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The Kwan Yin Necklace

$ 156.00

Kwan Yin Necklace

The Necklace

Kwan Yin's Necklace measures just over 19" in length and unlike our other necklaces, does not come with an extender. 

Kwan Yin's necklace is a blend of silver and gold. It is the melding of the Divine Feminine and Masculine once more at play.

  • The chain is solid sterling silver as is the star-shaped adornment.
  • The beads as well as the moon cusp are gold plated. 

It is the blending and joining of the feminine and masculine that is at play as much as Kwan Yin's energy herself. 

Lavender Jade was chosen for all of the beads on Kwan Yin's Necklace. As these are natural crystals, you will note the beautiful variations on each necklace. Lavender Jade was chosen by Kwan Yin for its high energetic vibrancy while encouraging charitable and loving acts where ever you may BE.

Lavender Jade is also a protective stone while alleviating past traumas and replacing it with inner peace while setting up firm boundaries. Once the boundaries are in place, you BEgin to cherish your dreams which then inspires and empowers you to bring them into your physical reality. Lastly, Lavender Jade was chosen to bring about a sense of self reliance, confidence and perseverance. 


The Story of Kwan Yin and Her Necklace

Kwan Yin is yet another goddess I have a kinship with and one that has blossomed over the past few decades. I studied under her tutelage and immersed myself into Magnified Healing which is a healing modality handed down directly from Kwan Yin in the 1980s. It was a natural progression that she would be one of the initial goddesses to step forward and to have her sigil/glyph come forward. 

As with most of the sigils/glyphs that are shared, it starts with an intention and doodling; lots of doodling. This is the first sigil/glyph that also deviated from those previous that can be drawn in one fluid motion. It can, but takes peace of mind to conquer. 

The star, which is a minor sun, represents the masculine and its power and strength radiates outwardly to the far corners of the universe, not just the world. The moon settles in to not only soften the masculine, but also represents the cup Kwan Yin is often seen holding that holds the world's sorrow. She will take your sorrow and transmute them to Love.

Why is this important? Kwan Yin is The Bodhisattva of Compassion. She has promised to not fully ascend until all of humanity may ascend with her.


Made with love in the USA
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