The Dream Activation Session
The Clarity Offering - Angel Chatter
The Dream Activation Session
The Dream Activation Session
The Clarity Offering - Angel Chatter
The Dream Activation Session

The Dream Activation Session

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If you are ready to come open for the most epic clearing and activation of your wildest dreams, this is The Dream Activation Session.

So, many people walk through life knowing they are destined for more: more success, more Love, more bliss, a higher frequency.

This is why I created The Dream Activation Session.

We are activating your dream life through frequency and coding in a way you have never experienced before. I have long been passionate about helping many beautiful souls receive guidance through my channel, and now we are going deeper.

Yes, I will be giving you guidance.

Yes, I will be channeling.

Yes, you can ask me questions.

I am a psychic and a channel, so I am always completely open to giving you the guidance and knowledge that is destined for you.

However, this session will also contain clearing activation and guidance.

It’s a one-stop shop to create your destiny.

Most people call my work magic, but I call it Living The Dream.

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Please note that once you have completed your purchase to work with Christine, she will reach out personally within two to three business days to schedule your sacred time together. 
Some Love from Past & Present Clients:

Christine Alexandria is one incredible lady.  She has helped me so much in my journey to enlightenment. That I am blessed to have her in my life.  Every time I have had a session with her within days things start shifting, I have made leaps and bounds having her as a mentor. If I can help people as many people as she has and does, I will be thrilled. Thanks. 


Christine did a reading for me a couple of weeks ago. I have been working with shamans in Sedona for the last 8 yrs to help me to understand who I am, and what my gifts are.  But this was COMPLETELY different.  She left me feeling empowered. I said I felt like I was kicked in the butt by AA Micheal, She would say a wing slap. Pretty powerful wing slap. Which is more than I have felt in a long time. I actually feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. Been more motivated to get things moving along my path. The exercise she gave me was for once a day. But I have found myself repeating the mantra 3 times a day. It was like a light went off. I look forward to the next session.  Her daily angel cards have also been nice inspirations. I purchased the cards from her, and from time to time I do my own cards too. She helped me to validate who I am. Valuing myself for who and what my gifts are. With Christine's permission. I recorded the session when I re-listened to the session I had goosebumps the whole time! Amazing! The self-confidence to go with my gifts is nice also.  And being apart of this amazing community has put together, It is nice to know that I'm not alone. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Wish I could hug you to thank you.
Mira Garner
When I first reached out to Christine, it was to ask for help with my business.  But, I have to be honest here, there was a part of me that was hoping she was going to tell me that I should let it go and do something else.  You see, I was tired and burnt out from putting so much effort into trying to make my business work.  As a result, I was not able to fully serve my clients. 
Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, she told me what I needed to hear and delivered the information with love, clarity, patience, and not one iota of judgment.
Working with her has helped me see what I was unable to see.  She pointed out where my actions weren't aligned with my desires as well as where my message needed some tweaking.  She boosted my confidence and cheered me on when I was tackling something that was uncomfortable and a little scary.  Most importantly, she helped me to get my personal identity aligned with my professional one.  That alone is a golden nugget.
I'm no longer secretly hoping someone will tell me to give up my business.  Rather, I'm reinventing it in a way that allows me to better serve my clients without me burning out and I couldn't be happier.
Robin Linke
I did have a reading with Christine to help affirm that I was on the right track! Chris’ reading was conversational and fun! Chris’ energy is gentle and nonjudgmental. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Christine is regularly sought after for interviews, so I was happy when she reached out to schedule our reading. She knew who I was from only being a member of Angel Chatter for a couple of weeks! She gave great insight that I was able to incorporate into my business immediately (as in - as soon as we finished our call!) Christine expressed compassion and offered not only angelic insight, but down to earth examples and tools to help me move forward in areas, some that I did not express verbally to her. I consider Christine a friend, and I cannot wait to meet her in person in the Spring. She truly is a shining example of when heaven and earth work together because, in truth, we are not separate from the Divine. What I loved the most about the reading is the worksheet that we complete beforehand. The worksheet allows us to come to the reading with an understanding of what we need insight on. This process gives the reader a chance to be involved with their intuitive development, even if they don’t realize it. Chris has successfully mastered co-creation!
Chayla Baer


Words cannot fully express my gratitude towards Chris for her truly life-transforming reading. Before the reading, I was beside myself, sad and confused about where the relationship with my fiancé was headed. But after only a few minutes into the reading, I felt centered and peaceful, due to a technique Christine taught me. It only got better from here. The remainder of the reading was one insight after another, as well as practical uncomplicated "homework" for me to incorporate into my daily life and my relationship. This reading was a true awakening and a loving shift occurred almost instantaneously! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this life-changing experience!

G.C., New Jersey
​Christine is an Amazing Angel Goddess!!!  I met her at an Expo and she did an Angel reading for me. Her insight, wisdom, and knowledge was extraordinary and gave me exact direction on where to go in my life.  She unveiled riveting information regarding one of my most profound past lives and gave me the courage to pick up where I left off 2,000 years ago.  Forever grateful for her uncanny communication with the Angels.  Fast forward, this year, 2016, she is in agreement with me, once again, on manifesting this romance of a lifetime.  I have taken her advice to heart, am moving forward with certainty and clarity, and have no doubt that this manifestation will occur.  Her book Askfirmations is a must-read, it will definitely change your perspective on how you view your life and live your life.  Thank you Christine for listening to your Angels and sharing your purpose and essence with all of us.  Sending Love, Retha Bogard

I have recently been communicating with Angels and was drawn to the Angel Chatter Goddess, Christine Alexandria, for a reading at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in PA. I was able to confirm with my Angels that she was indeed speaking with them. However, she was able to gain better clarity and insight than I had achieved on my own during my session. She was able to discern an area to work on, for a topic that I have struggled with during the last two years. After I began to fully implement the suggestions Christine had given me, I noticed within weeks that things were turning around with grace and ease. I was being noticed a lot more and people were seeking me out for my services. My abilities to communicate with the angels and others also dramatically increased. I also discovered that Chris had sent an Angel of Abundance to assist me with these activities. There are many attributes that set Christine‘s talents apart from other readers. The one that resonated the strongest, besides her excellent communication with the Angels, was her willingness to clarify the questions that resulted after the reading.
I would strongly recommend you do not pass up an opportunity to work with this extremely gifted Angel Chatter, Christine Alexandria.

Patty Barber, ND
Upstate NY