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Mercury Retrograde February-March, 2020 February 19 2020

Well it's here... again, Mercury is doing its retrograde dance. 

What does this literally mean? How and why does Mercury go into retrograde? In a nutshell, Mercury is one of the faster moving planets in our solar system as it can perform its sun circuit in just 88 days. Yes, 88 days. So while it does appear to BE going backward, it literally is not. Its trajectory seems to keep pace with us momentarily although the visual says it is backward. 

As example, if you are driving along and a car passes you, it is obviously going faster. However, if it slows down and you then pass it, it can appear to be going backwards. This is the Mercury dancing its Retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde In a Water Sign

The first retrograde of the year, nay DECADE starts in Pisces, a water sign, but ends in an air sign, Aquarius. 

How will this affect you and those around you? If you are Pisces, you shall feel it even stronger than many, but all will have heightened intuitive 'hits'.

Pay attention. Pay attention to how you are guided. Pay attention to the many signs you get throughout each and every day. I promise, you are getting far more than you realize.

This is a prime time to take classes to enhance your intuition. May I suggest the Angel Chatter Authorization Course?  While we are starting after Mercury goes direct, it is a great time to commit to going deeper and understanding more the signs you are already getting. Seriously, I can't make this up - the stars are truly aligned!

As the retrograde dance ends in an air sign, Aquarius, there will be yet another shift as we traverse these coming weeks. This latter half will cover more communication; do more research before committing to that class, signing a contract, etc. New ideas will be bombarding you during this time. So new they just may seem revolutionary in the scheme of things. 

Go with it all. 

Both the beginning and end will be intensified for those that are actually Piscean or Aquarian within the zodiac world. You may wish to buckle seat belts a bit tighter for it has the potential to be quite the ride!

Mercury in Retrograde and your electrical toys

If you haven't already, back up your computers! Immediately. You may thank me later if there is a crash and those vital documents are lost, or could have been lost. 

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live in our sacred space known as Angel Chatter, try not to purchase any new electrical toys; printers, computers, TV, exercise equipment, ovens, refrigerators, sewing machines, etc. during retrograde. There is a chance that something will break at some point down the road that wouldn't normally have. Don't ask me, it's an energy thing. IF you can hold off, do so. It's only a few weeks. 

I've had friends that had their TVs go on the fritz during retrograde and they simply didn't around to replacing it only for it to go back to normal once mercury went direct. Weirder things can and may happen.

Go with the flow as much as possible. Keep your sense of humor. 

Mercury in Retrograde and YOU

Memes abound during retrograde. They range from pulling the blankets over your head to consuming copious amounts of wine and/or chocolate and everything in between. 

None of that really serves you and actually keeps you in the lower vibration of fear. 

Instead, let's refer to this time as a gift. A gift, an opportunity, to go within and remember. 

Remember what motivates you. 
Remember what turns you off. 
Remember your whys, oh those blessed whys.
Remember your dreams.
And so on. 

What a gift mercury does give, if one allows to perceive it so. The best coaches, teachers, mentors in the world can only help those that are ready to move forward and have finished the majority of wallowing. Truth. I'll will never lie to you; therefore clients have left me for I wouldn't tell them what they ultimately wanted to hear. If I did that, that's a dis-service to us both and besides, that's not how I roll. 

Mercury and Balance and Angels

As Mercury does trigger emotional points, energetic points and more, it can be easy to BEcome frazzled; muddled in thinking and at times sluggish. 

Before you go leaping off the proverbial ledge, catch your breath and grab a cuppa. BIG heavy sigh of release is also needed. Go ahead and exhale NOW.

Yes, as in right now - EXHALE...

There ya go. 

Now call on Big Mike for protection for you are feeling more vulnerable in recent times. 

NOW you can call on Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. This is imperative for you now. As you have been busy juggling many plates and tending to others, you have allowed yourself to be left in the dust. 

Please stop that practice. Please. Stop it NOW.

Remember, it's their journey, not yours. Theirs. You can offer help, assistance, direction, but unless they ask, you are better off talking to your hand, at least it will wave at you. 

LIfe, in general and certainly during Retrograde is about balance. All of us work, all of us then must play. All sleep, all must awake. All eat, all must fast.


Ask your sacred vessel what it needs to support you more fully. 

Chamuel will assist, if you ask and then allow her to answer. As always, it is up to you to implement the suggestions, or not. 

Until next week, I wish you calm adventures, exciting moments and much love.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Focus on Chamuel's Mandala above as you meditate. If you need more, get her guided meditation here.

Keep moving forward, place a smile on your face and know you are BEing heard. Now allow yourself to receive the very guidance you ask for. 


What IF? February 12 2020

Today's Channeled Message from Metatron seems to have hit a nerve with many of you...EXCELLENT! If you haven't seen it, here goes:

Little One ~

Let's play, shall we?

Let us play the What If Game?

What IF you won?
What IF 'it' worked?
What IF you said YES?
What IF you said NO?
What IF you left?
What IF you stayed?
What IF....

What are your What IFs? Write down the first one that comes to mind and allow me to show you What IF...



What IF YOU took that chance?

It was illuminating to read so many empowering responses after Metatron's push. For that is one of his gifts; pushing you where you ultimately desire for it IS your soul's calling. He pushes you to think, remember, dwell and pull up those big girl panties and move forward. 

So many of you felt that push and commented with powerful statements such as:


What IF I didn't care what others thought of me?

What IF I spoke my truth?

What IF I said YES and moved forward?


These are paraphrases from many of the comments, for the theme was universal. So many, and this greatly saddens me, are not living life as desired! You feel stuck, immobilized for fear of the unknown. That is indeed what it comes down to; fear of the unknown. 

The unknown is just that, the unknown. The best of plans simply cannot factor in all the possibilities. However, that is true on a normal day. If you have ever been in a car accident, did you plan it? Of course not. Likewise, did you plan on getting sick, laid off. break a toe as you made your bed? (that last one really happened to me years ago, just for the record). Of course you don't plan for those things and more, but life happens. 

Maybe it is because life happens that the immobilizing energy permeates deeply for who wants to add more unknown onto an already full plate?

What I've noticed in my short life is that the majority of us gravitate and embrace what is familiar. It does't matter if you like it or not, but it's familiar and there is comfort in that. Even if it is detrimental to your very essence. 

Here are Some Examples:

We all gravitate to what is familiar and I am no exception. We have moved often in our 35+ year marriage. We have lived in seven houses. SEVEN. No we are not military. Imagine my whoooaaa moment when I realized every single one of the houses we have lived in (apartments don't count) have all faced the direction of SouthWest. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Ya think we gravitate towards the familiar? 

I've clients that were abused as children. Curls my stomach to dwell upon it, but unfortunately there are simply nasty people out there. Is it a stretch to see how that became a familiar pattern? 'Knowing' they weren't worthy of better; and therefore, metaphorically sought out relationships that were also abusive. Do they like being abused? Please, don't even go there. NOBODY likes that. However, it is what they have known. The fear of maybe that abuse was correct; maybe they weren't worth loving, respecting or living a life that they dreamed about.

It is a comfort of unworthiness. With lots of work, many have now walked away from that mindset and demand respect, recognition and love. They figured it out and said no more. 

Same goes the finances. So many are hurting financially. They desire better, but will leave comments as What IF I had more money? That's a lovely thing! BRAVO! However, when asked how they are BEing proactive in that scenario, the response were crickets chirping. For some the belief is so imbedded of financial woes they truly can't get ahead.

It is a comfort of lack. 

Same goes with career. Who has a job that they really don't enjoy? Who has a job they really don't enjoy but stay for fear of losing tenure, benefits and 'The devil you know is better than the one you don't.' Who has a job that they live for vacations and weekends just to escape the job?

Comfort of misery.

Do any of these above examples mean those people are not worthy of a loving relationship? Does it mean that they are not worthy to have vast prosperity? Does it mean that they can't have a job and career that excites them daily? Does it mean these people are fat, lazy and would rather whine than move forward?

Of course not.

Everyone and I do MEAN everyone is worthy to live life as they desire. Everyone can have love, prosperity, careers and so much more that lights them up. As long as one is true to themselves, what they desire can be experienced. 

How to Get From 'A' to 'B' and Beyond

Does one just wake up one morning and say "No more!" and change commences? It can, I won't lie. However, it take commitment for it's easy to fall back to the comfort of what is known. Change isn't always easy. One simply can't eat a pint of ice cream and then wonder why they aren't losing weight. 

Remember, Grace Always BEgins Inside. 

This goes for the commitment, the love of self and so on. 

It takes commitment to self to move forward and not allow the slide back. It takes a knowing and acceptance that life as you currently know it will indeed change. Change can and often does, include relationships with other people. Not everyone is going to cheer you on; remember not everyone desires to change; some simply enjoy their misery too much and don't realize that they are indeed miserable. So don't attempt to change another. Pay attention to YOU and the rest will tag along or get off your train. 

It takes commitment to say YES to yourself daily. As much as you may desire that ice cream, do you desire losing that ten pounds more? As much as you desire more space in your home, when is the last time you clutter cleared? As much as you desire more money, when is the last time you really did something about it? 

Sometimes those changes require investments. Investments in yourself. Perhaps a career counselor; one who can quickly point out your gifts and lay the groundwork for an actionable plan. Sometimes it may mean getting further training in your field of choice. Sometimes it means putting down that utensil and closing your mouth.

Sometimes it means you step into the Art of Allowing.

The Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing can forever change your life; if you, excuse the pun, allow it guide you daily. 

How will you allow the angelics to guide you to the proper counselor, coach, class, etc.? How will you allow the angelics to guide you to knowing when it is time to jump and say YES. How will you allow yourself to simply BE guided daily in all areas of your life?

As example, I have a To Do List daily. It is a rare day that everything is accomplished on that list. Why? Have I overloaded myself that day? Some days yes. On other days, not so much. 


For me, each day is a new BEginning. I may have a game plan for that week's blog post, or I might not. I may have a game plan of going to the gym to practice yoga and it may or may not happen. 

The Ego

The ego will strive daily to keep you back. It will tempt you with ice cream. It will tempt you by telling you 'oh it's raining, best stay home.' It will tempt you by filling your day up with 'stuff' to the point the next thing you know it is bedtime and another day has gone by. 

Welcome to your personal Ground Hog Day with Ego as your director. 

This is where Askfirmations come in mighty handy. Implementing positive present-tense questions gently allows you to go in the direction you desire. When one implements Askfirmations, the ego is simply not equipped to answer a question. It loves to argue with statements. However, the ego is rather brilliant is spoonfeeding you not so good questions. Questions such as:

  • Why can't I get ahead?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why can't I find my soulmate?

And so on... Using those three above, switch it around to:

  • Why is it so easy to get ahead?
  • Why does life flow so harmoniously?
  • Why it is so easy to love and BE loved?

You see, one of the laws of the universe states it answers every question you ask literally. Doesn't interpret. To learn more, click away.


Angel to Chat with and WHY

It ought to come as no surprise that Metatron stepped forward. Certainly Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, plays a role here. First chat with Metatron and remember not only your whys but what gets you juiced up and excited about life. It takes allowing one's self to BE vulnerable. For so many that are hurt put on a mask of sarcasm as a deflection. 
Chat. Allow. Dig Deep. Allow. 
Rinse and repeat. 

 Metatron's Mandala 

YOU ARE Ahead of the Curve February 05 2020

That's true. Read the blog post title again: 

You ARE Ahead of the Curve

This is often hard to believe and BE, embrace and own your power when seemingly all focus is on social media following, sales and ratings and those numbers don't reflect what you know to BE true. Of course this doesn't even touch upon your very personal life during those times when you seem to be adrift to sea in a one person boat with no life jacket.


