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Maid, Mother, Crone October 26 2018

What is the definition of Maid, Mother and Crone? How do you label yourself?

What Archangel Raphael has to say... September 28 2018 3 Comments

So many of you have written me privately and have also shared publicly how the current state of the world is affecting you emotionally, physically, mentally and of course spiritually. 

So I chatted with Archangel Raphael, the Angel of Healing, to find out what one can do and how it may be affecting you on these various levels. 


How the Energy Shifts are Affecting you Physically

In a nutshell; lethargy. Energy is beyond low, for you. Your brain says DO SOMETHING and your body is... meh.

Cravings for the comfort foods is higher than it has been. Eating the higher in carb loaded foods contributes greatly to the lethargy. Raphael is looking at me now and shaking his head in frustration. He has something to say on this:


Listen to what your body needs


What you think you need

What you think you need offers a bandaid of blanketing over your emotional rawness. Eat less, yes I said eat less. Your body is vibrating at a higher level as you approach the next dimension. By eating less, you are actually fueling your entire BEing more properly for this allows you to use your internal resources to kick into higher gear and support you better.

You must move your body. As easy as it may be to sit and DO nothing, this does not serve you or your body. Even if you only go for a quick walk. This does more for you than you may realize. Lethargy breeds lethargy. Move!

Love your body for what it does for you.

Love your body for how it has supported you.

Those acne marks, stretch marks, wrinkles and more contribute to your innate beauty. How about loving YOU for you and not pining away for something that was or may never be? 

In other words, no more laying in bed or wishing you could lay in bed with the covers pulled over your head until this blows over. It may not blow over for a while and by doing so, you slow or completely stall your own soul's advancement.

How the Energy Shifts are Affecting you Mentally

Talk about BEing confused, snarky and completely on edge!

This energy has hit you mentally as well. As an example, a massive earthquake (7.5) hit Indonesia on 9/27/18. Now you may not live anywhere near Indonesia, but as you are empathic, you felt Gaia's tremblings long before she erupted. These tremblings have contributed your mental facilities being on hyper overdrive and not understanding the source. 

Once again, I asked Raphael...

These energy surges as you call them are more than surges. It is part of the Ascension Process and because so many are still living in fear they immediately kick back and scream "Keep it the same!" and then moan and groan quickly about their life not being any better.

This becomes a vicious cycle of pining for different but doing nothing in order to facilitate the change. In fact often times one goes out of their way to keep the status quo.

How can this help you mentally? 

It can't.

One must be more proactive in their own soul development.

One must actively meditate daily.

This signifies to us that one is ready to expand and take on life in a more joyous and loving manner.

By meditating, one can clear their mental faculties more quickly and permanently while becoming more inspired within their personal life. Does it change the outward happenings in the world? Initially no. However, it does start within and your 100 Monkey Syndrome quickly morphs into more humans BEing which then of course shifts the consciousness into higher vibrating energies. 

How to meditate if you don't already? Check out YouTube. There are hundreds, nay thousands of guided meditations out there. One of these days, I'll upload a few myself... If you don't like one, go onto to another.

You may also find meditation classes in your area via a yoga studio, etc. Often times when first starting, it is helpful to have someone gently and lovingly guide you through until you are more confident in this practice.

Remember to call upon Big Mike for those protective energies first! No need to invite the lower energies in.

How the Energy Shifts are Affecting you Emotionally

The shifts are certainly hitting the emotional button as well. I've been getting teary at the drop of a hat lately. So much so my husband will ask, Where's a hat so you may now cry? While it may not sound very loving in his response, it gets me to laugh. One may logically go to the place that our daughter is getting married next month and well, if you've a child to get married, you know how emotionally charged the event is!

So yes, it could be those wedding bells, but it is much more than that. Raphael, what say you?

Your emotional well BEing is certainly being tested at the moment. You know the difference between right and wrong, but so many things 'get in your way' that seem to prevent you. 

Heed the two suggestions above; proper food and meditation.

Those combined will offer great support to you mentally and immediately begin to shift your emotional outlook not only in your personal world, but beyond. 

One of the key acts you may do is Acts of Self Love.

These are the Acts frequently recommended to help you not only relax, but refuel and recharge your entire BEing. Emotional included. 

It is any Act you perform for yourself that once complete helps you feel more centered and clear minded. It may include a massage, yoga class, walk in nature, reading a book that broadens your horizons (in other words, not junky 'fun' books), but ones that offer a more profound meaning of the universe. 

Get your mind engaged in more joy-filled activities only helps to uplift you emotionally. What activity uplifts you?


Well it looks like I'll be making a massage appointment later today and committing to yoga classes next week. Time to get back in the swing of things of putting me in the To Do list as well. 

How the Energy Shifts are Affecting you Spiritually

How can you trust anything out there at the moment? In many ways it seems the world is going to Hell in the proverbial Hand Basket so how can one trust why this is a good thing?

Oh Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing?

Once again it is part of the Ascension Process.

Yes, I know many of you have been hearing of this process for decades and you think the masses ought to be there by now.

Not true, obviously. If you had all collectively accomplished this, we would not be now having this conversation. 

Many of you have lovingly stepped forward to assist others in the process through coaching, readings, healings (via akashic records, energy, crystals, etc.) You are a leader and as such must heed these warnings in order to assist others.

However, you may take solace in the knowledge that it is happening. How can you be certain? For the lower energies are fervently working now, more than ever, to keep you stuck and living in a state of fear. 

No more.

Now is the time for you to call upon us more often.

Now is the time for you to call upon the Ascended Masters.

Now is the time for you to use all the tools you have at hand and those offered to you to stop the madness. 

You are a warrior. Warriors can get weary which is why I am addressing the spiritual aspect last. I have offered you tools above. Here is the last one:

Place your hands over your heart.

Listen to your heartbeat.

This is your soul speaking.

Quietly listen. What else does it have to share? All messages received from the soul are the truth. Fear has no place in truth.

Listen with Love.



Now apparently is the time to shed the bed linens, go for a walk and mediate with your soul. Who will join me? I shall also be lighting his candle today and wearing my Ariel Angel Glow medallion for courageous healing.

Like what you've read? Please share across the world. I do believe all could benefit from this message. 




The Harvest Full Moon, 2018 - What YOU can do to reap its rewards September 24 2018

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a more 'flying by the seat of my wings' kinda goddess. Therefore, it ought to come as no big surprise that your heads up preview for our full moon comes on the day of this Big Beautiful Harvest Moon...

It's just kinda how I roll...

What IS the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon is always delegated as such based on its proximity to the Fall Equinox; two weeks prior or two weeks after the equinox. No matter when the moon is full in the four week timeframe, it is designated The Harvest Moon.


All moons; whether it be a full moon, new moon, waxing or waning, hold specific energy. All of them.

The Energy of the Harvest Moon

Because all full moons hold energy, it is best to understand the power of this particular full moon; The Harvest Moon. Yes it is most certainly about harvesting, but there is much more to it than that....

The moon is in the energy of Aries. Aries? isn't Aries back in March and April? Yes of course it is, but the moon is in Aries energy. This is because when a moon is full, it is the opposite of the sun; and therefor the sun sign. If it is opposite of the sun, then that means the Harvest Moon is in Aries - opposite. 

This moon, and I'm sure you are already nodding your head in agreement, holds tremendous upheaval and power. Think back in very recent times in your personal life; what has not gone according to plan? What may have imploded on you? (It really didn't implode by the way, but signified a more dramatic letting go process due to, ahem, holding onto something tendencies). This upheaval time is allowing you to plant proper seeds that are in better alignment with you.

The Moon is in Aries, but where is the sun?

The sun's energy is in Libra which is the consummate balancer. IF you combine the fiery Aries and balancing Libra energies; is it any wonder that there is an upheaval energy that is begging for balance? 

Of course there is. You are itching for change, but yet crave balance. What to do? Compromise. Compromise doesn't mean giving in or giving up. It offers a chance to re-evaluate those desires and through that; you better understand what it really is that is desired. Through that you create balance within you and that of course extends outwardly into your life.

Simply put; what do you desire that will create better balance in your world? What needs to be let go in order to do so? How can you do something/anything differently?

How does the Harvest Moon Affect You Personally?

To thine own self BE true. 

This fiery, balancing, emotional upheaval is not the ideal time to pick a fight; any fight no matter how valid your cause may be. It is a chance to reflect and notice what has triggered this inner turmoil that may have you wishing you were a world class samurai soldier wielding multiple swords at once. Before you come out wielding those swords, 

Hold on. Catch your breath and thoughts.

Instead of battling it outwardly. Take advantage of this power and focus on the whys. We often go to the whys and whats that can offer great clarity ... 

  • Why do I wish to do this or that?
  • What is my motivation to do this or that?

BE honest with yourself with each why and what. Brutally honest. IF it is fame and fortune, don't BE bashful! IF it for prosperity beyond your wildest dreams, go for it! IF it is to live a life of solitude in a remote cabin, why not? IF it is....

Aries and your beautiful head

Aries rules your physical head. Combine that with the balancing act of Libra, many of you will wish to change your hair color, style, new jewelry (think earrings, necklace, etc. - see all head related stuff). That's the fun part of Aries, but as in most things energy, it can go deeper.

Your ego and brain are obvious also in your head space. What has been weighing you down; do you harbor feelings of being abandoned, not recognized, nobody loves me guess I'll go eat worms scenarios, etc. Now is the perfect time to purge! Write down all  those feelings of injustice (whether real or imagined, remember if you think it real, it has become so to varying levels in your psyche).

Write. Everything. Down.

Now burn it. Oh the cathartic energy that is consume in this simple and powerful ritual. If your inner circle tribe is close by, this is even more powerful when done as a group. Each person offers support in the releasing process. No need to read your list aloud, but IF you do, your heart begins to hear it quicker and the healing through love may BEgin that much faster. Remember, no judgment is allowed on your feelings. You have felt them. Honor them and know now it is time to change your story. 

What Angel to Chat with during this Harvest Moon?

In a nutshell? All of them! Really. However, I know that is not the answer you desire. The Gang member that showed up first?

Ariel, alias Pinky (my guardian angel for those of you who don't know the story, may find more about her in my latest book in the guardian angel section). Ariel is The Angel of Courage and offers this message:

It is time to BE courageous and step forward!
It is time to BE courageous and let go!
It is time to BE courageous and BE.
Be you.


Azrael, The Angel of Transition, was close behind. Now Azrael is often labeled as the Angel of Death, which is rather doom and gloom and melodramatic in my book, so I had a chat with him. His response?

What is Death but transition? Do you not transition from one thing to another on a regular basis?

Do you not clear the clutter to bring in more of what is desired?

Do you not attempt to let go of old paradigms in order to shine brighter?

Do you not let go in order to embrace new?

Is it not time to let go and BE?

Who am I to argue with either of these two? I suggest you don't attempt to either. 

I know I've got the Azrael Candle lit today and it smells heavenly.

It is now time to embrace this fiery and balancing moon that we call Harvest. 



Universal Energy Shifts and How to Navigate Them September 06 2018 1 Comment

No doubt about it, the shifts in energy right now are palpable. So many have reported:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Crazy CRAZY Dreams
  • Heightened awareness of intuitive gifts
  • Nauseous sensations that cannot be explained
  • Extremely sensitive 
  • Food cravings
  • Extreme lack of energy

You see, very real and very palpable. This energy shift is hitting all the levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  

One could blame seasonal allergies. But they're not.

One could blame a virus that is running around. But it's not.

One could blame you are being overly sensitive. But you're not.

It's very real and very much in your face. There is no way to escape this one. 

How to Combat This Energy Shift

You most likely would love to pull the covers over your head and wait it out. Not a good idea.

Why's that? I like my bed you say... 

Because this shift is helpful. This shift is spotlighting within you things that let's say it as simply as possible; you've been ignoring. ALL have aspects of themselves that wish would simply go away. However, these aspects do create the whole and the whole is a human who is perfectly imperfect. 

Each and every human is that. 

Perfectly Imperfect


When these aspects of ourselves are acknowledged, then the healing can begin and these energy shifts cease to throw you into a whirlwind that can seem insurmountable.

Step One

Acknowledge what you are going through. This is not a Get out of Jail Free Card if you have become a whining mess and are doing nothing about it. This is literally stopping what you are doing and recognize that what you are going through is very real and personal. By acknowledging this you begin the unraveling process and its control over you begins to lessen. 

Acknowledge if this is making you tired. We've been going to bed earlier than normal for us because that is what our bodies are screaming at us...SLEEP is what we need! 

Acknowledge if you need to eat! However, eating higher vibration foods; fresh fruits, veggies, etc. will greatly assist in the maneuvering this latest energy shift. Think about it, if you are gearing up to run a marathon, would your diet consist mostly of oreos and ice cream? Probably not, right? Why would you, ahem, fuel your body with the same lower vibration foods if you are undergoing an energy shift?

