instead of pushing forward, spend time in reflection. In other words, meditate. It is the calming of the mind that soothes the soul. As you dwell upon the scattered thoughts, your brain fires up and is raring to go, but revs in place. Not very gratifying or calming in my book. 

All those thoughts that charge at you - are they begging for attention or releasing? it's rather that simple. Why not get into the habit of asking:

Do you wish to BE released?
Do you wish expansion and are you helpful in my mission?


When they respond that it is time for releasing, place your hands over your heart and send love to them. Before you know it, these thoughts cease to have power over you. 

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Emotionally?

Oh Woe is ME!

Serious Pity Parties are common place during retrograde. While it never hurts to go down, for it does help to dig up what isn't serving, it is not helpful to wallow and BEcome the Queen of the Pity Parties. Just isn't pretty from any angle. 

Dig Deep Chatterer!

Bring the trowel, pick and shovel for releasing is the game this go round. Look at 'it' with fresh eyes and heart. Why is it surfacing now? What has it taught you? How are you shifting to allow this mindset to go bye-bye into the ethers?

This is a perfect time to have a session with a trusted coach, massage therapist, etc. They need to BE trusted as they must BE strong enough themselves to hold space for you while you release emotionally. 

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Spiritually?

Put it this way, if Mercury has affected you physically, mentally and/or emotionally, it is affecting your spiritually?

Feelings of giving up, throwing in the towel, leaving, etc. are unfortunately common during Mercury's Retrograde Dance. 

You may second guess all things spiritual. WHY is this happening to me, locally, nationally, internationally?

WHY? Who could allow such nonsense to happen? WHY? Sound vaguely familiar?

I go back to meditating as a tool to not only get you through, but to center you. 

If you've not meditated previously or don't feel comfortable, give my guided meditations a whirl.

 What Angel to Chat with During Mercury in Retrograde?

Raphael, the Angel of Healing!

Why Raphael? First off he governs the planet Mercury. True Story. 

Secondly, does one not go through copious amounts of healing opportunities during Retrograde? Of course one does. Then why not go to the angel who is extremely well versed in healing on all levels?

Archangel Raphael's Mandala

Focus on Raphael's Channeled Mandala above. His sigil is woven into the design as as all of the mandalas. Therefore, there is great power within. If you are having a more than usual hiccups this retrograde, I strongly suggest (for they ARE powerful and therefore empowering for you), his candle, medallion and bracelet. Of course I'm always here to help you through via private sessions - we have one Private Weekend still open for 2019... 

Why the Urgency Now?

Many reasons, but the biggest that comes to mind is that when Mercury does go direct, it is on the heels of the second New Moon in July (July 31 if you must know). This is prime time for New Beginnings. Take the suggestions noted above. Build on those suggestions and above all else, remember to BE. 


The Message ... July 03 2019

Have you ever wondered what messages there are for you in nature? You are presented with them all the time, it's just a matter of looking, receiving and sitting with the message that is there - just for you.

This Month's Nature Message

We had a private client earlier this month and as par for the course we took a walk, a very magical walk in the woods. 

As typical that weekend, like all other client weekends, I held space for our client while they were with us; the entire weekend; sessions, meals, sacred ceremonies and walks. Unfortunately so much so I personally often miss some signs as I am there for them.

Not this time! This message was meant for both of us and as you will read, it is quite profound. Hope you take the message deep within you as well.

On that day, we walked the main trail, headed into the woods and eventually landed by the river's edge where we reveled in the beauty there for close to one hour. We saw great blue heron, cormorants, and loons all while touched by gentle breezes and trees whispering. Satiated with peace, joy and centeredness, we started to venture home.

We rambled and chatted away as we trekked the .5 mile to the parking lot area. Juuust as we were approaching the exit, a flickering caught our attention.

Something was flickering over the rock to our right. As we approached, this is what we saw:


A fawn!

This isn't just any fawn, but a newborn! If you look closely, you will see the tail is still damp. Momma wasn't to BE seen, but knew she was close by cleaning herself and foraging for food. 

We stood in awe for over ten minutes and pretended she wasn't there as other humans walked right on by - yes they did not see this miracle.

Our gain, their misfortune.

The Message Fawn Brings

As we then ventured the rest of the way home, our mouths wouldn't stop wagging! (pun intended). The client was full of questions - what did it mean, will she be A-OK and so on. 

Rest assured I went back the next day after dropping our client at the airport. The fawn was no longer there; and there was no sign of any struggle. All was right with the world. 

Back to the message she brings. Our client that weekend is ready. She is ready to embark on a lifelong dream of running her own business based on a family recipe. She knows, as do many of you, that this is THE Breakthrough Year. Either you say YES unequivocally or stop talking about 'it'.

As I pondered the gift fawn gave us both, this is what came to mind:

  • She was safe. We are safe from all predators, copycats and those wishing us harm.
  • She was a newborn. We are newborns in the sense we are birthing a new way of BEginning that not only affects us as individuals, but those around us through the ripple affect and yes directly and yet she
  • Trusts. Look at her eyes. There is not a glimmer of concern within her. Curiosity absolutely, but no fear. She was snuggled amongst the rocks and trusted that momma was coming back and trust she was returning with food. We can trust. It is obviously up to us to do so and know all of our needs are BEing met. However as humans, we desire it yesterday. Don't pretend you don't, yesterday is perfect for having dreams manifest. Trust is an issue for most humans as various levels. If we didn't we would BE living life as desired; however many trust that it will 'never' happen. 
  • Gentleness. A dawn's energy is one of Love; also a totem representation of Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. What better way to end this walk than with a reminder to Love one's self more?!

Not too shabby from a newborn fawn who uttered not a sound. 

What Angel to Chat With and Why

Without a doubt, Archangel Thuriel comes to mind, The Angel of Animals. 

Thuriel oversees the entire animal kingdom, the real, the mythical, the reptilian, the aviary, the mammals and so on. There are many angels under Thuriel that specialize, but for now, Thuriel it is. 

Thuriel helps one to connect with nature's critters and helps us mere mortals see these miracles and the message they bring with them. It is in the moments of BEing we give witness to these miracles of nature. We can stand in awe of their beauty as well as the message that comes with them. If you have been with me for a bit, you see the blessings I'm shown on a regular basis; baby fox (there's that theme again), snakes, birds etc. when I share via Instagram.

By chatting with Thuriel more often, you will gleen messages not only from nature, but from any beloved furbabies in your life whether they be yours, family or friends.  His energy is sublimely gentle and always there. Just ask and as with any other angel, the answer is provided. You just need to BE in order to hear.

Archangel Thuriel Mandala - Angel Chatter

Good Girl Syndrome June 26 2019

Being A Good Girl isn't something that one ought to brag about. Why? For if one is a true Good Girl, they have left themselves behind and forgotten their juiciness and what matters to them. 

Are you a Good Girl? Read on to find out more...

No One Can Take Away Your Destiny June 19 2019

Read the title again.

No One Can Take Away Your Destiny

Period. The End.

Take me for example. While in high school our guidance counselor said I would make a great court reporter. Really? Had never heard of that, but said OK because she was an authority figure! To this day, I believe there was some sort of kick back for THREE of us from the same high school went there.

To my knowledge, not one of us ultimately stuck with it.

Can you see me as a court reporter? Seriously? Obviously I didn't either. 

I jumped into corporate (obviously still in denial of who I am) and became the best administrative assistant, ever - in my eyes certainly. ;) 

I got married - still married to the same guy... going on 34 years.

I left corporate when we had our first child. Became an amazing domestic goddess and raised two rather off the charts magnificent humans.

Obviously still had no clue what my gifts were, let alone how to use them or to BE of service. Certainly I would never EVER change my Momma Bear Title for anything. However, as the younguns grew, it became obvious to everyone, but me, that this role was diminishing and I best find something else to do. 

Enter The Gang, aka the angelic realm. 

Enter The Dunno Years

As The Gang slowly began to wake me up, wing slap me with confirmations with all the 'silly' intuitive games I'd play; who's calling (keep in mind this was long before caller ID and the cell phone invasion), where it 'hurt' (I'd play this with myself while in yoga class. Another's energy would catch my eye and I'd do a quick body scan only to hear them moments later share where and how their body hurt - 99% of the time I got it right). Those were private amusements and certainly encouraging. 

I ventured forth. Took many classes; Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing, Hypnosis, Chakra (first had to learn what a chakra was - true story), Crystals and well you get the idea.

Still had NO idea where it was going and my husband while patient was becoming slightly demanding. Was I going to teach, see clients, etc? 


Insert heavy sighs and multiple eye rolls on his end, but the support kept rolling in. All in the name of Love. 

Inch by Inch, Yard by Yard

Slowly, ever so slowly I emerged. Slowly I BEcame a tad confident. Slowly I BEcame empowered.

Enter Stage Left the Naysayers and doomsday throwers and all around not nice folks.

All in the name of 'love' I would be challenged:

  • How do you know you can do this?
  • Never heard of Reiki
  • Never heard of that angel
  • Smirks, Coughs, endless eye rolls
  • and well you get the idea

THEN came the big guns. Curses and more thrown at me. Yes, people still do curse another and not just in the profanity sort of way. Curses in the sort of way to wish another harm, confusion, etc with failure as the ultimate conclusion. 

It's a real thing. 

Luckily for me I have, while small, a powerful network of goddess to coddle, love on, support and yes wield their own power to pull me through. For I was never and will never back down. 

Destiny awaits us all. 

Inch by inch, yard by yard, I BEcame more confident. I BEcame more powerful. I BEcame more committed of my destiny and while the hows shift on a regular basis, the whys rarely do. 

I'm here to inspire and empower.

How To Stand Taller

Everything I post on social media, OK, almost everything is done with intention. To support you, inspire you and help you to remember your whys, your essence, your destiny. 

There are unfortunately many who work for their paycheck and live for the weekends, vacations and retirement. Don't be one of them. That's surviving, not thriving. It is time to THRIVE. 

The time of surviving is over. It is time that each one of us is excited to embrace the day for we are excited to share our gifts. 

Time to Chat with These AngelS

Yes multiple angels this week.

First up Uriel, Angel of Safety. Do not confuse Uriel and Safety with Michael and Protection. Two very different energies. Uriel reminds you that YOU are safe to BE you. If ALL felt this energy and owned their essence, there would be no war. Repeat, there would be no war. For ALL would know their gifts and would honor others accordingly. True Story.

Use the Askfirmation Why is it safe for me to BE me? This is the quintessential game changer of all game changers

Archangel Uriel Mandala - Angel Chatter


Focus on Uriel's Mandala to the right during any meditations when you desire to get to the core. The core of you. Feel your root chakra expand in its energy and filtering through your BEing reminding you of your essence and why you are needed... NOW.



Archangel Metatron - Angel of Destiny. If you have been with me for a while, Metatron's title does shift, Motivator, Soul's Purpose and more. For the purpose of this blog, he came out with a new one, Angel of Destiny. 

Archangel Metatron Mandala - Angel Chatter

Metatron oversees the Soul Star Chakra - approximately 6" above you head. He lovingly reminds you of your destiny - your whys. If you don't listen or act, you will either:

  • BE severely wing slapped - he has a bit of humor ;)
  • BEcome miserable with life and always overwhelmed.

The latter is due to you not following and pursuing your dreams aka your destiny. I suggest you listen openly and act accordingly. Trust me, you will BE much happier.


Archangel Chamuel - Angel of Self Love

Chamuel oversees, the Heart Chakra, along with Raphael - the Angel of Healing. However, for this week's blog, Self Love is paramount.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Angel Chatter

Why paramount? If you are brilliant at ignoring you, your gifts, your interests etc. how can you ever pursue your Destiny? Court Reporting anyone? 

It is when your soul BEgins to stir that you BEgin to remember. It is when you remember those dreams from childhood of how life will BE lived; on your terms. It is the time when you BEgin to put yourself first; albeit somewhat cautiously perhaps initially, but first it is. 


BEgin to combine these three powerhouses in your weekly, if not daily chatting aka meditation. Your life will BEgin to shift and remember, NOBODY can take away your destiny, except you by ignoring it. 

Want more? Perhaps it is indeed time to work together. I have a variety of options; private weekends (one left for 2019), one off reading, 3 month mentorship and just released the YES to Me Program which includes an extended private weekend!

Why? It's time for YOU.





What is Love? June 12 2019

Love is such a funny word. 

