Authorized Students – Angel Chatter

Authorized Students

These amazing people below have not only completed The Course, but are in good standing. I can personally vouch for their integrity and their gifts. The list may be small to start, but it is where we start and are growing rapidly.

Care to join us in spreading the Chatter? The Course is offered once a year sometime in the first quarter. Join our email listing so you don't miss the enrollment, for when the door closes, it closes for the remainder of the year. 

Without further adieu, I congratulate those listed below.


Karen Connelly

Karen’s gifts have been with her since she was born, and with those gifts, she hones in on helping those seeking answers. Her compassion is real, and weaves into each reading for her clientele. With experience and background in mediumship, energy healing, angel intuition, and ordained minister, Karen will help you see and face your truth, making your ride here on this earth just a little less bumpy. She’s available for in person as well as remote sessions. Please email her


Peg Garner

Peg Garner has been an intuitive since childhood. She is a special lady, gifted and full of love. She can help you shift the pain in your heart, from one of solace to understanding. She helps her clients to heal the mind, body and soul. Peg teaches to let go of what no longer serves, so one is better able to live life! Peg will be happy to do a  session with you in person or remotely. Please visit her site at:



Kim McAllister

Working with angels her whole life, Kim McAllister is naturally gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient and intuitive. Kim has trained for more than a decade to hone her natural connection to the angels. A reading with her is never the same and is never scary. When working with clients Kim brings a sense of humor, compassion, gentleness and love to each reading. Kim feels blessed to be a conduit through which the angels are able to better communicate with you. She’s available for in person or remote sessions. Please visit her website for more information: