Angel Fire Multi Strand Necklace – Angel Chatter

Angel Fire Multi Strand Necklace

$ 99.00

It's Time for YOU


From discord we rise above hate and negativity. Rise up to spark awareness within ourselves. Spread wings of fire... much like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

The stones listed below were chosen specifically for their common element of fire as well as for their individual gifts that are offered. 

Sodalite ~ The Stone of Peace and Truth. Rise up now and speak your truth in the most loving manner

Turquoise ~ The Stone of Heavenly Protection. Talismans for warriors of all levels. Stand strong in your power

Tiger's Eye ~ The Stone of Integrity and Willpower. The perfection stone to help you soar and rise above it all like the brilliant Phoenix

Goldstone ~ The Stone of Revitilization. Recharging all your bodies; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual will contribute to you being ready to follow your bliss every day.

Red Jasper ~ The Stone of Security. This can be the quintessential stone of 'Why is it safe for me to be me?'

Citrine ~ The Stone of Power. Governing your solar plexus chakra, citrine helps to ignite your inner fire allowing you to follow your bliss.


Combined together, these beautiful crystals will help to ignite your inner fire, motivate you while not burning you out energetically.


The Necklace measures 18" in length with a 2.5" extender that is capped by a Tiger Eye Crystal. The combination of metal, leather and natural crystals make for a high end casual and yet empowering look.

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