It is a word that is tossed about freely with phrases such as:

OMG, I LOVE this dip!

I love that car.

I love how that dress looks on you - MUST get

and so on.

However, when it comes to personal relationships, we start throwing in the word unconditional when associated with Love. Or use phrases such as luv ya! Of course this takes away the intensity of the true emotion. It diminishes the purity of this most powerful emotion. Much like it takes it away when you say I love you honey. While rather sweet, it doesn't hit home the same way if you used their birth name. 

So What to do what to do... Remember, Love IS LOVE... there are NO conditions. Period. The End. However, most simply don't seem to get that concept, so to offer hopefully more insight using the above examples:

Do you tell the dip you would love it more if it had more paprika in it?

Do you tell the car you would love it more if it were a different color?

Do you tell your friend that you would love that dress more if it were ...

Thought so.

Why are conditions placed on Love?

If you think of the above examples, there is no danger of it hurting you. When does dip go out of its way to hurt or belittle you? It is an inanimate object! Of course it has no agenda, recourse or ulterior motive. It is what it is. Therefore, in my humble opinion, folks go all willy nilly and throw Love at dip, houses, cars, clothing and more and leave behind humankind.

Why is that?

Humans have ego. Humans have agenda. Humans have history, personal history that can dictate how one moves about their life. Do you go timidly, testing the waters? Or do you blaze ahead and spread Love droplets everywhere you go?

I remember years ago, a young girl was so filled with Love, she hugged all; family, strangers and friends. However, her friends, at a very young age thought she was weird. Who hugs so much and tells them they're happy to see them... all the time? They would push her away and make weird faces behind her back. From that moment, she began to pull back. She kept more to herself, she even labeled herself as weird the older she got. Luckily, she has great parents who continued to encourage her 'weirdness' and today she is a very HAPPY adult. 

But why does this even have to happen in the first place?

What makes people so afraid of LOVE? What makes people put conditions on Love? A babe comes in all gooshy and loving and is ready to give and give and give, so what happens along the way?

Things to ponder about society and within.

Where Does Love Start?

It has to; it must start within. It starts by honoring who you are. Remembering you are perfectly imperfect, just as it everyone else who is walking the planet at this time. 

It starts by honoring your energy levels. It is about knowing your imperfections. Imperfections are not an excuse. They are a fact, but ones that can help propel you to where you desire. I just watched a video of America's Got Talent. This young man was diagnosed with leukemia at a very young age. He was then bullied for being different and horrible rumors spread that his cancer was contagious (really?). He was given a sign, a sign he could have easily ignored, for free violin lessons. He jumped on it and is now on his way to the final rounds of AGT.

He could have easily wallowed and ultimately let cancer win. He did not use his diagnosis as an excuse. He used it as a tool to never give up. He loved himself more to take the next step and the next and the next. 

What are your truths that you may use as an excuse? If you are using any of these kinds of excuses as a way to keep you playing small, it is allowing another to dictate your ability to honor you and through it LOVE you more. Please never allow that to happen again. Will you go forth immediately? Most likely not, but you can continue to blossom and remember to BE. BE You.

True, many reading this have been hurt via insults from someone trusted, ignored by someone trusted, left behind by, you got it, someone trusted. The hurt is real. However, by allowing the hurt to dictate how you move forward is beneath you. You can rise above this and reclaim your beautiful essence. 

It starts by better understanding your WHYS... why you desire this or that, why you want to do 'it', why oh why oh why.

What Love Angel to Chat With and Why

Hopefully it will come as no surprise that this week's angel focus is Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. 

It all, as mentioned above, starts withinNobody is responsible for loving another so they feel complete. Nobody. One only allows the love in for what they feel worth to receive. 

It starts with what is put in our sacred vessel, our body. Is your food fueling or dulling you? Really that simple of a question. You have control of the hand to mouth scenario. 

It starts with what you are surround by; uplifting folks or folks that feed the degrading machine? 

It starts with your sacred space; your home. How does it reflect you? Cluttered or clutter-free? Decorated with intention or all thrown together?

All this contributes and tells the world how much you love yourself and are therefore prepared to love another and assist them on their path. Assist via friendship, mentorship and more.

Chat the Chamuel daily and ask how you may Love yourself more today. Perhaps a walk in the woods, perhaps time out to read, perhaps tea out with a friend, perhaps a nap is in order, perhaps... 

Sit with Chamuel's sigil infused mandala below and I'll be surprised if you don't get insights. Be prepared and don't argue! Besides, you can't win an argument with an angel anyway - they do have your best interests at hand!

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Angel of Self Love - Angel Chatter

Time to Play BIG or ... play small June 05 2019

What kind of life do you desire? One full of excitement, contentment, joy, prosperity and expansion? Let's not forget one filled with great health, love and why not add a lovely roof over our head?

Me too.

I've been watching, listening and watching some more.

So many of you are are grappling with settling aka surviving or stepping out bigger, prouder than ever before. 

Just this week a student responded to a social media post that she would love to live in another specific locale - this locale is literally more than half way across the country from where she currently lives. Unfortunately she's been struggling with health and finances in recent times, so I quickly suggested that she look in this new locale for her new life especially since she stated so strongly how much she loves it there and feels better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her response?

I can't. Family is here and I simply can't leave them.

I understand that; desiring to BE close to family and more.

HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however, what order has she been placing? Don't like where I am, AND I long to BE in that state (literally) and so on, BUT can't leave. Can you see how the Universe just MAY be a tad confused as to what she really desires? The Universe has been busy helping to close up shop in the current locale for years and yet she desires to stay.

Obviously the coach/mentor/teacher in me jumped right in and pointed this out. 

Her response?

OHHHH I see what you mean!

What Order Have YOU Been Placing?

We've all had a job, or two, or more, that we really couldn't stand. The ethics of the company (trust me been there, done that), their benefits, location, type of company and more. We'll even say things like,  I can't wait to leave this place. Then lo and behold one gets fired, or puts in a corner more or less forcing them to leave with no safety net, or the more 'gentler' version - laid off. 

If this has happened to you, I'm sorry, for it is beyond frustrating, but think back to your words and thoughts prior. 

Can you now see how powerful you really are? 

The Universe is constantly supporting us! We have famous sayings such as: Energy goes where attention flows.... The Universe is simply responding to your thoughts, actions and words all along!


You Manifesting Magnet You. 

Law of Attraction Refresher

Remember the Universe does not interpret. Nope, not on iota. If you are grumbly, you get more to grumble about. If you are happy, you get more to BE happy about. If you are worried, you got it, you get more worrisome things on your plate. If you are feeling low, not worthy, etc., hopefully you get the idea by now.

It's why I developed the Askfirmations. This isn't a plug, but an earnest way to remind you that you have tools, viable tools, at your very finger tips. Instead of stating, thinking about whiny, fear mongering questions, try switching it around. You get high powered, positive, present-tense energy questions. Questions that work for you, just as those not so nice questions. 

The Universe responds, no matter what kind of question you ask. Like attracts like, no matter the intent behind it. If you are whiny and frustrated - why can't I get a better paying job? Guess what? The Universe does not understand innuendos; it does not interpret. You will get another lower paying job that sooo does not excite you. 

It's Time to Change Your Story

We've alllll woven stories that offers up our perception of what really happened. Most often these stories have been glorified in some small or large way. You know the story that initially makes you feel better for it justifies your very thoughts, actions and/or inactions.

Sit with one story. Any one of the stories that rumbles around in your gray cell area (aka your brain). Pull it out and play with the first one that shows itself. 

Listen to the story as it plays out. REALLY LISTEN. This is sooo not the time to judge the story, for it's already been playing. Listen openly with ears and heart. 

How does that story make you feel?

Do you feel expanded or constricted? That's really the only thing you need to ask at this moment. 

Does it make me feel Expanded or Constricted. 

If you feel any constriction, change the story. By doing so, you begin to change your reality.

It really is that difficult AND that simple. Changing your story is incredibly liberating, it may take time, but slow and steady wins the race. You are literally rewiring your thinking. This will not happen overnight, but happen it will, promise.

Are You Surviving or Thriving?

Think about it this way - this plays into the story lines within your life. If you feel as though you are treading water, you are! If you feel as though you are floating on air, well you are!

The time for surviving is done. I'm done with surviving mentality, aren't you? Aren't you ready to THRIVE?

Every single person on this planet deserves to thrive. Every. single. person. Yes even those you despise. Those are the ones who actually need it the most for they are the ones that have woven nasty stories within their gray cells and now cannot get out of their own way, even if they try. 

You go first. You BE the leader that you are. Leader? Absolutely. You lead more than you realize simply by BEing you. You lead via example. Sometimes, sometimes mind you, it may feel like nobody is listening, watching or even know you exist.

Trust me, they are and do.

However, do not ever live a life to please or inspire another. Your story is just that - YOUR story; make it one that has you THRIVING. Deliriously THRIVING. 

Who cares if you pack up and move to that new locale? IF you are happier, all in your circles will be for you as well. There is so much to explore, experience and share no matter where you are, why not do it in a place you LOVE BEing in and because you love it, it truly supports all you do for now you are remembering the Essence of BEing...

What Angel to Chat with and Why

Initially Metatron poked his head in, but Haniel pushed him aside (yes it had me laughing) and said...

"ummm excuse me, I handle Living the Life You Desire Department."

You gotta laugh at these 'guys'.

So Haniel it is. 

Who better to help you create your Heaven on Earth Reality, than the Angel of Manifestation? Hmmm... who better? Can't recommend 'this guy' enough to help you manifest your desires into your reality. 

Start Chatting!


Archangel Haniel Mandala 

Sometimes one can get side-tracked May 30 2019

Who hasn't done the proverbial 'squirrel moment' in their life? You know the moment when everything falls to the side and all you can see is the beacon, beckoning, calling, enticing. 

I know I have and it bit me again just this week. 

It happens often for all when you feel the engine revving, but you aren't going any where. It happens often when you know there's more but can't seem to get outta the way. 

The Story

I'll keep names out of this. I was approached by a coaching company to help me thus allowing me to help more. Of course I AM interested! I know without a doubt I'm here to help millions - no small order, eh? So anything that I could finesse, hone in on, etc I'm all ears. 

The basic course resonated with me. So stay tuned for subtle and hopefully empowering shifts coming your way. 

I was then 'gifted' another coaching call. Okaaayyy. I kenw it would be an upsell, but didn't expect it from the get go. Immediately I'm told how great this company is and all of a sudden I'm gifted with a scholarship, the initial money investment would roll into this course, etc etc blah blah blah. 

The KEY turning off point was when I was blatantly lied to. My investment would be greatly reduced yada yada yada... HOWEVER with the switcheroo being while my initial money investment was knocked off this total, it was still paid! Me thinks I smell a rat. 2 + 2 is not equalling four here... 

To rephrase,

Let's just say $10 was initial amount. The new total was $60; factor in the scholarship and reduction it came down to $30. However, when you factor in the initial $10, it was really $40. Something that kept getting glossed over during the 90 minute call. 

Bottom Line

Once I sense this one lie and honestly it took my husband to point it out, all bets were off. If this is happening now prior to sign on, what would come down the road?

Talk about a sour taste in my mouth!

How to switch this around

Bottom line - listen to your heart. When one feels those heart tugs as the next best thing since peanut butter, it is a great time to pull back and heart on it. 

Take that moment and BE. Ask The Gang for a sign. BE clear on what kind of sign you desire and why. BE open to receiving and accept the message. Don't let the ol' ego tell you that it really wasn't a sign and just your imagination so you keep following.

Once I declined, a vise that I was not aware of, released. Of course it then prompted this blog post as a way to help encourage you and remind you to listen.

My promise to you

To only offer you more, an upsell, if I believe it to BE of value to you. I'm here to decrease my karma and increase my dharma - so lying or pushing doesn't get me any where. Agreed? 

I promise to always give you my very best whether it is in our very amazing Facebook Group, other social media links, private weekends, mentor packages, products, and well you get the idea. I really believe your success is my success. While many say this, I mean it from my heart. My students are really grasping this as I cheer them on and more. In fact, one even said 'you really mean you ARE happy when we succeed!'... why YES I AM! Why? One it makes me giddily happy to see another embrace their essence whether it is car upholstery, coaching, jewelry, cooking, art, angel readings, trash pick up... everyone has a gift that is meant to share. 

