Angel Guardian Bells For Protection From Angel Chatter

Angel Bells

$ 17.00

Bells have been used for centuries to mark a special occasion:

* A sacred ceremony

* The entrance of someone

* The phone ringing

* An angel getting their wings

Bells are used in the biker community as a form of protection and guardianship. This stems from a beautiful legend that shares how a ringing bell saved an old biker's life. In this community they are called Rider Bells, Guardian Bells, Lucky Bells and Legend Bells. 

We believe in this philosophy here at Angel Chatter. It is why we created these beautiful lead and nickel free pewter bells that have a angelic ring tone that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Each bell measures approximately 1.5" in height excluding the chain. The attached keychain allows you to attach to keys, backpacks, belt loops and more so that sacred energy is with you whenever you wish.

We offer these choices:

* Gabriel - The Communicator. Clearing the energies so you may speak your truth with great joy.

Guardian Angel - Your Guardian Angel is always with you. 

Michael - The Protector. Known you are protected with Michael's energy.

Rafael - The Healer. Bringing in Rafael's healing energies as you clear away the unwanted.

Zadkiel - The Transmuter. Not only clear away the unwanted, but bring it back to pristine energies with the assistance of Zadkiel.

Made with love in the USA

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