Sacred Ritual Misters

Angelic Power in a Spray

Just like the other Angel Chatter's sacred aromatherapy collections, our sacred misters have these empowering components:


  • Made with pure essential oils. We know there is not one perfect anything; therefore, we searched the world over and purchased oils that are worthy of you. 
  • Crystal Infused. The angels asked for crystals to be included in their aromatherapy. Who are we to argue? Within each sacred mister is a crystal that is aligned with that angel's mission.
  • NO alcohol is used. Alcohol is well known to not only alter the integrity of pure essential oils but in this scenario will also alter the integrity of the angelic power. Pure diluted water is used in its place. 
  • Charged by the sigil channeled by Christine Alexandria in meditation.
  • Made with great joy by our fabulous aromatherapy goddess in Maryland, USA.