While Pashaw doesn't pay the bills, and trust me I get that, take comfort in knowing you are a leader, no matter how big, small or insignificant you may consider yourself to BE. Remember, when you are BEing you, you are unstoppable in all areas of your life. ALL.

Let me tell you a story, or two...

I've been an avid follower and practitioner of sorts of the Law of Attraction for longer than I truly remember. I pondered on how to make it more effective and through simple sharing help/tips/tools to raise another's awareness and vibration. Gratitude is a relatively easy thing for me so I tend to start there for I find there is so much to BE grateful for. As example, one of our cats, Schroeder, is nestled in the crook of my arm at this very moment and I LOVE IT.  How could one deny the love, security and trust in this one simple act. Gratitude Goddess, all Gratitude. 

Queries often are asked if I am always this happy. Answer? Pretty much. 

I strive to help another unleash this aspect within themselves. Why? For when one is in gratitude, they are Happy and this is definitely Jophiel's arena (Angel of Joy-Filled Power). To further support this, when one is in JOY, there isn't a thing wrong at that moment and one can more easily attain the goals desired. All energy that is given attention towards at that moment BEcomes easier. When it is difficult, face rubbing and other frustrating tactics emerge, it is time to take a literal break from that task. Take a walk on the wild side and go outdoors to commune with nature. Ease settles in, shoulders relax and those answers? Seem to float right to you. 

Story Une

However, as usual, I'm a tad ahead of myself. Story Time!

Years ago, when we lived on the island, going back over five years by my estimation, I started a weekly gratitude posting and encouraged others to share theirs. You know things that they could be grateful for in their life.

Things were shared like the fingerless gloves my daughter had made me, the amazing quilt I slept under at my daughter's place that my mom had made her, and so on. 

It fell FLAT. Crickets chirped.

Nobody else wanted to play. I got more reaction by talking to my hand.

Okay then. I stopped and guess what? Not a soul remarked that they missed it. 

Story Deux

Askfirmation Monday then emerged. Posting memes with one Askfirmation that one could focus on for the week. 

Guess what happened?

Crickets chirped again; although not quite as loudly as the first time. So, there was a bit more progress; however, these posts got little traction, reaction let alone engagement from anyone.

Guess what I did?

Dropped it. 

Guess what? Not one soul commented that they missed it.

Story Trois

I started a weekly group meditation in our Facebook Group.  

This was a group ritual that all were invited to share what they wished to manifest in their lives either for the coming week or throughout their life.

Some participated. Progress!

Some shared, as encouraged, what they saw in their meditation on Friday (for we posted our desires on Thursday). 

THEN crickets started chirping again. Softly at first, then louder.

It felt off. Many of the posts came from the energy of lack, desperation and self loathing. If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, that really isn't going to help anyone manifest what they truly desire. You've got to agree on that. Please agree.

Whiny simply begets more whiny. The energy of the meditation practice was sinking and less were participating. 

Sooo, in turn it got dropped too. Guess what? Nobody commented for over one year. Well that was at least progress; somebody missed enough to say something although it took them a while to say so. Progress was indeed made!

During that hiatus I reflected on how another's energy could be altered more easily without expense. 

Back to Story Une

After the year's hiatus, Meditation Friday resumed. Chatterers posted on Thursday what they desired; we picked up back where we left off; folks posting in a lower vibratory way. Harumpf. There is no blame here to BE felt, it's how one, so many, have been trained. 

Back to raising vibration time. But what to do?

Wing slap time. The Gang came forward and trust me, light does dawn on marble head slowly at times. Time to connect the dots...

AHHH... connect what I do naturally as a happy person, always saying thank you for even the smallest of things. I do this throughout ever day; thank you for taking out the trash, thank YOU for the dinner, thank YOU for... to the point it becomes annoying for some folks. I took this run of the mill practice and passed it on to the group at large. 

We switched. The group was encouraged to begin their meditation requests with 'Thank you for' . By stating the 'Thank YOU' prior to the desire, it broke the shell of unworthiness. Perhaps only minutely, but broke it did. Magic started happening. 

The Story Continues

We now also have Grateful Monday in our group. This involves What/How are you already grateful for things in your life. True some things are logical, practical, very human. However, the posts are enlightening. Simply by BEing grateful for what is already in your life, you know for those things you take for granted; nice roof over your head, electricity, food, etc., this open doors of what else you could BE grateful for. Slowly the door opens wider and more of what already is BEcomes acknowledged and visible. And you? More grateful.


Why this? It raises your vibration. It reminds one of what already is. It helps one to relax more into the energies and allow more to enter. Clink, another piece of the unworthiness shell dropping off. Bit by bit, yard by yard, one may emerge into full allowing.

Why Share ALLLL This and what IS the morale?

I have come to realize I am a story teller of sorts, not the best mind you, but a story teller. For within stories one can garner the lesson more easily than tools shared directly. 

The morale? Often it takes TIME for others to catch up. You, yes YOU, are a leader, no matter how large, small and/or insignificant you consider yourself to BE. Others are watching you; how you act, react, speak, present yourself and more. 

You teach by BEing. 

You teach by DOing.

At times crickets chirp, or are they? Maybe a seed is simply BEing planted. Those seeds may take a while to germinate, gather strength to break through the soil or in this case, mindset. 

As example, for those of you that have seen us at the countless metaphysical shows over the years, know we dress for business while at these shows.  99.9% of the time I am in a dress and professional looking. It is in alignment of whom we are. When we first started shows, other vendors would look at us, smile and go on their way often shaking their heads and uttering comments on how could I possibly wear those high heeled shoes all day? You see, they were dressed for comfort and in this case their persona often exuded 'I just rolled out of bed and there ya go.' Forward many years ahead, more vendors are now dressing and taking greater pride in their appearance. Of course I had not noticed this shift until others pointed it out. 

Dig Deeper

Think about it, am I the only person chatting about the Law of Attraction, gratitude, inspiration, empowerment and of course angels?


But I've learned a thing or two along the way and the more I AM ME, the easier it becomes. I dig a bit deeper to emerge. However, if the energy slips and I emulate another, crickets. Why? The energy isn't in alignment. Of course I have mimicked others, who hasn't at some point? Bleh, bad taste in the mouth for every word I typed felt wrong, disingenuous and more. Have you ever felt that way? Be honest with yourself. The moment you feel that, back off and ask the angels how to BE more you, in this area whether it is gratitude, cooking, angels, gardening, healing, etc. How to use this lesson, concept, idea and make it yours.

What do YOU do now?



This goes back to those Blessed WHYS I've often chatted about. WHY do you wish this or that? 

Homework Time!

This is exercise will not be accomplished easily in under five minutes. Its sole purpose is to remind YOU of YOUR whys. You are digging deeper to remember, embrace and own whom YOU are.

It often helps to have a playmate for this assignment. Your partner's only job is to ask: 


You start with why you wish to BE something. WHY? Keep answering. WHY? Dig deeper. WHY? It gets difficult, trust me! I had the students attending the student retreat do this very exercise last year and many got teary-eyed.


That is your soul rejoicing for the truth is now oozing forward. 

Trust me, you will thank me later. 

What Angel to Chat with and WHY

So many of The Gang are involved in this scenario, but the one that comes forward most clearly is Uriel, The Angel of Safety. 

It is scary to BE vulnerable.

It is scary to BE sseemingly standing on your own at times.

It is scary to share personal stuff. Let's not get too personal here Chatterers, one really doesn't need to know what you're watching on TV, unless asked.


Uriel can help you through those scary moments. Uriel can help you to remember your true essence.

Uriel can certainly help you to remember your WHYS.


Archangel Uriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria


As you create your list of BEings and remembering your WHYS, meditate with Uriel and focus on his mandala above. 

Until next week, please share your experiences, your whys and how oh so very grateful you are in your life NOW. You are lovingly invited to join us on Facebook in our very sacred space, Angel Chatter.

Here's a parting thought; remember, sometimes it can take a while for others to catch up, that's why rest is required in your personal world; it allows you to catch your breath and others to find you.








It's Called Choice January 22 2020

You may not be able to choose how you feel, but you have the choice of how you react.

Every day we are given choices. A choice to act/react, speak/silent, love/hate and so on.

As example:

We can cut our thumb on the metal wrapper of a wine bottle (this happened to me over the weekend by the way, so a very real example) We may scream in frustration, curse and carry on. Or we may go, ohhh that hurts and put a band-aid on it so it heals properly. 

Does either reaction example change the situation? Nope, cut is still there. However, which do you think will garner a quicker healing? Which reaction will allow you to move forward with more Grace, Love and Joy? Which will allow the moment to fester and create a shift in the paradigms of your reality?

You choose.

Take another example, traffic. We get stuck in traffic; happens more often than one would like, right? However does complaining about it speed things up? Does enjoying the ride speed things up? In either case no, but the choice is yours on the mood you wish to BE in and share with others either in the car and/or around you in traffic. I've personally been known to break out in spontaneous car dance just to humor others while entertaining myself.

Give it a try. You will not only lift up your spirits, but those that see the 'crazy person' dancing like a maniac in their car. 

Certainly there can be more life altering and horrific things and events in one's life. These are things that I will not emphasize here in an effort to not encourage more energy towards what has happened or may happen in my life or yours. 

Life is but a Choice

Every single day we are offered opportunities to stand in our power or check our bellybuttons for lint. 

Every day. 

There are days, certainly, when one is overloaded on the To Do List whether it be domesticity calling, work, family obligations, etc. However, every day a choice is presented to take a step forward in reclaiming our divine power. 

We have a choice to live or not live. We have a choice to act upon our dreams. We have a choice to sit and moan about another's success and/or work in ways to discredit them or we have a choice to cheer another on knowing there is ample for ALL and it is not a race. Trust me, there is no blue ribbon for 'getting there' first. 

Every day there are choices.

What If...

What if today you began a ritual in earnest that started with Gratitude? A listing of all things you are grateful for that already exist in your life? As of this moment, one of our cats, Schroeder, is deeply snuggled into my left arm as I type. How can not BE grateful for such trust and love? 

If every day BEgins with gratitude, you will find less to be weary of, or jealous of, or ...  for you have filled your vessel with Love, Gratitude and literally counted your blessings that you are now energized to pursue more of your dreams. 

All it takes is a low percentage of daily focus. Low as 1-5% focus from you on your divine plan and dreams. Imagine if you focused daily 5% of your energy towards that where you would BE within 365 days? Imagine on some days you focused more and how far along your path you would BE.


What If...

Start today and repeat daily for the rest of your amazing life. 

Enter the energy of Love, Self Love to BE exact.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

Chamuel is a somewhat quiet angel, but oh the power! There is indeed gerat power in that gentle quiet. Think about it, when someone tells you, even in the most loving way possible, that it is time you take care of you first and foremost, what is your typical reaction?

Based on clients that have needed to hear this, the instantaneous result is a curled up body and welly eyes. They know, but are immobile to move forward. It seems daunting and dare I say selfish?

Therefore, Chamuel's energy while soft, is constant. She will remind you that all you desire from the heart; not jealousy, pain, envy, egoic illusions of grandeur, FROM THE HEART can be yours. 

She will assist you daily during your moments of Gratitude to uplift your soul, raise your mental and emotional awareness to heights untapped. It is through the energy of Love that all prevails. 


Love may squash the egoic mind which serves you unsavory, low self esteem thoughts. Love uplifts, never squashes. Love is the truth, never lies. Love has no conditions.