Acknowledge if you need to say NO and stick to it! Saying no at times is the most powerful thing you can do. It can signify you've had enough. It can signify that this is not in alignment with you and you are actively choosing to not engage (vs. the opposite 'Scarlett' Way... ignoring and worry about it tomorrow)

Acknowledge when you need assistance. This is equally powerful NO, it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that says, I AM enough, but know I cannot do it all and therefore could benefit from outside help. That help could be seeing a counselor, coach. Hiring a coach to help navigate this quagmire of energy (I know of a great angel one ;) . Ask your inner circle to step up and pitch in. 

Step Two

Once acknowledgement is made, you most likely will begin to feel the release of the tension that you probably didn't even know you were holding onto. 

Now in Step Two you can start sending it some major lovin' energy. This it of course is you. 

That tension you are holding onto? That turns into tighter muscles. That turns into stress related illnesses. That turns into plain ol' yuck. 

By acknowledging it, you are now on your way to LOVIING it. Feel your body begin to soften in this powerful energy of Love. You already opened the doors by acknowledging it. Taking it a step deeper into relaxation through Love. 

If possible, place your hands over the part of your body that desires attention first. Of course you have asked Big Mike (aka Archangel Michael) in for protection purposes and now are calling upon Raphael and Chamuel. For loving energy to enter. By placing your hands there or focusing on that body area, that is where the energy of Love will start. I often use Chamuel's  Ritual Dropper. I apply a few drops to my hands, rub together, hold up to my face to breathe in the energy and then place on that part of my body. 

Allow it to build and in many ways blast open what tension is there. Do not be surprised if you well up in your eyes as this area that has been ignored for so long is now BEing honored. 

Step Three

Once the area is more love based and love-filled, the true healing can commence. 

This of course is Raphael's jurisdiction; healing. 

Big Mike and Chamuel are still on hand, but now Raphael is the leader in this scenario. Feel his healing wings upon you and gently and lovingly infusing your body with healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

The energy may pulsate as it softly breaks up the tension further, but through that pulsing energy, it jells and begins its true healing. I often will add to this the Raphael Ritual Dropper Oil. I apply it the same way I apply the Chamuel's oils. 

Just last week and client was scheduled for her first public musical concert in ages. No surprise she came down with a cold on the day of to the point her throat was swollen and swallowing was difficult. Not only did she apply Raphael, but Mother Mary's Ritual Oil. Immediately her head felt clearer as did her entire BEing. Her peformance? Flawless. 

Talk about an energy shift to beat all energy shifts! She did exactly what I am sharing here; acknowledged, loved and allowed the healing to commence.

Step Four


Yes, you've read it before, but the Art of Allowing now goes deeper and higher. 

Higher? Yes, for now you will be more attuned to the energies around you whether they stem from your inner circle to global to universal. Through your intimate cleansing, you will better know where other disturbances are brewing and how best you could assist in that arena. Prayer? Warning? Active Healing Energy? There are many ways to better understand what is going to happen, what is happening and how you may offer assistance... remember you can always say no.

Bottom Line

The Shifts are real. What has been provided for you within this blog are some basic, but powerful tools that have helped countless others navigate them without nary a scratch. 

Prepare and Self Care are the highest things to do. Never forget. 


Is 'it' over yet? August 16 2018

This Mercury in Retrograde combined with the other energies; Lion's Gate, the Perseids and more have kicked some serious butt for so many of you. If I'm honest, and don't know how to lie well (well except during the holidays when I BEcome Mrs. Claus, but that is indeed a digression) it's kicked my butt too. 

What is this Energy doing to us?

This combined energy, in a nutshell, has ripped off a few layers that needed sloughing. Just as much as a good loofa will do for your skin, this energy combo did for you. 


Think about it, if you hit a struggling moment recently, you have now walked through or at the very least are processing on how to get through it. You were given resources whether it be a book a person or group that helped you to embrace the solutions. Helped you to recognize the solutions for what they are. Reminded you that you are not alone and there are indeed many in your life that adore you for who you are and it is time that more knew of you.

This energy combination brought it up. 


Simply because it was time to stop owning this energy, this illusion of illness, lack, non-recognition, non-support, etc. 

It IS time to stand taller and BE more proud of who you are and what you are here to do and more importantly here to BE. 

Now What?

Before you take off running and BE, remember, Mercury is still retrograding. Please do not sign any legal documents if possible. At best, post date them if you are positive about this new adventure. 

Take the remaining two days, Mercury does go direct on August 18, and reflect. Reflect on your next most probably steps. There is typically a bit of residual goofiness floating around, so best wait to do anything new until Monday when all BEcomes clear again. As an example we head for Chicago in a bit, a 14 hour drive door to door. I have a pad of paper set to go so we may begin to finalize a host of projects from bridal shower for our daughter, videos, 2019 retreats, and more. 

However, today started the shift in the clearing arena. I awoke to over a dozen messages on Facebook (a rare thing in my world), many of which noted the shift or at the very least chatted about something that reflected this shift into brighter times. It appears this clearing is not BEing very secretive - for which I am extremely grateful.

Such as learning the lesson and BEing better able to stand more comfortably in their power whether it be through boundaries, a new paradigm shift that was brought to their attention, a reminder, etc. 


As The Gang is drumming in, the Shift is here. How will you move forward? What things really don't need your attention any more? Make a list of things you love to do for they help you to BE. You well know I LOVE inspiring and helping others. It is now time to work smarter, not harder regarding Angel Chatter. What this means long term is less shows and more group events. What this means is perhaps increasing our Private Weekend offerings. What this means is a new oracle deck. What this means is saying YES and moving forward, one step at a time. 

How will you say YES to you and your dreams, inspirations and aspirations?

On the day that Aretha Franklin skips to the other side, she reminds us how do we prayer for ourselves? Are you not worthy of a prayer? Are you not worthy to share your gifts, no matter how small or large you perceive them?

I think so as does The Gang.

Start with the essence of gratitude and love towards self. That is really the best gift to give to self. 




The top things to know and embrace regarding the Lion's Gate of 2018 August 06 2018

You may have been reading or hearing a lot the Lion's Gate. I'm here to help make some sense of this rather large energy surge that is now literally upon us and how it may affect you.

What is this thing called the Lion's Gate?

The Lion's Gate happens every year on August 8. August BEing the eighth month and the Lion's Gate happens on the eighth day of the eighth month. Every year. So what makes this year any more important or special than past ones? Read on. 

Since the Lion's Gate always happens on 8/8, there must be something to the number '8'...right? Right. Think about the number '8'. The number is balanced. The top and bottom is the same. Balance. 

As in Heaven on Earth.
As in Feminine and Masculine.
As in BEing
As in living from your Heart Center


Look Skyward and BEyond on the Lion's Gate

On August 8, the stars indeed align. Sirius appears to BE the closest it has been in 364 days and is targeted to BE the brightest star that specific night. Hopefully you will have a chance to witness its beauty.

What you will not physically witness is that at this moment in time, Sirius is in true alignment with the Pyramid of Giza. The Giza Pyramid is considered to be the largest pyramid in the world and a site of a great healing vortex. Why is that?

A pyramid is known to create harmony; it allows the wave patterns to BE in sync and continuous. Everything within that space is naturally brought to a state of homeostatis. A sense of BEing is true and the healing that can take place within a pyramid is known to be fast, furious and permanent on all levels. 

Since a pyramid is already in a state of balance, when it is activated by Sirius, magic happens. The Balance of pyramid is magnified literally by the heavens.

Even the River Nile marks this event by rising, indicating vast abundance and prosperity for all. The River Nile is the largest and longest river in the world and runs alongside the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Nile is thought to represent our subconscious.

So think of it this way, your subconscious is now BEing magnified. What you have been hiding, perhaps even from yourself is now BEing illuminated. 

It is time to step out!

How does the Lion's Gate affect you personally?

As with all celestial events, it depends on you. How much are you willing to step aside and get out of your own way and step into your own divinity?

Certainly with a powerhouse event of this nature, is it any wonder that your own energy levels will be hit not to mention your personal power center; your solar plexus chakra?

You may be pushed beyond your limits as it were. Are those limits humanly conceived or are they truly your limits? Sit with that question; are you BEing pushed to step out more and BE more aware of your boundaries?

Remember, it is about balance. Hold onto the EIGHT significance... balance, balance, balance.

In other words, living from the HEART aka LOVE. 

You may be confident in LOVE; that is not BEing egotistical. 
You may be powerful in LOVE; that is not BEing domineering.
You may simply BE LOVE. 


How to Plan for the Lion's Gate


Sit with your journal and pen in hand. 

What are your dreams.

What do you wish your future to hold?

In other words, how do you wish to BE?

Allow plenty of time for this exercise. This is not an exercise to gloss over and do in a rush or piecemealed. It is meant to BE savored. You are meant to linger during this exercise. Dwell on your desires, feel them expand and blossom. Are you not worth savoring? Are your dreams not worth focusing on and dwelling in for a longer period of time vs. over a quick cup of tea? 

What to Expect After the Lion's Gate

Once again, life will certainly continue and for some, it will continue without a hiccup. For others, expect things to go a bit more topsy turvy in the short term. Don't allow yourself to hold onto things that really aren't serving you. Don't be afraid to say NO! Don't BE afraid to shout YES!

Say YES to you, your life, your dreams...YOU.

Channeled Message Regarding the Lion's Gate

Dearest ~

 It is time

Time for you to BE

It is time for you to embrace the light known as you 

It is time to shine that light so others may find theirs

It is not a time to be stingy, but it is a time to BE clearer on your boundaries and expectations. It is time to share; share your resources, share your love, share your gifts. 

Step within and ask how you are meant to BE

How you are meant to LIVE

How you are meant to LOVE

It is time, greatness is upon you and your dreams

All you must do is say YES

YES to you.


What is in Store for July's Blood Moon? July 25 2018

July 27, 2018 - The Longest Lunar Eclipse This Century

This coming Friday, July 27, 2018 marks yet another memorable the skies.

Not only is it a lunar eclipse, but is targeted to BE the longest lunar eclipse this century. This also coincides with the Full Blood Moon AND it happens the day after Mercury does its backward dance; it goes retrograde.

It's not what it seems this Mercury in Retrograde Dance

Before you head to your bed and are tempted to pull the covers up over your head in fear of the sky falling, read on:

Mercury is not the only planet retrograde at the moment. Oh NO! In fact other planets are retrograding and most are considered masculine in their energy and traits:

Mars - goes Direct on August 27, 2018
Saturn - goes Direct on September 6, 2018
Pluto - goes Direct on September 30, 2018


Mercury is like the tofu of the solar system; it emits the traits of the other planets that are in retrograde at that time. This meaning that the energy we are now entering is going backward in masculinity. Think about that...the masculine is going backwards in energy.

As a side note, the only feminine planet in retrograde at the moment is Neptune. Her traits include inspiration, magical ways that BEcome enchanting and the subsconscious. Her energy is sweet, sublime and cannot tolerate coarseness. Isn't that a beautiful analogy of what we at large are experiencing in the world right now? 

Coarseness. No wonder she went into hiding!

If you are curious, she goes direct on November 24, 2018. 

Assimilate the Energies of This Mercury in Retrograde

Sit back a moment, think about it. If many of the masculine planets are in retrograde and the softest energy feminine planet is also in hiding, how does this reflect and affect you now?

I pondered this greatly last night and this morning and asked not only The Gang, aka the Angels, but Mary Magdalene, who apparently is one of my newest besties. 

Here is what they had to say:

As we return to purity

As we return to LOVE

The masculine must take a proverbial backset in order for the feminine,

The Divine Feminine to come forward and BE


Balanced with the Masculine

(this is not a battle of who is stronger)

but a union for both to shine

It is a time of reflection

It is a time to soften

It is a time to go within and BE strong

in your Softness

BE strong 

in your Love

BE strong

in your Joy

It is a time to honor both, but first the masculine must soften its grip and the feminine must feel her own divinity and know she is worthy to meet the masculine. The masculine must loosen his grip on control and allow the feminine to BE his partner. 

It is time.

It is this Blood Moon that Sangreal comes to mind, doesn't it?

The Royal Blood or as many call it the Holy Grail.

Without getting into specifics, many hold the energy of Sangreal within themselves. For they are the Divine and are exude the purity that is needed at this time. 


You Have Time

Mercury and all the planets listed above are in retrograde until August 19, 2018, this being when Mercury goes direct. Take advantage of this moment, this profound moment in our history is the time to embrace your feminine side; your intuition. Create your own magic. Dream and take no prisoners for this is your dream, your reality, and your life. As John Lennon sang, Imagine all the people living in a world of peace.

If turmoil settles in, step back. Reflect. Ponder. Chat with your soul by placing your hands over your heart and asking what is the next best thing for you to BE at this moment. 

