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Christmas Angel Candle

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Infuse Your Home With The Essence of Holiday


The Season of Christmas can immediately bring forth the images of snowy days, lights aglow, snuggled by a warm fire, cookies and of course the perfect Christmas Tree. Angel Chatter's Christmas Angel Candle wraps all this up, and more, in a 12oz glass jar.

Because you deserve only the best, we only use the best ingredients in each candle:

* Kosher Soy Wax. This is important as it gives a very clean burn and the melting wax can be used as soothing lotion. Yes, you just read correctly, lotion. Energetically, it is akin to wearing the angel's energy!

* Pure Essential Oils. Our in house aromatherapist purchases the best oils from a variety of sources.


* Cotton Wick. This also provides a cleaner burn; leaving little residue.


    • Allow the wax to melt out to edges of the jar. This practice keeps the candle even and will burn straight down.
    • Dip fingers into melted wax and adorn your body where guided; soles of feet, chakra, etc.
    • Use as hand lotion. You may do this because only kosher soy wax is used. It melts, but will not burn like paraffin wax. Once the wax is absorbed, hold hands over your face and allow the angelic power to seep into every cell empowering you as you breathe it all in.

 8oz Jar with an approximate burn time of 50 hours. It is adorned with a lead and nickel-free pewter angel medallion to further remind you of the angel's presence in your life.


Made with joy in the USA