As with all things, there is a crystal connection to Chamuel. She will nudge you to the correct crystal that is best for you. Perhaps a rose quartz, morganite, kunzite or rhodonite to gently allow love of self to come forward. All of these stones are gentle in their energy and exude waves of Love like nobody's business.

it is time Dearest One to Loving Stand In Your Power. Allow YOUR Light to shine and know you are already prevailing.


Archangel Chamuel Mandala; Christine Alexandria


Loving Yourself First is Not Selfish, 

It IS Imperative


Chamuel reminds you constantly that you indeed have free will and therefore Freedom of Choice. 

  • You can choose to leave a toxic relationship, or stay
  • You can choose to eat more healthily, or not
  • You can choose to exercise, or not
  • You can choose to say YES to you, or not
  • You can even choose the volume of which you say YES - whispering or yelling

The choice is really all yours. The more you can define what it is you truly desire, magic can happen for now you are BEing more clear. Otherwise life continues to throw Options A, B, C, D and so on at you for you are unclear in your directives. 


Change Can BE Scary, but does it have to BE? January 15 2020

Change CAN BE Scary

Who reading this hasn't wanted, desired, dreamed of something better than what currently is? 

Come on, you know you have. 

However, desiring something is one thing. Actually going after it is another thing altogether. 

Why? It involves Change. Let's face it, change can be scary! It means some things must go. Some of those things will be relationships whether it is a redefinition of what currently is happening, or a dissolution of it. Some of those things will be 'treasured' items that you have held onto for decades but are now prime dust collectors. Some of those things are daily practices that have BEcome quite ingrained within to the point you are unaware of how they are, or are not, impacting your life.

Change requires commitment. Commitment from you to you. 

How to Know if Change is Needed In Your Life

Sit quietly for a few moments. Actually, allow more than a few moments. Aren't you worthy of more than 30 seconds? Aren't you worthy of more than 60 seconds of your undivided attention? Aren't you worthy to actually spend 30 minutes focusing on you?

Of course you are.

If are still reading, change is approaching and desired and you may wish to have a pad of paper nearby to take notes. As you settle into your heart space; quietly and lovingly telling the ego to go sit in the corner with a lollipop for the time being. Then ask yourself which area of your life would like to BE addressed and reassessed. Not sure if your soul or ego is answering?

Place your hands over your heart and breathe quietly. You will know when you are in that 'sweet spot' when your shoulders relax, the head lightens and typically a BIG sigh is released from your physical body. 

Simply ask and see what areas come forward. As example, I've known for at least two years that the expos shows were becoming a thing of the past for me. Why? They were becoming draining. True we LOVE meeting y'all in person, but working as much as we do outside the shows, we have had to BEcome very, very picky on what shows we attend. We had a hard look at ALL of the factors. Did you know a 'simple' two day show is actually a four day commitment on our end? Drive/set up on Friday, SHOWTIME all day Saturday and Sunday and let me tell you, Post Show Hangover is a very real thing which is Monday. This only applies to shows that are local. For those in Cincinnati and Chicago, that is a six day commitment for a two day show.


We scaled back. In 2020 we are scheduled for three shows. Yes, THREE this is down from our all time high of 17 Shows. This was a very tough call for us. Very tough indeed. But we are so committed to continue to serve in the best way for us, and therefore you, our health, energy and sanity needed to be addressed and assessed. 

What will replace these shows? Online classes. LOTS of online classes, a membership site that can support you in ways that we simply can't via the show circuit. More dynamic products and yes, we've assessed that arena as well which means some products will be retired. Perhaps permanently. Stay tuned.

See? Dissolution of relationships with shows allows for new to enter. We venture forth with some trepidation, but more excitement than anything else. As we BEcome more public with this announcement, we are now getting offers to teach and perhaps wholesale our line.

Doors open when the path BEcomes clearer.

Now you go. What comes forward for you? What needs to BE dissolved in order for the new, the endless possibilities to emerge?

Change Takes Courage

While you are quietly addressing and reassessing your life, please understand that Change Takes Courage. It takes courage to stand alone (hopefully temporarily) while others catch up. 

Not everyone will desire to catch up. Not everyone will be thrilled with this change and depart your circle. Not everyone will support or even understand the change. For on the surface it appears as if all is AMAZING. It may have been, for a while, but it no longer supports your heartfelt desires and goals. You continue to evolve and change and therefore how you address life changes accordingly.

What matters is you desire the change by listening to your heart. 

As long as these changes are not a result of making a point out of egoic thinking, or revenge, or 'I'll show them' mindset, you are good to go. The ego, that blessed raspberry blower of low self esteem, will rear its head and often remind you of very unsavory things such as; you're not worthy or you can't do that because you are... (fill in the blank here). Of course in the light of day and in saner moments you know these to BE Big Fat Falsehoods, but oh in the dead of night or on those days your energy is low, it makes sense. 

Don't listen to it.

As long as you follow your heart, Grace fills you. Peace encompasses you. Joy becomes a daily emotion and the sun shines on the darkest of days. 


How To Change

In small manageable steps.

If you have ever gone Cold Turkey in some new program whether is it dieting, smoking, drinking, exercise, etc. Odds are success didn't happen. It was too much too soon. It was overwhelming. Very few can accomplish such monumental feats in a short amount of time.

Remember, allow your human side out and do what is best for you; small steps make for lasting results. 

Remember to take beautiful Time Outs, otherwise known as Acts of Self Love. Just yesterday, I dragged my neighbor out for a 'Get Lost In The Woods Excursion'. Why? While we both have very different lives, we are both close to burnout. We needed, NEEDED that 5+ mile hike with little time to stop. We chatted, taught, listened and witnessed some very beautiful nature. 

In fact we were taking about Big Mike (Archangel Michael for you Newbies) and within moments, each of us found a brilliant Blue Jay feather! Of course I sat with this feather and as I was looking up its spiritual meaning, Michael intervened and offered this:

I AM with you.

The Blue Jay Feathers were placed to remind you both that you are divinely protected.

Stick to your goals and BE ever determined to blaze the trails you are destined to Blaze.

You are ever fearless and while you do second guess yourself, that is human nature. Continue to listen to the wisdom of your heart and all that is desired will succeed.

We will continue to place people in front of you to help.

It is time to BE Bold.

There was more, but then it started getting more personal and you need not be bored with my life. 

The Question Remains

Will you say YES to you? Will you allow yourself to BE more seen, heard, respected, revered, loved, felt, prosperous and more in this Year of Allowing? 

Will you?

As I typed that last line, the time struck 11:11. It IS time to walk through the doors of your Mastery. Your mastery may still be hiding, or not quite unveiled, but that is A-OK. Just open the door and agree to step through. Michael's message was shared for ALL.

It is time to BE Bold. 

 Archangel Michael Mandala, Christine Alexandria


The Visitation January 08 2020

On December 12, 2019 something magical happened. It was the night of the last full moon for the year and decade and a ritual was performed on the deck to release the usual culprits and a bit of literal howling commenced. 

As the ritual was completed, I looked up into the trees to gaze upon Luna. To my surprise...

We had lights. 

While having lights may not sound all that magical to you, it was! These lights were in the tree in our backyard. Before you ask, no these were not Christmas lights of any human making.

You see, these lights changed location nightly and while mostly a beautiful green/blue coloring, some were red. 

I monitored the tree closely during the day. There was nothing on them; no nest, no mutated growth, etc. 

I asked social media, the brilliant Chatterers in our Facebook Group as well as family members when they began to arrive for Christmas... YES the lights continued for over two weeks. I asked those that are highly respected in the ghost arena as well as ETS... not one had an answer and quickly dropped the conversation for they had no clue. I was left to ponder and research on my own.


The most common and logical answer offered were that were bioluminescent mushrooms often called Foxfire or Faery Lights.

While it was the most logical, these particular lights broke the logical and created their own set of rules

How's that you may ask... Lemme tell you... 

While it was on the warmer side during the day for December in our locale, it was hitting the low 20's (fahrenheit) nightly for over a week. All plants in the garden had gone dormant for the winter. In other words, we had multiple hard freezes in quick succession that put an end to all things growing. The lights continued to blaze nightly.

Also, for there is an also, the lights would not appear within the first hour of darkness. The sun was setting approximately 4:50PM EST, give or take depending on the day. The lights would not appear until after 8PM EST nightly. According to research, the lights are known to appear within the first hour of darkness. One night, I got lucky and saw them beginning to do their glow emergence dance. 

Also part three, after much research, it is the general consensus that Foxfire grows on dead trees. Ironically, this tree is incredibly healthy, as are the other two who eventually had some visitors, but the near dead ones in the yard? Not one light. Yes, they were also checked nightly and zilch.

Also, part four. Red lights are never mentioned in any of the research performed during this adventure. Only blue, green and sometimes yellow lights are emitted via Foxfire. Red is never mentioned... We had red lights. Not every night, but 2-3 times a week. 


christine Alexandria, faery lights


As you can see via the photo above, the lights are in random locations throughout the tree and a definite red glow in the upper right quadrant.


This photo there are no red lights, but a few of the blue/green ones were captured.

Each photo was taken in nightly successions. You can see for yourself the locations changed as well as the coloring. I know the quality is not the best, never claimed to be a professional photographer, but with a tad of patience, you will see how they shifted night by night and the various colors. Promise.

As time went on, Auntie, the evergreen to the left of this tree, had a few visitors as well. Never more than three. Each time all were the blue/green coloring. 

One more tree had it blessed as well. This was the only tree that the location stayed steady on a nightly basis and was always blue/green. It is approximately 20' from the tree you see in these photos.

Based on our non-scientific research and photos, what say you?

So WHAT were these lights?

These lights offered comfort to those who saw them. Each person who witnessed them in person stopped in awe. Each person caught their breath and stared. The magic dripped down upon everyone and all were comforted. 

These lights offered, in their very subtle beauty, hope. Hope of what is to come. Hope in times that appear extremely unsettled. Hope for personal future that magic can be had, if one looks beyond the typical. 

Many of the Chatterers from Facebook offered up their version; Faeries, Ascended Masters, Visitors from beyond as well as loved ones come to party for the holiday that could not join in physical form.

I do concur with all of the above. 

Each night, as mentioned, the lights changed location. No every location, but many. As mentioned a few stayed either in the same location or close to it. These were my personal guides; Ariel - guardian angel, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, personal guides and many of the goddesses; Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite and Kwan Yin who are very settled in my world currently. 

The others? Loved ones; grandparents, aunts and uncles passed from all sides of the family, not just my direct relations. 


2020 Welcomes In...

We left shortly after Christmas for the warmer climates and beauty of Jamaica. We were gone for one week and upon our return I quickly scampered out back to see. 

What I saw was.... nothing.... not one light in any tree.

Our visitors have departed. We have been home for three days now and not one light has appeared. They have been thanked for their appearance and today's meditation will be with their energies for inspiration is always desired as well as clarity. 

Hoping in this Year of Allowing, you Allow the Magic to unfold and say YES to you; now and every day going forward for the world does need your brilliance.

Winter Solstice 2020 December 18 2019 1 Comment

It's here. The last winter solstice of the year AND decade is upon us ...

Time to me to share some stories and provide you with a ritual, or two, to propel you forward into the NEW.

Magical Lights

If you are part of our sacred community on Facebook, Angel Chatter you will most likely have see the daily postings of the goings on in our backyard. 

If you are not part of our community, consider this your invitation to join in. 

