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Moon Ritual Box

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 Make Your Moon Rituals More





Luna is a powerful ally to help facilitate physical, spiritual, emotional and mental manifestations in your life. She is known the world over for her great powers. As an example, all energy is heightened around the full moon while the new moon offers a moment to reboot and start anew.

Accompanying each Moon Ritual Box is a pamphlet that suggests rituals for the four major moon phases (New, Waning Gibbous, Full and Waxing Gibbous) to better facilitate all you desire. Each phase offers a brilliant opportunity to take back your power! What do you wish to change? Find the proper moon phase and follow the suggested ritual. Write your intention as clearly as possible and place in the Moon Ritual Box for an entire cycle. Ask Auriel, the Lunar Angel, to help you focus on the intention and to empower you. 

Each Moon Ritual Box is adorned with crystals that are chosen not only for their beauty, but power. Every box has at least one moonstone and selenite attached to assist in keeping the crystals clear energetically as well as paying homage to Luna herself. The additional crystals are chosen with the help of the angels. 

Due to the unique beauty and power of each Moon Ritual Box, allow Auriel, The Lunar Angel to pick yours. The pictures shown are samples of some of the crystals being chosen. 

The Moon Ritual Box measures 3" squared and approximately 1.75" high (varies depending on crystal assortment. As with all of our pewter products, it is made of lead and nickel free pewter.


Here are some additional ideas in working with your Moon Ritual Box:

  • Use colored paper for various moon phases. In this manner you may focus on more than one area at a time and know which written intention to remove at the proper time. 
  • Call upon Auriel, The Lunar Angel, more often as she helps to light the correct path for you. The more you become familiar with her and her energies, you may be called to one of her many products:
  • Aromatherapy -perfect for invoking Auriel's Energy when conducting each ritual daily.
  • Auriel's Intention Medallion - Your daily reminder that Auriel is with you and helping you.
  • Auriel's Sun Drop - A beautiful visual reminder to stay focused and BE true to you.


Made with love in the USA

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