Work With Christine

Here's the truth: desiring a better life for yourself is not selfish. In fact, it has been proven that when you are happy in life, you are not only more productive, but you have the energy to assist more.

I can help you get there. I channel not only the angelic realm and The Magdalene but have channeled other unseen forces to assist you and you alone. Other energies such as a deceased loved one (known or unknown), Yeshua, Enslaved people, and the list continue to grow.

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and lean into what they would like to share with you:

Nobody knows you better than you.


Follow your heart, not your head. 
Lead not with fear as your captain, 
But with your heart. 

Join us as we remind you how to BE your true self,
Which of course, is your best self. 
Perhaps a bit rough around the edges.
Perhaps a bit vulgar at times
Perhaps a lot of sass
Perhaps filled with knowledge yet to be shared

A goddess who is permitting herself to BE vulnerable
Because you know that vulnerability is greatness
You know in your heart you yearn to BE seen and heard
You know, deep down, it is time to stop pretending, and it is time to BE

Follow and work with others that offer you tools, concepts, and rituals while holding sacred space for you.
Follow and work with others that lead by example.
Follow and work with others who help you unfurl your wings so you can blossom.
It is time for you to BE Dearest One.
Now is the time.

Whether a single session, a mentoring package, The VIP Weekend, or The BE You Program, all have been proven to help you unfurl your wings so you can soar and BE true to yourself. Each service has been created with you in mind, filled with LOVE and empowering energies.

Will you allow me to assist you like I have thousands before you? 

You sassy, beautiful, intelligent goddess. 


Want to know what others think?



Read below for the most recent glowing testimonial:

Without Christine’s inspiration and encouragement I would not be connecting Guardian Angels to their one through my artwork. The gang didn’t say this is what you need to do, but when I sketched my first angels and shared them with her, she told me not to be selfish but to share my work with the group. Christine has a gift of helping you take your glimmer of what you like to do and showing you how to manifest your dreams. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the gang (as she calls the Archangels, angels, goddesses, etc.) are there to catch you as you take that leap of faith in remembering who you really are and reawakening your purpose. Mere words cannot express my gratitude.

Barbara Civin