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Mary Magdalene Necklace

$ 119.00

Mary Magdalene Necklace

Many of you know I traveled to Sacred France in 2018 and followed the footsteps of Mary Magdalene within the Languedoc Region. It was there she cracked me wide open and my life has never been the same.

She has offered her sigil for all to See, Wear and Remember.

The intersecting triangles have profound and deep representation:

  • It is created with two triangles. Triangles are the strongets geometric shape.
  • The Union of the triangles represents As Above, So Below
  • The Union of the triangles also represent The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as they join in sacred union
  • The interesection of the triangles creates a diamond; the strongest gem known. This signifies that the blessed union can withstand ALL.
  • The Ruby within the triangle's embrace reminds all that each soul is Safe to BE their truest expression of self, no matter what relationship they may BE within.

The Divine energies are wrapped in Solid Sterling Silver with gold plating. The 18" vermeil chain offers a 2" extender. The union of both metals also represents the sacred union of energies; The Divine Feminine BEing silver and the Divine Masculine BEing gold. 


Made with love in the USA
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