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You and I can work in a variety of ways. In the light of full transparency, all investments are shared below. Even if you think you cannot commit to one now, you are invited to read more about it. The more you surround yourself with where you wish to BE, the closer it comes. 

It's one of the Laws of the Universe.

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Without Christine’s inspiration and encouragement I would not be connecting Guardian Angels to their one through my artwork. The gang didn’t say this is what you need to do, but when I sketched my first angels and shared them with her, she told me not to be selfish but to share my work with the group. Christine has a gift of helping you take your glimmer of what you like to do and showing you how to manifest your dreams. It is a wonderful feeling to know that the gang (as she calls the Archangels, angels, goddesses, etc.) are there to catch you as you take that leap of faith in remembering who you really are and reawakening your purpose. Mere words cannot express my gratitude.

Barbara Civin