I really don't care who you were in a past life - that an $1 gets me a cheap cup of coffee. I don't care what you do in this life as long as YOU are thrilled doing it. I don't care what kind of house you live in, as long as YOU are happy living there and it reflects you. I really don't care how much money you make or don't make; and let's repeat this once more - as long as YOU are happy. 

Seriously - isn't it time more ARE happy to BE? To BE a true reflection of themselves, doing what they love and how they wish to BE doing it? 

I think so. 

What Angel to Chat with

Metatron. Why him of all angels? Metatron is instrumental in so much of our lives for he oversees the Soul Star Chakra. The place about six inches over your head. He helps you to stay the course; your course and ultimately BE. 

Combine his energy with his twin, Sandalphon (Earth Star Chakra and six inches below your feet) and they merge where else but your heart. 

Throughout this very little latest adventure of mine, they chatted and chatted and chatted with me. Helping to ground while uplifting. Helping to stay centered within the heart space. Why is this combination important? Listening to the whisperings of your heart only leads to the truth and helps you stay on your soul's path. You learn along the way. True at times one needs another to help them for humans are not solitary animals by nature, one needs the assistance of another to remind them of their greatness, their gifts and more. One needs periodic cheerleaders and hand holders. 

Metatron and Sandalphon combined will help with all of this and more. Need a real flesh and blood person? I'm here to help you.



Isn't It Time? May 22 2019 2 Comments

Isn't it time to stop lying? Isn't it time to Speak Your Truth? Even if speaking your truth means some relationships go adrift. Isn't it time you began living a life you are excited about? Read on to take the first step.

How much do you... May 15 2019

The world at large likes to think themselves advanced, open-minded and honoring others. 


Be honest, when is the last time you judged another for the way they looked, their beliefs or the kind of house they live in or something equally benign?

I am now not judging you, just pointing out that many do this; at alllll sorts of levels. Me included. 

Isn't it time all recognized the magic and endless possibilities that are out there? I think so. One of my favorite personal sayings is I know I know nothing. Now that might seem belittling, but it is not. It simply tells the universe that I AM open to more.

  • More Information
  • More Ideas
  • More Opportunities to Grow
  • More

Thoughts and Musings

I realized a while ago when my husband became an idiot it was simply because I was tired. Did he do anything different from any other day? Nope. But like I said I was tired and the best thing for me at that moment was to go back to bed and rejuvenate; the last thing I needed to do was judge another; especially the man who has been by my side though thick and thin.

Apparently I'm not alone in experiencing this Idiot Syndrome; others have come forth and claim the same phenomena happening within them. Is it really a phenomena? Not really; however, doesn't it appear to be easier to blame another for their success, shortcomings, etc when we are feeling down? It may at the onset, but what kind of energy does one buy into by claiming this? Remember, energy attracts like energy. IF you are casting out those idiot vibes what kind of vibes are coming right back at you? I can pretty much guarantee it's not savory or sweet.

In a nutshell we're too tired and depleted and ignore our needs so it 'feels' better to put down another. 

Let me rephrase that:

When we are tired, depleted, etc.

It's always easier to be jealous



Of another and gleefully point out their shortcomings


Downgrade their success by saying such things as

They slept their way to the top

Look at them; always showcasing their gifts

and more

Who hasn't been envious of another's success? Who hasn't 'hated' (and I hope, sincerely hope it's not to the true level of hate) another because they dared to shine their light? Or was quick to judge another because they were not complying to our standards?

There is an old proverb:

"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones"  

This simply means that one should not criticize others, because everybody has faults of one kind or another. Remember, ALL humans are perfectly imperfect.

Including you.

Including me.

So instead of finding fault of another whether it is a true fault or they simply BElieve in something you don't, why not back off and listen? You just may learn a thing or too. This is not to say you must now own or embrrace their beliefs, but it certainly widens your horizon! Listen openly. Listen with not just your mind, but your heart. For example, y'all know I am trained in a variety of healing modalities. However, all these modalities combined add to the assistance of Western medicine. I'm experiencing this at this very moment. I have a frozen - albeit thawing - shoulder. The owner of the business concentrates on nutrition, supplements, physical therapy and chiropractic. He is fully aware of what I do for a living and flat out told me 'You take care of the spiritual, leave the physical to me.' I adore this man and the practice. 

What's Next? Time to Fly!

Isn't it time you unfurled Your Freak Flag and let it wave proudly? If you persist in hiding, whining and ultimately judging, your tribe members will pass you by because your true essence hasn't come out to play. 

Will you flag fly freely daily? Obviously that's the goal, but like all things in life, there are certainly days when one feels more confident than others. On those off days, it's best to observe, cocoon and learn. It's best to hibernate vs. joining some Whiny/Judgment Parade. 

It's yet another act in the Art of Allowing. The Art of Honoring; honoring your energy levels and know what you are capable of accomplishing and BEing on any given moment and day. Remembering it is more than A-OK to take things a bit slower. It is more than A-OK to BE. It is more than A-OK to soar. 

Please join me in committing to YOURSELF. Remembering your Whys. Honoring YOU.

What Angel will assist in this?

Archangel Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, is my go to in this scenario for many reasons. 

  • She will remind you of your Whys.
  • She will remind you in the most loving manner to BE quiet and not judge
  • She will remind you that it is time to take a break and slow down
  • She will remind you on those high powered days to soar ever higher
  • She will remind you on those low energy days to withdraw, close your mouth and tend to YOU
  • She will remind you to listen openly

Why do all or any of these acts? Quite simply when one tends to themselves first, they are constantly replenishing their sacred vessel and naturally BEcome not just tolerate of another's beliefs, but depending on the circumstances accepting. 

I hope you read this post openly and perhaps re-read it and allow the various ideas and thoughts to seep deep within. Remember, you are loved for you. Not what you think you need to do, act, wear, etc in order to BE loved. 


Archangel Chamuel's Mandala

Exclusive to Angel Chatter

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

Are YOU Revolving or Evolving? May 08 2019

Revolve. Evolve. Funny two words that sound very similar, and yet so very different.

One keeps you going; like a gerbil wheel. You're making great time, but aren't moving forward one iota.  In this scenario you Survive. You are treading water.

The other has you transforming and continually looking for more. More juice, more laughter, more life and of course more love. In this scenario you Thrive. You blossom and grow.

Which scenario do you live? Which scenario would you prefer?

It comes back to the story you tell yourself

We ALL have stories we've bought into at some point:

  • 'Everyone' in my family has diabetes, so I know I'm going to get it
  • Girls can't play sports ... with guys
  • It's so hard to start your own business and succeed. Do you know how many fail every year? I'll play it safe and work for Da Man.
  • I'm doing good work; I can't possible charge a lot; that's being greedy

Ummm... any of this sound familiar?

If they do, it's time to change youstory. Diabetes? True you may be pre-disposed for this disease, but that does not mean you 'get it'... You have been warned that it is a possibility. You can alter your diet and exercise regime to hopefully keep it at bay. 

The girl thing? Society is already seeing shifts that has girls playing sports.

If nobody ever started a business, the heart and light would go out in so many scenarios. Drudgery would become the norm. Creativity would flat out die. Businesses start because someone was passionate about a cause, their mission, and idea somewhere along the way. I'm proof of this.

Can't charge a lot? Pashaw. I admit I can be somewhat lazy. While I work hard and focused I rather hope it's not at the workaholic phase; I enjoy taking time out to BE. I'd rather have a strong core of amazing clients, students and customers who want to move forward and are looking for a push, a prod or a hug to get them there. I get my ideal tribe because that is how I have programmed my business. I actually had a student a while ago tell me I was getting greedy to my face! Oh my. I turned on a dime with her and shared that I have worked very hard to get where I am and the course was not something that was thrown together overnight. I respect myself and the time put into it all and charge accordingly (and for the record, I was told to charge A LOT more from other experts). Plus I am still personally involved throughout the entire eight month plus long course. PLUS isn't the universe vast? Isn't the universe unlimited? Therefore the time for surviving has long past. 

It is time to THRIVE... each and every one of us.

You included. 

 No matter your passion, if you are called to spread your beautiful wings, DO IT!

GRATITUDE shifts more than you may know

When one is in the whining stage of an event. How beneficial is it to whine to themselves and any who will listen? This is not to say don't share a mishap in your life. However there is no need to keep repeating the story over and over and over again. For every time you share the story, it's 'truth' seeps in deeper and before you know it, you are the proud owner of a new story that is not serving you. 

My dad says, 'That action is beneath you." Smart man he is. 

Switch it to the essence of Gratitude. Sure you may be grateful for much in your life; a roof over your head, health, friends that check in on you and lights that go on off at the flick of a switch. 

I am too. 

When is the last time you gave thanks at a meal? I mean really gave thanks not just reciting or mumbling the rote pre-meal prayer that rolls off your tongue without a thought. 

When is the last time you were grateful for the utensils that put that food in your mouth?

When is the last time you really enjoyed the meal vs. eating while you're watching your latest binge show? 

It's that kind of gratitude I'm talking about Chatterers. 

The kind of Gratitude that melts your heart, brings a smile to your face and who knows maybe a Happy Tear or two... The kind of Gratitude that fills your soul from the tips of your toes and through the crown of your head. 

Yes, yet another Lesson in BEing. 

Revolve or Evolve

Here we go again. Are you tired of hearing the same story from others and of course the ones you have running in your head or coming out of your mouth?

You always have the choice to change your story. You can change your story from one of going in circles to moving forward.

The choice is one only you can make to change. 

How to start to change it?

Pay attention! Yes, BE. What do you prattle on about in your head? What is the story of why this or that hasn't happened? Initially just simply take note.  

After you have noted a story that is playing on the repeat mode. Write it down. Look at those words; can you better understand why it is not working in your favor?

How can you change those words to better reflect where you wish go and how to BE? You have the power to change those words to better reflect the divine essence of you. 

It's time to change the story from:

  • Revolving to EVOLVING
  • Surviving to THRIVING
  • Failing to SUCCEEDING
  • Emptiness to WHOLENESS

As I have often said, it is up to YOU to decide and commit to those blessed changes you desire to experience. Others can show you various ways, but YOU have to decide and take the first step.

What Angel do I Chat With to Evolve?

There are so many angels that one can chat with to better commit to themselves, but when I asked them whom, Shamael, Angel of Harmony stepped forward. 

Why Shamael? For it did surprise me as well; this is what was shared:

By letting go of pre-conceived notions of how things are suppose to be, you slip into the energy of harmony. 

When one is more harmonious with their essence, they are more inclined to go with the flow and not get caught up in the end result of any one event.

They BEcome proactive in nurturing their dreams into realty and simply keep moving forward one beautiful step at a time. 

Once stepped into Harmony, 

please work from the Ground up:

Ground your energy in the here and now

Know you ARE safe to BE you.

You CAN create all you desire by simply LIVING

You have great joy-filled power that also protects you as you walk your path.

Loving Self first is not selfish, but imperative thus allowing all paradigms within and beyond to heal; including your mindset

By tapping into your amazing intuition, you can see how you are designed to BE

Connecting with the 1,000 petal lotus brings a sense of peace that at this moment feels like a concept.

Re-Connecting with your higher self at the Soul Star will offer constant reminders of whom you are and WHY you are at this moment in time. 


Honestly, Shamael has never been quite this chatty! LOVE this and will reference often myself. Hope you do too. 

If you are not part of our growing and sacred community, come join us on Facebook and join in the Chatter.  


The Divine Feminine is Rising, what does that mean for the Divine Masculine? May 01 2019

As the Divine Feminine energies continue to rise, some are beginning to wonder if the Divine Masculine is being obliterated.

This blog is coming from a very interesting dialogue we had going in our sacred space on Facebook. If you care to join us, click away! It started with a rather simple enough question which was if there are angels and archangels and they are obviously doing 'light work' why is there still evil, lower energies and demons? 

The answer may be simple, but can go deep. The answer? Balance. As above, so below, light/dark, on/off, up/down, feminine/masculine and well you get the idea. As soon as I mentioned the feminine/masculine relationship, the dialogue turned on a dime and took off.

The Divine Feminine IS Rising...what does that mean?

The Divine Feminine, for the most part, has been ignored. She has been so neglected she has become tarnished. However, NOW she rises and honestly I don't believe that goddess will ever be put completely back in the bottle again.

When did the Divine Feminine start to rise? Who knows if there was a specific event or time. One can say it was when women got the vote. Some could say that it was when women started working outside the home in earnest (at a lower pay of course). Some could say it started when... 

