The New Baby Package – Angel Chatter

The New Baby Package

$ 69.99 $ 90.00

The New Baby Package

Do you have a new arrival that you want to welcome with an angelically-inspired collection of Angel Chatter products? We include:


    • A Guardian Angel Sun Drop to hang above a crib or in a window, casting its sparkly, angelic light into the nursery
    • A bottle of our “Guardian Angel” Angel Intentions Essential Oil Mister to surround the nursery with the angel's loving essence
    • Our small Angel Love Blessing to remind anyone they are loved always and in all ways. Perfect for framing or adhering to the crib headboard
    • Chris’ award-winning children’s book, “Have You Wondered About Angels?” Perfect for reading to a newborn and, later, for reading together


Package Value is $83.00

Price: $65.99

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