Angel Intention Bracelets – Angel Chatter

Angel Intention Bracelets

$ 48.00

Angels, Aromatherapy AND Crystals

The sacred sigils (empowering symbols) from our beloved Angel Chatter Archangel Oracle Deck are now available in bracelets with crystals and pure essential oils adding to their power and allure. All 19 Angels are being offered in this collection.

Each bracelet has:

  • The Angel's Sigil casted in lead and nickel free pewter
  • Eight Angel Crystals (listed below) 
  • Four Clear Quartz Crystals to help magnify the intention
  • Two Pyrite Crystals to assist in keeping your aura clear
  • Nine to Ten Lava Beads to hold your sacred oil blend

Also included is one dram of the angel's pure essential oil blend found in our other sacred aromatherapy line.

Each bracelet comes nestled in our exclusive gift box with a card detailing not only the angel and their mission, but all the crystals, their intention as well as the oils used.  

Not sure which angel(s) is best for you now? Soften your gaze and see which one(s) you are most drawn to. It may be the angel, it may be their crystal, it may be...

Wish to gift this item? Personal, hand-written gift notes included upon request.

Listed below is the angel and the crystal chosen for this very special and empowering piece of jewelry:

  • Ariel - Cherry Quartz
  • Auriel - Moonstone
  • Azrael - Ruby Zoisite
  • Chamuel - Rhodonite
  • Gabriel - Carnelian
  • Guardian Angel - Turquoise & Jade mix
  • Haniel - Amazonite
  • Jeremiel - Black Veined Jasper
  • Jophiel - Rainbow Obsidian
  • Metatron - Dragon Blood Jasper
  • Michael - Lapis Lazuli
  • Mother Mary - Morganite
  • Raphael - Kambaba Jasper
  • Raziel - Dumortierite
  • Sandalphon - Tourmaline
  • Shamael - Lepedolite
  • Thuriel - Picture Jasper
  • Uriel - Mookaite
  • Zadkiel - Amethyst


Made with love in the USA

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