The last thing you need to do is join the fray of turmoil and fear. That defeats everything you desire. That will keep you on that blasted gerbil wheel for the remainder of your life. Take the leap off that wheel and honor you and your needs and most importantly your dreams. 

I know I am.

Will you join me? 


On The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene July 22 2018

Today is July 22 and amongst many beautiful events that have taken place over the centuries, it is also the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.

As you know, I've had a kinship with her of sorts for years and this has only been heightened since my trip to France. Why would I then be surprised that she woke me up last night with multiple messages?

Honestly, I'm not.

Phase One

I'm at my parent's home. Dad decided to have an argument with a water hose.

Water Hose -1

Dad - 0  However his consolation prize is a broken ankle. His surgery is on Tuesday and he will then become bionic; plates and screws are to be added to his human body. Due to a bevy of folks coming in, I'm snuggled in at my honorary aunt's house next door for sleep. It's rather lovely since I have the house to myself; This offers time to detox and more. This part of the story isn't a digression, really, but rather a setting of the stage of what's following:

Phase Two - Magdalene Enters

Many of you may also know that I've a few more oracle decks in me...I've known of a second almost since the first one birthed. I've played with the artwork (it helps inspire me). I've learned I operate in a creative way and often times will start/stop a project until it hits.

It has hit. It's only taken six+ years, but hit she has and with a bit of Magdalene magic, it will be debuting before year's end or shortly thereafter. 

Shortly before my departure to France she and I created her magical scent. It is magical. Many reported the powerful loving energy that exuded from it and one went so far to say she was transported to Jerusalem and walking her path while there. So stay tuned; her candle and other essential oil blend offerings will be out within weeks. 

Phase Three - Magdalene's Message

My Children
You are my children, for you are younger than me, no?
Just a silly bit of humor on this day of days.
My message, as all of my messages come from the point of
Love does and will conquer all
Love is the motivator for many
Love is the cure
Love IS
Love is Demur
Love is Powerful
Love is Soft
Love is Strong
Love is Feminine
Love is Masculine
Love is Light
Love is Dark
Love IS
Love Cures
Love Creates
Love Inspires
Love Heals 
Love IS
Love is Easy
Love is Joy
Love is Pure 
Love IS
Love IS UNconditional -
Never will you hear me put conditions on Love, for then it is no longer
Then love is a bargaining tool.
That is not Love, yes?
Love IS
Love is the union of ALL
Love is Balanced
Love is Heaven on Earth
Love IS
How will you go about your day in LOVE?
How do you operate your life in the name of LOVE?
Keep this in mind as you daydream on your desires.
What is your motivator?
Keep this in mind, not just today,
but every day
every single day for the rest of your life
Love IS

Phase Four - Integrating Magdalene's Message

How will I now go about my day and days ahead? Hopefully more inspired and Love focused. I AM creating a large offering of home-made TV dinners for my folks that will make meal preparation much easier as dad recuperates. Each meal, especially going forward, WILL be made with more love and more ease. It's not a race to fill the freezer, but to infuse each and everything made with great LOVE which of course is healing.

Will I work on her deck today? Most likely not as the family is stirring and it is time to close and enjoy the day...with them. Remember, it is not the amount of things you accomplish in one day, it is how you BE.


The Day I met Mary Magadelene July 09 2018

I've had this 'weird' fascination with Mary Magdalene for decades. I have felt connected to her in ways that were unexplainable to most and me at times. I felt saddened and betrayed when I would witnessed her as she had been portrayed for centuries as the harlot and outcast. 

Over the years I read. I read a lot, perhaps not as many scholars, but more than the average person. I finally stumbled upon Kathleen McGowan's books starting with The Expected One. These books open me in profound ways that resonated deeply within me. highly recommend.

I became insatiable regarding Mary Magdalene, but it's rather difficult to find books that ring true and portray her as a very strong women, healer and passionate teacher. I searched, found few and kept going.

Fast Forward, ahem, a few years...

I returned from France about one week ago. The trip was indeed a tour of southern, sacred France and followed, in part, the footsteps of Mary Magdalene after her arrival in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The translation of the town is literally to mean:

Saint Marys of the Sea

This beautiful seaside town hosts the infamous bulls and horses; not to mention is recognized as the landing site by millions where Mary Magdalene and her entourage landed after the crucifixion.

It is said that Mary Magdalene, Marie-Salome, Marie-Jacobe, Lazarus amongst other disciples arrived via boat. The iconography is profuse in this town that show 'The Marys' arrival.

Our hotel was literally across the street from the beach where they landed and both mornings I rose early to sit on the rocks along the shore to listen. I did post a variety of pictures and videos along the way in the Facebook group, and many felt the energy there without me providing any suggestions of what they ought to experience. 

Mary began speaking softly those mornings. Time slipped into many minutes as I allowed myself to BE and absorb whatever it was that was to be shared. During those two days, it was not much that was noteworthy, with the exception of course that it was indeed Mary Magdalene and we were just getting started. 

Mary Magdalene Speaks Louder

We next ventured to St. Baume. St. Baume is the home of St. Maximin and St. Mary Magdalene's Bascilica. Did you know that when a building is 'So and So's Basilica' it is stating that there is a relic of that saint within that building? Well now you do. 

It was within the crypt that Mary Magdalene broke me open. It is in this basilica that her skull is encased in a beautiful reliquary behind an ornate iron, gated barrier. 

Now let me preface this by saying, I'm an empath and therefore sensitive to energies surrounding me. However, I am very aware of this and find myself crying infrequently and only on occasions of pure love (as opposed to conditional love) and extreme sadness. Soooo... having the set the stage, hopefully, that I really don't cry at the drop of the hat....

I cried and cried profusely every. single. time. I went into the crypt. 

Every time. 

We discovered (no we really didn't discover, but were there when shared) that there are two crosses etched into the floor of the crypt. The crosses are Cathar crosses; meaning each 'leg' of the cross is equal length. Balance. 

These two specific crosses are the locations where ley lines merge that connect with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. One may lay on the floor (I did multiple times) or stand on one cross at a time. It was during these practices that healing began to take place for all involved. One would lay on the floor while four; it always worked out to four others, would hold space. 

 Healing and Mary Magdalene

As each goddess took their spot on the center, I was told how to send the energy to not only the one on the floor, but to the group at large. She went onto use me as a conduit to help with a healing session with my new BFF - my roommate. I honestly have no idea what transpired, but she who 'doesn't feel energy' was blown away afterwards.

That makes two of us.

As we boarded the bus later, I had a quiet moment or two and Mary began to offer information for a healing protocol. It is still unfolding, but for those that I've shared it with have come back with the comment of... WOW!

What I have gleaned in a very short amount of time is that Mary Magdalene is not only loving, but powerful beyond your wildest expectations. Once you say yes, she is there with you to support, cajole and push. 

If anything, she is constant in her energy. She is very polite... yes I said polite. She often asks me... 

Will you say YES?

Once agreed upon, it is non-stop and I for one am extremely glad I've said YES once more and look forward to witness what is created next through her.

The Final Cry...for now

Our next destination for an afternoon was Minerve. It is located in the Occitanie region of France is also the location of a Cathar genocide in 1210. 140 parfaits were killed for they refused to deny their way of life. They were killed in the bottom of the gorge of the town. They were killed there as it would allow the water to carry them away and make it easy on those that did the killing. 

For once the herd of 44 people on the tour were quiet as we filed through the village into the gorge. Ironically as horrific as the act was, the gorge was at peace. GREAT peace resides there. Two of our group members, who are excellent singers, shared their gift by serenading us. That is when the tears came forth for the day and, excuse the pun, the catharsis happened. 

I felt myself undergoing a healing and the puzzle pieces if not put back together, at least they recognized other puzzle pieces. I offered a healing to the waters that had already healed, probably millions and felt the love wash over me. 

We then ventured up the gorge to yet another delicious meal and I felt lighter with each step and more like myself than I had in a few days. 

Where will Mary Magdalene lead me next?

In a nutshell... who knows!

I do know I am receiving more and more information from her. We created her essential oil blend that I shared with the tour as a gift and received reviews such as "I'm in Jerusaleum; back in the Holy Land." That in itself was the greatest compliment of them all, so I shan't bother you with more. 

Her sigil, I believe is final. It had been evading me for a bit, but now I do believe we have come to an agreement of sorts. 

We are beginning a new book, her and I. This is not about her per se, but to bring forth teachings in a loving manner and that I all I can about that for now. 

So stay tuned and know whatever is created through her, is created through LOVE. No other energy is needed. 

Who Are Archangels Michael and Gabriel and How do they help YOU? June 08 2018

Archangel Michael (aka Big Mike) and Archangel Gabriel are two of my Go To Angels pretty much daily.

Because I chat with them so often, I'm going to divvy up their information within this post. If you wish more, be sure to check out my latest book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance.

Archangel Michael

As I mentioned, my nickname for Archangel Michael is indeed Big Mike. Why? His energy is very intense, hot and oh does he have the kind of hair that Fabio would melt for!

Michael is akin to THE BEST Big Brother you have had or will have. Why is that you ask?

Let me tell you:

Archangel Michael is THE premier protector.

Did you know he is the patron saint of the United States police force? TRUE! What do police do? Protect. 

This is exactly why he is the first angel I introduce my students, clients and anyone who will listen. Why? I wish you to better understand how to BE protected as you go about your day whether it is a ho-hum day up to your spiritual evolution. 

Whenever we do a show or host a private client for the weekend I spritz a bit of Michael's spray around our space making it more protected and safe for clients and customers to relax and BE and allow.

Take Archangel Michael on the road with you.

I chat with him incessantly when we travel. As many of you know, we travel extensively for Angel Chatter for lots of fun metaphysically based shows. I surround our car with his energy. If I start feeling a tad antsy, I call upon him again and I immediately relax and the cars and trucks surrounding us offer more space. 

Flying? Michael surrounds the plane and protects all who are aboard. It helps one to relax and truly enjoy the journey more than ever. 

Big Mike and your spiritual practice

BEFORE you initiate any practice; meditation, prayer, healing (for self or others) call upon him. ALWAYS. No matter the situation. Why? You're never quite sure what energy is out there (trust me... you don't know) and why not take an extra few moments and BE protected?

Seriously, why not?

Envision his powerful mandala that was channeled for the purpose of my latest book as you lay the ground work for your sacred space; whether it be your healing space, your home, office, hotel room and more. This helps to set up an energetic grid that protects all who enter.

Call on Big Mike. Feel his energy surge into your space; it often becomes warmer. Some report it feels a bit more crowded; why wouldn't it be? It's now filled with angels who are there to protect! These two signs are just an inkling one of his many signs that he and his legions are indeed with you. 

As you know, Archangel Michael doesn't work alone. Oh no! One of his 'gang' members is Gabriel, The Angel of Creativity.

Archangel Gabriel can add some spice to your life!

As Archangel Gabriel oversees the sacral chakra; the place of sensuality, sexuality, creativity and birth (in all its levels), it ought not be terribly difficult to see how he can and DOES infiltrate your world with a lotta spice, jazz and wake up calls in the metaphorical sense. 

All of Gabriel's essences, well most of them, are ones that are proven to help one BEcome more alive. It's getting out of the rut that we all so often can into; clean house, do errands, must do, must do, must do that one can easily forget how exciting life really is. Even if it means taking your beloved dog for a walk. yes, that is indeed a Gabi plug and a soft reminder that we are yet to go on our magical walk today - without the phone on. We simply BE and Gabriel is on hand at all times to show references and get us both excited about where we are at that exact moment in time. It usually involves Gabi swamping and me laughing at her adorable and HAPPY face. 

Gabriel helps one to enjoy their food. Not to eat mindlessly as one drive's about or stuffing your face while watching TV. It's about eating and enjoying the food that is fueling you. Enjoying the subtleties of the spices and textures. Drinking in the aroma; if you love coffee, don't you sigh when you walk into a great cafe or am I the only one? You feel shoulders relax and your entire BEing calms down and yet giddy at the prospect of a great cup of coffee coming at you.

Archangel Gabriel and your spiritual pursuits

Whether you are steeped in a spiritual practice, desire to be or are very artistic, Gabriel is my go to when I write and create new products.

It's the Art of Allowing in the creative sense. If there is a dilemma happening, chat with him to unveil a creative solution.

Are you an artist? Writer? Poet? Journal Designer? Gardener? Wood Working Expert? Chef? All of the above? Gabriel is indeed already in your backup of assistants helping you to devise, design, create.

Do you wish to hit the 'Pause' Button and start anew? Gabriel will certainly help you re-invent yourself by presenting a variety of suggestions via a friend, client, family, song, etc. that will get you thinking... what if. Your job is to listen with not only open ears, but an open heart. You've asked, now listen. 

Those what if's are his way to present creative ideas and how to better empower you through actions, thoughts and more. Listen closely. Trust me, he's always there to assist. 

 Don't you adore Archangels Michael AND Gabriel?

