Mystic Trinket Boxes Are Angelically Infused – Angel Chatter

Mystic Boxes

$ 38.00 $ 47.00

Angelic Infusion

In a Box


Our Mystic Boxes are filled with divine energies from the angels themselves. Born out of the love and power that is offered to us every day from the angels, your Mystic Box has been designed to hold little treasures of all kinds.

Each lead and nickel free pewter box is decorated on the top and sides and completes its energy infusion with a genuine Swarovski Crystal that has been hand picked not only for its beauty but also for its energetic purity.

Each Mystic Box varies in size due to its design but roughly measures 2.25" x 2" x 1".

They will be flown to you wrapped in infused tissue paper and snug in their own box; perfect for gift giving.


Made with love in the USA

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