Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck
Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck
Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck - Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria
Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck
Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck
Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck - Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck

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Welcome to the world of Angel Chatter Oracle Cards! 🌟
Unlock the divine guidance of the celestial realms with our extraordinary deck of 44 powerful cards, specially crafted to connect you with the angelic realm and ignite your spiritual journey. Let the heavenly energy of 15 Archangels and their wisdom lead you to discover profound insights and transformative experiences.

🔮 Divine Guidance at Your Fingertips 🔮
Each card in the Angel Chatter Oracle deck is a gateway to angelic messages and profound wisdom. Feel the embrace of divine love and protection as you delve into the sacred world of angelic communication.

📘 Accompanying Guidebook 📘
Empower your journey further with our comprehensive guidebook. It serves as your spiritual compass, providing in-depth interpretations for each card and unveiling the deeper meaning of the Archangels' messages. Embark on self-discovery, healing, and personal growth guided by the Archangels' divine wisdom.

✨ Channeled Sigils for Empowerment ✨
Angel Chatter Oracle Cards go beyond traditional tarot decks. Each card features channeled sigils that carry unique energy and empowering vibrations. Allow these sacred symbols to enhance your intuition, amplify your intentions, and connect deeply to your spiritual path.

🙏 Incorporating Askfirmations 🙏
Discover a powerful blend of affirmations and questions coined as "Askfirmations." These transformative statements encourage you to explore your inner thoughts, empowering you to manifest your desires and align with the higher purpose of your life.

🌠 Exclusively from Angel Chatter 🌠
Our Oracle Cards are exclusively available from Angel Chatter, a leading name in spiritual products and guidance. We take pride in offering you a truly divine experience, ensuring every card is infused with love, light, and authentic angelic energy. Embrace the celestial wisdom and embrace the magic within!

💫 The Deck that Prompted The BE You Program

💫Angel Chatter Oracle Cards were the catalyst behind the life-changing BE You Program. Thousands of individuals worldwide have experienced profound shifts in their lives, accessing their inner truths and unleashing their highest potential.
Are you ready to elevate your spiritual journey and receive divine guidance? Embrace the whispers of the angels and order your Angel Chatter Oracle Cards today. Unleash the power within and ignite your soul's purpose. The angels are waiting to connect with you! 🌌🕊️

🔥 Discover the best angel oracle cards, The Angel Chatter Oracle Cards, to enhance your spiritual practice and connect with divine guidance. These powerful cards are uniquely designed with 44 cards and messages from 15 Archangels. Unleash the transformative power of channeled sigils that empower and amplify your intentions. Incorporate the revolutionary Askfirmations to manifest your desires and align with your higher purpose. Exclusively available from Angel Chatter, the deck that prompted The BE You Program has already transformed the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Elevate your spiritual journey today!
Still trying to figure it out? Watch this video where Christine explains how to use them and why you may wish to use them:


 What others say:

I love these cards and so do my customers. These cards got my attention and I use them during my readings as a tool for the universe to drive home that final message through confirmation or addition.

-Chris Fleming

Internationally known medium, paranormal researcher and TV Host of  'Help My House is Haunted' TV Series (UK Series)


The Angel Chatter™ Oracle Deck with Askfirmations is one of my favorite oracle decks! I have 11 decks, but I regularly reference Christine’s deck and keep it in my purse. 

Chayla Baer


I highly recommend Christine Alexandria's Oracle Cards as a daily tool but more, you become a reminded you are part of our intergalactic world of L-O-V-E.

Cathy K. Gettysburg PA

To see the cards in action, pop over to YouTube and you will see the energy radiate through Aura Photography!