Does it really matter when it started? The fact is SHE is rising and rising gloriously to partner with the Divine Masculine. This is not a scenario where one is better than the other. Never has been, never will BE. I'm sure may beg to differ, but at the core it is about BALANCE.

BALANCE? Yep. Balance. This is how this blog post started to remind one of the nuances of balance. Things that exist in your day to day life; on/off, up/down, yin/yang, hot/cold, good/bad, etc. This balance is necessary for the very existence of life. One appreciates the warmth of a fire on a cold day; just as one appreciates a cold drink on a hot day. 

Haven't you ever been on a see saw, either as child or in recent times? If one is bigger than the other, there is imbalance. If there is only one, the other sits idly and wonders when the fun will begin. Balance. 

Balance and its Nuances

When one is more in balance, they are in the essence of BEing. For while they are in balance, they live from their center, the heart. So often yang energy is associated with fire, ego, aggression, receiving and more. The yin is associated with gentleness, intuitive, giving and more. If ALL are receiving (yang) who is doing the giving? If ALL are giving (yin) who is receiving?


This goes to the good vs. evil thoughts. While some pine for life filled with lollipops and unicorns, many would fail to offer gratitude for such a life because one often becomes complacent. Complacency is a funny critter. It lulls one into excepting that things are they way they should be no matter the situation. So many stay in a 'bad' relationship, job etc for 'The Devil you know is better than the devil you don't.' Fear of change. Fear of BEing courageous. Fear of BEing yourself, quirks and all. If one is complacent for too long, lethargy enters and one literally becomes exhausted. 

Why do they become exhausted? Believe it or not, it takes work to be miserable aka complacent! It takes work to be anything but yourself! Were you born miserable? Of course not. Were you born angry? Of course not!

Life, of course, happens. There can be unsavory moments, events that can leave one whirling or wallowing. I'll not dispute that. However, if one wallows for too long, it can begin to feel better to stay there vs. BEing once more. 

This is where the Divine Feminine comes in. Through the powerful yin energy this essence exudes, one CAN begin to honor who they are, their gifts and how to BE once again. Will this happen overnight? Of course not; one didn't hit the bottom of the well overnight now did they?

It is the Balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. With the union of both one values each aspect as presented for what it may be.

Sooo... how does this fair for the Divine Masculine if all this stuff is about I AM Woman hear me roar?

As stated above, it's exhausting to do it all a certain way or by one's self. It is about balance; a partnership in this case so both may lead and both may take moments to rejuvenate. 

To bring in balance, things often, I hesitate to say must, implode. In order for calm to enter, chaos jumps in to break it up. During this upheaval, the phoenix rises from the ashes, joined.

It is the union, the sacred geometry symbol, the Vesica Piscis:

 It is this union of all. Look closely at this image. The circles are intertwined. They are not separate. One is not larger than the other. One is not bolder than the other. 

They are balanced. 

Each one supports the other, while maintaining their independence, their quirks, their power, their essence. It is not about one over-powering another (that's been done for centuries and the times are changing). It's time to drop the mantles that have been put upon ALL; male must provide for family, female must tend hearth, male must be aggressive, female must be submissive. 


It's time for balance. 

What Angel do I call upon for this Balance to enter?

Initially I would have suggested Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation for his sigil is reminiscent of the vesica picis and it is the union of Heave and Earth:

However, after chatting with The Angelics, The Gang, Sandalphon and Metatron stepped forward. The Dynamic Duo as I call them. For together they represent balance. As Sandalphon is connected to the Earthstar Chakra and his twin to the Soulstar Chakra, they meld in your center - the heart. 

As above, so below joining forces through Love. 

Who am I to argue with that logic? 


  Archangel Metatron's Mandala                       Archangel Sandalphon's Mandala

I am asked often, what candle I'm burning and why. Today ought to come as no surprise, Mary Magdalene. Why? Simply because for me, she represents a true phoenix rising from the ashes and emerging as the Divine Feminine. Want your own? Click away

Ask, ALLOW AND Receive April 24 2019

Many of you reading this have at least heard of the Law of Attraction. If you haven't, not to fear. The Law of Attraction simply states that one attracts energetically what one is releasing into the Universe.

Gratitude creates more for which to BE grateful.

Love creates more for which to LOVE.

Fear? Creates more doubt and alas fear. (not capitalizing this word intentionally to keep its vibration lower)

Worthiness creates a vaster funnel that is directed towards you.

And so on. 

Let's Address Worthiness

So many, in fact I'd hazard a guess that the overwhelming majority of the world's universe, have an internal unknown gauge of what they feel worthy in receiving. 

Every single one of us. 

Why is the meter lower than what we actually deserve? This is a great question and one that warrants an answer and honestly could fill a book. There are many factors that come into play in this Meter Game:

  • Can't take time out for myself - have other obligations
  • Can't take time from somebody else to allow help towards me; somebody must need this help more, aka more worthy. (Angels hang their heads in this one and shake it with eyes rolling)
  • What if I really don't deserve it? I might as well keep the bar lower so as not to disappoint myself
  • And so on...

Any of these ring a bell for you?

Allow me to share a story:

A few years back I was vending at a show and it was set up day. My husband wasn't able to assist for this one (a true rarity) and my goddess helpers were gleefully occupied elsewhere for the day. I had six plus hours to set up; therefore, I was in no hurry and was rather enjoying the process.

A young man, a volunteer, offered to help. I of course not really needing it, I declined. 

He stopped.

He smiled. 

He said,

"You are a strong and powerful woman. You can do anything.

Will you allow me to help you?"


Of course I ultimately did. Lesson learned and I joked about it the entire weekend that I allowed this help to not only occur, but BE received via an open heart.

Will you Allow?

Good Girls are often told that they cannot put themselves first. Pashaw. If you don't, at least periodically, how will you ever get to where you desire to go and BE? If you are consistently allowing others to cut in front of you in lines (metaphorical as well as literal) how can you ever 'cash in'?

Of course you will be forever in line, waiting and waiting annnnd waaiiting...

How to Raise Your Worthiness Vibration?

It's rather easy to raise your vibration. In a nutshell, step into GRATITUDE. With a Big Ol' Capital G.

Many of us have had hardships or mishaps or things not going according to plan in our lives. For example, we lived in our beach home for close to five years. While this was a choice, we had much ... in storage. As time went on, we missed certain articles and actually began to pine for them. 

Fast forward, we moved to the New Digs. As the boxes were unloaded from the moving van, I found myself giddily excited to see HER again. You see, we have a 4foot tall  statue of Kwan Yin that I missed beyond words. When she emerged, I cried, yes, literally cried for joy at her re-emergence. As she was wheeled into the backyard the joy that overtook me was palpable. Her place is sacred and every time I see her wave at me from the kitchen, I smile.

This is the kind of joy I'm talking about! Joy at a flower blooming. Just this week I was once again giddy to see the peony bush in bloom! There was one particular bloom that caught my eye; it was literally blooming just off the ground vs being high on a branch. What a perfect message for each one of us; Bloom From The Ground UP! Build up the Joy from the ground. This creates a base that BEcomes so expansive you find joy in the simplest of things:

  • Clean Clothes
  • A warm bed in which to snuggle
  • Vibrant food - no matter from where it hales
  • A sunny day
  • A rainy day
  • Rainbows!

This list is virtually endless for every life is filled with opportunities to embrace JOY and lets it permeate deeply within your psyche. Too often complacency can settle; the blessed TV is on for hours, excuses to not go for a walk because there is too much to do, chores to be attended, and so on. Choose JOY and I can guarantee your Worthiness Meter will rise and rise quickly. 

Here's a tip, when you take out that time to meditate, put you first in various situations, you have ample time for all that needs to be done.


All it Takes is YOU saying YES

Sure, Sure, Sure... this is much easier said than done, this whole saying YES to self. 

I get it.

However, IF you don't start now by saying YES to you, nobody else can for you. 


Doesn't matter how much they offer you, lead you, introduce you and more. If you don't say YES to you, you will miss most, if not all of those blessed opportunities coming your way because you allowed someone else to cut in line in front of you.

Like how I wrapped those up together? 

Now is the time, more than ever to say YES...


Your gratitude rises. It rises so much that even if you have an off day, you don't sink. It rises so even if you have an off day, it is better than a good day from years past. It rises so even you can spot an opportunity a mile away as it floats your way; no more chasing opportunities. They chase you.

Isn't it time?

What Angel Raises Your Joy Vibration?

Jophiel. She is not called the Joy-Filled Angel for nothing!

I have her candle burning brightly near me at this exact moment and her JOY is real. Her JOY is powerful. Her JOY is reminds one to live in the moment. 

When you are this deliriously happy, you don't even give fear or anxiety a second glance. When you are this happy, you know ALL. IS. POSSIBLE. Why? BEcause now, more than ever you BElieve in yourself. You BElieve in your mission. You BElieve you are worthy to live that mission exactly as your heart desires. 

It's that easy. It's that powerful and BElongs to you. 

Will you allow? 

If you still feel squeamish about this whole gratitude thing, I cannot recommend enough Jophiel products; candles, medallions, bracelets, sun drops, misters and droppers.

For now, meditate with her energy via her sacred mandala:

Archangel Jophiel Sacred Mandala


In the aftermath of Notre Dame and Her Message for me - for ALL April 17 2019 1 Comment

Like many, my heart sank when I heard of the news of Notre Dame ablaze. Her Lady (for that is Notre Dame means) was burning! We had been blessed to visit Paris years ago and yes attended mass in this very sacred place. 

Like many, for my students and I have been going back and forth, we felt a sense of calm almost a detachment from the fires. Now this may sound cold and harsh, but it's not. For what is a building but a vessel. What is a vessel? A container to hold, preserve something.

I chatted with The Magdalene quite a bit on that day and I will share as much as I can what was told to me, but first, let's set the stage a bit.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, like many sacred sites was not a new location to hold sacred ceremonies. In fact, Chris H. Hardy shares in her blog (yes I had to hunt and dig to find some sort of proof based on my intuitive findings) that indeed Notre Dame Cathedral was previously the Gaul Pillar of the Nautes - a Temple to the Goddess Diana. For those unfamiliar with Diana, she is the Goddess of Animals and The Hunt and is often overlapped energetically with Goddess Artemis. Artemis is also the Goddess of The Hunt and wild/domesticated animals. She is also the daughter of Zeus who is King of the Gods. 

What is special about this particular location? I know, but have yet to find written proof that this location is a Nexus Point; a location or intersection if you will, of energies. I deep in my heart believe it the nexus point of at least two ley lines that bring forth the energies of the Divine Feminine. 

Think about it, if Notre Dame was previously the Gaul Pillar of the Nautes, both are dedicated to women; Diana/Artemis and Our Lady. Our Lady? Yes, that is literally what Notre Dame is translated to mean. Many believe that Our Lady is to mean Mother Mary. However, I believe, as do many others it is Mary Magdalene. 

Mary Magadalene's connection to Notre Dame

Hear me out in this theory in which I am not alone.

If you feel connected to Mary Magdalene, you are in great company. Magdala may mean from Magdala as the location, but Magdala also means Tower. As you begin to BEcome more observant in icongraphy, you will BEgin to notice more and more towers as they connect to Mary Magdalene. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

 What graces the front of Notre Dame? True many things, but one is often drawn to the TWO towers atop the cathedral. TWO. Why two? Many feel/know that she was indeed married to Yeshua. The Divine Union. What is a couple but a union of TWO. Balanced in energy. Strong and empowered and equal.

Together they form the union that creates the base below them. All else is dwarfed by their presence.



Another nod to The Magdalene, as there are many within is a statue of a woman just in the entrance in the tympanum.

This woman holds a banner and an urn, is crowned and stands tall, empowered as she looks upon you. How does one know this could be The Magdalene? Look over her. There are yet four more towers. This is a woman of power and means for she wears a money pouch. Mary Magdalene, those paintings known to BE her often include such things as urns, towers and money. Why the urn? it holds sacred oils used only for ceremonial work. 

There is movement within the statue for she is not simply standing, but her right foot placement indicates movement forward. In other words, this is woman on the move and is quite comfortable in her power.

Truly a representation of the Divine Feminine.

Do I have your attention now?