We have many trees in our backyard. Our yard abuts the woods. Our yard is somewhat secluded by massive, beautiful and wise trees even though our neighbors are but steps away. 

In other words, we have trees as far as the eye can see. 

In the past week, our Martha, the sacred oak just off our deck, has become a home of sorts to something. Nightly a variety of lights emerge on her branches. Most of them glow a turquoise, bluish color. However there is a stray red one or two. 

In fact last night, for this is happening nightly at the moment, I checked their arrival time. For now I am beyond curious.

6:10pm - nothing even though it was pitch dark.

Approximately one hour later I checked again. They were appearing! Many of them flickering as if they were coming in for a landing. 

magical tree

Look at the photo above. There is no lint on the lens. I made sure and wiped it multiple times for this very reason. There is no nest. These are not animal eyes (one light vs. two). It is not animal poo. It is not lightning bugs nesting. 

IF you can provide a logical reason, I'm all ears. So far, all have been debunked. 

I have theories who these lights are, maybe I'll share later in this post and maybe I won't.

Magical Lights and How They Connect to the Solstice

What I can share now is this...

Isn't it ironic that the lights show up one week prior to the Winter Solstice? The Darkest Night of the entire year. 

Or is it ironic at all?

Don't we all crave a bit more light in our personal world right now?

Admit it, you do.

The lights may have been clamoring for my attention for weeks, but I noticed them finally on our last full moon, The Oak Moon. I did my regular routine full moon; lit a piece of paper on fire filled with things (mindsets, etc.) that I deemed worthy to not be in my life any more. As the paper burned, I howled. Yes howled at the moon. It was then I looked up and Martha was aglow with over one dozen glowing lights throughout her. 

These lights, just as the Solstice, are welcomed. They bring with them a sense of peace, excitement, rejuvenation and renewal. As we BEgin to venture forth into the unknown of the next decade we welcome the new and unknown.

Where is your inner glow? What have you hidden for fear of rejection, persecution and/or ridicule? We ALL have aspects that are shall we say different from the norm. However, if everyone just allowed themselves to shine a bit brighter, went a bit deeper into their juiciness, allowed themselves to love more fearlessly, the world would be a much, MUCH better place. 

ALLOW (you'll be hearing this beautiful, amazing, powerful word A LOT from me in the coming months so get used to it) yourself to SHINE. 

What Ritual to Perform on The Solstice Itself?

Honestly there are many beautiful and powerful rituals out there. However, this is what they are suggesting for this solstice keeping Martha's lights in mind. 

Write a list. Lists, I find, are extremely helpful especially when we allow ourselves ample time to ponder on the topic at hand. In other words, take your time.

The topic of this list is as follows: Write down everything that comes to mind that you have been hiding. I have found for me these that these are gifts that lay dormant. As example, who knew I would be channeling? Who knew I would be channeling angel sigils? Who knew I would be channeling goddess sigils? 

I certainly didn't. Here's a story. While in California a few months back, I was introducing two powerhouse women; one is my jeweler/soul sister and the other a dear friend whom I highly respect. I shared the sigil turned necklace for  Aphrodite. The non-jeweler friend jumped on me and asked where I has gotten it.... timidly I said, 'she gave it to me'... Only then did I find out that the sigil is on a statue of Aphrodite. On the oldest known statue of Aphrodite. On the oldest known statue of Aphrodite in Turkey. So most definitely a dormant gift that is past creeping out and one that I now embrace.


The key here is to allow. Allow your soul to speak. Allow your mind to quiet. Allow your heart to expand. Chat with Metatron as he oversees your soul star chakra and helps you with your soul's mission. Not only to understand it, but walk it, talk it and most importantly LIVE IT.

It's Time for YOU to BE...

It is indeed time for you to BE... YOU. 

Isn't it exhausting attempting to please others? I know so. Will you allow the true you out?

Isn't it tiring taking on another's identity for you think that they have the 'It Factor'? Trust me, they have it no more than you, but they have unleashed theirs earlier. That's all. Will you allow your It Factor to come out and play?

Isn't it monotonous checking in on what others write, share, etc and emulating their essence? Will you allow YOU to BE? 

2020 is all about allowing. It starts with you. Remember, you are the cog that holds your world together. You. Not me. Not another. YOU. I LOVE helping women, fellow goddesses, BE themselves and soar. More of you are understanding that this is one of my many truths for in a world that is dog eat dog so to speak, I often stand alone for one of my passions is inspiring and empowering others. 


I can help you. Hope over to my Personalized Offerings Page and there are a bevy of ways we can work together. Try the 2020 Roadmap (this offer closes on January 27, 2020), or the The Four Week Angel Card Program (only three left as we go to press) and so on. Play, explore, dream and now it's time to take action. 




The Last Full Moon of the Year AND Decade - What is in store for you? December 11 2019

There is so much going on with this last full moon of the year AND decade I wasn't quite sure where to start, so practicing what I preach, let's just jump in and get going.

The Name of The Moon

As all things go, this full moon has a name. It is often call The Cold Moon. It is sometimes referred to as the Beaver Moon (although that typically shows up in November). It has been also called the Snow Moon, Long Night Moon and Christmas Moon and so on. 

I do resonate with all of these, but the one I resonate with the most, at this time, is this:

The Oak Moon

Why does this one hit home more than the others? I'm inspired by it, pure and simple. 

Think about it, as the year and decade come to an end, hasn't your mind wandered to the future, your future? Haven't you found yourself planting seeds of desires of how you deem life, your life, is destined to BE? How you may better LOVE? Loving of course starts within and self. 

Now more than ever, we are BEing asked to step out of the literal and proverbial comfort zone that has been called life and take charge of life. Taking charge from our intimate circle to as global as guided. It doesn't matter the size of your platform; it is your platform... competing with another in your field degrades you and dishonors your divine gifts. It's time for you to BE well... YOU.

This kind of action takes courage. This kind of action takes commitment. This kind of action certainly means stepping out of one's comfort zone. This kind of act is an Act of Self Love like no other Act for now it BEcomes an adventure. This kind of action may have you standing solo, but that is only temporary in the scheme of things. 

It starts with planting a seed. A seed such as an acorn; see how it reinforces the Oak Moon? 

What kind of life do you desire? Do you spend time reminiscing about the 'good ol' days' or daydreaming of the what ifs? While this can make for an interesting afternoon of fodder, it doesn't empower one to move forward, does it? How does that slip into the category of Self Love? Often it turns to self loathing (what ifs, if only and so on typically emerge)

Think of the seeds you are currently planting. Are they ones of complacency or take charge? More importantly, are they ones of Self Love?

The Stars ARE Aligned

The Oak Moon is in her zenith on... wait for it...

December 12



Do you require yet another wing slap to prepare for your life?

1212 represents what I mentioned above - change and stepping out of your comfort zone; with great love of self.

This is a demanding gobsmacked Wake Up Call in the highest order. If you don't heed this advance warning of the Emergency Angel System, you will be pretty much in the same place in ten years. How does that settle within your BEing?

Cold hard facts enough?

It's time Dearest. Time to step into your brilliance and I get it, this can be a scary thing! However, isn't it more exhausting staying where you are and not living life as desired? Isn't it more exhausting to whine, complain, wine, dream and so on than it is to take those blessed steps forward? I've many clients who can rationalize why they can't do this or that. How are they loving self more to allow change of desire?

Why can't you? Why can't you take that first step forward? It's as simple as saying YES to you and taking one step at a time. One doesn't win a marathon of any kind without taking a step forward. Same goes with all other areas of your life.

General Guidelines for the Oak Moon

Y'all know astrology makes my hair hurt, so I'll leave that to those to whom it makes sense. 

However, after sitting with Auriel, The Lunar Angel, here is what she shared:

Things, events, relationships, mindsets, etc are coming to close. Hold on, it doesn't mean all of your relationships as example, are coming to end. Far from it. The ones ending? The ones that don't provide LOVE in your life. This holds true for clothing, decor, food, etc. not just the human kind. 

The Oak Moon does require deep looking within and BEing honest with one's self. 

IF something isn't working, ask them what you could do about it; change the circumstances, the situation, the relationship. When asking in the vein of Love, you will always get a true answer of inspiration and empowerment. BE prepared for change.

Part of this is that blessed ongoing assignment I give (and will offer an online course in 2020) is... Clutter Clearing. We performed this sacred ritual just this past weekend as we set up our Christmas Decor. We rid ourselves of three boxes of decorations that simply didn't resonate with us any more. It included ornaments, stuffed animals, and other knick knacks that I shan't bore you with.

It is the releasing of stuff, folks, paradigms and mindsets that opens the door, creates a void, throws arms wide (or whatever metaphor you wish to use) that begs to BE filled. We are creatures of habit and filling an empty spot is something we are wired to do.

Fill this void with what inspires.

Fill this void with what empowers.

Fill this void with what brings you JOY, LOVE, PEACE and so on. 

In other words, it is time to release what is considered dense, dark, unloveable to you. 

What Angel to Call Upon During the Oak Moon

She has already been alluded to above, but for the sake of this blog, Auriel, The Lunar Angel. Auriel wished to share a direct message with you and is as follows:

Archangel Auriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Channeled Message from Auriel:

Dearest ~

NOW is the time to sit with yourself and a pad of paper.

Start writing down how you wish life to BE in ten years time. 

Ten years is not as far out as it may seem. 2030. In that decade you shall be called more into service. How are you serving your community via your gifts and passions?These gifts are not just the spiritual, the woo-woo or metaphysical. It is your innate gift.

When you gift is from the heart, it is then spiritual, no matter the genre, industry, etc.

Therefore, we are giving you ample time to prepare. Ten years in fact. 

I know Christine and her Gang, as she calls them, have been prodding and pushing and constantly reminding you to BE. 

NOW is the time.

How do you wish to BE?

How do you wish to BE known?

How do you wish to BE living?

It is time to BE rid of what is not serving you, more than ever before. 

NOW is the time to say yes to you.

It does not matter if it is said timidly, as long as you say it with conviction. 

It is time to invest in YOU and your dreams. Every investment leads to greater expanse, prosperity, love, joy and oh so much when investing in what is in true alignment with you. 

BEgin today. For in a very short time we will offer the solar eclipse and its energy to cap off the year and decade. This eclipse occurs on December 26.

Start planning NOW.

There you have it. I encourage you to invest in the 2020 RoadmapThis small investment addresses your 2020, month by month and offers you a 20% discount on everything (yes, this does include services; something I rarely do).

Until next week, sit, ponder, ask and allow yourself to BE inspired.


Tis The Season.... December 04 2019

Tis The Season!

Now I beat you are thinking of Santa Claus, jingle bells and Frosty aren't you?

Not a bad guess, but this is not what I am chatting about this week!

Nope, this week, we are chatting about BEing more Centered, Present Heart Focused. This, I'm sure will come as no surprise as it is what I share frequently, but as we head into the main holidays of the year and then into a new year, combined with it BEing a decade, it was more important than ever to send out a reminder. 

I know you are busy, BUT...

Has it really sunk in that the holidays are here?

Has it really sunk in that 2020 is fast approaching?

Has it really sunk in that another decade is upon us? Think about it, we not only have the usually new year approaching and all of its trappings of new beginnings, resolutions, etc., but a new decade!

NOW that calls for major celebrations. 

A fortuitous time to ponder, reflect and shift.

Think about it. This year has been one for the records on many levels. As promised the Angelics said it would be a Breakthrough Year and has it ever! I'm sure you experienced things that felt as though the rug was pulled out from under you to major AHA's of what you desired to BE and how. 

