Personalized Offerings


The programs listed below are something I am over the moon excited about for after working with hundreds, most likely thousands of clients, I've learn a thing or two. 

If you are still feeling frustrated or in a quagmire of how to get 'there' from 'here', this could be one of the most powerful pushes you've gotten in a long time. 

What if..

What if you took concrete, doable action on a weekly basis to allow the real you to shine? 

What if the boulders of mindset block could be whittled down and/or removed altogether?

What if you said YES to you?

I'm talking about me BEing your personal Cheerleader, Coach and periodic wing slapper. I'm talking about implementing the many tools that I have been gifted as I, too, continue to grow and blossom and learn to BE.

What if?

As you most likely know, I channel angels, Ascended Masters, like Mary Magdalene.  I'm an author and co-creator of the entire exclusive Angel Chatter line. Through my own trainings and tools the Masters as well as the Angelics have offered me, I am loving life like I haven't, well maybe ever. 

I've traveled the world, been broken open (thanks to Mary Magdalene), received spiritual tools that can easily be implemented on any given day. The best part? The tool work.

Whoever said something worth having is worth working hard for, isn't far off the mark. Isn't it time you BEgan to LOVE yourself more and allowed what you desire to come forth?

I wasn't always this content

I know first hand what it is like to BE different. Remember, angel chatterer here. I know what it's like to feel like the proverbial round peg attempting to fit in a square hole. 

I've yearnings since a child of empowering others. True story.

I often see what a person is meant to do in this life, IF they could drop the preconceived notions of what they should BE doing. 

I too desire a life of balance, travel, a home filled with great laughter and of course LOVE.

Haven't you ever woken up and felt like life was just meh? Me too. 

Haven't you ever woken up and wished somebody got you? Me too. 

Haven't you ever woken up and felt despair? Me too. 

When I first started bursting through my very safe and cozy cocoon, it was rather comical at times. I'd get that proverbial deer in the headlights look when I shared my dreams, gifts and more.

I retreated.

I BEcame angry.

I would then spout off to anything with two ears what I do. That fell flatter than I don't know what could be flatter than I felt at that moment. 

Maybe I was weird.

Maybe I was wired differently.

Maybe I was day dreaming and none of what I desired would come true.


I BEgan to peel back the layers.

I allowed myself to shine, just a bit.

I put me first, not always successfully, but it was a start. 

I decided to jump off the gerbil wheel where I was making great time, but going absolutely nowhere, and said YES to me. 

I haven't looked back since.

I changed my thought patterns.

I changed my diet.

I changed my clothing.

I changed me...or did I? All I really did was come back to me, the Authentic ME. 

I realized that Gabi, our beloved dog was right, Grace Always Begins Inside. 

It was the find and holding onto my inner Grace that I grew and that I know how I can help you. That is what has prompted this long introduction to Personalized Services. For I wish the very best for you, living life on your terms, always.

Can You Go at it Alone?

Of course you can, and have been thus far. As the saying goes, how's that working for you? Isn't it time somebody really listened to you, believed in you and helped you get there? 

Isn't it time to Thrive vs. survive?

I know it is.

IF your heart is starting to go pitter patter in excitement, I invite you to explore the various ways we can work together. IF you are new to me, please start off with the Clarity Offering. If you are curious and want to know more about the in-depth programs, please alert me when purchasing so ample time is allowed after your reading to explore our other options of working together.





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Read below for the most recent glowing testimonial:

Without Christine’s inspiration and encouragement I would not be connecting Guardian Angels to their one through my artwork. The gang didn’t say this is what you need to do, but when I sketched my first angels and shared them with her, she told me not to be selfish but to share my work with the group. Christine has a gift of helping you take your glimmer of what you like to do and showing you how to manifest your dreams. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the gang (as she calls the Archangels, angels, goddesses, etc.) are there to catch you as you take that leap of faith in remembering who you really are and reawakening your purpose. Mere words cannot express my gratitude.

Barbara Patterson