It may be years before anyone is allowed back into the Cathedral, if ever in our lifetime, but do your own research. Once you jump in that rabbit hole it is hard to deny the presence of The Magdalene within Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Healing and Moving Forward after the Fires

Honestly I could not watch the fires consume the building. I saw more than enough via social media. However it did force me to go within and meditate and I promise I'll share a bit of what she told me in a few. However, look at the image below as shared via social media:


Most quickly see an image of a person. If you can't, soften your eyes a bit. Many jump to say it is Jesus/Yeshua. I'll put it out there; Is it Him or is it Her? 

Notre Dame will rebuild. Many have already come forward to donate massive amounts of money to get it started. 

Mary Magdalene's Message

As I went into meditation and began to ask her the whys, she was quick to jump in with the following:

As with all things, one gets accustomed to what is before them and no longer see the true message or significance of an event. Think about your day, do you no longer see the clutter on your kitchen counter? Do you no longer stop and see the beauty of what is before in nature? Do you no longer see what is what is literally right in front of you?

The same goes with my cathedral.

Yes mine.

The Divine Feminine is rising. It has been rising for decades, but now more than ever more need to see and hear The Truth. Why does it need to rise? Balance. This is not a situation where women overpower men. Rather it is a union built upon equality. We are the living representation of the sacred union displayed in the Vesica Piscis. Each maintaining its own individuality, but creating strength through Love in their union.

Regarding the fires of Notre Dame; many sacred objects were saved from the fire for future energy work via viewing. The energy that is conveyed through all sacred artifacts is the energy of Love. Those held in Notre Dame are no exception.

That is what I represent.


For Love has no boundaries.

Love has no conditions.

Love is ALL.

As this cathedral was built upon Love; the true union of both, it shall be rebuilt and endure. As the truth begins to emerge about me and my beloved, the artifacts saved will take on a new meaning for the truth shall emerge to BE seen and heard by the masses. 

We, as you, are the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes to shine more brightly and empower more people through nothing more than Love. 


In Closing

I do believe she has called us to arms! Arms open wide for hugging, empowering and of course LOVING. She has shared with me many times that the energy of LOVE is empowering. LOVE starts within by acknowledging and loving one's self first and foremost. By honoring one's gifts and by not belittling self or others. It is an understanding that there are many viewpoints and roads that lead to Love, but once arrived all speak the same language. 

One learns to BE. One learns to listen vs. hearing. Listening with not just an open mind, but more importantly an open heart. Accepting where another is within their journey and honoring it and never rushing them to another point. Holding space if necessary to allow them to regroup and take timid steps forward. Encouraging them to do so, but never challenging them to do so. Never telling them to get over it and move along. All emotions have validity and the sooner they are honored, the sooner one can move forward with greater confidence. 

Perseverance and endurance are required for this Love Journey. Standing tall with a smile on your face, tears in your eyes for you are filled with great joy and of course Love that infects others to acquire the same feeling and BEing. 

As I write this, Her candle  is burning brighter. The energy of the room is quite full and I am at peace. As I do not have a mandala for her, yet, I offer Chamuel The Angel of Self Love to help you hold space for YOU in LOVE.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala



Good Girls Can Be Tenacious, but first... April 03 2019

As you know, I'm a self appointed Good Girl. While it is a badge worth wearing, it's not worth owning. 


BEcause it can hold one back. If a goddess totally embraces her Good Girl persona, well then, she must always BE good. No more rebel, system buster, leader and more. For Good Girls over the decades, by society standards, are submissive and afraid, yes I said afraid, of shining their gorgeousness whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual gorgeousness.

Let's stop this, shall we?

Why Stop BEing Just A Good Girl?

You are multi-faceted, yes? Can you not walk and chew gum at the same time? Of course of you can. Of course you can!

Singer and songwriter, Peggy Lee said it best in her song:

I can wash out forty four pairs of socks and have 'em hangin' out on the line
I can starch and iron two dozens shirts 'fore you can count from one to nine
I can scoop up a great big dipper full of lard from the drippin's can
Throw it in the skillet, go out and do my shopping, be back before it melts in the pan
'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again

I can rub and scrub til this old house is shinin' like a dime
Feed the baby, grease the car, and powder my face at the same time
Get all dressed up, go out and swing 'til four A.M. and then
Lay down at five, jump up at six, and start all over again
'Cause I'm a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again


The Many Faces of Good Girls

Look around you. If you are sitting by yourself at the moment, google Goddess Faces. Every single one of those goddesses is different from the other. From skin color, to size, to hair, to age and well you get the idea. Each one is not only physically gorgeous, but exudes self confidence and quiet power that draws you in. 

Each one of them tells a brilliant story; herstory. Each one of them is tenacious - having a quality of determination and never giving up or letting go.

Why? For she recognized her innate wisdom and needed to share it with others. Some via large platforms as public speaking, books and more. Some on a quieter more inner circle platform; for those with eyes to see and BE encouraged to BE their authentic self. Both have great value for each creates a ripple for others to give witness to and empower themselves to come out and play.

Each ripple creates more ripples. Before you know it, you ARE affecting so many more than you personally come in contact with. Therefore, what is the image you are putting forth?

Empowerment or Belittlement?

Things to ponder.

 What Are Your Many Faces?

Now, I'm not talking about make-up vs. make-up less face. I'm talking about your face

When you look at another, you can often get an immediate glimpse of their psyche at that particular moment. For example, I saw a practitioner yesterday and  today. She is gleefully working on my shoulder. 

Her first comment today was you look so different; calm more at peace.

While I had on my first time to meet you face on yesterday, the pain I was in was evident (it's a shoulder thing). Through her gifts she is helping muscles to relax; much less pain and therefore my face and body movements display that. 

Look at yourself in the mirror. This is not a critique of what hairs are turning gray or wrinkles emerging or bags blossoming.

Instead it is a look into your soul. Is that soul happy? If it is, KUDOS to you!

If it is not, what could you do to lessen that load. What could you do to brighten your day? What could you do that says YES to you? 

More things to ponder. 

Look it, we've all had crap happen in our lives; death, dissolutions, arguments, illness (to self or loved one) and more.

On the flip side, we've all had glorious things happen in our lives; children, marriage, recognition for our innate gifts, sunny days, vacations, flowers, lollipops and unicorns (just making sure you are still reading ;) ).

It's what we focus on or allow to take over that can de-rail what we wish to do. 

It's Time

It's time to take a more in depth look into our psyche and remember our individaul WHYS.

  • Why do I wish to this or that?
  • Why do I wish this or that to happen?
  • Why do I desire better health?
  • Why do I desire more money and less bills?
  • Why do I wish a partner to share my life?
  • WHY

Why bother  doing all thinking thought provoking deep work? Because then you have answers. Then you gain greater clarity of what truly motivates you. Once you have answered the WHYS - it's important to keep asking in one arena until you hit a nerve that makes you think harder and more profoundly - you gain clarity. You gain and remember your tenacity. You move forward with great grace for now you have a mission and it is going to be much harder to derail you from this point forward. 

That's why. 

What Angel to Call Upon for This Mission?

Uriel, Angel of Safety, once again comes forward.


Because he, like no other will help you to feel safe to BE you. The real you. The authentic you. The glorious you. 

Focus on his energy coming forth in his mandala below. You are welcomed to meditate on its energy to help unleash what you have been hiding.

It's time for you to come out and play now.

Good Girls Can BE.... A Rebel and Proud of It! March 27 2019

As the eldest and only child for seven years and the 'girl'... I adopted and embraced the essence of Good Girl for decades.

You know, the girl who says yes because she has too out of obligation. The good girl who doesn't dare raise her freak flag for the fear of being well freakish. The good girl who rarely rocks the boat because life is better when calm.

Does this ring a bell for you and your life?

Shifting the Paradigm of BEing a Good Girl

This energy has been building for years and in various small pockets around the globe it has emerged and blossoming to never turn back. 

This hit a nerve while traveling through France last summer. I had the great fortune to connect with many, many amazing people and one in particular whom I shall call Susan. Susan is a grandma and at first glance very proper, unassuming and rather conservative. OH NO... looks deceive! The more I chatted with Susan the more I realized it was her safety persona. This woman is a flat out rebel!

Stories abounded as she shared snippets of her life. Someone dared to give her the moniker of Bad Nana. This really rubbed me the wrong way for what was she doing that was bad?


She was breaking molds of what a proper grandma ought to act like. She was breaking molds and bending rules since a young lass at private school. She was a rebel. That is the name I proudly gave her... Rebel Nana. She questioned it at first, but when I explained that she was actually a role model and to not allow title, age, etc to define one's self. She LOVED it... or so I am led to believe.

This one goddess taught much... so much simply by BEing. BEing glorious, sassy rebellious and I LOVED it. Why? She is BEing genuine to her. 

Isn't that what so many desire?

A Good Girl has been

For centuries it has been expected and doled out that men and women can do certain things and to stay put in those lanes and how dare you skip to another lane. 

Those defined good girls followed their dictated path and some quite passive about it. Others? Dare to bend if not break molds by BEcoming trailblazers in fields across the the spectrum. Fields from aviation, medicine, space, and so much more. 

Women gathered and won the right to vote in the United States. Women continue to gather and collaborate to create. Create change, create true equality - lip service is no longer an option. Good Girls are doing this and so much more. 

What about Life as a Good Girl?

BEing a good girl no longer means one has to bend and succumb to what is expected of them. Does this mean one comes out with guns blazing? Of course not - not in the metaphorical or literal sense. It does mean one first must realize what their chosen whys are.

  • Why do I desire this or that?
  • Why do I wish to live here or there?
  • Why do I prefer...?
  • Why?

When one begins to dig deep and no longer deny who they are by definition of their gifts is a BIG step in itself. Just today another goddess reached out because she has been approached since a child as one folks feel safe to share their story. Why? She is a natural healer, highly empathic and more. However, she has been in denial for decades which so saddens me. However she now recognizes some of her whys and can no longer hide. Thus we begin working together to help her remember her beautiful essence so she then helps many others.


What are your whys? If you are not sure of even one, it's time we chat to unleash a few to start and grow from there. Why? BEcause it is just one of the many things I LOVE doing; helping others to shine their essence. 

Good Girls and Angels

There is so much to chat about in this one arena alone that I've actually had a somewhat difficult time isolating just a few examples to help get you juiced up about YOU.

What angel did I go to first? Uriel hands down. Why? Uriel is the Angel of Safety. He is the consummate winged reminder that YOU are Safe to BE YOU. It is no longer acceptable to pretend to BE someone you are not. It is no longer acceptable to hide in hopes it might go away. It is no longer acceptable to dull your gorgeous, beautiful light.

Why? BEcause your light is so needed at this moment at this time - yes like right now.

That's WHY.

Isn't it time you embraced your inner Rebel?

The Supermoon Equinox of March, 2019 March 19 2019 1 Comment

Are we in for a treat on March 20, 2019!

Yes, we have yet another full moon.

Yes, we have yet another SuperMoon

BUT wait there's more - it all happens on the Spring Equinox!

March SuperMoon News

As many of you know, astrology makes my hair hurt, but it plays in mightily for this scenario. 

But let's back a bit. What is a SuperMoon? Is the moon really closer to Earth? What makes it 'super'? Of course there is much more to it than this, but that's the basic definition of a supermoon.

A Supermoon is indeed when the moon is closer to earth in its elliptical orbit. This, on full moon (as it also happens during a new moon) can make it appear quite large in our sky offering great accolades of oohhhhs and ahhhs.

The last lunar fact as it affects you, for now, is that this is the last supermoon of 2019. The next series of supermoons will not occur until fall of 2020. I've mentioned this before, we are indeed in a super charged time (pun soooo intended) and it will, and is, affecting all more than one may care to admit in not only our personal, but global lives.

As this supermoon coincides with the spring equinox; it is indeed time to plant your seeds, nurture them and watch them blossom. For what does spring eternally represent?

A rebirthing.

Buckle Your Seatbelts and Hold On!

I find it fascinating that this moon is in Libra; the scale - alllll about balance. For just today, the Channeled Angel Message was indeed Centered - what is centered, but balance? 

Emotions, old ways of being that require sloughing off are amping up and can cause outbursts that are slightly unsavory. 


Remember to stay as centered as possible. Stay in the essence of Love.

