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Crystal Intention Sceptres

$ 24.00

Infuse Crystal and Angel Energies Into Your Soul


This beautiful and sacred product honors Dr. Masaru Emoto's lifelong work that we can alter water/liquid molecules based on our thoughts and energy. What are crystals but energy? As glass is permeable, the crystal's energy gently flows through the glass into your beverage of choice ultimately altering your essence. The Crystal Intention Sceptres will infuse your life with crystal and angelic energies. 

The Crystal Intention Sceptres are:

  • Perfect for meditation. One often finds rubbing the lead and nickel free pewter medal at the top of the scepter quite soothing. This soothing practice will help to deepen your meditation while calm your mind.
  • Alter your beverage's molecular structure based on Dr. Emoto's work. Simply immerse your sceptre in a beverage of choice. As the cork is very porous, we recommend to not fully immerse your sceptre as the liquid, over time, may seep in. Let your sceptre steep in the beverage for a minimum of five minutes or as long as you wish. Also keep in mind that the cork is glued on; in other words, please do not attempt to remove the cork!

Below are some ideas as to where you may use your crystal infused water:

  • Pet's Water Bowl.
  • Personal drinking water.
  • Water for your Neti Pot.
  • Water for your humidifier.
  • Water that you shall cook with; veggies, pasta, rice, soup, etc. Infuse the water, remove the sceptre and prepare your food as directed.
  • Have more than one sceptre or focusing on a specific area of your life? Feel free to use as many sceptres as you desire in each beverage. There are many great combinations. For example, if you wish to lose weight add Chamuel (giving yourself permission to love YOU for you), Jophiel (especially if the weight is held in the solar plexus chakra area), Raphael (healing=better eating habits) and Gabriel (you are birthing a 'new' you). The combinations are truly endless. Listen to what your heart guides you to do to help fulfill your dreams.
Two stones are commonly found in all Crystal Intention Sceptres:
  • Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz is also known as the Master Crystal and helps to magnify the energy of all the other crystals.
  • Selenite - The consummate energy cleanser. The selenite will keep the energy of all the other crystals clear and highly charged.
Each Crystal Intention Sceptre aligns with an angel and their mission. The energy is so focused and profound that it often invokes the response of smiles, shouts of joy and more when they are held for the first time. The intentions are listed below.

    • Chamuel ~ Angel of Self Love. When one allows themselves to BE first in their lives, all is possible. 

    • Gabriel ~ Angel of Abundance. Abundance is not just about money, but giving one's self permission to receive all that is desired. 

    • Haniel ~ Angel of Manifestation. Live your version of Heaven on Earth, no matter what. 

    • Jophiel ~ Angel of Joy-Filled Power. Remember, you are your most powerful when in the energy of JOY. 

    • Michael ~ Angel of Protection. Implementing Big Mike in your daily routine will offer more confidence to BE you. 

    • Raphael ~ Angel of Healing. Healing occurs on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 
Getting your sceptres one at a time? Consider the custom-made Single Sceptre Stand to help keep them safe when not in use.

We also offer all the sceptres as a complete set and is specially priced at $246.00. This includes the large sceptre stand. That is over $60.00 in savings! 

Your only mission is to enjoy the angelic and crystal infusion into your soul and to handwash each sceptre with mild soap and water. Gently dry and your sceptre is ready for its next use.

Made with great Love in the USA

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