In other words, Ikigai. I spoke of this just a few weeks ago. Those beautiful innate gifts you possess and how you may tap into them to feel as though you are not working because you love what you do so very much. 

As proof; we were visiting a local town just this past weekend with my parents. We ventured into a jewelry store that was closing. It is a quaint store privately run and the reason for its closing is that the owner is retiring. Retiring after 35+ years of BEing in a business that he obviously loves. As a result, he feels he has not worked much in his entire life for he loves what he is doing. Everyone ought to BE living in this manner.


Including you.

Ponder This...

If you could do anything, within reason (kinda hard to become an astronaut if your eyesight is poor), what would you do?

If you are not sure, settle in deeper. Deeper within the recesses of your soul; your heart. What activities do you love? What gets you excited to learn new things as they connect to said activities? Do you love to sing? Then perhaps perfecting breath work would excite you.

Are you a natural medium? Then advancing your gifts by taking classes is a perfect fit. 

Are you...., then....

See how this can go? It does not matter your gifts. It does not matter if is creative, linear, mystical, and so on. Each and every gift can be enhanced via classes, books, experience and more. 

Write down your gifts, no matter how silly you may think. Remember, just because it is easy for you, does not mean it is easy for another. Ponder your gifts. 

Write down each of those gifts you posses. Ponder that list. When do you feel your soul light up as you ponder each gift?

Highlight those gifts.

Reflect This...

As you continue to ponder the highlighted list, begin to reflect and play. 


Yes, play. 

What would your life be like in ten years if you picked up one of those gifts (many are interconnected whether you realize it or not) and expanded it?

Reflect ten years from now. 

What is your life like? 

Imagine yourself saying YES.

Imagine yourself Allowing.

  • Allowing yourself to BE Seen
  • Allowing yourself to Ask
  • Allowing yourself to Receive
  • Allowing yourself to BE... YOU.

Write down everything you feel about your life ten years from now.

Write down everything youm envision:

  • The people you are with
  • How you are dressed
  • The weather
  • Your energy
  • And so on.

These are but glimpses into your future. All is subject to change the moment you say YES or NO. All is subject to change the moment you step out to BE or the moment you scuttle back into the shadows to hide for fear of failure. 

What will you allow in the coming years?

Shift This...

Let's face it, life is full of uncertainty. That uncertainty makes up for the apprehension and holding onto familiar as well as embracing the unknown and leaping for you know a net filled with angel feathers will catch, support you and take you higher. 

It's always your call. 

It is a shifting of the mindset. It's one of the things I love helping folks to do and one of the reasons Askfirmations was born years ago. It helps one to get out of their head of over thinking by asking the Universe, Angelics and allowing one's self to BEcome inspired with. To start, use these:

  • Why is it safe for me to BE me?
  • Why am I worthy of all I desire?
  • Why is it so easy for me to allow all I desire to manifest?

If you haven't read or understand this philosophy and gift, just ask. NO need to find an answer. By asking out loud, you are now primed to receive the answers you've been searching for. 

It's really that easy and that powerful. 

Shift the mind and the rest of the body follows suit. Every. Single. Time. 

Try it. 

What to DO For the Future?

If you wish life to BE different in ten years with more to your liking, follow the steps shared above. Yes, there is always more to this, but this will get you started.

If you desire more angelic prompting, consider getting your own 2020 Roadmap. This promises to be an exciting year and I so desire to see you succeed in all that you Love as you discover your ikigai, say YES to you and truly BEgin allowing more to come to you than ever before.

Really that is what gets me juiced up. That is what gets me excited. That is what gets me out of bed daily; how can I help others allow, succeed and BE.

True story.

What Angel to Chat with and Why.

Archangel Metatron Mandala, Christine Alexandria
Well look who's back, Metatron. As he oversees your soulstar chakra, does it not make sense that he would be your go to in finding your ikigai and fulfilling your soul's mission?
I think so too. 
Chat with him. Relax into his strong presence and allow yourself to BE reminded of you.
Allow yourself to BE reminded of:
  • What gets you excited
  • The things you LOVE learning about
  • The core of whom you are
  • What are destined to BE in this life

Metatron is an interesting angel; one of the few that have been documented to have also been human. While is known as the Lesser Yahweh, he was also Enoch and has spent many lifetimes walking the Earth as a human. Therefore, he truly understands the ego, humor, trials and tribulations of living and through his ever supportive presence, one can but help to stand taller in their own divine presence.

Yes, he is worth getting to know a bit more. 

Until next week, keep digging deeper and come join us on Facebook

Gratitude November 27 2019

As we head gobbling first into one of the biggest holidays in our home, my mind and heart, as I'm sure yours, goes to the energy and emotion of Gratitude. 

The word 'Gratitude' is everywhere you look at this moment; ads, memes, greeting cards and within prayers/meditations. 

What is Ikigai and how will it affect your life? November 20 2019

What is exactly Ikigai? It's one of my new favorite and empowering words. Read on to learn, hopefully, a thing or two.

Let's Take 'It' Nice and Easy... November 13 2019

Who hasn't gotten strung out while traveling at some point? Whether it is in the car, bus, train or plane? Come on, admit it. You know you have, at least once.

As we traveled, yet again, for a metaphysical show last weekend in Massachusetts, we were in the car for over 20 hours total. 

I got to observe ... A LOT. 

What I witnessed, sadly, is that so many are stressed, short tempered, and racing everywhere while really not getting there any quicker than those meandering... as in me.

What I saw in this frenetic race

We drove through towns which of course had stop lights. More than once, folks were zipping in and out like they were on the Indy 500 Raceway only to be one car in front of us at the red light. 

Now I have done this dance before and I'm sure there are times, when I am not as present as I would like to BE. What I've noticed a lot on those days or in those moments is that stress begets more stress. I become more frazzled, short-tempered and let's just say it ain't pretty.

More car horns were honked this past weekend than I have heard in a long time and no not at us. It didn't matter which state we were in; New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, etc. Frustration was high no matter the highway, town, or parking lot. 

One may 'blame' the full moon energies.

One may blame the portal on November 11 (11/11 portal).

One may blame that it was.... perhaps simply not BEing present with life.

On The Other Hand

On the other hand I also witnessed countless folks just plain clueless. This is not meant to be derogatory, but simply an observation. They were off on some planet and simply not aware of their surroundings. 

This mindset was in full swing on Monday during our return trek home. I was driving (a rare event) and we had just crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge. A van was in a lane to my right. They were driving much slower than need be for the traffic flow. I was told to give them space. 

They continued on, melding into our lane. Stayed. Drifted left over another lane. Stayed, drifted yet again and succeeding in cutting off a car who luckily was BEing and slammed on their brakes, albeit horn honking, hands raised in frustration.

They continued to drift into the rest stop parking lot, while talking on their phone that was held up to their head! Why? 

Now not knowing her story and certainly haven't walked two moons in her shoes, whom am I to judge? Perhaps she was completely overwhelmed, lost and ready for a cry fest. 

As I saw her inch into the parking lot, I wished her well, called upon Big Mike for added protection and carried on. Does it make sense to continue to fester? Of course not. She had no idea she was annoying people in multiple lanes.

I know there are plenty of rest stops below this one, as well as places that are not 'official'. All it takes it BEing open to new ideas. 

It's just one example of not BEing.

What to DO?

Yes I said 'do', but you know we're switching it to BEing as soon as possible. 

Truly there are days that scream stress; late getting up, coffee spills and more than the typical share of traffic. Have you ever noticed that on those days there also seems to be an above average of cranky going around?

Like attracts like.

Law of Attraction. 

Ick begets more ick.

That is not to say any of the above; coffee spilling, gnarly traffic etc isn't cause for angst, but one need not build upon it. When you take one incident for what it is; spilled coffee - is it really the end of the world?  Certainly an article of clothing may be soiled or a floor now requires moping, but the end? Not really.

Traffic? Is it something you can change? Of course not. There are ample traffic apps out there to help you hopefully navigate a clearer route (we've used them to circumnavigate traffic at a stand still and IF I can do this, so can you), but it's up to you how you react to each and every situation. You may interpret it as you now have more time to listen to your audio book. You have time to look around. You have time to practice your car karaoke. You might as well as fun as much as possible in a non-desirable situation and ease the heart as well as the mind.

Will you be late for a meeting, appointment? Perhaps. Odds are you do have a cell phone and can magically call, calmly to explain the situation. This may allow you to turn around for it's been re-scheduled or arrive when you can. It is what it is and cannot alter.

Is it always this easy? Of course not, but it is still up to you how you address, act and react to these kinds of situations. 

Do you chose to exasperate the stress or do you chose harmony? The Art of BEing?

What to BE

Take a deep breath. Take another. For good measure, take a few more. 

Take such long deep breaths, you feel your shoulders relaxing and can hear your heartbeat. 

This small but powerful action greatly helps to center you. Do the events change? For the most part, no. But what does change is the energy around that event. You embrace the things you cannot change and willing allow to take those moments to re-center yourself and look at the world anew once more. 

If you alter your energy field, it does alter the energy of those around you. Will it shift everyone? It has the potential to do so for energy trickles outward. One shifts and that shifts another and so on and so on and so on. 

Smile and the world does smile with you. Of course it helps greatly if you smile sincerely vs. with a grimace.

It shifts how you are treated. People are more willing to exhale and go along for the ride vs. waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

As an example, years ago I was at Jiffy Lube for an oil change. While the car was parked in line, it was hit. It was hit by an employee. The tension was palpable; the entire staff was waiting for me to blow. Customers who had witnessed the event were watching and taking notes on how to sue Jiffy Lube. You could just feel it. My first question? It was to the employee - 'Are you alright?' She practically crumpled in relief. I was most definitely NOT mad. Concerned? Yes. Mad? Nah - not worth it. The car was already hit I couldn't change that fact, but I could change what happened next. Next came the conversation as to how the car would be repaired and a loaner for me. All was resolved within an hour. I'm not kidding there was a body car place literally right next to Jiffy Lube. An estimate was had, delivered to the car rental and on my way.

Breathe and carry on. 

What Angel to chat with and why

Shamael, The Angel of Harmony, willing steps forward to remind ALL to Go With The Flow. 

As the angel who oversees water and music, can you embrace the flow connection? Harmonious energy is a much better way to chose to live life, wouldn't you agree vs. drama, angst, fear and anger?

Listen to your heartbeat. As you hopefully understand by now, this is the birthplace of your soul. Your personal cadence. When you keep step with your cadence, life is smoother, more joy-filled and peace? A way of living.

Archangel Shamael, Angel of Harmony - Angel Chatter

Focus on Shamael's Mandala above. Feel it gently pulsate infusing your body and soul with harmony, peace, love. Feel the essence expanding to every cell within your physical body. Feel it radiate beyond so all who may be in proximity of you begin to relax as well. 

Take those deep breaths. Enjoy the ride. Remember, very few get a ribbon for arriving first. Life is truly a journey, embrace every juicy morsel of it.




What is Aparigraha? November 06 2019

We will BE going deeper periodically from now on. Afterall, life isn't just lollipops and roses as you well know and it's time we took our essence deeper with a knowing. 

This week we BEgin to explore one of three sanskrit words that build upon each other. When will the others come out to play? That is not entirely up to me, but rather you. How quickly does the energy of aparigraha infiltrate, absorb and alter others?

That I cannot answer, so let us start.

WHY now?

I first introduced the essence of aparigraha to my students at their Annual Retreat just weeks ago. I witnessed their faces light up. I saw their souls ignite. I saw them see the truth and hunger for more. 

While they are more advanced with their natural understanding of universal laws, and stronger angelic connection, for I witness this first hand with each and every one of them. This also signified that more were also ready universally. I was then prompted to share and embrace the knowledge that those who also are ready will receive it with eyes and hearts open. 

What is Aparigraha?

Aparigraha is a sanskrit word. It stems from Hinduism and Jainism. It is the Act of Non-Possessiveness. The Act of Non-Grasping/Non-Greediness.

All humans desire things, correct? You're lying if you say otherwise. There is always something that is desired:

  • Love
  • New Car
  • New Job
  • New Home
  • Better Health
  • 'That' outfit
  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Crystal
  • and so on 

What makes aparigraha powerful it puts into direct action the Act of Clutter Clearing. I have droned on this topic for years and will be unleashing a class in early 2020, so stay tuned. It really is a LARGE key to open the many doors as you pave your way forward in your life.

Aparigraha reminds one to Love, Use or Lose a possession. This obviously only comes into play if that article/item is already in your grasp. 

It also brings into play a knowing that any possession, at some point, will no longer BE in your possession. It could break. It could be destroyed by water, fire, etc. It could be stolen. Therefore once an item is in your possession, it is best to honor its existence by loving it and using it while it remains with you. For who knows how long it shall stay?

This is not to say in the full spectrum that aparigraha is promoting living in a Tiny House or downsizing. Some, like me, require expansive space. It allows us to not feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic. However, I also love smaller vignettes; those spaces allow me to cuddle in that chair to watch the snow gently fall, read a book, take a nap, etc. At the other end of the spectrum, others LOVE tiny places and cringe in a large house for it feels cavernous to them and overwhelming in the upkeep. You? 

Apargraha is promoting an awareness of your surroundings and an appreciation of all that is in your environment. 

All the while, not allowing yourself to BE defined by any object(s). You LOVE on those objects. As I sit here in my office writing, I allow my eyes to wander around the room and every single article in here brings a smile to my face; the painting my daughter surprised me on Christmas, a print my other daughter gave me for a birthday, a unique crystal, an original painting by Andy Lakey, printer, the chair that my husband adores when he 'visits', books - lots of books and my desk... well you get the idea. Each item in this room is either used and/or LOVED. No excuses. My energy, as is yours, is too precious to get caught up with unwanted. 

Obviously this is a deeper topic than one may realize that stems from just one word. 

How to practice aparigrapha:

This will not be accomplished in a day, a week, a month or perhaps a year. It will BE an ongoing journey that will show itself in a variety of ways.  Each time you think you have mastered this level (for yes there are two more after this) another kind of possession may show itself to you; how attached or unattached are you?

In essence, it is about letting go. Again, this is not living in a yurt somewhere, but truly immersing yourself in your life. LIVING your life vs. surviving. 

BEing. Another favorite word of mine. BE Conscious. BE Love. BE mindful. BE present. BEing.

Letting Go. Possessions take up space and energy—in your head as well as in your home. ...

Other attributes of Aparigraha include:

  1. Breathing. PROPER breathing. When we get stressed out, we tend to hold our breath. Inhale for four slow counts. Hold for four slow counts. Exhale for four slow counts.
  2. Practice Self-Care. Massage, naps, detox bath, saying YES (only when you mean it) saying NO (and sticking to it)
  3. Be Positive. This is all mindset. What is your internal dialogue saying to you about you?
  4. Forgive. Always a tough one for so many, but also letting go; apargraha. It is a form of releasement.
  5. Be generous. to Self and others.

These above attributes are not the only attributes of aparigraha, but some of the key players. Each attribute is at minimum a blog post in itself and quite possibly an entire course. Stay tuned. 

What Angel to Chat with Regarding Aparigraha

I pondered this question myself as Aparigraha hits so many aspects of one's life. However, what is the common factor here? Love. Not only of self, but towards the Universe, others and earthly possessions.


It is the LOVE towards self that when magnified that possessions BEgin to take a back seat in the fulfillment arena. When LOVE of self takes the wheel that guides you, you own the fact that stuff is well, STUFF and while enhancing to your life, many are replaceable. The memories of that painting my daughter did out of LOVE will always stay with me. Am I prepared to give it up and hand over to another? NOPE. Will I be sad if ruined or lost? Yes, but my world will not end. This is not a suggestion to the Universe that they can now take it to test me, but an awareness. 

Chamuel can help you do just this. Allow yourself to look around your sacred space. Each item hopefully holds a special place your heart. If it doesn't, perhaps it is time to let it go.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

2020 is BEing Dubbed The Year of...? October 30 2019

If you have been with me for a while, you know that each year The Angelics offer up one word as the Theme for the year.

I've been pondering 2020's word and they more or less wing slapped me this morning. It's a word I use and use often.



As we are finishing up The Breakthrough Year, and oh my have so many, including yours truly, have experienced BREAKTHROUGHS!

Many of you have been in theory, broken wide open; ugly cry, despondent and experienced feelings of having no compass let alone direction. 

Many of you have said YES, some shouted from the highest metaphorical mountain and some barely above a whisper. No matter the volume, yes was uttered, albeit with trepidation, perhaps with angst, perhaps with fear of what could evolve, but YES was uttered with conviction.

BRAVO you!

What does saying YES have to do with Allow?


VERY Much.

Let's back up 

One, at some level, agreed to experience a breakthrough. Then the ego took over and told you that everything is wonderful and you expect too much from life, you're being greedy, and really everything is just fine as is - who knows how much worse it could get or what else is out there?

Oh that ego... 

If one dawdles, procrastinates or avoids experiencing the very breakthrough that is desired, the Universe takes it in hand. One thing that has become abundantly clear over the years, we are always offered lessons. Lessons are always offered that are easy. Isn't it funny, if a lesson is 'easy' one tends to not only ignore it, but equally doesn't put as much reverence on the lesson learned. The theory BEing that if a lesson is worth experiencing and learning from, it must be difficult. 

Think about it.

If the lesson is traumatic, devastating and more, one has to stop, cry and catch their breath. One feels as though the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under their feet and they have not so nicely landed on their backside and up is the only answer left.

This is what happens when one says they are not content. That they are unhappy with a situation, relationship, job and more; yet they do little, if anything, to change themselves or the situation. This is often the case for many; complacency rules and it is so much easier to complain than to change, isn't it? Or is it? That is the exact moment when The Angelics announce ~ 'Let the Rug Pulling Commence!' 

Allow Takes Over

After the trauma, one feels beaten up. One feels depleted. One feels empty. All of these are more that accurate and sometimes more is experienced. While not pleasant to experience, it often is necessary.


Because now in the void, one allows. One allows to see life differently. One allows outside assistance from the Angelics, friends, family, mentors and more to BE heard, seen felt and most importantly recognized.

Since one is now metaphorically at rock bottom, up is the only way to go.  

At this moment one allows magic to unfold, even amongst the trauma. One allows movement. At times it may feel as if there is no movement for one may feel paralyzed with angst, but movement still exists. Emptying one's vessel is movement for now one allows it to be filled with what is desired. 

Remember, surviving is no longer a positive. Thriving is the only way to live life.

Therefore, when one is emptied, one reflects on what is desired. Take this down to mealtime. You are hungry, you ponder what savory nutritional gastronomical goodness awaits you. You then allow yourself to receive the very food that is desired. 

Life is the same. Certainly it may take a bit longer to empty and create, but empty and create you must mixed in with a whole LOT of allowing.

The Art of Allowing

Allowing may BE one of the biggest lessons you ever master.

You allow the waitstaff to bring your meal as ordered.

You allow yourself to receive a left and right shoe.

You allow yourself warmth when it is cold outside.

You allow yourself to receive a trinket, a card, mail.

Anything more than the scenarios listed above or similar, tend to be more difficult. Why? One places more energy, more focus and more emphasis on things that matter more. Many of you reading this most likely have purchased a lottery ticket with little or no expectations of ever winning. NOW those that have won have often talked about them visualizing winning; they then let go and magic simply happened. 

They allowed themselves to receive. 

Allowing takes finesse. Allowing takes practice. One simply cannot wake up one day or attend a weekend retreat and allow forever more. You are much too complex. You have many layers. You have an ego. 

The Art of Allowing takes daily practice. 

Yes, DAILY. As in every single day. 

You may use a daily Askfirmation such as:

Why is it so easy for me to allow today?

Why is it so easy for me to allow life?

Why is it so easy for me to allow what I desire to manifest?

Why is it so easy for me to allow assistance?

Those four Askfirmations will help guide you daily throughout 2020. Why wait until January 1? Why not start now?

What to expect in 2020 While Allowing?

I can't lie, 2020 will not be a bed of roses for many. However, when you step more firmly into allowing your energy relaxes leaving those life 'hiccups' staying as a hiccup and not morphing into a monumental traumatic life event. 

Allowing reminds you to breathe. 

Allowing reminds you to step out of ego and return to Love. This portion reminds you that some things must leave in order to make room for new and 'improved'. This harkens to not only the literal clutter clearing scenario, but the metaphorical; mindset shifts, relationships and more. By returning more frequently to Love, the ego is quieted. By returning to Love you feel less defeated if one says 'no' to you. Why? You realize that this is just a step in the direction you desire, but the alignment isn't perfect...for you.

Allowing assists you greatly in rising above the fray, drama and more to see and understand the lesson BEing offered at this moment. Within each life lesson, no matter how big, small, roadblockish, trauma-filled etc it appears, you are the cog that holds it all together. Why? It is your life! With that mindset, you are allowed to ask, What is my lesson from this? Once asked, you allow yourself to receive and absorb the lesson at hand. This of course then allows you to move forward with more grace and ease. 

This particular cycle will never go. That is why it is a cycle, but when you allow its existence vs. ignoring, it does sail by much, much quicker.

Breakthroughs will continue and hopefully a regular pace. Every single time something new is desired to have or experience, something else must leave and through that, breakthroughs occur that help you to reclaim your divinity. However, reclaiming only happens when you allow. See, how The Angelics are BEginning to wrap this up and how one year can and does flow into the next. 

Breakthroughs lead to Allow.

The Angel for 2020

What angle would you guess to BE 2020's guardian? It is one that would help you allow. It is one that would help you receive. It is one that would remind you of your worth. 

If you guessed Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, you would BE correct!

While your life will BE, and is, different than mine and all those you are surrounded by, we are alike in a variety of ways; it is time to value our worth more, it is time to allow more, it is time to LOVE ourselves and our divinity more. 

Chamuel will help you to do this and more, just ask. Remember, one must BE quiet in order to hear and BE inspired to take action forward. 


Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Christine Alexandria


Focus on Chamuel's channeled mandala above whenever you are feeling a tad lower in energy. Chamuel will gently remind you of what is needed for you at this moment to rejuvenate and ultimately allow what is desired to actually manifest in your life. 

2020 promises to BE a magical year. Will you allow?




The Art of Space Clearing October 16 2019 1 Comment

You asked for it. Read on for the very ritual of Sacred Space Clearing that I perform in our home.

Is World Peace Even Possible? October 09 2019 1 Comment

Is World Peace Possible? Yes, but you may not like the answer and process.

The Art of Allowing October 02 2019 1 Comment

Ya know, everybody wants something. You know you do, who doesn't? It's a natural human phenomena to desire more, better etc etc blah blah blah

It's human nature and as all who are reading this are human in the moment, just 'fess up... 

Now that I have your attention...

Justifiably so you desire better. Better quality of air, better water, nicer something or other. 

However, when is the last time you were proactive on those desires? It's one thing to fuss over it, complain about it, another dynamic completely to BE proactive upon it

BE honest with yourself, for if you can't be honest with YOU, how can you expect the rest of the Universe to play along?

Here are some examples:

  • One of my clients is very proactive on her dream job. She takes countless temporary jobs in her industry in hopes it lands her THE job. She never gives up and told me so this very day. 
  • Another client started out as a high school teacher. Still is actually. But the 'Woo' called her and she dove in. Dove in deep. She is now well versed and trained in over two healing modalities and just BEcame authorized under my trainings. She is taking her teaching to an entirely new level. 
  • Another started out as a custom drapery guru. Still is in that field for it helps to pay the bills handsomely, BUT she is very active in following her dreams of literally moving elsewhere while she builds her international healing business.

The list goes on, but can you say you are doing the same? Following your dreams in a proactive manner and at times at the expense of not sleeping well, etc.?

Balance IS the key

As I just mentioned, sleepless nights or under sleeping because you are so proactive is not advisable either. Why? When is the last time you did something sleep deprived? Think on that for a moment. Was it done easily? Was it accomplished and released with joy?

Most likely not. 

In fact, if you are like me, face rubbing ensued, the voice pitch rose higher (stress) and it was just plain awful. 

That is why BALANCE is a key in the Art of Allowing. When you are forcing something, anything, it is well FORCED. How can anything float towards you if you are sending off control freak vibes?

Obviously you can't.

Check your schedule. Are you sleeping well? Going to sleep and rising roughly the same time daily? Are you eating properly? Are you exercising not only your body, but mind and soul as well? 

When all are more in balance, one doesn't lead the others around. The true leaders lead via example. What kind of example are you setting if you are multi-tasking all over the place?

Trust me, nothing gets done well if one is multi-tasking; maybe the exception is ironing while watching TV... 

The Art of Asking

No I have not forgotten the theme of this week's blog post, but it was deemed to take you on a bit of journey to allow you to reflect and ponder about your life before proceeding.

One must allow events to happen that they desire, do they not? Of course so. So if one is multi-tasking, or one is not BEing proactive, what kind of sign does that send to The Angelics and The Universe at large?

Not one that is easily understandable, wouldn't you agree? Or if a sign is sent, it says it is really not that important to you after all.

Certainly it is in the mindset of Thy Will BE Done. Are you enhancing your gifts and allowing those gifts to BE nurtured, enhanced so they may blossom? Are you following your true dreams or ones that have been placed upon you so you can be profitable, safe and accepted by society? BE clear on what you are asking for Dear One, BE very clear it is your desire and not one of another's. 

What are you asking for? What keeps you awake sometimes at night in the excitement of it possibly unfolding? Do you find yourself doing something grudgingly because you would rather be doing something else? Of course the something else is the very thing that sets your heart on fire. 

THAT is your brilliance. THAT is the dream worth playing with, nurturing and BEing proactive. THAT is a true extension of you. If you aren't sure, we need to chat. You may also ask others in your inner circle how they view you and your gifts. Remember, it doesn't have to be woo-woo, you may be excellent in dog training. You may shine in the garden. You may glow in the company of small children. What juices you up?  

Only when you are clear on your brilliance, may you ask with greater clarity what it is that you desire. Feel free to add specifics, but do not get caught up in the specifics for as a human, we constantly limit what we can achieve. 

Now to the Allowing Portion

The Art of Allowing, as you have hopefully gleaned by now, isn't just asking, sitting back and allowing

It is multi steps. It does require assistance on your part. In comparison, those were and are the easy steps, for you are intimately involved in various aspects. 

NOW is the time to keep BEing proactive, but let go of the desired outcome. 

As I mentioned last week, things are changing rapidly in my personal and professional world. My dreams? Shifting as we speak, but many are steadfast; empowering and inspiring millions. How that will happen? Changed. What I'll do to bring in more balance? Changed. I am so stepping out of the way and allowing

I am BEing guided daily on my To Do Lists. Some days I'm all in. Then there are days, like this morning, I was told I need a bit more grounding, so a walk was in order, then a pedicure and then finally home for some homemade vegan butternut squash soup... Each act fulfilled a part of me so I no longer have that antsy feeling and am able to work with greater clarity and presence while here. 


How are you following the guidance of your personal Gang on a day to day basis? 

What Angel is at Play?

Without a doubt, Haniel. He is The Manifestor, but he keeps showing me one of his cards in the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck - Breathe. Remember, as you begin to push forward and realize your dreams, it is often akin to labor; two steps forward, one back. That's OK for it allows you time to marinade, catch your breath, redefine anything that may need redefining from you.

As a refresher, his symbol is reminiscent to the sacred geometry symbol, the vesica piscis:

Vesics Piscis             

When you look at his mandala, you will see within his symbol the union of Heaven on Earth: 

Archangel Haniel Mandala - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


This symbol offers great knowledge and within that knowledge is greater power. It offers the reminder that you are the cog in the universal wheel of your life; YOU. Nobody else can dictate and ultimately control you. You have thoughts, words and of course action/inaction. This pulls back to the beginning of this post; how are you contributing to your dreams manifesting? 

Relax into her/his mandala. Breathe. Relax. Allow Haniel to speak to you and remind you of what you are destined to BE here on Gaia in this life. Allow the information to filter through. Place your hands over your heart and continue breathing. The slower your breath, the deeper you will allow your psyche to dip. Go as deep as possible to unveil the answers you seek. 

Until next week, I wish you greatness, peace and the blossoming of your dreams coming true. 

The crazy things can happen while flying September 25 2019

It's time to acknowledge the essence of Grace and allow yourself to step into it's power.

September, 2019 - Micro Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th! September 11 2019

The lunar event this Friday has not occurred in over 19 years! This Harvest MicroFull Moon also has manifested on Friday the 13th. Read on to see how it can benefit you greatly; as long as you say YES to you.

How to better travel and BE protected by who else, the Angels September 04 2019 1 Comment

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Intense Energy NOW - SuperMoon and much more August 28 2019 3 Comments

We have a SuperMoon in just two days, August 30, 2019, to BE exact. When you combine this glorious event with other astrological and etheric energies, we are in for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The like of which you may not have seen in a while.

The Symptoms You May BE experiencing 

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Overly Sensitive
  • Intuitive Gifts Skyrocketing
  • Heightened Anxiety
  • Crazy Dreams
  • Manifesting Maven
  • Seeing repetitive numbers

While in many worlds, the above list is considered normal. But each and every one of these traits if normal in your traditional world, are now heightened. Think magnified ten fold. 

That's a lot of fold! Not to be glib, but had to get your attention. 

What to Do?

It is far from the end of the world that we are facing at the moment, but these energies make it feel like it is make no mistake. 

Here is a suggested offering of tools you may use during this tumultuous time, in no particular order:

  • Meditate. Lots of Meditation. Ask for Michael's protection prior. Set one intention of an area you would prefer clarity. Just one. You are already overloaded and no need to overload you more with a bevy of angelic suggestions, as well meaning as they may be. 
  • Forest Bathing. Y'all know this is one of my favorite go tos. Take a walk on the wild side, in nature without your electronic devices. Or at the very least, without them on. This will help cleanse your aura, uplift your spirits and offer some beautiful things to gaze upon. If you are pondering an area of your life, set an intention prior to stepping a foot outside. Let go of what is weighing upon your mind and BE prepared to BE amazed at the signs, messages and inspirations you garner while walking in the woods. 
  • Bubble Baths. Now I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, but in this scenario, give it a whirl. I lace mine with Zadkiel sacred oil, epsom salts and a high grade bubble bath. Soak as long as necessary. Repeat daily. This is a great time to meditate. Allow yourself to imagine life in five years when you follow your dreams. Revel in that energy and use that as a motivator to keep going once you're toweled off and wrinkly from a good soak. 
  • Your intuitive gifts will not only heighten at this moment, but so will your bullshit monitor. Your tolerance for 'lack of integrity' will hit the fan so don't be surprised if some relationships become a bit testy. Pay attention to the insights you garner. Don't ignore or dissuade them from appearing. You are BEing given this gift for a reason. Keep a journal of sorts nearby to jot down the seemingly random insights you are receiving.
  • Dreams! Dream Journal Time! It is very important if you are a dreamer to keep a journal handy. The left page of the journal is for the dream itself as much as you remember. The right page of the journal is for later - how do you feel, interpret the dream, etc. 
  • Manifesting Maven Time! You crazy manifestor you. Seriously this energy is heightened right now; therefore BE very aware of your thoughts, words, action and inactions. ALL play a HUGE role in what is BEing created in your life NOW and going forward. 
  • The Numbers - simply observe how often they happen and ask The Gang - what are you attempting to tell me? BE quiet and take note of any and all messages received. Remember, even if you think you are not intuitive, your gifts are heightened now. 
  • Abstain from alcohol. I love nothing more than an good Italian Red or French Rose, but not this week. This is not the time to dull your senses. As tempting as that glass may be, please refrain. 

What Angels and Tools to Use

A combo of angels immediately stepped forward as I started this section of the blog; Auriel and Haniel as well as Chamuel.

 Archangel Auriel Mandala, Angel Chatter Archangel Auriel is indeed the Lunar Angel and given we are experiencing Super Moon energies, why wouldn't you chat with her? Chat with her to help illuminate the correct path for you at this time. Even if that path means it is time to clear the clutter of your life; stuff, relationships and more. I've got her candle burning again in our main living area; the kitchen/family room.


Archangel Haniel Mandala, Angel Chatter

You Manifesting Maven YOU. BE sure to chat with Haniel more consciously. After all, don't you wish to manifest what you WANT not the undesirable stuff? Haniel will help to point out when you are going astray and to keep you on track regarding your dreams and desired lifestyle. I'm wearing Haniel's bracelet dotted with her sacred oils so I can sniff my way into manifesting my dreams. This sacred oil, for those of you who haven't sniffed it, helps to clear the fog, uplift my spirits and most certainly helps me to remember my WHYS.


Archangel Chamuel Mandala, Angel Chatter

Ahhh, The Angel of Self Love, Chamuel. Chatting with Chamuel will remind you to tend to your needs. Go to sleep earlier. Take that blessed walk in nature and more. Remember, it's A-OK to say NO or YES - as long as you mean it and most importantly - are saying YES to you. Like the other two, I'm using Chamuel's oil in the bubble bath. What better way to soak up all that self love!

Until next week, Keep smiling, BE true to yourself and know we're always here to help, just ask!

When is it 'time' to grow up? August 21 2019

We recently returned from a weekend show in Chicago and something has really settled in for me. A two-day show is easily a five day commitment time-wise; travel, show, travel and then another to recoup. So in this week's scenario a two day show has taken six days of me time. 


This is prime time to look at the bigger picture; growing up. Growing 'up' is a toughie, isn't it? Or is it? That's not to say BEing child-like is childish, for it's not, but it is realizing that what you've been doing isn't necessarily the best course of action for you any more.

Let's Put This Another Way

A mentee client called me (they get to do such things) and needed a major brain dump. She has her own business and her current business model shows, etc. aren't working for her. No this is NOT me, but it may sound similar. She has had major health issues and a, ahem, trusted friend is now competing against her. 

In a quick dialogue we quickly realized she is sitting on a gold mine and it's time for her to stay more local and hit up the various spas, salon, holistic centers near her with her product. 

Repetitive Patterns 0

Empowered 1

On she goes

We looked at what she loves. We looked at what she has been doing for over eight years (we met via the show circuit) and we looked at how far she has grown and what is now important for her and her family. As an observer, it's always easier, isn't it to see the way out?