I know I do and LOVE working, playing and chatting with them. Not only for my personal life but as I help clients and students BEcome true to themselves. Give it a whirl... you are going to LOVE chatting with them!



Why use Angel Cards? June 03 2018

Angel Cards are a time honored tool to help one divine, confirm and answer questions all in the confine of your home or with a trusted Authorized Angel Card Reader either online or in their office.

Angel Oracle cards are known to have existed since the 19th Century with a birth in France. However, many believe, as do I, that they have been around for much longer. Why do I think this? Angels have existed since time began and once a connection is made with them, a deeper connection is born and what better way than to use Angel Cards. 

Why use Angel Cards?

It's Chatting With Angels!

The very word angels means Messenger of God. What better reason to chat with them? The Gang, as I call the angels, never will lead you astray. They always offer inspiring messages. True, true, you may get a warning of don't do something, etc., but they will never fill your head and heart with unsavory ideas or feelings of low self esteem. That simple is not how they operate. They exist to assist all who ask. Our biggest job in working with them is to listen. Listen with open ears and heart. 

Frequently Angel Card decks hold 44 cards which is accompanied by a guidebook that offers additional interpretations for each card as well as information for the angelAngel Cards cards can be intricately illustrated or if they are like the ones I channeled, very simple in art to allow the angel's message to shine through. 

Angels often deliver messages not expected through the use of Angel Cards.

A message you least expect is the best way to better understand what could be in store for you as you focus on your life, dreams, health, prosperity and more. It could and often does, offer insights to the various roadblocks that have been instituted that are preventing you from achieving what is desired.

The Angel's messages are conveyed through using a card spread, the ones typically provided in the accompanying guidebook, or one that you are inspired to use. A spread can be as little as three cards upwards of ten. It all depends on the amount of details you are looking for and to what depth you wish to delve. 

Remember, once you decide to use a particular spread, you are not wedded to that spread for the remainder of your life! Explore, invent, play with other spreads. Each one can offer various nuances and details depending on how the layout is given and the emphasis of the card's placement within that particular spread.

On the other side of the wing, do not keep pulling cards until you get one that 'confirms' your thoughts. We can all do that, but then you are controlling what your answers and staying stuck in your belief system. How can that be inspiring or empowering?

 Go with the flow so to speak. Be open to receiving the unexpected. After all, if life was that predictable, I would find it rather boring, wouldn't you as well? One thing The Gang has been adamant about over the years, is that if something isn't going according to plan it often means that something is in store that is much better aligned. 

Angel Cards can BE oh so Inspiring!

As you are better grasping, hopefully, Angel Cards truly exist to help the user BEcome more empowered in their life. Angel Cards are born to honor you, support you and yes at times, Wing Slap you. You know, like head slaps, but a wing slap is a much gentler form of a wake-up call. An angelic snap out of it and it's time to set  yourself in alignment once again. 

How many Angel Card Decks does one need?

In a nutshell, just one deck suffices. However, I know professional readers, novices and everything in between that have multiple decks and depending on the situation, is drawn to work with a particular deck. 

Some professional readers even use more than one deck in the course of one reading! Me? I stick with the deck I channeled and don't use another...seriously. 

Are you ready to receive Angel Messages?

That is how I shall close, are you ready to be more inspired, empowered through a bit of help from the Winged and Haloed Gang? This is The Deck I love, adore and just happen to have channeled:

The Angel Chatter Oracle Deck



What are you birthing? May 22 2018

We are in the midst of a major weather pattern here in the States right now. 

Rain and lots of it for the next four days. 

As Gabi and I went on our magical walk today. I asked the angels to provide the message today since there was nothing pressing on my mind. I've noticed many of our walks have a theme and that theme is most definitely a message, an angel message not only for me, but for those that wish to read and/or listen.

Our first encounter was a beautiful Canada Goose with her brood of five goslings. She stood tall and kept a very watchful eye on us. I snagged a few photos without much alarm on her part and kept going.

Wait, Five goslings? Of course this is an important number! It's the number of change, transformation and more.

Of course I was then compelled to chat with Goose and find out what they mean. I've adored their honking since a child living at the beach and hearing them migrate by the thousands. Did you know that Canada Goose mates for life? Once they've chosen their mate, it's for life. They are also very community oriented and believe and work as a team within their chosen community. The next time you see a gaggle of them, I can pretty much guarantee there is at least one sentry standing guard as the others feed. This one is in charge of guarding at the moment.

All of this happened minutes from home. Now I couldn't wait until we got in the woods!

The Walk and Angel Chatting Continues

Scampered off to the woods we did to decompress before the next front of rain came through and to see what else was in store... 

Gabi loves to stop at her favorite watering hole to wade and sip. Today was no different. The water was running fast and she quickly went up to her chest where normally it was perhaps knee height.

Her little stream was quite full and was running fast. 

Once replenished, we continued forth...


The Babies

There's a rather large mud puddle that runs parallel to the main trail to the Potomac River. 

We were drawn to take a peek...  

Pollywogs! aka Tadpoles. Babies by the dozen! We, ok, ME, had a blast to sit and watch them swim all over the place.

A theme was starting to take shape...


The River

We made a direct line for the Potomac River. It was swollen. There is typically a 10-12 foot drop at the bank. Today? I could lay down and touch the water, the water was indeed that high. She was quite swollen and running fast. 

Gabi and I sat and pondered for quite a while. I must admit I was rather mesmerized by the river, the power and the pace she flowed. 

I did what I normally do, chatted it up with The Gang, the angels. 

The Angel's Message

As we sat, the angels came in fast and furious. 

Have you noticed today's theme Christine? Babies, fast motion, swollen. 

Yes and I've come a conclusion. You are asking me/us to pay attention to our thoughts and actions, correct?

Yes. What you DO and THINK is what is birthed in your life. What kind of seeds are you planting and nurturing? Are they ones that you really desire to focus on or are they fear based? 

A little bit of both if I am being humanly honest.

We know this, which is why we wished to point out the obvious and give you a good dose of reminding you that thoughts indeed have an energy. Your actions carry an even greater charge of affecting other areas of your life. 

When you are tired, you are to rest. Yes, the mind is an active one, but if one must continue to be active when tired, pick an activity that does not require concentration such as cleaning, gardening, meditating, etc. Attempting to work on something that requires more gray cells will only lead to errors and more frustration.

Many of you have complained of late of weight being added to your physical body for no known reason. The reason is energetic; you are birthing into a higher level of magnificence and this birth requires more energy than you typically exert. Allow the weight to come on, eat wisely, rest well, exercise as needed to keep you body flexible. The weight will come off quite quickly with no illness involved.  

Anything else?

One more thing, pay attention to those ideas of inspiration you get. You do not have to act on each one immediately by any means. However, jot down notes. Allow your mind to wander in expansion mode on the various ways to accomplish this inspiration. Just allow. Just BE. 

Remind all who read this that they too are birthing and jumping into higher levels of energy on their personal spiritual path. To be gentle on themselves and do not settle for anything less than 100% participation. 

We love you all so.

WOW! I so didn't expect such a dissertation, but I'll take it! 

Will you?


Change May 09 2018

Change is a funny word, don't you think?

We all seem to crave better (which is change), but often do our darndest to stay in the comfort zone of where we are simply by not doing anything to facilitate the change.

This very topic was the crux of last night's LIVE chat with the Authorization Students... sorry can't share the video with you, for it is only for the students of The Course. However, I can share some key points that will hopefully propel to take steps to allow the space for your change to come forward.

Why do we avoid change?

Pure and simple, we are lazy. We really are a lazy breed. Think about it, how much time do we spend in front of the Boob Tube, aka the television? More hours than we would care to admit in most cases. What can we possibly accomplish when we watch TV? Okay, there is the occasional needlework project or puzzle, but for the most part, not much is accomplished with the exception of a clocking ticking by.

Implementing change means work. Implementing change requires a bit of effort, sometime BIG effort, and other times, very little. Change is change and that means something requires effort. 

Humans, in general are a complacent bunch. We LOVE to complain about something, but rarely take the next step to make it different. Why? In order to take the next step(s), we need to go out of our comfort zone, that little imaginary box that we have built around ourselves that constitutes our lives. We don't wanna do that. 

Where does change start?

Sometimes change is initiated from an outside source; a death in the family, a move for business purposes, health. We have to adapt to 'this' in order to make life bearable once again. Notice the word bearable was used vs. thriving.

However, when one initiates the change for whatever reason, it actually becomes easier. Why? Because we thought of it, got excited and decided to move forward.

Change starts within. Change starts with a knowing that something isn't working any more and in order to make it work better again, one needs to shift. You shift when you realize something needs to change. That realization begins to blossom and grow and at times gnaw at you until you do something about it.

Believing it or not we are constantly shifting and changing. Simply by standing still at a checkout counter, we are shifting, we crave balance and yet often actively consciously run from it.

Where to start?

I LOVE clutter clearing. I frequently will become a whirling dervish of sorts and start going through drawers, closets, cabinets, bookshelves and more to empty.


Yes, as an example, the bookcase in my office has six shelves. Each shelf has space for at least two books to be added. However, most shelves can easily accommodate another five. WHY so much extra space? It is a sign to The Gang that I am open to more wisdom, information, knowledge to come forth in my life. In other words, who do I think I am to know everything?

Allow a sense of space to infiltrate your sacred space to allow more of what you do desire to come forth.

How to proceed

Create your own space.

Many years ago I had a friend visit our home for the first time. As typical, I gave them 'The Nickel Tour' - you know a quick tour of the house. As we finished, I awaited the accolades of how pretty it was, etc. 

Crickets could be heard chirping outside.

Instead her first comment was, where is your space? I was dumbfounded. MY space? I had the entire house! Ummm NOPE was her answer. Your children each have their own bedroom, your husband has an office AND a woodworking space. 

Ummm... I have a closet that I use as a sewing area? Does that work?

I dwelt and hearted on this 'dilemma' for a few days. A family conference was then called. Their response was similar to mine: YOU have the entire house. Ummm no I don't. Thankfully they listened. Plans were then made to take over the guest room. A bookcase was purchased; yes the same one mentioned above. Did you know my energy was so scattered that I had multiple copies of the same book many times over!

True fact!

This room became my space. A space so sacred and honored that every one asked if they could enter while I was in there. 

It was heaven.

Morale of the story? Where is YOUR space? A spot to call your call, where you can have your things about you. That are treasured, referred to and more. A space where you can dream, nap, create and more.

Why Bother?

Well if you don't bother, nobody else will lend a helping hand. You must take the first, second and sometimes third step and beyond so folks notice. 

They will notice. I promise you. They may even balk (remember we are innately lazy and don't like change, even if that change is someone else changing).

However, once you begin to take those blessed steps, the universe conspires, conspires I tell you, to assist you in all of your heart based endeavors. 

That is why you bother.

For until you do 'bother' with you, life will continue to be stale, unassuming and rather boring and at times frustrating. 

The End Result

The end result is never really known for life continues to unfold and change.

However, once you say YES to you, be rid of the things that no longer juice you up, make you a priority at least 50% of the time, you will BEcome a more joy-filled, love-filled, prosperous-filled YOU. 

Isn't that worth following through on?



What are YOUR Roots? April 30 2018 1 Comment

Gabi and I take regular walks in the woods that I have dubbed Magical Walks. As we prepare to leave home, I pose a question for The Gang (aka the angels) that I wish them to answer while we are out and about. Sometimes I get direct answers. For example while working on the Authorization Course section on Sandalphon and he decided he wished to discuss the kabbalah. Other time

I typically share our adventure with our Facebook Group (if you are not yet a member, you are now lovingly invited to join us in sacred space - Angel Chatter). It finally dawned on me that as I take pictures to later share in our group, that the pictures seem to carry a theme; a message if you will. How's that? I simply appear to be drawn to taking certain kinds of pictures on any given day. 

Last week's walk was no different; I asked for clarity as we left home. We entered the woods near our home and I was immediately drawn to the roots of trees. Roots that were exposed. Roots that created beautiful art. Roots that simply chose to BE. I photographed many and are sharing a few here.

What are YOUR Roots?

As this realization finally dawned on me - Magical Walks with Themes... I asked, what do tree roots have to do with anything? How do they help me with the clarity request that I asked.

   Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding, was       quick to respond:

Think of the roots as a metaphor.

What is a common theme for you and your business, Angel Chatter?

What do you keep repeating, and approaching in a variety of ways? In other words, what do you keep circling back to?

He then asked the final question:

What do you stand for?


Roots as the Base

He then began a tutorial of sorts.

As most plants grow, they require a strong root system to help support them as they BEcome more powerful, strong and flexible when the wild winds blow. This is pretty universal. True there are  some plants that don't require this - air plants for example, don't necessarily require much in order for them to thrive, but that is definitely not the norm.

Humans are much the same. They require strong roots the can enable them to be grounded in their truth while soaring. 

