Channeled Angel Love Notes To Help Uplift A Weary Soul – Angel Chatter

Angel Love Notes

$ 22.00


Channeled Messages of Love

From the Angels

To Help Uplift a Weary Soul


For a limited time only,

receive a beautiful Rose Quartz Pendant

with every Love Note Order.


Who couldn't use a Love Note from the Angels to remind one's self that they are not only loved, but incredibly cool, deserving and admired? With this in mind, Love Notes from the Angels was created.

Each channeled message delivers a message that has made many smile, giggle and feel very expanded. Each message was written to remind you that you ARE loved always and in all ways. Each message was written to help fuel your day and encourage you to never stop believing in yourself.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Whenever you need a little reminder, simply pull a random Love Note from the deck.
  2. Read its message, then hold the card to your heart to allow the angels’ love for you to seep in.

That's it. No layout, no interpretation. Just a powerful message of LOVE from The Gang to you.

Have loads of LOVE to share? Think of giving a Love Note to someone who could use that extra lovin' in a card, gift or just because.

The pictures show some of the exact Love Notes as well as the variety of Note Backs. 

 Made with great LOVE in the USA





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