Let's Work Together! – Angel Chatter

Let's Work Together!

I believe in many things, but at the core is this:

One doesn't need fixing
One needs to allow their truest essence to emerge.
It is through digging deep and deeper still 
that one gets rid of the falsehoods that have suppressed 
living life on your terms. 
Allow me to help you.


There are many roads to the same destination. It is time for you to BE.

BE Yourself

BE Sassy

BE Powerful

BE Prosperous

BE Happy

BE Loving

BE Receptive to receive - that is all that is asked of you. Are you ready to say YES to you?


There are a variety of ways to work with me and step more fully into your own divine power:

* Mentorship

* Private Weekends

* YES to Me Progam

* Can I Pick Your Brain?


Each offering has been thought about extensively and packaged accordingly.

BEing trained in many healing modalities; Reiki Master Teacher, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Teacher, Magnified Healer Teacher and Crystal Therapy; as well as certified as a Soul Coach and Archangel Enlightenment Therapist. Knowing that many are in different plateaus on their path, I desired to offer ways to help jump start your life so you may better live it on your terms. 

Therefore whether you wish additional energy healing, or one on one private sessions or intense coaching for mentoring, you can now pick and chose.