Think of a seed. Any seed will do. The seed must be planted in fertile soil in order to germinate and grow, correct? The fertile soil nourishes the seed as it spreads its roots allowing this plant to BEcome what it is meant to be.

Humans are no different. Those seeds can be representative of desires; how one wishes to live life. Fertile soil is the heart. Seeds require nurturing. They can easily fed though Acts of Allowing. BEing proactive in nourishing these seeds; as ideas are conceived, the heart expands, eyes can become watery, the body responds with those beautiful confirmation chills. One can envision those desires to completion, the finished products whether it is living in a new locale and how, to hearing the whisperings of a loved one's words, to see that project in its entirety. We hug those smiles close as we see it birthing. Those smiles is one of the many ways a YES is recorded that says you LOVE this idea and are claiming it.

By saying YES the desires get nourished and then work begins. Allowing play time AND work time to encourage those seeds to reality. Others are allowed to step in for support and share their expertise. The Art of Allowing BEgins.

We BEcome. 

The Root of it ALL

Sandalphon continued:

As most humans go, each soul is drawn to a specific area of life. Whether called to BE an Accountant, Angel Goddess, Chef, Inventor, Coach, etc. one keeps going back to it. However, as each evolves and experiences life, how the desires are addressed changes and alters to reflect where each person is now in their life.

Our roots may spread from the base. They may spread far from the base. They may latch onto something magnificent and yet... they all come back to the center, which of course is you. 

What do you keep going back to?

I hearted on this... YES, hearted vs. thought.

Inspring and empowering others that has been the common factor for decades. Waaaay back in 7th grade I said I wished to be a psychologist. I ended up at court reporting school, so obviously did not listen to the whisperings of my heart instead listened to a guidance counselor who had no clue. 

Another story for another time.

However, I did attend college for few years with the intention of psychology. This was a good 15 years after high school. I went back to my roots of helping others. I still didn't complete that program, but rather studied a bevy of other ways to listen, inspire and empower others. I circled back, but since I had evolved quite a bit since 7th grade, the catalyst to help others also morphed. Becoming a truer reflection of who I am and how I wish to live. I trained in Soul Coaching™ and various forms of healing modalities and Angel Chatter was born.

Where do your roots lay?

Our roots may go all over the place and yet they still lovingly lead back to us, the center. We may seemingly go off track, but is it really?

Each journey, each segue contributes to who each person BEcomes. For each life adventure then becomes a memory, as an emotion is stored that feeds the soul. As always it is up to each soul how to act, react and process each journey.

Is it always easy? Oh how I wish! Are they all meant to be savored like a fine wine? I'd hazard a guess and say a big fat ol' NO!

However, each does lay the groundwork to how we BEcome of service. Whether it is through a bonafide business, or helping a friend in need, writing a book, crafting beautiful art, accounting, medicine, law, etc. 

Again I ask you, what are your roots? What do you keep circling back to?

The strength lies in the roots

As each soul steps into more of honoring who they are, more begins to fall into place for them.

Why? Because they are honoring, truly honoring who they are and why they are here. The have begun the dance of Self Love. Through that waltz, loves triumphs and reigns true.

We are circled by those that love and honor us. That power that is longed for but often pushed away. Just as the flower and foliage is thriving around this tree in the midst of rubble, we too can thrive in the midst of chaos when we stand tall and love us for who we are.

Life really is a wild ride, isn't it? We are expected to grow, prosper, be healthy and loving all the while stuff happens around us. Remember, YOU, each and every one of us is the calm in the center of the storm.

Stand tall in your loving power and others will wish to emulate you. 


How do the Archangels Help us through the Dark Night of Soul April 23 2018 1 Comment

There appears to be great upheaval right now. Great upheaval not only globally, but it has trickled down to personal lives as well.

What is real?
What is necessary?
WHY am I here?

These are questions I've been pummeled with in just the past couple of weeks from clients, students and customers at shows. 

This made me stop, ponder and ask The Gang.

WHAT is going on?

While it may seem everything is out to stop, thwart and/or control your every move. It is really far from the truth...or is it?

Of course it is the truth if you allow it to BE so and accept it as outside sources are out to get you. 

However, remember, ALL is an illusion and sometimes a quiet breather is all we need to step back and allow ourselves to actually see what is going on. Here are some of the common culprits of this wonky energy:

Too Much IS going on

There is simply too much on our plate. We are that circus act of plate juggling and something must stop the nonsense.

Easier said than done at times, I get this, so bear with me.

I'm no different. Countless shows throughout the year to Inspire and Empower returning clients, new clients, introducing new great products (or hopefully great), etc. Private weekends. Orders, Family, wedding... well you get the idea... all the time attempting to maintain a sense of balance. 

However, when I pulled back recently in meditation and asked

Why is it so easy to inspire and empower more?

I got amazing answers. Time to cut back on the show circuit. We LOVE doing shows, but they are tiring and sometimes it can get take a day or two or even three to fully recuperate. This of course leaves us drained with little energy to accomplish much. Feelings of being overwhelmed can become all consuming and can easily slip into a black hole where one just desires to pull the blankets over one's head and hide...for a long time.

However, chatting with Big Mike and using his mighty sword to cut through the crap of what is not needed is more than liberating. Clearing house of the highest order. Not just the stuff, but addressed our product line. We discontinued over six products and not one person has noticed. Not one. Those products were sapping energy and not allowing The New to come forward. 

Time to Pull Back, Ask, Listen and Act.

Don't Slip

I know, I know, it's extremely easy to fall into the depths of despair (thank you Anne of Green Gables for that phrase) and at times the event warrants the slip to allow one to figure out what is going on. So we can acknowledge, love and heal on ourselves. By going deep we can go higher than ever before. 

However, since at heart many of us can be Drama Queens, is it really that dire?

Often times not. This is the prime time to chat with Sandalphon and do two things:


  1. Get Outside. Literally. No matter the temperature, getting outside for a minimum of 30 minutes can be a tremendous balm for the soul. This simple act of changing up the view that we see switches up our mental faculties and can offer different insights. It's one of the many reasons I LOVE my laptop - my office changes within a moment's notice; by the fireplace, at the kitchen table, actually in the office or out on the balcony to soak up the songs of nature while I work. It's extremely expansive and mind shifting.
  2. Think Outside the Box. One of my favorite current quotes is by Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How true! IF you are focusing on your desires and they aren't working out as expected, use the Askfirmations:

Why is it so easy to make this better?

Why is it so easy to know the next best steps for me?

Why is it so easy to shift the energy in my favor?

By using the Askfirmations and chatting with Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding, you BEcome more in your body and can better notice the signs they are offering you to help propel you even further than ever before. 

Give it a try.

Self Love

This is indeed a biggy for us all. How often we live to serve and leave us in an exhausted heap at the end of the day? I know I can be a big ol' pile of mush watching something on Netflix as dribble starts emerging. Bottom line, it ain't pretty.

However, on those days I take the time to nourish my soul, magic happens. I take time to walk Gabi deep into the woods so she can go swamping. I set my intention prior to stepping a foot out the door of what I would like clarity on and let go. As we meander, all sorts of yummy things come to BE.

Taking time for self; the luxurious bubble bath (you now know this is one of my all time favorites), the walk in nature, an exercise class, something, anything you are doing for you gives back to you. I truly cannot stress this enough. You must do this regularly (once a quarter is sooo not regularly). 

Why so important? Because you matter. You deserve to BE recognized and loved upon. When you do this, the universe likewise recognizes your energy shift and you begin to be treated with more love, respect and recognition. 

As our soul is rejuvenating the cobwebs are taken away. We are saying, YES I need help! We begin to allow more to come in the forms of assistance, ideas and more. Shifts happen and happen more easily, effortlessly and yes joyfully.

Is it always rosy and sunshine?

Of course not. Life does go up and down and it's recognizing the differences that can allow you to take advantage, yes I did just say take advantage, of the dips. 

By allowing yourself to go deep you can better see what is triggering the dip. Then chatting with Raphael (Angel of Healing) for healing, Chamuel (Angel of Self Love) for Self Love, Zadkiel (Angel of Transmutation) for clearing and lastly Azrael (Angel of Transition) to transcend this gap and leave behind what does not serve you, magic can and does often happen.

It's listening to your soul and acknowledging its truth. It's listening to you soul and allowing love to enter and take hold. It's listening to your soul and know it's time to BE you. 

 I look forward to reading your responses below! 

Spring is the rebirthing time April 18 2018

Spring is my favorite season. It may have to do with that is the season I was born into and yet who knows.

What I do know is that I get giddy every single spring when life begins anew. To give witness to the plants coming back after a long hibernation. To hear the birds singing their chorus each and every day upon awakening. To see all the various shades of green as each tree and bush comes to life. To have my senses awaken and drink in the new.

What a metaphor Spring is for us. To take this time of regeneration, renewal and rebirth to focus on what matters to us. To allow ourselves some slack that we are indeed far from perfect and it's time we stop pretending we are. To allow this time to refocus on what matters to us; what exactly are our dreams and how can we now better manifest them into this reality.

I just had this kind of chat this morning on one of Gabi's and my magical walks through the woods near our home. 

The Metaphor

We had some big storms barrel through in the past week and since today is rather sunny and much warmer off to the woods it was for us. Besides, Gabi hadn't gone swamping in a few days and was letting me know...

As we entered, there is a typical spot where we stop and Gabi refreshes her self with a light stroll through the water. Today was no different. What was different is that instead of jumping into the woods there, I was told to go back stay on the main trail.

For once I listened immediately.

Back to the main trail; however, there is a spot that has quick access to the stream we typically walk with and the water way is currently so swollen we were at least 30' away from the trail and still standing in water! 

We then backed up yet again and headed straight to the river. While the photo may seem unremarkable at first glance. Look closely, the river is so swollen that she is up a good five feet. Now, one could walk in (do not recommend as the tide was moving quickly). Typically one has to jump down to the shoreline. 

The river is very pregnant you might say and swollen as women tend to get prior to birth.


Taking the Road Less Traveled

Okay, this trail is obviously a trail, but we had to divert a few times due to the river cascading onto the trails. Higher ground was the answer. Gabi and I both reveled in the birth of all the flowers and wildlife in the area. In fact we ran into another goddess who had just seen a wild turkey! 

As we meandered on this mostly dry trail we were able to relax a bit (although Gabi was perturbed that there was no off leashing done today.) and to stop and literally smell the flowers, see the birds dancing on the river and to use the metaphor to enjoy the journey and not race to the finish line. Trust me, there is no medal for getting done first in this thing call life unless you consider death medal worthy. Enjoy the journey and all of its twists and turns!

The journey continues

As we meandered across the forest still hearing the river dancing in the distance the idea came in that we are all going through a pregnancy of sorts at this time. What are we gestating? 

Bottom line, where is our energy focused? Is it on lack? Then more lack will show itself. Is it on new projects (so guilty here, more books, jewelry designs and aromatherapy). Is it taking that proverbial leap and know we shall be caught? Guilty here too as we just finished planning a real vacation at the end of this year; first one in a good five years.

I ponder this pregnancy thing along this trail and gave myself a good talking to on what I was birthing as compared to what I want to BE birthing. Some were the same and some vasty different. I suggest you have the same kind of conversation with yourself.


This IS the Year of Love. The more we can love on ourselves the more we shall love life. This is not a selfish act by any means, but recognizing our desires, our dreams and needs and giving ourselves permission to create and receive them into a full blown manifestation. 

There are so many ways to love on yourself; a walk in the woods - shocker I know that I even mention this one, taking a class just because, taking time out to journal and allow our minds to wander on our baby. Writing down these kinds of ideas and giving ourselves permission to BE to deepen our energy to that baby not only amps up the energy surrounding that creation, but offers details on the physical manifestation of it in your life.


We finally finished the trails and came back to the main path to head towards home. We passed by a few rather large puddles only to see babies! Yes there are tadpoles birthing in puddles! I find this extremely cool that the metaphor came full circle or better yet manifestation. Think about it:

  • The swollen river representing pregnancy
  • The journey and how the path is rarely truly straight
  • And finally the birth of babies.

All it takes to manifest your desires, in the form of energy is the allowing the process to happen. Allow yourself the time to dream, imagine and feel it happening. Allow yourself to receive, in other words, know you are worthy to receive all that is desired.

Remember, there is truly never a perfect time to have a human baby. There always seems to be bills to be paid off, things to acquire, etc. before it's ready for Baby. Likewise, there is really never a perfect time to take time for yourself because there is always something that seems to be calling louder and requiring our attention. Like dishes. Or ironing. Or errands. Or...

Except YOU ought to be first and foremost at all times. Take some time during the remainder of this moon phase to focus on your dreams. 

What to Do

Take that time, that precious (Oh I'm sooo busy time) and make it yours. Remember, if you don't take yourself seriously, nobody else will.

Keep a journal nearby. Write in said journal. Make categories if need be. 

Take time to dream. Rome wasn't built in a day. A baby isn't born overnight. These babies of ours need nurturing. These babies need coddling. These babies need thought so we can live our dreams as we desire. 

Aren't you worth it?

I think so as does Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. We all could love ourselves more to allow what is desired to be born. 

Here's to you.



Five Things to Know About Working with Archangels April 12 2018 1 Comment

As our lives seem to getting busier and busier, it becomes easier and easier to lose touch with the archangels, angels, The Gang.

By the time we realize it has slipped away, we forget how to get it back and keep it. Let's chat....

Step One - Relax.

I know, I know, so much easier said than done, but you know I am right. The more you focus on something, anything, the slippery it seems to get to the conclusion let alone an opening to step through.

It's through relaxing the mind that the body follows suit. How to relax? There are certainly a plethora of ways:

  • Meditation. Just start with five minutes before you jump out of bed. Five minutes giving THANKS for what is currently in your life will not only help to jumpstart your day, but open countless doors.
  • Exercise. Whether it is a walk in the woods, yoga, kick boxing, tai chi, etc. Your mind takes a small break thus allowing you to BE more present. Remember, it is in the State of BEing that miracles happen.
  • Create. Whenever I get in full blown creative mode; writing, gardening, sewing, and/or needlework my mind shuts up. Why? I'm using a not frequent used part of my brain. I'm focusing and having fun in the process vs. the outcome. (OH, get that message? Enjoy the journey!) Many of you have seen the Christmas Stockings I make annually for friends and family. The same love goes into the gardens, perhaps more only because I am in the dirt longer collectively than when I'm in threads and yarns. It doesn't matter the act of what can get you to realign, but engage in it so you can relax. 

Remember, it's really any activity you participate in that can hush the mind. The more you engage in this activity, the more the mind can rest thus allowing you to BE.

Step Two - ASK

True, who hasn't asked for their help and claim they have heard nada.

Me too at times. HOWEVER, I will admit that in those times I am upset about something and my mind just won't shut up for more than a nano-second. I ask. I ask. I ask and get zippo. Which of course is really not the case, but feels like it.

One of the ways I've learned to ask is this:

Be specific about what you wish them to help with. Then give the archangels a deadline of when you want an answer. For example,

A few years back I was in a very whiny mood. Very whiny. Was I really suppose to be doing this work? Was I really here to help inspire and empower folks around the world? (no small task, right?) I mean I wasn't seeing things take off. I wasn't this or that. I was whining pure and simple.

I was out walking Gabi and chatting with The Gang. I told them as such and I demanded a sign from them. The sign had to be clear. The sign had to be angelic (after all I am chatting with them, right?). I had to receive it by Sunday. I figured in the four days it took to get to Sunday, my mood would shift and I'd probably forget my request.

Well each day starting with Thursday I was on the lookout; Was THAT the sign?  or WAS THAT it? or... Well you get the idea.

By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around I had softened the grip of 'signs'.

Sunday morning our youngest texted me at screenshot of what was being aired on TV at the moment.

Every single show, including the ads, had the word angels in it.

Think I got my sign, eh?

Relax, ask and 

Third Step - Allow

Ohhhh, this is probably the most difficult for us humans to grasp and implement. For some bizarre reason we think allowing someone to assist us is a form of weakness.

Including the angels.

I get it. I had that mentality as well for a bit plus you add my control freak tendencies on top of that, it's just not a good combo. 

However, I have learned! 

We've had some beautiful goddesses helping out at shows in those rare times my honey can't assist in person. As long as I am methodical in my explanations and tips to make their lives easier - it's done to my satisfaction and beyond and I've gotten help! I've allowed the assistance. 

Allowing help is not a weakness. It is actually a strength!


Allowing another, even if it comes in the form of a winged and haloed 'person' helps you actually get more out of life from joy, love, health and yes even those mundane tasks to the more pertinent; jobs, etc. 

It is a way to relax. That's not to say you kick back while they do all the work. Oh no! It's assigning a task and being proactive on something you can do with greater joy. 

Step Four - Accept

Now you may think Allow and Accept are one in the same thing. They actually are not. They certainly overlap, but allowing does not always mean you accept the help.

It's the ol' asking someone to wash the dishes and allowing it. THEN going back and washing them to your satisfaction later. You really haven't allowed anything. You are not fooling anyone and in fact you most likely hurt that person's feelings and lowered their self esteem (which of course is not your intention) and made more work for yourself!

It's allowing the archangels loving wisdom in and accepting it. Remember, the archangels will NEVER tell you are unworthy for anything. They warn you. They guide you. They are here to serve you and only you. 

Everything they do comes from love. Everything they do is integrity filled. True, humor may be thrown in for good measure; works quite well on me - gets my attention every time. 

Accept their suggestions. It comes in all sorts of ways; through a friend's mouth, through a song, numbers, inspired ideas that you just can't let go and more. 

So listen and act upon those juicy inspirational ideas you will certainly be getting.

Step Five - Wait

Did I just actually tell you to wait? Yep, sure did. It's in the waiting timeframe that all your senses can come alive. You BEgin to hear with great clarity, not just the surface message, but the underlying meaning.

You BEgin to see. You give witness to life that is surrounding you; a child's laughter, the butterfly dancing in the breeze, the dew on a blade of grass and much more. Colors BEcome more alive and surpass your comfortable spectrum of colors. 

You BEgin to sense more. You know without a doubt when something needs to get done. You understand another's life without judgment and are present to hold space for them.

You BEgin to feel more. You awaken each morning with a smile and a note of gratitude before the day has begun.

All of your senses rise to a higher level of sensitivity which of course allows you to better see, hear, know, feel when the archangels are chatting with you. For once you BEgin to chat and work with the archangels, life is truly never the same. It just gets better and better and better.

Will you relax, ask, allow, accept and receive?

How Mercury in Retrograde affects us according to Raphael March 30 2018

It's that time again, Mercury is doing is figuratively dance backwards in retrograde. 

While often times all things electronic can go haywire, it can also greatly contribute to miscommunications with others.

Let's take it a step further in this Year of Love (2018); miscommunication with self. 

How often do you tell yourself little white lies?

If you like the rest of us; fairly often. We all do things such as:

  • You brush your feelings aside when you are hurt.
  • You say it's OK, when it really isn't
  • You keep going even when you are exhausted at the expense of your health. Why? Because it needs to get done.
  • You can get those flurries in the solar plexus chakra when challenged and quickly back down; saying you'll address this later and later never shows up.
  • Eat on the run; knowing that nothing eaten on the run is healthy either the food itself or for your digestive ease.

And so on.

Why do we do these things?

Bottom line, we wished to be liked, honored and most importantly loved. Even if that means we dis-honor ourselves. It's that innate craving that all humans desire; love. We even tell ourselves things such as 'If I wear this or that, I'm popular.' or 'If I make this kind of salary, I'll be honored and respected.' or ' If I'm thin, .... blah blah blah.' Well you can see where this is going. We've all done it and may still do to varying degrees. 

It's time to stop that practice. It's not healthy for you or any other relationship you are in; love, social, health, food, etc. By telling yourself these little white lies, you attract things you don't really desire; unfaithful relationships, a body that you don't like being in, beautiful clothes purchased but left hanging in the closet. 

Thank you Mercury!

We've got some really great energies going on at this moment; Mercury doing its dance and the last Blue Moon until 2020.

Take advantage of this very, very special time and chat with yourself. What are some of things that pop up in your heart (Raphael's chakra designation) that are not a true reflection of you?

Perhaps it is time to go through your closet with a fine eye and discerning hand. 

Perhaps it is time to go through the pantry and be rid of those foods that are dulling your energy vs. fueling your power.

Perhaps it is time to go through your various relationships and admit the ones that are draining you. In other words toxic. All relationships, in general fuel each person involved in it. Each relationship wavers as to who is 'leading', but in general it is a 50/50 blend of love; no matter if a friend, social media friend, family and most importantly your beloved.

In fact, a very dear friend and I have reconnected after ten years! Ten Years! We couldn't be happier. Who knows why we lost touch. That is immaterial. But she reached out and we haven't stopped chatting since. She is a friend of the highest caliber; she likes - no loves me for me - not what I may or may not do for her (that is under the toxic relationship arena).

Take Stock

The list and categories in your life can be longer than your arm. So this assignment via Raphael is not meant to overwhelm, but perhaps entice you to see what pops up that is ready to move on. This assignment is designed to empower you via letting go of something you don't desire thus allowing you to love yourself more.

The Result?

A more empowering YOU. A soul who is beginning to understand the power of Love Towards Self. A soul who is more confidently walking their talk with their head held high. 

You can now thank Mercury.




What is your dream? March 20 2018


Who hasn't had one while sleeping?

Those aren't the kind I'm talking about today. The dreams I'm talking about are those that can keep you up at night. Those dreams that can have you smile just thinking about it. Those dreams that can have you closing your eyes and sighing.

Those dreams.

How it Started

As many of you know, I grew up on the Eastern Shore. Lower Delaware to be exact. I loved the peace, the slow pace and of course the pristine beaches. In fact we started our living experience on the beach as our home wasn't ready inland. My parents took the road less traveled and we lived at the beach for five months. During the school year, we drove 30+ miles one way to get to school and the 30+ miles return home. I spent the afternoons at our local library while my dad finished his job and picked me up. We talked and sang the way home. 

It was magical beyond magical. 

We dried out pinecones during the winter months to make a Christmas wreath that graced our front door during the holidays for years. 

We walked the beaches off season.

We ventured down to the boardwalk after the storm had passed to witness the fury of the waves. 

We loved it and I certainly held it close to my heart for decades and in many ways still do as I am getting teary just remembering those five little months.

The Dream Becomes a Reality

Fast forward many years. I graduated high school; went to college for court reporting (shocker I know if you didn't already know this), moved away from my parent's home, got married, moved again, had children.

Well you get the drift. 

We were living in Massachusetts at the time, but the Cape wasn't good enough for us! Noooooo, we had to drive 9+ hours south to go to the Eastern Shore Beaches! It was all an adventure while we visited family, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed crab feasts to the fullest. 

We wanted to have a piece of the pie.

Within a few years, we were blessed to find the perfect place for us. It was in the old part of town which allowed our children to be 'big people' and walk into town to get milk or other sundries on a whim. They loved their independence and once again we loved the easier pace. 

We spent many a summer there. Our children grew and obtained summer jobs. They moved on, but still came back for long or short visits. It was home away from home. 

We eventually moved full time to the island of Chincoteague. It became our true refuge from the world as we pulled back and re-evaluated what we wanted from this thing called life. We pampered our home; installing new windows, doors, hardware, painted and I immersed myself in all things Angel Chatter and the gardens. We lived there; my husband, Gabi and the two small lions (aka cats) for four years.

Dreams Can Change

We moved off island about 1.5 years ago. We love the New Digs; it's close to nature. This allows Gabi and me to go swamping and wandering in the woods near the river whenever we desire which is almost daily. 

The area we now live is congested; no denying that, but where we actually live offers great solace, creativity and expansion. All who enter our home comment on it. We love it.

As we continued to venture to the island, it was becoming a chore. The connection that drove us there was wilting. Times are changing and we aren't crazy about the direction of how it all feels any more. 

The decision came to pull out. We thought long and hard on it. Having moved quite a bit over our 30+ year marriage, we know that utopia is where you make it; and this wasn't ours any more. It was time to practice what we preach and bring more balance into our life by having only one living space. As we drove down last week in separate cars to the place that I called home for close to 50 years now felt indifferent to me. 

We made plans with a realtor. We boxed up the treasures that are to stay with us. We filled two cars to the brim with more to get at a later date. We cried a bit reminiscing at the amazing memories shared in this house (notice I am no longer calling it home). Memories are always close by; in your heart. We know this. We have cards sent to us by friends and family who stayed with us, or without us, over the years. Those we will take to continue to remember. I dug up plants that wanted to stay with me and are already safely planted in the ground across The Bay.

It did not escape either of us that this weekend happened over the New Moon just past. I did a new moon ritual on Saturday night and chatted away with Auriel, the Lunar Angel. I shared what I know and asked for her to better illuminate the right path for not only me, Angel Chatter, my family, but all who read this. 

The New is Ushering In

What is in store next? Who knows. What we do know is that it was time to move off island. What we do know is that love is where you plant yourself. What we do know is there is a crispness in the air and once again we have taken a Leap knowing The Gang is catching us before we fall as we say YES to us and what we are here to do. 

This goes for you as well. It's time to take a Leap of Faith. It's time to say YES to you. 

What are you an emissary of? March 15 2018

The very word emissary can be defined as:

"A person sent on a special mission,

usually diplomatic in nature."


Now not many, if any, of us reading this brilliant blog are a government official in the diplomatic corps.

However, each one of us is an emissary!


Each one of us is an emissary for we represent our mission, our path, our calling throughout our life. Not only represent, but how we demonstrate it, live it, honor it.

In other words, how we ARE.

What are you an emissary of?

If I reflect over my life and the things that I have been constant about over the 50+ plus I've been on this blue ball, it is about helping others. It is about empowering others. It has been ultimately about Love, reminding others to LOVE themselves first and foremost (Thanks Chamuel).

Think over your life. Now this is a big question and one that could take some time to unwind. 

Has your life been about healing? Either yourself or others or both? You are about helping others, specifically yourself to not only heal the proverbial boo-boo, but the mental, emotional and yes spiritual. It's through healing one's self that they can better assist another. Why? For they have truly been there and done that. Does it mean that you must go through a situation in order to help others heal? Of course not. This would be an Emissary of Healing.

Has you life been about unveiling the truth? Whether it is setting history straight or divining an essence to help others? As an example, many historical fiction books are not really fiction, but rather more accurate accounts of what happened. Many are not prepared to read it as truth, so the author has played with fictional characters to get the truth out there in an entertaining way. This would be an emissary of Truth.

Are you perhaps easily swayed by fluff and inadvertently knocking down others (yourself included at times). What is it that you are hiding or running away from? How does this teach others to stand in their truth? This, unfortunately, is an example of an Emissary of Avoidance. This kind of scenario requires some deeper thinking, exploring of the heart to unveil what has been hidden. 

Hopefully these three examples can start to whet your appetite and open up to the various possibilities. 

 How can you BE a better emissary to yourself?

In a nutshell, BE. I know, I know, much easier said than done at times. 

We had our bi-weekly Facebook LIVE for students of The Authorization Course last night and some were having difficultly in meditating with a specific angel.

"I'm trying, but can't tap into their energy."

That's the key right there - try

Advice? STOP trying and BE. It is when stillness surrounds you that the mind can stop. In fact just this week, I hit the proverbial wall and desperately needed a nap. I did listen, but even if my body decides to stop, the mind keeps going at Mach 5. On that particular day a window was open in our bedroom and The Gang had me listen.

I heard the heat click on.

I heard our cats purring as they snuggled close.

I heard Gabi sigh as she relaxed.

I heard the music of our windchimes dance in the breeze and even noticed the various notes as it played its song.

I noticed my breathing.

I heard a plane fly overhead.

My brain stopped and I slept for 1.5 hours.

I was in the energy of BEing. I was in the moment of now and not thinking of the past or certainly of the things I should be doing at that particular moment.

Just BE. 

Easier said than done, but entirely possible. 

Other Ways to enter the State of BEing


As many of you know, I'm a BIG supporter of yoga. Finding the right class and teacher can do wonders not only for your psyche, but offer profound moments of BEing. Not just in the coveted final act - corpse pose, but throughout your entire practice. It helps to still the mind, open the heart and allows you to walk through the door of stillness.


Did I just say eat? I sure did. However, and you knew it was coming, to not eat in front of the TV or on the run. Eat whatever food you are eating consciously. Enjoy it, savor it, feel it nourish your soul. There are two categories of food; one that nourishes and one that dulls. Both can have its place; it truly all depends on your mission at the moment. For example, pancakes are hardly nourishing but oh so yummy; however, I thoroughly enjoy them on Sunday night after a long show weekend. Why? They help me sleep. Likewise, if I have a busy day ahead, no pancakes for me! 

Whatever you chose, chose wisely.


You knew it would show up! Yes meditation in itself is a form of BEing and will greatly help to remind you what you are here to do and how and why. Begin practicing which can lead more to BEcoming a constant flow of meditation and BEing. 

Relax. Breathe. BE.

If you are really in a quandary of what your mission is, chat with Metatron while in meditation. One of Metatron's many duties is to help all souls unleash and live and experience their soul's mission in this life. 


Any form that gets you out of your mind and into the act. 

Each form helps to program the mind to still as you focus on the act at hand. 


Anything you create from jewelry design to coloring can apply and go under the umbrella of BEing. Don't you dare tell me you are not creative! Every single person has creative juices within. Time to let go of 'It's not good enough to hang in the Louvre' and time to simply have fun. 


Take the above examples and add on as you feel guided. As each one makes a more permanent impact in your life, you begin to BE throughout the day vs. running around putting out fires. 

Each act builds upon itself. You better understand it doesn't have to be about sitting still. The act can be intricately involved in movement as well and be just as powerful. 

As each act builds, becomes integrated, your soul remembers. It craves it and through that craving, you BEcome the emissary you are destined to be. 

As always I look forward to reading your thoughts below. 



2018 - The Year of The Dog February 20 2018

We did it!

We launched into another new year - this time via the Chinese calendar. We have now officially entered The Year of The Dog.

What does Dog bring to the table?

When you think of dogs in general, what comes to mind? Often times the characteristics and energy of:

  • Loyalty
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Faithfulness


What a perfect reminder in this Year of Love! 

How so? Take those prominent dog traits and apply them to yourself. 


Loyalty and dogs

How loyal are you to well, YOU? How well do you stay true to yourself and your dreams? 

Yes, yes, yes, life can get busy through a variety of adventures; illness, family, moving, etc. However the constant is you. Some things may get put on hold for a bit. 

Take me for example, some of you may know from my book, that I announced I wished to be a psychologist in 7th grade. That is how strong my call was (and still is) to help others. It played into my empathic abilities (now that I know what that means - for I certainly didn't in 7th grade!) This is what I wanted to do and felt strongly about it.

Until 10th grade. THEN my guidance counselor told me I would be a great, great mind you, court reporter! Seriously? Court reporting? Since she was in the position of authority, I listened. Off I went to court reporting school.

I hated it. 

Became an administrative assistant. While I enjoyed the work and most of the people, I was bored out of my mind in so many levels. I found myself the one they would come back to to 'dump' their woes for I listened and offered advice as best I could. 

I got married. I then turned this gift towards our children, friends and beyond.

FINALLY, I snapped back and started in earnest my studies in this field. I BEcame loyal to myself once more and I will never look back again.

Uriel, The Angel of Safety, is the perfect blend of safety and loyalty. Being safe to be you is the primary focus for the rest of your life. 


Friendship and dogs

Of course dogs are 'Man's Best Friend' and anyone who knows or has met Gabi knows this from this very special Yogi Dog. 

She teaches ALL to not only see through any color, race, sex and age barrier, but reminds me daily to BE my best friend.

We go on our magical walks in the woods. She gets to go swamping and have a blast and I get to meander and chat with those 'not seen'. During these walks, sans phone (unless I am snagging pictures) I re-discover me and realize I create my reality through thoughts, acts and the essence of BEing my best friend. 

Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding, is my go to angel here. Not only reminding us both how great we feel once we have been for our walk, but that beautiful message of BEing my best friend.


Love and dogs

Now I understand you are either a dog person or not. There are very few in the gray area of ambivalence, so bear with me. 

Dogs, in general convey and exert that beautiful phrase that I can't stand:

Unconditional Love

Love is LOVE. There are no conditions when it comes to love. Think of it this way; if you have a dog, have they ever made you feel less than? Okay if you haven't played with them, or taken them for a walk, you can get the look. That's not what I am talking about.

Dogs love you for YOU. They are giddy when you return home, even if it's been only an hour or two. Dogs are great for snuggling. Dogs are great for breaking the minutia of day to day. Their love for you is pure. They hold up the mirror to you daily and pretty much shout out - 

Do you see this glorious person that I do? 
Do you realize how GREAT they are?
Do you know how much I LOVE YOU?

Dogs challenge us to be who they know we are. Uriel is my go to angel in this arena with that never ending reminder that we are safe to BE us.

Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, is hands down to go to angel here. She is always present with reminders of eating properly, the perfect clothes (not outfit, but clothes that make me look better), sleep, and all those glorious acts of self love that can be performed daily.


Protection and Dogs

I hardly need protection from Gabi's Bear, but that's all I got since she is such a gentle soul.

However, there have been incidents where I felt challenged or uncomfortable. Without a doubt, she rose to the occasion and put me first. She stood between me and them. Even most recently I encountered some unusual energy in the woods. Gabi felt it and I have never seen her move so quickly at the end of our walk to get out. 

How does this relate to us? Be listening. By heeding those thoughts, no matter how silly or ridiculous we may feel in the moment. Just because you can't see the danger of 'it' doesn't mean it is not there.

You are intuitive. Listen, not just for protective purposes, but in all arenas of your life. 

Michael, The Angel of Protection, is of course who I call upon and hope you do as well in any situation that makes you feel uneasy. I know I did that day in the woods and felt him pushing us along with his back as he watched behind us for what was there. 

Faithfulness and Dogs

Without a doubt, Gabi is my constant companion and steadfast guide. One could say she is an angel with fur and honestly I couldn't disagree. I've learned more from her than some of the 'best teachers'. 

She teaches me to have faith in the future and myself. 

Keep the faith - goes back to phase one - Loyalty to Self. If one is loyal to self, all else falls into place much easier for the is no charade. There is no mask. There is no anything. If you are true to you, all must come to fruition that you are here to do.


There isn't just one angel for this category I chat with. I chat with the entire Gang on a regular basis for they all impact and support my life with them and through them. It just depends on the day and project (even or especially if that project is me) on who shows up leading the pack. 

Wrap Up

This is The Year of the Loving Dog. How's that for a combo phrase? 

This is the Year for YOU. How to better BE you? It's time to sign up for The Authorization Course and begin your journey in earnest back to you and be proud of who you are and why you are here.


You ARE What You Think February 13 2018 1 Comment

The Basics of Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is not a new phenomena. We’ve been bombarded with phrases such as:


You Are What You Think
Energy Goes Where Attention Flows
You Create Your Own Reality
Ask and Receive


Even those not born into the Law of Attraction, know its value. Here are some of my favorite quotes from NON Law of Attractioners:

“A person is what he or she thinks about all day long.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
American Essayist, Lecturer and Poet
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”
~ Henry Ford
Founder of Ford Motor Company
“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”
Maya Angelou
American Poet, Civil Rights Activist and Memoirist
Even the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aureilis was known to say:
“The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it.”


Let me repeat, The Law of Attraction is not a new phenomena.

The sharing of quotes could be an entire site or blog post, but they may offer none or little value unless you can better understand the essence behind it all. Have you ever thought anything and it manifested?

  • It could have been a friend/family member calling
  • It could have been being fired from a job
  • It could have been the manifestation of your true love
  • It could have been having someone talk bad about you
  • It could have been...

Your thoughts hold great power. Any time our minds wander to a situation; whether it be real or imagined or wishful thinking, we are setting in motion its existence. Whether it is to wallow in the past and the shoulda’s, woulda’s and coulda’s, it doesn’t matter. We get stuck in that energy and perpetuate those kinds of situations continuing and life unfortunately will never get better.

In fact that line of thinking has been known to bring on frowns, tears, copious amounts of overeating, frustration, yelling and ultimately illness and/or isolation. True there is another saying, misery loves company. Notice I am not giving it power by highlighting or bolding or centering it; it was bad enough for it to go in italics. it may be fun to slam, wallow together and play the Jealousy Game with others as compatriots. We’ve all done it at some point.

Me included.

However, I realized it got me nowhere. Absolutely NOWHERE. How was this ascertained? I never, repeat NEVER, walked away from those conversations feeling uplifted. In fact, the opposite happened! I felt depleted!

Any communication that was shared was stuck in the same sort of wallowing. The cast of characters may have changed depending on the group, the topics may have changed, but wallowing it was. We might as well have sung the old children's diddie ~  Oh Woe is me, nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
Guess I'll go eat worms!
Big fat juicy ones
Eensie weensy squeensy ones

and so on...

Not very productive, wouldn’t you say? Funny, temporarily, but never empowering.

Wallow vs. ?

At that point, and honestly couldn’t tell you when it happened, it just did. I broke the record and decided, actively decided NO MORE. If I wanted a life filled with more happiness, love, joy, wealth, true friends (who would support me and call me on the carpet when needed), the Wallow Recording had to go.

It was an active choice. A hard choice. A choice I second guessed a few times, but stuck with.

Wallowing Not Allowed became a personal motto. I would go and be sad when my grandparents died. I would be sad when my dad went to the hospital with his own Elephant Adventure (heart attack). I would be sad when this or that would occur. BUT I would not stay there and begin to own it or better put I would not allow it to own me.

I refused to allow wallowing to BEcome part of me. The choice to BE was stronger.

I would instead acknowledge that this required my attention. Certainly I miss my grandparents on a regular basis. When we retell as story, I see a photo of them in my office, when we watch the ants play baseball (another family pastime), but I realize those are memories that still serve me well. I have chosen to hold onto those that bring me joy and hold my loved ones in my heart. While I may not be able to pick up the phone and chat away with them, I can and still do pretty much daily.

What do you chose?

Choices are presented and made through each and every day. This ought to come as no surprise to you.

