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Good Intentions Candles

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While The Good Intention Candles are going away, rest asssured their high quality and empowering energies are still quite intact. I sat with each batch as they came in to raise their vibrations based on their intention with the sole intention to assist you.

They ARE going away, but your power never will wane.


We've only use the best ingredients in each candle:

* Kosher Soy Wax. This is important as it gives a very clean burn and the melting wax can be used as soothing lotion. Yes, you just read correctly, lotion. Energetically, it is akin to wearing the angel's energy!

* Pure Essential Oils. Our in house aromatherapist purchases the best oils from a variety of sources.

* Crystal Frequency. Each candle as a crystal embedded to raise the vibration for you

* Cotton Wick. This also provides a cleaner burn; leaving little residue.


Dr. Feelgood:

Exercise your innate loving power

Contains the scents of blue green algae extract, coconut, lavender and sea kelp with the embedded crystal of green aventurine

Free To Be

Respect yourself first

Contains the scents of clove, fir needle, grapefruit, pettigrane, rosemary and sweet orange with the embedded crystal of feldspar

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Never underestimate the power of a happy person!

Contains the scents of cinnamon, clove and sweet orange with the embedded crystal of lemon quartz

Ka' Ching

Abundance comes in all forms

Contains the scents of cedarwood, neroli, peppermint, rose and sweet orange with the embedded crystal of goldstone


Enjoy life's many ebbs and flows

Contains the scents of frankincense, jasmine, lavender, myrrh and patchouli with the embedded crystal of ametrine

Love Central

It's more than okay to love yourself

Contains the scents of amber, fir needle, oak moss, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla bean with the embedded crystal of pink calcite

Make It Happen

Manifest your truest desires

Contains the scents of clary sage, coriander, jasmine and ylang ylang with the embedded crystal of peridot

Shine On

Shine your brilliance

Contains the scents of benzoin of sumatra, cypress, neroli and sandalwood with the embedded crystal of a fresh water pearl

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