This is prime time to remember your Whys. If you are unsure of what this means for you, there are a multitude of ways to discover your Whys:

  • Have a Session with a trusted coach who can hold space for you as you dig deep (I know of someone spectacular ;) )
  • Pretend you are three years old. For it is around that time it appears that the only word the child knows at that time is WHY. Keep asking yourself:
  • Why do I desire that/this? BE honest. If your answer is from the heart, it is the absolutely correct one for you and that is all that matters.
  • Why do I wish to BE this/that? 
  • WHY do I....?

And So on. When one discovers their why, embraces their why and owns their why, all BEgins to fall into place much faster, easier and with greater LOVE as the motivator vs. obligation being the motivator. 

This is What this SuperMoon is offering

While this last supermoon of 2019 is packing a punch energetically, it is a gift above all gifts in so many ways.

We are able to recognize the 'stuff' that is holding us back, hindering and more so we may now release it and BE. While this shift may make one feel a tad wobbly, it is designed to do just that; especially if you are still on the fence of what's next? As we wobble, we remember our center.

This supermoon is a push. A push out of your comfort zone. A push to reclaim your essence. A push to remember what gets you excited and offers tidbits of how to get there.

This supermoon, in Libra, is about balance. Finding your center. it offers a big ol' opportunity to BE. Think about it. What better way to reach for the stars, grab a hold, and bring it into your reality when you are grounded? 

To further deepen that think about it - how can you manifest something, anything, if it is always a dream? How can you live your life of desires if you spend glorious amounts of time envisioning it, but not being proactive in creating it?

Hmmm? Things to think about, eh?

This is what this supermoon can offer you.

What to do in this Supermoon...

There are the 'classics' and some not so 'classic':

  • Clear and charge your crystals this can help set the stage for you and how they serve you for the remainder of the year.
  • If you haven't yet, NOW is the time to write down what it is that you desire. Write like your life depended on it - for in many ways it does.
  • Spend time in Luna's energy Wednesday/Thursday to bask in the energy. 
  • Gather a group of like minded folks to join in, or spend blessed time alone
  • Give yourself permission to receive. Dream BIG, receive BIG.
  • Chat with Auriel, the Lunar Angel. She will help to illuminate the correct path for you; offer insights to the right teachers, coaches, connections that will gladly support you and cheer you on as you say YES. 
  • Say YES and mean it. Say YES to you and mean it. Say YES to life and mean it. 

it's time.

Archangel Auriel's Mandala

How to Deal When you Feel the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders March 06 2019

The response from last week's post was lovely. So many of you reached out privately and asked if I had been in your head and following you around.... 

Your response prompted a follow up of more simple tricks you could do to help alleviate the weight you've been carrying around. 

The Overburdened

How did you get this way you may find yourself questioning. How on earth did I allow all this stuff to be piled on top of me? It's so much, I'm not sure if I can bear it all any more; I feel like I'm suffocating. 

Relax. For you are far from alone. So many feel this way. Remember when I addressed multi tasking in the last blog post. This falls into this arena. When you are doing too much, you are doing too much! 


Address one task at a time. Here's a typical type day for me:

  • Feed the Lions (aka cats)
  • Make the daily cappucinno
  • Dailies - you know the daily channeled messages
  • Chat with group members and students
  • Laundry
  • Gym/Walk in the woods - or both
  • Submit lecture proposals to destinations
  • Clients
  • Grade Student homework
  • New Project - oracle deck
  • Book Proposal
  • Errands
  • Clean house - maybe
  • Radio/TV/Podcast gigs
  • Detox Bath
  • Blah, blah blah

I'm no different than you; much on the plate. If one looks at their To Do List in one glance it is overwhelming! However, I LOVE making the list and then crossing off as each project is complete. It's the OCD in me, but then once I see how much has been completed, I am much easier on myself when it's time to relax or my soul says stop and it's time to rest.

However I do address a good deal of this on a daily basis. How? By addressing one item at a time with complete focus. Trust me, there are times I do circuits around our home. There are days I feel like it's pure dribble coming out of my mouth and on some days it is. However, each task at hand is given my full attention; therefore more is done in a day than if I truly bounced around from task to task without a thought. 

I have found my escapes. Those things I can do that allows my mind to wander; painting walls (it's legendary in our family how much I do paint), gardening, walking the sacred woods near our home. Even with each one of these tasks I focus, allow and BE. 

Give it a whirl. What are your favorite meandering things to do? These in many ways are Acts of Self Love - thanks to Chamuel for the reminder that we all need to do them on a daily basis.

What else can I do to lift the weight off my shoulders?


There are so many kinds of yoga out there; Hot, Power, Gentle, Swaroopa, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa... well you get the idea. Each one offers a way to BE. Discover which one speaks to you.

However, if going to a yoga studio or class feels somewhat intimidating, not a problem. In the comfort of your home, in your jammies, you can still do a few simple poses:

Child's Pose - This pose gently relaxes muscles on the front of your body while reducing stress and fatigue.

Supported Corpse Pose - You lay on your back with a bolster underneath your upper back. This relaxes the tension in the front of your body (heart) as your shoulders softly drop to the ground. It's more beneficial if your palms face upwards (helps to open your heart and shoulders more)

Legs Up The Wall - Truly that is what the pose is called! You lay on your back as close as you can with your butt touching the wall. Relax your legs on the wall, hands facing upwards. This pose is known to aid in digestion, relax the body to allow a more restorative sleep and much more.

With each of these poses, as any yoga poses, the key is to relax and breathe. Hold each pose, while breathing, for a minimum of 20 seconds. Your body is tense and it's going to take more than a moment to relax it. As you continue to relax and breathe, your body often twitches to the next level of relaxation. As the saying goes, go with the flow and breathe.

Meditation Eases the Mind

Certainly quieting the mind is often prescribed, but seems unobtainable. 

If you are new to meditation, may I suggest a few things:

  • Call on Archangel Michael first - He helps to protect you in every way possible including the spiritual side. By having him in your corner you can better relax and enjoy meditation.
  • Begin with guided meditation. There are countless phone apps and youtube videos. The best ones are suggestive. They will not be specific in what you are to see or feel. Why? Everyone is different and therefore will respond differently to suggestions.
  • Yes, yes yes, I AM working on those blessed guided meditations - 15 in all and two beautiful goddesses have just stepped forward to help me edit them. Hopefully they shall be released soon. 

    Why is meditation suggested? Oh for soooo many reasons! It doesn't take long, but of course one can meditate for hours if desired. But even a quick five minute meditation can expand your horizons, ease your mind and yes, lift the weight off your shoulders.

Give it a try.

Eat properly for YOU

This is a common tactic of mine to get you back on track. 

In fact, via social media I recently saw a meme... Why do we eat cookies, cakes, ice cream when stressed? Because desserts is stressed spelled backwards!

While there is great truth in that, we all know all that sugar stuff is mind, body and soul numbing. Don't get me wrong, it tastes great going down, but the aftermath? Not so much. It actually creates more stress, so you crave more and the cycle continues. 

Me? I prefer vegetarian, but know me well enough that my body needs beef periodically. It's an iron thing. When do I need this? Typically when tired for extended periods which of course leads to stress. When I am in my optimum mode, I dig for fruit in the bowl on the kitchen table, stay away from breads and pasta and my favorite; pizza. Yes it is very yummy, but not so much the next day. 

It's a simple question to ask yourself:

Will this food fuel or dull me?

You will get an immediate answer. It is up to you to decide from there; free will and all. 

Thanks to my eldest I am more determined to be thin and strong this year. Therefore I am becoming more conscious (as I had slipped) of what is going in my mouth and am working with a personal trainer. Both are helping tremendously with easing the weight off my shoulders. Why? I'm taking back the control of my life in all various kinds of ways. 

Why do these suggestions help in releasing the weight off my shoulders?

Simply because you are taking care of you. You are saying YES to you.

You are realizing and honoring more your worth and embracing you.

If you acknowledge you, the universe follows suit.

People will come in your life to support you in various arenas.

People will tell you how much you mean to them.

You realize it is not a competition, but a life to BE shared.

Ahhhhh... feel that weight lifting now?


Need more help in the ahem, weight lifting? Pop me a note, it may be time for a three-month mentorship program so we can dig deep together and soar even higher than possibly imagined. 


Archangel Uriel's Channeled Mandala

Archangel Uriel's Channeled Mandala

Chosen specifically to remind you that

YOU are safe to BE YOU


What Happens When You Feel the Weight of the World Upon You February 28 2019 1 Comment

Haven't you ever felt that there was so much going on and you didn't know which way to turn? 

You may not know which way to turn, but kept going. 

All the while the weight of the world continued to weigh heavily upon you; from personal shoulds to global goings on.

What Does This Weight of the World Upon You Feel Like?

Symptoms are listlessness, extreme tiredness and yet can't sleep or have trouble sleeping. 

Symptoms such as tenseness in the neck and shoulders begin. They begin and slowly ever so slowly take hold and don't  let go. This of course leaves you with a tight neck and shoulders. These symptoms can quickly prompt massage appointments, yoga classes and more. 

However, the symptoms range and certainly can vary according to the situation and your empathic gifts. This weight can start softly and yet become insidious. 

This weight on your shoulders leaves you tired at the best of circumstances.

This weight on your shoulders can be life threatening at the worse of circumstances.  

This weight on your shoulders  leaves you second guessing decisions. Decisions if your path is the right one. Decisions if your diet is proper - such a slippery topic that can leave you in a state of flux and digging deep in those blessed boxes of Thin Mints that have begun arriving like the sugar locusts that they are. 

Bottom line it feels like you are going round and round on a gerbil wheel with no jumping off point. 

What Causes This Weight of the World to Take Hold?

So many things can cause this phenomena. Some include things such as:

  • Being a Yes person - aka Good Girl
  • Multi-tasking. Yes that very thing so many pride themselves on. I'd stop bragging on that one if I were you. 
  • Seeing the Big Picture, but not able to digest it and break it down into little pieces.
  • Being empathic. This is not curse people, but a true gift. But being empathic does require copious amounts of self care to dis-engage. If you are reading this and it resonates, your Acts of Self Love need to increase stat.

Let's break each of these down a bit.

Being a yes person (so does not warrant a BEing scenario). As the eldest in our family and a girl (just in case you haven't noticed) and the only child for several years, I do what I do - take care of things and people. I get it. It's why I often tell clients to BEgin anew and really rate what needs to be done vs. should be done. When one says YES with conviction, the weight lifts. When one says yes out of obligation, the weight gets heavier. Begin now and evaluate each event you must do. Do you really need to do this? 

It's a really a simple yes or no scenario. Listen to your heart and you will know without a shadow of a doubt what is your next viable step(s).


This is not something to pride one's self on. Really. Sure, you can do squats as you are brushing your teeth, but why not give thanks for those pearly whites as you brush instead? Focus on the essence of gratitude for how amazing your teeth are and how they assist you in your daily life. Can you imagine not having teeth? Of course not, so don't take them for granted. This suggestion really doesn't fall under the auspices of multi-tasking. 

Multi-tasking is chatting with someone on the phone and doing something else. We've all done it, don't say you haven't. However, when you do something as a simple multi-task such as this, the subtle nuances of your conversation will go awry and you'll never know what you missed. By BEing more present in every 'task' you do, all is done with greater efficiency and through that you fortify your essence by not stretching yourself so thin energetically. Think of a conversation you've ever had either in person or on the phone; can't you tell when that person is not paying attention? You deserve it as do they. 

Remember, focus on one thing at a time. 

The Big Picture

Everyone has dreams, goals and more. Everyone has seen or experienced personally injustices. Those can be overwhelming and weigh heavily on your shoulders. This is ideal time to take a deep breath.

Inhale for four slow counts. 
Hold for four slow counts.
Exhale for four slow counts.

Does it change anything? Yes and no. While it may not change the situation, it can change your perspective of it and what you could do to alter it. 

As an example, my sister lives near the Potomac River where trash is constantly bottle necking everything. It disgusted her. She brought trash bags and picked up what she could. In the span of less than three months, trash picking is now an organized monthly event with over 50 people helping out.

One small step is all it takes in the direction you desire to go to change more than you can imagine. Just take that first step; say YES to you.


This really is not a curse, but rather a beautiful gift. As much as you may wish to disregard your gift or hopes that it will go away, it won't. No amount of rotten lifestyle choices will exacerbate it. Therefore, embrace this gift.