  • A choice to be moody or uplifted.
  • A choice to BE or scattered.
  • A choice to exercise or not.
  • A choice to put that oreo in your mouth or that apple. Both crunchy, but ...  maybe I’ll chose BOTH! ;)

An opportunity to make a choice varies from moment to moment and every situation for which we are presented. The Gang, the angels, has asked me to write about this very thing and their insistence has come from social media posts to clients AND customers urging me to write. So here goes.

Basic Philosophy of Your Thoughts Become Reality

Think about what kinds of choices you have made in the past that didn’t serve you well. Can you see how your thoughts created it? Even if you can only think of one incident, that is enough to get the ball rolling. Likewise, can you think of an event that occurred that you dwelt upon, the juicy kind of event? Can you see see how you also created that event?

If not, try this one on:

Have you ever noticed on the days you wake up refreshed and excited about life that so much seems to go your way?

Me too.

On those days I am soooo tapped in, turned on, that nothing gets in my way. Clients come out of the woodwork, requests for shows are offered and I really do write prose that is easily understood and absorbed. I have energy out the wazoo, akin to five cappuccinos and the world is my oyster and have pearls to prove it. Everything was truly done with ease, joy and love. NO effort needed.

On the flip side of the coin, have you noticed on those days when you wake up that it feels like a dark cloud is hanging over you and gets drearier as the day progresses?

Me too.

On those days, it's almost best to set restart, pull the covers over your head and zip the mouth shut for whatever comes out is misunderstood. You think folks are cursing you left and right. The world is out to get you and you have proof and names have been taken! On those days, have you ever noticed that you are also drained by day's end? It's exhausting to keep putting on the Brave Face, or Warrior Face or Sad Face. Exhausting I tell you!

In both scenarios we are supported in our thoughts; names, rank and serial numbers were provided. Actions to support our beliefs absorbed. In other words, we were validated no matter what we thought.

Hmmm... no matter what we thought, we were validated.

To BE vs. Not to BE… that is the question

Perhaps Shakespeare had it right all along.

It's always easier to BE. For in that essence of BEing you allow. When BEing, you are open to receiving all that is truly desired; wealth, love, joy, health, friends and more. For this big shift in internal shifting, I call upon Angel Uriel, The Angel of Safety. He reminds of this very thing; it is safe for me to BE me.

BEing is a State of MEing. That’s a new phrase! In essence the State of Meing is when you are Just. BEing. Yourself. It really is easy to maintain. However, it is the road less travelled getting to that state. It may not be easy, depending on how much you connect with non-BEing.

No matter what one says, all yearn to BE. They may call it whatever phrase or adjective that pops in, but all yearn to BE. The essence that has you shining like a rock star. The essence that has folks wondering what you do to glow like that. The essence that has life flowing for so much comes to you effortlessly.

I really can’t enforce this enough, but when you ARE BEing, no effort is needed.

  • You have nothing to prove.
  • You have nothing to apologize for.
  • You can say YES and mean it.
  • You can say NO and mean it.

You have chosen YOU.

When you chose you, your entire essence shifts. When you put YOU first, the facades that have been put up in order to get that giggle, be liked (or loved) begin to crumble. True you may be tired for a while; you’ve kept energy up for a very long time in order to attract that unsavory attention (while thinking it was a positive thing) while at the same time your soul was doing battle to keep that unsavory nonsense away as much as possible.

Once you consciously chose YOU, your terminology, inner and outer, begins to shift. The world does become a bit brighter. You find yourself waking up happier.

In fact, the angels wish to pass along this beautiful ritual for you to add each and every morning:

Morning Ritual

Upon awakening, without fail, connect with yourself.

Place your hands over your heart. 

Feel that beautiful organ beat to its own drummer. It does nothing to impress another, it just does it own thing, it does what it came here to do. Feel it giving back to you every moment of your entire life.

Give gratitude for its existence.

Stay in repose and this loving connection for as little as five minutes. Let’s face it, it usually takes at least that long to wake up anyway, so this is a doable activity that can easily fit in your very busy schedule.

That's it.

Why bother doing this?

Simply by giving gratitude for your beating heart, your day starts off with the energy of gratitude.

The Essence of Gratitude

Who knows, that gratitude may then seep into other areas of your life and you may find yourself being grateful for the roof over your head, the kitten snuggles, the sun or rain or snow (for each has its own innate beauty) and the list of gratitude could have you late for work! There are truly so many things, events, people, furpeople to be grateful for. You just may find yourself whistling as you go about your day you are BEcoming so happy!

This is the Law of Attraction as its very core. Gratitude begets more to enter to be grateful for.

Wish more assistance? It may be time to have a private session with me or consider taking The Authorization Course which is showing to help change the lives of each student.


I look forward to reading your insights below and feel free to share with your friends and family!

How to Cleanse Angel Cards February 07 2018 1 Comment

There are many ways to clear your tarot and oracle deck(s). Did you know the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck does not require clearing? Read on for more!

FIVE Things you can do to empower yourself spiritually February 02 2018

I am often asked how can I do this or that? The 'This' or 'That' implies to better embracing and owning one own’s spirituality.

It all starts with YOU.

It starts within.

It starts at the beginning.

Step One


Meditation doesn’t have to be an event that takes like FOREVA. An enlightening session can be as short as five minutes. It’s an easy practice to start, but can take a lifetime to master, but don’t let that hinder you! Meditation opens new horizons, instills stillness within, offers profound peace and leave.

It’s easy to start; call upon Archangel Michael, The Angel of Protection. As Big Mike enters the room, it may begin to feel a bit warmer; don’t be alarmed, it’s one of his signs. Having him to stand guard will you meditate helps to ascertain that all information you get during your meditation is clear and not muddled. This also helps the ego to go sit in the corner for a bit ... might as well give it the proverbial lollipop too.

Sit in a comfy place. Don't go into hyper drive of Am I doing this right? If you are comfy, that is all that matters. Seriously if you can't sit with feet firmly on the ground because you're more comfortable cross-legged, that is all you will think about. I want to cross my legs! or OOPS, I just crossed my legs, best put them flat on the floor. Just stop. BE comfy.

Now place your hands over your heart and listen to your heartbeat. This helps to slow your mind as well as offering you something to focus on. Your breath will naturally slow all resulting in you deepening you meditative state. Again, it doesn't matter which hand is on top.

Stay in this quiet moment that turns into moments. This connection helps you to connect with your heart; the birthplace of your soul. Once connected, allow yourself to remember this connection, this purity, this love. Revel in this moment. Embrace it.

This simple act begins to open doors and enhancing your spiritual side.

Step TwoGet outside. Take a walk on the wild side ... in nature!

Oh, leave that brilliant magical electronic device at home or in your pocket. NO walk will do you a bit of good if you are staring down at the screen. Besides, you might just trip over a tree root or something if you are too busy looking down.

I have gotten into the habit that whenever Gabi and I leave our home I present a situation that I would like clarity on. I start by asking Archangel Sandalphon as he oversees the Earthstar chakra and reminds me to BE more often which allows him and the other Gang Members to answer. My queries can run the gamut; something as inspiration for dinner to expanding on a new product/project idea to explaining something much deeper.

I then let go of that intention and allow to BEcome inspired.

We, Gabi and I, then have a blast as we go about our magical journey walks. Once we reach a certain spot in the woods, she is allowed off leash and free to romp and go swamping. This leaves me free to enjoy the moments with her. Experience that joy, silliness and BEing at peace.

Why at peace? I am centered; living through the energy of love and joy through Gabi. I am so focused on her that nothing else enters my mind at the moment. Those quite little moments of stillness open doors to answers. It’s in those moments my questions begin to unravel to allow answers to softly dance in. They dance in so softly that it is without a doubt a message from The Gang in response to my queries.

It’s feeling the ground beneath my feet that I become more centered, more grounded if you will. It’s feeling the sun’s warmth on my face that my heart lightens. At the moment we are in the midst of another Arctic blast and I can feel the chill course through my body waking up every cell. It’s glorious to feel alive! That essence only deepens my spiritual connection to the universe that surrounds us.

During our walks stillness creeps in. Life creeps in. Love creeps in. My connection to The Gang and God/Goddess strengthens and is fortified.

Give it a try.

Step Three

Chose LOVE over FEAR

Unfortunately life does not always go according to plan. In fact, it rarely goes according to plan.

Every day is truly a new beginning. You can chose to dance in lower energies by whining, jumping in the unsavory, or by focusing on lack of whatever and wherever you feel lack in your life.


You can focus on Love. True, easier said than done… at times. However, no matter how low you feel life has become, there is always something there to be grateful for.

Here are some ‘normal’ ideas to whet your appetite and remind you how lovely your life really is.


  • Love offered from another; social group, family member, friend
  • A sunny day
  • Heat
  • A home
  • Shoes - one never has enough shoes!
  • The ability to see what you already have and offer gratitude. Yep, snuck that one in there.

When we chose a higher vibration (Love), we automatically are choosing to see more of what we can have, BE, and do. Once seen, it’s hard to hide again. Once seen, it is heard. Once seen, it becomes easier to embrace and truly BE.

Choosing fear? Not so much. Let’s just say, you’ll get loads more of what you really don’t want. All the complaining the in world won’t change it. You must change from within and begin to see the beauty of life. The beauty? Only opens you to more of what spirit is offering you.

Chat with Jophiel. She is the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. She’ll be more than happy (pun intended) to put a smile on your face and remind you that you are your most powerful when in JOY.

Step Four


This is not about taking the closest Zumba or kickboxing class. This is participating in a form of exercise that has a spiritual component such as Tai Chi or Yoga.

This is akin to walking outside and reconnecting with nature and all it offers regularly. However, most of yoga and Tai Chi classes are held inside and therefore one can’t use the excuse that it is cold or rainy in order to partake.

When beginning a more spiritually based form of exercise, one naturally slows down. It’s within that stillness that the heart speaks and speaks loudly. Ego is forced to sit in the corner with a lollipop. Why is that?

One simply cannot perform all those yoga poses with grace and ease! I’ve been known to fall over while attempting Crow. It wasn’t pretty, the class was concerned, but I just sat back and laughed. My worse fear was fulfilled; I fell.

Oh but the lesson! I got back up and am now slowly conquering Crow. One day I shall. In the meantime I am humbled and chuckle through the stumbling and teetering and who knows? Perhaps another fall awaits me.

I chat with Metatron on these days. He oversees the Soul Star chakra (about 6” above your head) and oversees your soul’s mission. I present to him a variety of things; how I wish to BE better is the most common theme. I ask that before class commences and by the time Savasana (corpse/relaxation pose) rolls around, I receive answers. My mind drifts. I allow myself to receive hearings from them. I gather to me insights and inspirations.

In one word? It’s magical.

Step Five


Let’s face it, who doesn’t LOVE a good oreo cookie? (that’s my guilty dream of late). I don’t keep them in the house for I know once that bag is open, the bag magically becomes empty and they enter my belly. Not necessarily the best idea. Why do i do this and ignoring a non savory craving?

Because I value my body and what it does for me. I recognize that by eating a higher vibration of food, I am honoring me and my spiritual path. This is not to say I don’t have an oreo once in a while, but IF I do, it’s a small snack pack. Of course as time changes, so do my cravings. You know what? They all revolve around sugar. One thing I have learned that if I ‘suffer’ through a couple of days of No More, the cravings POOF vanish and I can go back to eating better for me with greater ease.

Think about it, what is your guilty pleasure? Switch out my current fave of Oreo to your choice. Indulge. Indulge deeply. How do you feel afterwards? If you are anything like me, not so great. Of course there is the initial high, but it quickly morphs into remorse, bloating, muddled thinking and more (we won’t go into ‘potty talk’).

Now think of the times you eat right for you. Your body felt energized. Ideas could come in fast and furious AND you had more than enough energy that allowed you to act upon them. You rarely got sick. You became excited with life and your connection to source was equally clearer.


Because you were fueling your body and therefore your soul. When you fuel at optimum levels, you can more clearly see, hear, know and sense wisdom from the other side. You are more at peace. You radiate an energy of love, BEing centered that has others wishing to know your secrets.

In other words, you can walk your talk with a genuine smile on your face.

It’s uncanny what our bodies tell us when we eat food that is not good for us. No, no, don’t be mistaken, I’m not going on a Thou Shall BEcome vegan or vegetarian or …. This is about eating what is right for you and only you. Bottom line, some folks need to stay a carnivore.

Gabriel is my go to in this arena. He is the Angel of Miracles and oversees the sacral chakra; the place of sensuality. He guides me to juicier and healthier foods and encourages new recipes to continue to expand my horizons, not my waistline.

Wrap Up

These five seemingly insignificant steps can help in more ways than you may imagine. Are these the only things you can do? Of course not! I look forward to reading what other tricks you have tried successfully that have opened your spiritual horizons as you dance this thing called Life.


Need some help? Pop me a note or schedule a session.