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Daily Askfirmation Card Deck

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Have you been diligently using mantras, affirmations etc. to call upon the universe to guide your way? You know affirmations, beautiful, positive, present-tense statements. They are beautiful, but as you most likely know, not always effective. 

The Askfirmation Book came first. It details my journey as to how they came to BE, the formula, why affirmations aren't necessarily the most effective tool out there and more. The It has been so widely popular that clients and customers began to beg for more. 

I listened.

The Daily Askfirmation Deck holds 52 cards of Askfirmations and an instruction card. All are nestled in a firm plastic hinged container to help keep your deck clean and sacred in energy. 

How does it work? Easy. Simply pull a card a day; first thing in the morning is ideal. Allow The Gang (aka the angels) to show you answers. No need to look or supply one!

It really is that easy and powerful. 

IF you have not purchased the book previously, may I suggest you purchase the Askfirmtion Set. 


What others are saying:

I have been told to do affirmations for years, supposedly to say them a million plus times to convince our monkey minds that I am worthy, wealthy, slim, etc. Of course all they ever did was poke my ego to say, who you? No way. Try again sweet pea.
My ego can be very insulting. Sound familiar? Then I discovered Angel Chatter Askfirmations? Askforwhat?

Christine Alexandria was brilliant when she came up with asking positive questions instead of negative ones.

And they are based in science. Our brains are designed to look for answers. The beauty of the Askfirmation cards is that I can pick a card, read the Askfirmation and I do not have to come up with an answer. My brain is busy looking for a positive solution as I go about my day. And very often, at some point an idea comes to mind that is the perfect answer for me.

So instead of asking why should you purchase these cards, ask instead why not?

Barbara Patterson


Just received my Askfirmation cards in the mail. I picked one today. Wasn't sure what to expect or what might happen. I picked "Organize". My mind went to the usual...organize your sock drawer, your desk, etc. BUT I decided to not think much about it. WELL! I got all of my laundry finished and put away. I made a pot of soup, went food shopping, made dinner...can you say organized??? OMG. I usually run out of energy by the evening. Yes, Chris, Askfirmations do work!!
 ~ L. K. Pennsylvania


Have you ever heard that little skeptical voice in your head when you are trying to think positive? It is in everyone's head and is called the mind or the ego. Christine Alexandria has discovered a technique for "tricking" the mind and explains with great humor how she learned to do this, what she discovered, and how it can work for anyone. In the pages of "Askfirmations: Make affirmations more effective by using powerful questions" she shares her many years of experience in attracting positive things with ease and the simple but effective practical exercises that have worked for her. Nicely illustrated with color photographs, and also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99), this pocket-size compendium of commentary is a very highly recommended and life-affirming read from beginning to end.
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