Yet Another Grown Up Example

First Day of School photos are bombarding us all now. Many friends have their nest now empty and having done this dance ourselves, it is scary, lonely and often leaving one a bit wobbly on their feet. 

Time to step forward. 

One wobbly foot at a time. Whether you are a new empty nester, off to school or just desiring a shift. 

Let's do this together, shall we?

One Foot At a Time

All it takes initially is for you to say YES. YES to you. While one can spit out that word in a nano-second, it takes a sense of I am sincerely ready for new. I desire the change. I am worthy of what I desire and more.

Then do something about it. 

For those going off to college, their process started over a year ago; looking at schools online and in person. Apply to said schools and then the realization hits as the boxes, suitcases and shopping sprees commence. Then the big day arrives. Hopefully laughter amongst tears woven in with hugs as each party embraces the new and knowing the past is just that; the past. It is bittersweet and akin to a band-aid being ripped off. 

However, not all of us are affected by school or college BEginnings. For those not affected by college activities, complacency can be a lovely security blanket. Let's face it, doing the same thing over and over again on one hand is comforting. It is repetitive, you know what to expect and so on. 

However, there comes a time and place you realize you are now dreading that event. It has become too complacent, too matter of fact and at the core a tad boring if one is being honest with themselves. 

It has entered the Meh Arena. 

What is the Meh Arena?

It's just that. Life feels 'meh'. Your routine doesn't bring about a sense of excitement, joy is tagging behind somewhere baaaack there and life feels a bit too rout. Meh is well meh it just sits there. There is no charge to it, no anger, no excitement. It is just meh.

Take some time here. Really think about your life.

What brings you pleasure? What brings a smile to your face. What makes your heart go pitter patter?

Actually write out a list of things that are currently in your life that brings you joy. Write it ALL down, every juicy morsel and then...

Think about your life. What is still left hanging out there in left field that doesn't bring you joy? Don't be shy. Acknowledge those things, events, places, people. 

These are your Meh Arena Participants.

Look at these participants. What can you easily be rid of? This can be, maybe she says with a bit of tease in her voice, a Clutter Clearing Activity. True it can be about the literal things in our life that we have put into our home, closet, cabinetry and more and now scream MEH.

This exercise is also about the activities or lack of activities in your life that hold that same kind of charge, or in this case - no charge. It reminds me of the song from Chicago, Mr. Cellophane. 

Cellophane, Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name, Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me and never know I'm there

Think of it this way. Are you excited in the morning, most mornings, to start the day? Do you find yourself laughing throughout your day and happy you are where you find yourself at this moment?

Or, do you find yourself just going through the motions more often than not? 

I do hope it is the former, not the latter. 

Please remember, 2019 is The Breakthrough Year. For all, not just a lucky few, but all

Has your life become too cellophane like? If so, this sadly this puts you steeped in the Meh Arena. 

Time to shake things up and grow up. Now growing up isn't a bad thing or meant that how you live now isn't grown up. Growing Up in my book is living as you desire. No matter the age, or how you desire - well as long it is lived with Love as your motivator. Otherwise you are fooling nobody and a big ol' band aid is being applied. 

It's time to shine; band-aids not allowed unless a real boo-boo is present. 

What to Do to Grow Up?

Like I've already said, say YES to you and reeeaaaalllyyy mean it. REALLY mean it. Aren't you worthy to get out of meh and into WOW?

I think you are. 

Start by ridding yourself of unsavory things. Yes, this could mean literally things. However, it can also mean that you perhaps get rid of another hour of TV and read on a topic you find fascinating. Perhaps you peruse the internet and find other classes to take. Or perhaps go to your local gym and get your chi higher. Perhaps you take a look at life with clarity glasses and ask yourself what needs to say as well as what needs to go.

These are tough decisions to make. Or are they? Are they only tough because it is easier to be complacent than take charge? Easier than saying I am responsible for what is going on and I'm doing something about it. Easier to blame another for your lot in life whether it is lack of love, joy, prosperity, etc. We all have choices. Each one of us and I am no different. I've made choices in the past and while they didn't all work out as I thought they may, they all contribute to where I am now and going. Guess what? Wouldn't trade them in for anything. I AM LOVING the direction of my life and it gets clearer and clearer all the time.

We just need to BE aware of the signs we're giving and move forward. In fact, just this past weekend the number '27' played a part in our gross from the weekend's show (no you don't get to know the first two digits). I checked out Sacred Scribes and here is what she had to say and have been nudged to share with all of you:

Angel Number 27 is a message to believe in yourself, your intuitive messages and your inner promptings. You have been receiving messages about your Divine Life Purpose and your angels encourage you to follow the guidance and directions accordingly. Trust that your angels support you in your spiritual endeavors.

You are BEing asked to step forward on your life path with confidence and grace. Maintain your positive attitude and perspective and trust that you will manifest positive results, rewards and blessings. 

Okay then. May I suggest you re-read that passage a few times since it is now quite public and meant for you as well?

What Angel to Chat with and why

Haniel hands down. Isn't he the Angel of Manifestation? Of course! Therefore, chatting with Haniel will help to illuminate the areas of Meh. He can also assist in the releasing of Meh to Allow WOW to enter. 

Isn't it time life was WOW? I think so and hope you do as well. 

 Archangel Haniel Mandala - Angel Chatter

Haniel's energy is rather on the yummy side. Soft, but like most things don't think soft is weenie territory. He can BE much in your face when you are aware of the Meh and then don't do a thing to alter it. Think it's time you got to know him better... Want even more than this? Of course there is a book for that!

Until next week, BE honest with yourself and let's turn meh into WOW!

How much do you Love...Yourself? August 14 2019

This is a topic I am passionate about and of course it rears its head on a regular basis.

Why? I want to make sure you understand the importance of Loving Yourself more and more and more. 

Why? BEcause if you don't love yourself, nobody else can.

Rephrase that; Nobody can love you more than you LOVE yourself.   

This is a very, very true fact. 

This Journey of Self Love vs. Self Loathing and back to Self Loving

So many, so many unfortunately are told since childhood that if they think of themselves first they are selfish. If they think of themselves first, they are greedy. If they think of themselves first, they are now undesirable. 

Pashaw. Everyone is born desirable, lovable and more. What changed was societal programming of the contrary. 

Now it is time to rebuild. It will take time to love yourself more. The breaking down of your brilliance didn't happen overnight and it won't rebuild itself in a day or two or three.

In fact, it may take the rest of your life. That's OK in my book. Really? OK?

Yep. For every layer that is put back into place and honored, another rears its cute little head requiring more love. 

Remember, all are perfectly imperfect. Including me. Including you. 

Each step that reclaims our juicy essence systematically breaks down the loathing aspect. Loathing is a funny thing; it masquerades nicely. It has been stealthily woven into daily conversations so much so it is a badge of (bad) honor to utilize these phrases: 

  • If I could.... I'd be...
  • If I was.... I'd be....
  • If I hadn't, I'd be....
  • If I had, I'd be....
  • I shoulda done....
  • I shouldn't have done....

See? All very judgmental and that equates with self loathing. Of course it can unfortunately go much deeper. Much deeper. 

Let's just start with one tactic.

Should Vs. Could

Many of you that have been chatting with me for a while, know this is not a new concept. Nope not at all. Years ago, YEARS ago I tell you, the angels shared this with me:

When one should something and doesn't

One then feels guilty

When one should do something, but doesn't wish to, but does

One then gets angry

One always COULD

When one coulds, you free up obligations and now are left in control. You may choose this or that, OR not this or that.

Freedom is the key 

Right off the bat, your newest assignment:

  1. For one week, note often do you think or say the word should. Just note, observe, etc. No judgment, it is what it is. You may be quite surprised at how much pressure you are putting on yourself. Then again, maybe you won't be surprised. 
  2. The week following catch yourself and switch should to could. Note how your body reacts. At first, it may not be overly happy, I'll not lie. It can be intimidating and sometime scary to begin to take control over your actions and thoughts. 
  3. The next week, slow down your speech and consciously begin to incorporate could into your vernacular. This one act alone is more freeing than one may realize. Just one word switcheroo and you are well on your way to acknowledging your needs, desires even more.

THAT is one step closer to loving yourself more. 

One step... but trust me, it's a biggie.


When is the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? I'm not even using the other "L" word here (LOVE in case you are curious). I'm talking liked

Just yesterday, we were somewhat excited to hunker down inside our home for it was scheduled to pour, storm and pour some more allll day. We got a whole lotta nothing. However, in this hunkering phase, I went grungy; sweatpants and one of my fav sweatshirts. This is one of my not presentable for viewing attires. I had a LIVE with my students last night and let's just say I like to look somewhat presentable for them. 

I fluffed up my hair, put on a tad of make-up (gloss and concealer if you must know) and unclipped my hair. Not bad, not bad I said to myself... Egoic? Perhaps, but remember, if I don't like the way I look, nobody else will either. I've never met a truly ugly person. Truth! Within each and every soul there is beauty. 

Real beauty. The one that only make-up enhances. 

I challenge you now. Go look in the mirror or reverse your smartphone camera to look at yourself. Look at those luscious eyes. How do I know your eyes are luscious? Because they are the window to your soul and your soul is luscious. 

Why is all this Self Love so Important NOW?

If you recall, The Angels, aka The Gang, dubbed 2019 The Breakthrough Year. 

What better breakthrough can one possibly have than to Love themselves more?

Seriously, what better breakthrough?

  • When one LOVES themselves more, one goes after what they desire with greater abandon.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, they allow themselves to receive the accolades, the riches, the love, the health, the joy that they desire - for now they truly embrace the fact that they deserve it.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, they really don't care what others may think of their lifestyle, their homes, their car, etc. BEcause they know how and where they live reflects them.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, life is embraced on all levels and if something doesn't work out right the first time, they take it for what it is; a lesson and try again. 

Isn't that a great start on why you should; yes that word was chosen specifically and is one of the rare shoulds of life -  You Should LOVE YOURSELF more!

Can you imagine what could transform, birth, happen if you loved yourself a bit more? Try it!

What Angel to Chat with Regarding Self Love

Hopefully you know by know I am referring to Chamuel, THE Angel of Self Love. Chamuel oversees the heart chakra and resonates with the color pink. Pink is the color of self love. Pink also happens to be the color of Rose Quartz, the premier stone of self love. Pink also happens to BE one of my favorite colors. 

Chamuel. This is without a doubt the lesson that has given the majority of my students the most run for their money. That's a great thing for they are allowing themselves to dig deep and are honoring the process. For that I am very grateful. 

Take heed Dearest One and allow yourself to LOVE yourself more. Take one step today and another tomorrow. Grab some Rose Quartz; jewelry, raw form, polished - it doesn't matter. Of course you know I offer a bevy of Chamuel products; candles, jewelry, sun drops, guided meditation and sceptres. All were born to help you LOVE yourself more. Want to dig deeper? You know where to find me to schedule some one on one time.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, Mandala


Meanwhile, meditate with Chamuel while gazing upon the channeled mandala above.

Until next week, put your right hand on your left shoulder. Put your left hand on your right shoulder. SQUEEEEEEZZZEEE real hard. Consider yourself hugged. 

Exploring the 3d, 4th and 5th Dimensions and How the Vesica Piscis Plays a Role August 07 2019

ALL are undergoing their own personal ascension process. Yes, ALL. It may be hard to fathom given the state of affairs lately, but bear with me. Some dance in the Third Dimension. Some dance in the Fourth Dimension. Some dance in the Fifth Dimension. Where do you dance?