Everyone's gift is truly different, so it is best to learn how you react to events; personal, regional, national and of course universal. As an example, you may feel antsy prior to a thunderstorm. You may feel another's pain who is many miles from you. You may.... Learn how it feels for you. Then going forward you are better able to know what is possibly headed your way and how to better deal with it for you recognize your signs.

Archangel Chamuel's Channeled Mandala



This is where Acts of Self Love are paramount. The more you rebuild your energetic reserves, the better fortified you are to handle all that comes your way. Chat with Archangel Chamuel for your suggestions.



Take a deep breath; know that this too shall pass - sooner than later.

When you aren't sure where this weight is coming from

Write. Write like nobody's business. Consider this your Purging of all that is bothering you. Then set it on fire. 

Seriously, burn it up.

I did just this earlier this week. I'm ready to BE more me than ever. 

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. 

I thanked those that had come before me and stood alone on the platform that opened doors for perhaps millions. I thanked them for their love and work and knew it was time for them to rest as best as they could rest and enjoy life.

For now it is the time for many to share that platform while they are BEing so others may ignite their personal light and shine for others. 

Will you join me in lighting your light so others may feel encouraged to do so as well?

For once your light is burning, the weight begins to lift for you are learning to BE. 




Ready, Set, RESET February 19 2019

It's here, The Super Snow Moon of 2019!

Yes, while it was officially on February 18, 2019, the energies continue to be prime for you to say YES... to you.

Will you?

I know, I know, I'm sounding like a broken record, but until who are in my universe say YES to themselves, you will continue to see and hear this question from me. Why is this so important to me? Because it is one of the things I live for; inspiring another to BE. BE themselves because they have said YES and meant every single letter of that blessed three little word. 

What does the Super Snow Moon Represent?

This specific full moon continues to build on the energies that began in the last quarter of 2018. This moon is the fourth consecutive full moon to be at zero degrees. What does this mean for you? Resetting. We are at Ground Zero in a manner of speaking, rising from the ashes to blossom and shine like never before.

This super glorious moon builds on the New Moon that coincided with the Chinese New Year... talk about resetting! Resetting in The Breakthrough Year! Are you BEginning to see a theme?

It is the perfect time to howl out your desires and reset. 

What requires resetting in your life? Only you can truthfully answer that question. However, let's address the major categories to get you to BEgin anew... why? Because what you do or don't do now sets the stage for your future; immediate and long term. 

Relationships that require resetting

There are many kinds of relationships; romantic, social, business, family. However, have you thought that you have a relationship with money, food, and health? It's all about relationships. What does each relationship offer to you? Yes you. If you are eating a bowl of mashed potatoes, what does it offer you? Sure it's yummy fluffiness with melted butter and more, but how does it support you and your soul? It may feel great going down, but certainly in the long run; mashed potatoes, I am sorry to say, offer no fuel. 

Why now? All energy is super-charged at this exact moment. ALL. In our Facebook Group, many are undergoing major life changes and it certainly runs the gamut; jobs, deaths, illness (of self and/or loved ones), near death experiences and more. Want some ongoing support? Join us! You'll be welcomed with open wings, but one must ask to join.

In order to release, one must detach. Detach from the drama and the energy that 'it' holds. This includes stuff. You know, the stuff that is in your sacred space; papers, clothes, decor, books, etc. Just this past weekend my husband and I cleared our closet. I didn't think there would be much coming from my side since I regularly clear out; I was there more as support for him. Little did I know what I was still holding onto! We ultimately had FIVE BAGS of clothing that immediately was donated; two of which held my stuff.

It's the detachment knowing one will never wear that outfit again and it's time to pass it on for another to enjoy. It's the detachment of the releasing that is the empowering act. Why now is there an urgency now?

You are planting seeds for your future. Seeds must have space to germinate, take root and grow. 

Super Snow Moon and Your Future

As you release each article, relationship, thought process, I highly recommend you give it thanks for supporting you no matter how short it was in your life. Why bother? Let me tell you a story. We were at a consignment store years ago. They had not one, but two pairs of Lucchese boots for sale; both in our size. We really didn't need them nor had any plans of ever wearing them, but they signified prosperity for at full retail they go easily over $500 a pair. Purchase we did. Gather dust they did. They are now released from us so someone who can adore and wear them will do so with pride. By releasing them, we gave back and gave to ourselves to allow the kind of prosperous articles to enter our life that we love.

Just today I went to the salon and well did salon things. My stylist is an amazing goddess, full of goodness, great ideas and more. She had allowed a fellow worker to tend to her hair with great dissatisfaction; her hair was now fried. This goddess is ready, oh so ready to step into her power and own her very own salon. She was quickly talked into getting her hair cut to better reflect her true essence, not what another thought would 'look good on her'.

The power of releasing is based on making room for what is better suited to enter, but ultimately is a more true representation of whom you are. 

Reset and Soar with the Angels

As you are now perhaps giddy to release stuff and more, which direction shall you go? How will you continue to say YES to you? It's time to chat, with the angels of course.  

Start with Archangel Auriel, The Lunar Angel. Light up her candle and embrace the brilliance and energy of this moon. Invoke the energies of this moon into your BEing to help you say YES and BEcome proactive every single day on living the life you desire. 

Archangel Auriel's Mandala

Archangel Auriel's Mandala


Still not sure where to start with this whole releasing and resetting game? Chat with Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Transmutation. He can and will not only clear your space energetically, better than any sage, but will gladly illuminate for you what needs to clear from any given room, mindset and more. I always find it beneficial when his candle is lit which often is while I'm working; I find it helps me to focus more and not submit to any shiny moments. By recognizing what needs to go, one is better fortified to reset.

Archangel Zadkiel's Mandala

Archangel Zadkiel's Mandala


Lastly I recommend you chat with Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation. If you are not sure of what you do want any more (and you would not be alone if one is being truthful), chatting with Haniel is beneficial. She will help remind you of your whys. Why you desire this or that, or any given relationship and much more. 

 Archangel Haniel's Mandala

Achangel Haniel's Mandala


In closing, are you ready to say YES and mean it? Are you ready to dump, discard, donate stuff because you now know it is stuff? Are you ready to BE rid of what no longer serves you so you can completely shout out YES and take steps daily to live the life you desire? 

I hope so and this is the moon to kick all into higher gear. 

Doreen Virtues 'Demonic' List - 'A' February 13 2019 2 Comments

What are your thoughts regarding Doreen Virtue's conversion and proclamations that all that she taught, wrote and produced is now 'demonic'? Today I address the first of many on her list; angels.

The day I answered my Soul's Calling February 06 2019 3 Comments

I had a lovely life, still do, but let's go on a journey of sorts; backwards.

I had a lovely life; amazing husband (still do 33+ years and counting), amazing children and more. I was the Soccer Mom as society calls it, although I must admit I stayed home where it was warm snuggled by the fire many a day when she played soccer and let my husband 'participate'.

I had a lovely life, friends, community, and more. I thought it had a direction. 

BUT I wasn't happy. Not deep down. It felt too fluffy; not in the warm, fuzzy way, but in the superficial sort of way. No matter what activity I became engaged in, it didn't feel fulfilling. Wasn't sure what could be missing, but deep down knew something was.

My Soul Stirred.

I began to internally whine and there may have been some wine involved. 

I was restless. I was becoming unhappy in my own skin. My friends at the moment began to annoy me and support was never there any more. There was ample gossiping and sharing of family dynamics, but ... 

Having felt for many a year like a round peg/square hole or visa versa, I pondered is this how friends are suppose to act? So attached I stayed.

Miserable I became. 

I ventured out, alone. Went to a Women's Fair at a local hospital and it's the first time I recall feeling energy in my hands. I was truly blown away and then some. THIS the soul whispered.

'This, what?' I questioned...

Keep going it whispered back.

Not very helpful, but kept chugging along. 

Took a Reiki training class. Left feeling less than and didn't venture back for over two years. Two years! Why? The teacher felt quite ego centered I did a lot for you today, be gentle on yourself. and that sort of thing. Internal dialogues ran amuck akin to If this is what this 'Love and Light' stuff is all about, they can keep it! To this day, that term rarely exits my mouth or via my fingers in writing format. 

My soul stirred some more and eventually found a different teacher to continue Reiki. Meanwhile reading commenced regarding crystals, angels and who knew such a thing as an Ascended Master existed! 

My Soul Stretched

As the knowledge grew, my energy matched it. Friendships were dwindling; let's face it they weren't supportive in the truest sense and it was better to 'go it alone' than to explain myself all the time or clam up in an effort to keep the peace and play along.

The angels, The Gang as I now call them, came a knockin' in earnest. I subscribed to magazines and purchased books. Took a little class here, a little class there. 

Still I pondered.

Then I heard a word, empath. Empath? Little did I know then I was and AM an empath! I knew sensitivity was high on the charts, but to actually feel what another was going through - there's a word for that and an actual thing?

Who knew?

So all those times when I would call another and ask what's wrong it's because I knew something was up! To this day, my husband downplays this gift when it concerns him; but he has learned he cannot evade those questions forever, for I do know! 

As these pieces; empath, angels, energy and more started to settle in, my soul did a little happy dance. You might even say a quick Polka! One can only imagine their dialogue, but pretty sure it went something like:

Quick! She's waking up! Close those old doors. You gotta kick this one in the butt a bit more for she's a bit afraid of what she sees and hears! Start sending her confirmation events so she knows she's not going crazy. Hey, Michael - beef up her protection, she's going to need where she is destined to go. Metatron, open up her Soul Chakra a bit more to help her remember and keep her motivated.

And so on. Beef up the protection he did; thank you Big Mike. Thank you Metatron for keeping me focused and helping me to remember. Thank you Pinky for your impromptu re-introduction and our incessant dialogue. Thank you ALL for being there.

The Soul Awoke

Just to be sure I stayed focused, we moved. Moved not only to a different town, but different state. How would a move keep one focused? I had no friends to derail me with activities. Our children were now adults, so all those after school events were unnecessary. I ventured out a bit, taught a few classes, began conducting readings at stores and folks kept coming back!

Hmmmm... maybe I was onto my soul's calling!

The energies settled enough that there was now no turning back. I loved what I was doing; not with international results (yet), but I loved helping folks remember too. 

Soooo they had us move ... again. Yes to a different town in a different state once again. However, this time I did know a few folks in this locale, but the metaphysical isn't, to this day, warmly embraced by many of the locals. So shut mouthed I stayed, but wrote, wrote voraciously, created the oracle deck, wrote more, fine tuned things, began to vend at a variety of metaphysical shows in the region and tested the waters beyond the region. 

We were lovingly received. 

Hmmmm... I can do what I love and make a living? Who knew?

Now here to stay

Guess what happened then? You'd be right if you said we moved, yep again. To a different town in a different state. Just like you, I keep striving for better; a more true version of me. While I love getting 'angelfied' for metaphysical shows, TV and more, I equally love hanging out in yoga pants and getting muddy walking through the woods. 

I've learned in this soul awakening that there are indeed many aspects of me, just like you. It's time they all came out to play. I've learned that not one version is better than the other, for they are all part of me. Certainly some are still hidden - even from me, but now I am more willing than ever to discover them, love on them and well simply BE me. 

Will you say YES to you? Let me know how I can help; for that is one of the many things I LOVE doing. 


Metatron's Channeled Mandala

copyright 2016 


WHY do I do what I do? January 30 2019 1 Comment

My life, as yours, has been an interesting journey thus far and and excited to see and own where we go next. 

Why do we need to know our WHYS?

Think about it. If one better understands what motivates them and WHY it motivates them, it helps to forge ahead and have a game plan of sorts.

When one better understands and keeps asking WHY in regards to themselves, a new horizon dawns and clarity settles in. Promise. 

Everyone wants Love, but so often a mask and a different persona is presented that attracts the magnet to that persona. Eventually it is exhausting to keep that mask on for the real you must emerge. Result? Relationship going south down the drain. 

The same can be said for your ideal home. Society, often times in America, has said in order to BE prosperous, one must have a large home. Often times that large home becomes a noose of sorts; cleaning, yard crew, etc. Not to mention utility bills! This is not saying that if your whys take you to a large home that is not ideal; au contraire! I'd say GO FOR IT! Likewise, if living in a tiny home is for you; GO FOR IT! Me? I'm somewhere in the middle. I've learned I LOVE larger (not mansion large), but need the space for it offers energetic expansion. My WHY is I don't like being confined; never have and that includes our home. 

Our ideal home includes a kitchen to beat all kitchens for we love to cook and entertain. Our ideal home has a guest cottage on the property to give our weekend clients even more private space. Our ideal home sits near water; viewing and walking distance water. Water fuels our souls and we've come to realize that ever home we've owned has been near water. The list continues, but these are some of our whys.

Listen to your soul. Notice the patterns. Know your whys. 

What are YOUR Whys?

This is something I've been chatting about for a bit now; especially with my students. WHY do you wish this or that? 

Why do you desire this or that?


It's that digging deep thing I LOVE doing with not only clients and students, but honestly myself, that helps to unleash the WHYS of life. I LOVE, truly LOVE inspiring and empowering people. While I AM above average in the intuition department, I am still only one person and created products to help with the inspiration and empowerment WHY.

I've created The Course (currently open; but remember, doors close on February 6, 2019 until next year) to help student remember their WHYS. Learning to chat with angels helps with whys?


Why? (pun intended) Because as each lesson is delved into, the connection becomes stronger with that angel and their mission. Since angels are here to serve, does it not stand to reason that they help in the WHY category? It does, and honestly was not expecting that to BE such a strong lesson throughout the course, but the students have spoken and it is. Each is blossoming beyond what I could have anticipated when devising The Course. 

It has filled a big WHY in my book and as a result The Course is expanding this year with 'new' information BEing added and who knows where else we shall soar? The Course feeds one of my WHYS.

Hope you join us. 

Knowing Your Whys

Once you better understand your Whys, it doesn't mean you have to go it all alone. The angels are a constant in my life and while that is indeed comforting and uplifting and often humorous. I can't really 'do coffee' with them, now can I?

Once WHYS are better understood and owned, your support network begins to emerge, solidify and show up. WHY? Because now you are energetically putting out the energy that is more true to you and; therefore, can only naturally bring towards you energy that is supporting what you are sharing. 

As an example, I was on a local TV show about six/seven years ago. The woman and I have kinda stayed in touch, but not close knit. However since I am better understanding my WHYS, she asked me back and is thinking about a series of sorts regarding angels! 

I AM also collaborating with two amazing goddesses this year and we are going to co-teach a long weekend seminar. Two different goddesses, two different topics. So stay tuned for our announcement of topics and dates! 

Collaboration! For once you better understand your WHYS, you know you don't have to know it all, it is rather fun to work and play with others for they get yousupport you and Love you for you! Everyone benefits from the collaboration; you, your circle and the world around you whether you are officially teaching, sharing or just BEing.

Seriously. Give it a whirl. 

What Angel Helps with Your WHYS?

So glad you asked. Uriel. WHY Uriel? He is the Angel of Safety; therefore, he helps you to BE. He helps you to shine your true light, not one you think others will like, adore, love better. He helps you to BE well YOU. 

Uriel oversees the Root Chakra. This chakra energetically is located at the base of the spine, the bottom, the root. As that chakra begins to take control and blossom, one is left no other choice than to BE. How does this work? Simply put your support system from within trickles upward reminding you to BE sensual, empowered, loving, forthright in communication, intuitive and yes spiritual. 

Each angel builds upon the other, through working up the chakra system each one BEing independent of the other, but supporting. This is how we are designed to operate; BEing present while reaching and holding onto the stars.

As 2019 is The Breakthrough Year; keep asking WHY. Isn't a Breakthrough? Understanding YOU better?

I think so. 




What happens when you Beloved 'pet' leaves? January 23 2019 2 Comments

The Back Story

Many of you know, some of you may not... but now you shall.

Our Beloved girl, Gabi, has left us. 

My husband were on our first vacation (more than two consecutive days) in over six years; the verdict is still out long ago, but I digress. We returned on a Friday and had intended to spend a day or two extra with my folks. 

Gabi had other plans. 

She was staying with my truly amazing sister and as par for her regular morning routine, came downstairs, went outside, laid down and couldn't get back up. That is the text we received. 

My heart plummented. 

We had separate cars and away we went, back north to BE with her. I knew from the get go it was to be her last physical day with us. We arrived at the 24 ER Vet with not so good news. 

Cancer was everywhere in her abdominal area. This is what caused the drama in the morning. A tumor had ruptured on her spleen and there was now internal bleeding. Stable at the moment, but who knows when the next rupture would happen; for it was inevitable. 

After MUCH heart searching, chatting with her and more, we did the most humane thing. For IF she had come home, there could be no more swamping expeditions. She could leave us without a moment's notice and go while we were doing errands, sleeping, etc. It helped tremendously, tremendously when students reached out to share that Gabi had already visited them and told them it was her last day and there was nothing we could have done to prevent this. Gabi went to them BEFORE we knew anything. She was smart that way....

How we are moving on from our 'pet' leaving us

A pet can be just that a pet. A four legged critter that is dependent on your for food, shelter and its general well being. I know you, and that is not how you would view it, and neither do we. A 'pet' in our mind happens to have four legs (or two, if it's a bird), but a member of the family. It's a soul you confide in, explore with and attempt to BE the person that they see in you.

It's Love at the core. Never pressure to BE anything but yourself.

Gabi's departure was quick. Yes, I had inklings, she told me, but it was one of those rare times I really wish I wasn't so intuitive and hoped beyond hoped that I was wrong.

It's not been easy. As you too can easily attest if you've ever been in this situation. 

What did I do? I painted, no not like Picasso, but walls; lots of walls. I needed something somewhat mindless that allowed me to absorb, shift energy and meditate while being 'productive'. I re-created the healing space where all client work happens. I painted our family room and have plans for other rooms as well. 

I ventured out for a 'magical' walk within days of her leaving. My husband was grieving as well - for it is grief, but we were each attempting to be strong for the other. Off to the woods I went. I screamed, I cried, I got angry. Hopefully all out of earshot of any other human. My legs were heavy. It was difficult to walk even what was considered our 'short' walk (3+ miles)

The first week was tough. I cannot lie. Even our cats were in mourning. They could be found frequently laying in 'Gabi's' Room - designated as this was the room she always scampered off to to enjoy her treats. Flowers and cards and sweet memories from students, clients and followers of Gabi and me. We were beyond touched that we had through by simply sharing, had touched so many of you. 

Thank you.

The healing continues

The painting has slowed down.

I've taken two more walks in the woods. One with a friend; we both got teary at memories, but they were good cries. We sat near the river, in the snow, like children and just listened and observed.

That was healing in itself; allowing ourselves to BE.

I went for the most recent walk just yesterday. I had a productive morning filled with clients and possible business dealings. Blog posting was attempted but kept getting stalled; it simply wasn't flowing. I was told in no uncertain terms to go for a walk. 

Meh. It was cold and I felt somewhat whiny. 

THEY, Sandalphon, Auriel, Thuriel; oh heck the entire Gang were persistent... Get Outside!

Finally I complied and headed off. It was getting late and the sun was far past its zenith, but I kept going. Once the woods were entered, I realized getting to the river was not possible due to the lighting. Maybe turn around now? Maybe go to her watering hole? 

Eh, I'm turning around.

Lo and behold Gabi appeared, very excited!

'Come on I want to show you something cool!" 


I kept trudging along. Upon entering the watering hole area, there stood a beautiful doe. While this may not seem remarkable in itself, it is. NEVER had we seen deer this close in these woods and we had traversed them often enough! Certainly we had seen the back side of many as they ran off, but never as close as this and this still and this curious about what was happening. 

But wait, there's more! There was not one, not two, but THREE does! All stopped to look and convey a message. We had a 'moment' of soul exchange. Photos were able to be taken as proof and off they went. 

A few more tears were shed. At least the ugly crying had stopped; so there is improvement.  

The next steps since Gabi's Departure

She had made a promise to me and me to her. 

Her promise is to BE always with me and may come back in dog form so stay tuned. She will always protect me; in fact I heard her growl while in the kitchen yesterday. Not sure whom she was miffed at, but I gratefully accepted it. 

My promise? To complete her book, The Gabi Life. For those of you that have been with me, like foreva, may recall this book. No publishing house desired it, so I took it as a sign it wasn't worth pursuing. 


Back to the book we go. Why do I know this? It's back in the forefront of things to accomplish. People must remember, Grace Always Begins Inside. There are a few more projects to complete, but then I dive fur and all back into it. Feel free to nudge me periodically... 

Until then, embrace each day as the miracle it is.


It is SUPERmoon time! January 16 2019

If we need more proof that 2019 IS The Breakthrough Year, we only need to look to the heavens for confirmation.

Why is that? We have not one, not two, but three super moons in three consecutive months! A super moon, if you are not aware, is loosely defined when the moon is closer than typical to the Earth which results in her appearing quite large in all her lunar magnificence!

We kick off on January 20 for the Blood Super Moon. This super moon is also in  conjunction with a lunar eclipse; which is the last lunar eclipse until the year 2021. So while this is not as rare as a total solar eclipse, it does offer keen insights and power for those that choose to harness her energy. 

Her? Of course - Luna aka the moon is feminine in all of her watery energy. Auriel, The Lunar Angel, helps to define and brings forth the messages that Luna wishes to share to help all BEcome more empowered. 

The Energetic Impact of Super Moons

On your average full moon, the tides can and often are, higher. More babies are born. More crimes committed. In other words, it is a highly charged time when everything and anything can happen.

Now magnify that energy during the super moon and you have a glimpse or an inkling what can happen. 

This is not the time to make any sudden decisions or certainly not ones from an emotional standpoint - no marriage proposals now please! It is also not an ideal time for contractual work as emotions will run higher than normal and the fine print and details can be overlooked. Relationships may form, but if formed during these times they are often short-lived - here for a reason!

Events may happen, especially with The Blood Moon on January 21, that can churn up anxiety, feelings of lack, etc. Observe those emotions and let go. These are feelings of un-ease and un-worthiness that are deeply settled in the psyche of the mind and while do reflect a deeper belief system, it/they do not reflect the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter being that you can BE who you are without belittling another, without riding the coattails of another and so on. BE you. 

This is the perfect time to think before you act or speak (and I'll repeat this in the next section again to BE sure you read it properly)

This all sounds rather like you wish to stay in bed with the covers pulled up high? Never fear, the Super Blood Moon Eclipse has many benefits and perks...

What this time is great for is clearing. 

Harness the Energy of the Super Blood Moon

You have had ideas inkling in the background. Perhaps a project you have started, then stopped, and started and stopped multiple times. Now is a grand time to look at it from a different perspective and fix what has been bothering you. Time to tweak it. Time to say YES to it and therefore YOU.

Now is the perfect time to de-clutter and clear the energy of your sacred space. I did a blog post on this very topic recently. Click on the link to read more. Remember, this is one of the many services I offer privately, so if you require assistance in your space, please email me.  Why bother to clear the clutter? Bottom line? All stuff holds energy and unless your stuff makes you happy, what kind of vibe do you think is getting put into what ought to be sacred space?

This is the perfect time to end things; relationships included. Yes, that relationship that you are staying in because you think there is nothing better in store for you. That relationship that if you dwell upon it for a nano-second does not boost, support or send love your way. That relationship that has you reliant on them for they are ultimately controlling. Those are not  relationships that serve; Please say YES to you and move on. 

Now is a great time to observe. Yes, observe. Observe your trigger points. What situations put you off kilter?

What emotions arise that push you off balance?

This is the perfect time to think before you act or speak. No flying off the handle since you are BEing forewarned. 

 We're Just Getting Started

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Super Moon of January is the first of three. The next is on February 19, 2019 (2/19/19) and the last on March 21, 2019 (3/21/19). There is much numerical significance in these dates... 

For example, 219 (thanks to Sacred Scribes interpretation) says it is time to focus. Focus on you, your life purpose and mission... I'm hearing the drum song, aren't you?

The last date, 319 says it is time to step into greater confidence with the assistance of the angels as well as Ascended Masters and own your brilliance. 

Need I say more?

Let's Wrap This Up

We are entering a very high powered, high energy time thanks to multiple Blood Moons. It has the potential to throw you off balance. If it does, allow it to BE so. Then adjust your sails, regroup and sail more easily back to your center. 

You are being forewarned of this impending energy. Energy that has actually already started. Energy that has been amping up for a couple of months on only to explode metaphorically in the first quarter of this year. 

Prepare now by getting rid what doesn't serve you. Prepare now by saying YES to you. IF you need assistance, you know where to find me.



Archangel Auriel's Channeled Mandala
Please use during meditation